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How the Den of Temptation could have been better...

I’ve been thinking a lot of how the Den of Temptation could have truly been an amazing twist this season if it was 1. balanced so if you took the temptation, you got the consequence and 2. if it lasted more weeks (5-6 maybe?). I came up with some ideas for better temptations that could have happened. Keep in mind the consequence would be revealed with the temptation so you would have to decide if it was worth it take or not.

1. TEMPTATION: Extra vote: get an extra vote during any of the next three evictions. Your identity would be kept secret.
CONSEQUENCE: If you’re on the block during the next 3 weeks, you get an extra vote against you (only happens once, first occurrence).

2. TEMPTATION: America’s HOH: Congrats! America has voted you to be HOH this week.
CONSEQUENCE: America gets to choose your nominations. You get to choose the renom if necessary.

3. TEMPTATION: Secret Power of Veto: you receive a secret POV that can be used during the next 3 weeks, even if the regular POV is used. 
CONSEQUENCE: You name is removed from the veto chip draw for 5 weeks. (you can still be chosen as houseguest’s choice)

4. TEMPTATION: Never Have Not: You’re never a have-not for the whole season.
CONSEQUENCE: The entire house gets put on slop for the week and it’s revealed that it’s because of you taking the never have not pass.

5. TEMPTATION: Week of safety: You’re safe for the entire week.
CONSEQUENCE: You must sit out of an HOH during the next 3 weeks. Your choice of which one, doesn’t count if you’re sitting out already due to being HOH last week.

6. TEMPTATION: HOH Ban: you get to choose someone who is banned from playing in this week’s HOH. 
CONSEQUENCE: that person gets to choose all veto players this week.

7. TEMPTATION/CONSEQUENCE: Money for Have Not: make yourself a have not in exchange for cash. 1 week for $1000, 2 weeks for $2500, 3 weeks for $5000, 4 weeks for $10,000, 5 weeks for $20,000.

8. TEMPTATION: Third Nominee: you get to choose a secretive third nominee for the week (similar to the roadkill from bb18)
CONSEQUENCE: it gets revealed that that you’re behind the third nominee after the veto ceremony.

9. TEMPTATION: Reset week: reset any of the next 3 weeks. 
CONSEQUENCE: you must nominate yourself as a third nominee sometime during the next 3 weeks.

10. TEMPTATION: Immunity for a friend: any player of your choice gets 1 week safety.
CONSEQUENCE: that person cannot play in any comp for that week or vote.

Feel free to add more that you think could have been much for interesting and balanced than what we got!

I mentioned this to someone recently and they rolled their eyes like it was weird, so now I’m curious. Whenever I’m writing a story that takes place over an extended period of time, especially one where a lot happens that I need to keep track of, I make a google calendar and put relevant events on it to use as a reference. It also helps me see where I need to fill things in. (Case in point: that empty week between July 12 and July 19. There are three or four things that have to happen there, so now I’ve gotta figure out where to put them in.)

Surely other people do this or something similar?


Time Canary Week | Day 1: Roommates AU
💿 : You Told the Drunks I Knew Karate

• Essentially Rip is living in an absolutely unbearable living situation and is desperate to find a new apartment, and like Sara is literally the most normal-seeming person he finds so he’s like sure, fine. I’ll live here

• In his defense, he may have noticed a few red flags but was so immediately attracted to sara that he was like no i’m sure it’s nothing

• In her defense, when he asked what happened to her last roommate, she jokingly said that she’d died, and rip just went along with it like that was fine

• rip moves in his bed and 1 plant and keeps to himself because no sara’s definitely not normal, she’s a slob and she’s always loudly talking to her sister on the phone and she sings in the shower and singing, really, is a loose term for it, but rip can come and go as she likes and she NEVER eats his food so it seems to be going well!

• until one morning sara finally storms in and is like what is your PROBLEM with me? you IGNORE ME, you put all this GROSS FOOD in the fridge, you passive aggressively do the dishes, like do you really find me that horrible or what

• rip, just trying to drink a cup of tea at the table: um…….. oh. i- what?

• like rip upon meeting sara, whoops flashback, had been like well this is a beautiful, funny, charming person with an exciting life and i’m in her living space so i’ll just stay out of her way and meanwhile sara is like, this guy seems pretty cool but the less he talked to her because he’s trying to be as small as possible, the more she thinks he hates her

• rip has to explain in the most uncomfortable situation he’s ever been in that he had just been trying to be nice and not get in her way because she’s always so busy and also, there’s nothing gross about mushy peas. that one was a little too far over the line honestly

• sara standing in the kitchen like oh wow i feel like the biggest jerk ever uh- do you uh- do you want to use my bong? roomie??? best friend??? buddy??? pal??? 

• rip is both the most awkward he’s ever been but as an englishman and as a stoner he can’t turn down something that’s offered to him politely especially not weed

• she takes him out to the fire escape which is attached to her bedroom window, and also her room is a HELL PIT and he’s going to end up doing her laundry, and it’s a little too early to be smoking weed but whatever honestly, it’s like the more he thinks about the few interactions he’s had with sara before this the more he realizes that she’s absolutely the best person he knows and that’s uh- that’s kind of sad

• also sara, because she is sara, kind of starts clinging to him because he gives her that good good constant attention and she’s also very aware that he’s in love with her and she thinks it’s kind of cute. rip looks sort of nice when he takes a hit from sir bongington. like objectively speaking

• they sort of become this inseparable duo like once rip is like i’m sorry i’ll be more visible in the apartment they go from strangers to like old marrieds in the span of 2 weeks

• it’s great because they actually would never want anyone else as a roommate, but they literally argue over e v e r y t h i n g

• if they’re not arguing they’re either asleep or laying in sara’s bed having just made use of sir bongington and their fingers are too close and at some point they’re gonna have sex but neither of one of them will admit it

ex-strata-scientia asked:

So my story has a pretty quick timeline thus far (like… 8-10 days for a lot of stuff to happen) and I need it to suddenly slow down to a section of a week and a half for them to travel and stealthily do plot important things behind some peoples’ backs. Do you think the pacing would be thrown off if I take one chapter to cover that week and a half in segments? Because not enough happens in it to justify going at the same wording pace I have been. :0

No, that’s fine. Time jumps and the “time to page ratio” have little to do with a story’s pacing. Instead, pacing has to do with the tempo created by the balance of exposition, action, and dialogue, use of sentence structure, scene length, chapter length, raised stakes and rising tension, subplots, and other tricks of the trade. 

Whether the timeline is moving fast (as in the 8-10 days section) or slow (as in the week plus journey), you can control the pace of the story to make it play out as fast or slow as you want it, and you can even change that pace within that section. For example, you might have a high action, fast-paced chapter representing the first half of day one in the 8-10 days section, and then you might choose to follow up with a slower paced scene or chapter (to give the reader a rest) that takes place that evening.

There are different ways you can control the pace of your story. For faster pace, you can employ things like big action scenes, fast-paced but short sections of dialogue, shorter sentence structure, shorter scenes and chapters, high stakes and tension, more external conflict, high emotions, less exposition, and emphasis on the main plot. For slower pace, you can employ things like low action scenes, slower-paced dialogue or a longer section of dialogue (not too long, though), longer sentence structure, longer scenes and chapters, more internal conflict, processing of emotions, characters planning next move, more exposition, more emphasis on sub-plots. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Prohibited questions: howto portray/describe things (characters, emotions, situations), specialist knowledge questions (medical, military, mental health, etc.), asking for tropes/cliches or resources, triggering/controversial topics; broad, vague, or complicated questions. See master list & main site for more info!

cantankerouskaputnik  asked:

Can you tell us a little about food in Finland, like... What do you eat day to day? What are sweets like? Which fast food chains are the most popular? or something else you think is interesting. Thank you! :D

Thank you for the ask! I can tell you a lot about food in Finland, fortunately, because both of my parents happen to be cooks, so I can ask about stuff from them. A lot the information I’ll tell you probably came from them.

Well, first off, I want to say that today Finnish people often eat food that isn’t necessarily traditionally Finnish or anything, for example my town has at least 5 pizza-kebab restaurants, and spaghetti is very popular. This thing called “raketti-spagetti” is sold in stores, it’s just normal spaghetti but cut into shorter pieces, and the name literally means rocket-spaghetti. I’m not sure how that name came to be, but it rhymes, so maybe it just sounded funny…? I don’t know. Stuff like rice is pretty common too, even though it’s in no way traditionally Finnish. Anyway, I’m sure that a similar phenomenon (the international foods thing, not raketti-spagetti) exists in almost every country.

Also, the Finnish cuisine has gotten a lot of influence from our dear neighbours, Sweden and Russia. Especially Sweden. So anyway, if you’re from either one of those countries and I say that something is Finnish when your country has the exact same thing, please blame my ancestors for not being more original. Although I’d like to hear about foods or customs similar to these I’m about to mention from other countries, so if you’d like to, please share them in the tags!

Okay, so I think I’ll start with the fast food- part of the question.

Finland doesn’t have that many fast food chains, really. We have McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, and soon a few Taco Bells. Like, three. BUT! We do have a chain of our own, Hesburger, which is my personal favorite out of these. It is the most popular fast food chain in Finland, with 268 restaurants. For comparison, McDonald’s has 65, Burger King 32, and Subway 155 restaurants here.

If you want to have a taste of Hesburger’s food, but don’t want to come all the way to Finland, that’s totally fine! There are Hesbugers in eight other countries, too: Estonia (42 restaurants), Latvia (44), Lithuania (47), Russia (34), Germany (3), Ukraine (3), Bulgaria (3) and Belarus (1). Pretty impressive for a chain from such a small country, huh?

I hope this doesn’t sound too much like an ad, this post is not sponsored by Hesburger. I just think it’s pretty neat. I don’t know where the restaurants are more specifically, but I’ve been to Tallinn and there were a few Hesburgers there. They have really good paprika-mayonnaise! Just saying.

Scratch that, I now know where is the Hesburger farthest from Finland: 

Now, for sweets, I think I’ll have to make their own post, but we do have a lot of different kinds of candy in Finland, since we have two bigger and several smaller candy manufacturers, the two big ones being Fazer and Panda. Fazer also makes bread and cookies.

Popular candies are suklaa (chocolate) in different forms - bars, slabs (?? I hear that is also called a bar sometimes? Like smaller bars like Snickers and then slabs like the one I’ll show a picture of), chocolates, like the ones sold in a box, with filling or without, you get the idea, a lot of chocolate - and, of course, salmiakki, salty liquorice. Salmiakki candies get their amazing/awful taste from ammonium chloride. Mmmm. Potentially life-threatening chemicals combined. Delicious. (pic source)

Here is perhaps the most iconic Finnish sweet: Fazerin sininen, Fazer’s Blue. It’s just simple old milk chocolate and yet is the most popular candy in the country. Is it really that good?

Yes. Yes it is. The shade of blue used in the wrapping is copyrighted, by the way.

Okay, moving on to the day-to-day stuff…

In Finland we drink the most maito (milk) in the world per capita, a bit over 360 liters. The 2nd is Sweden by the way, with around 356 liters. We also consume the most kahvi (coffee) per capita, the national average being around 2.6 cups. Seriously, people here drink coffee all the time. In the morning, after lunch, when you come to visit you can be sure you’ll be offered a cup of coffee, at weddings, at funerals, with dessert, I mean, all the goddamn time. Sometimes they don’t even have a reason I’m sure. You know when at work there are those shorter breaks? In Finland a break like that is called kahvitauko. It means coffee break, which I’m sure is a familiar concept in other countries too.

But yeah, people do drink milk at every meal - not everyone, of course, but most people - and for people who are lactose intolerant there are special kinds of milks where the lactose has been processed already, so lactose intolerant people can drink it safely.

This is our fridge. That milk probably lasts like half a week. The light blue one is fat-free.

‘There is also this thing called piimä, which is a drinkable product made from milk with Lactic acid fermentation. It’s not my favorite, but it’s okay.

Maito versus piimä. (source

Apparently there is a strict divide in Finland between west and east, where west likes piimä better, but east prefers something called kokkelipiimä, which, to me, sounds very suspicious, and I did not know it even existed. It’s piimä with something more solid also made from milk mixed into it. Looks like this.

I seriously had never heard of it. I do live in the western half, so I suppose the divide is real. Huh. (source)

A traditional Finnish drink, kotikalja, is often drunk at fancier occasions, for example at the Christmas meal or at some other celebration, like weddings or such. It has a bit of alcohol, but so little that it doesn’t really count as an alcoholic beverage. Wikipedia tells me that it’s similar to Estonian kali, Swedish svagdricka, Dutch oud bruin and Russian kvass. It’s not the same, but it’s similar. People drink it with food.

(source also includes a recipe for kotikalja)

 There is a Finnish word ruokajuoma, which means any drink that is often drunk at meals, like water or kotikalja or milk and sometimes also juice.

This post is getting really long, sorry about that. Anyway, we eat a lot of different keittoja (soups) here too. Most of the time they contain potatoes (perunaa), carrots (porkkanaa), possibly other vegetables, and some meat (lihaa). Kalakeitto (fish soup) can be creamy (I love it) or clear (not so good). Lihakeitto (meat soup) and jauhelihakeitto (minced meat soup)are usually clear as well. There is also hernekeitto, which is made from peas, minced meat or ham or something and some carrot. People can add mustard and onion to it. It’s often eaten on Thursdays, a habit that has spread from the army. There every Thursday is hernekeittopäivä, hernekeitto-day. With hernekeitto the dessert is usually pancake with jam. (pic source)

The pancake, pannukakku, doesn’t look like what you might expect, though. It’s like this.


What is the closest relative to the other kind of pancake is called lettu here, or räiskäle, and it’s closer to a crêpe or a blin. (An actual blin, in Finland there is some misconception about blinis being small and thick… things, but maybe people would otherwise mistake them for a räiskäle?) (source)

 They are usually eaten with jam or sugar or whipped cream, or ice cream, or berries, or all of them. There are also muurinpohjaletut, which are cooked differently. (source)

A very basic dish we eat a lot here is potatoes and some kind of kastike (sauce). The sauce usually has pieces of meat, or sausage, or minced meat. We use a lot of minced meat. The picture example is made with makkara (sausage). (source)

When it comes to leipä (bread) I might be a little biased, because my parents bake a lot of bread themselves. Most households usually have at least two types of bread available, some lighter bread like piimälimppu for example, and ruisleipä. It is very Finnish, even though rye bread is eaten elsewhere too. In grocery stores you can find many shelves full of it. There are even rye chips here! Not French fries, or potato chips, really, more like nachos. But made from rye. Weird. (source of pic below)

One of the many forms of rye bread. (source)

Usually the shelves would be full but it was late and almost juhannus. That’s all for rye bread there. (Don’t mind my sister’s hand btw)

You can get rye bread in dried from too, all crunchy and pretty tough. Examples of this, dry, crunchy, though perhaps not that tough bread are näkkileipä and hapankorppu. Näkkileipä is often served in schools, since it doesn’t go bad easily. Both näkkileipä and hapankorppu are the best when they have some butter (voi) on top, at least I think so.

Hapankorppu in the front, näkkileipä in the back. 

“Which side do you put the butter on?” is a common topic of debate between Finnish people. (It’s the side without the holes, fight me)

And yet another traditional Finnish food that’s eaten like bread and has rye in it, is karjalanpiirakka, Karelian pie. It’s basically rice porridge in a crust made from rye flour. It is also called riisipiirakka. There are other versions of it as well, for example they can have mashed potato instead of rice in them. It’s traditionally eaten with munavoi, boiled egg and butter mixed together. It is heavenly. It’s the stuff in the picture way up there, actually, but I’ll refresh your memory.


Another pretty basic, and quite traditional Finnish food that is still pretty popular as I understand, is makaronilaatikko, macaroni casserole, made of macaroni, minced meat, and a mixture of milk and egg. All the ingredients are put together and mixed, and cheese is put on top, though not in traditional versions. Then the whole thing is put into the oven and cooked for some time, and then eaten usually with ketchup. It’s one of my favorite foods.


Fish is eaten fairly often, but pork, chicken and beef are probably more common. In summer we eat a lot of sausages and nakki (frankfurters) (?? I have never heard this word). Most common spices are salt, suola and pepper, pippuri. There are also a ton of prepared foods in markets, and I mean a lot. Whole aisles, many meters, of foods like makaronilaatikko or jauhelihakeitto that you just need to warm up. Convenient. One of my favorites are pinaattiletut, small lettus with spinach in them. I like them a lot. There are also the same kinds of small lettus made with carrot. Oh, and also blood. They’re called veriletut in Finnish.


Well, I’d love to tell you more, but this post is already way too long, so. I’ll end it here. If you want to know more of something specific I mentioned, ask, and I’ll try to get a post made. I’m planning on covering a few topics here more in depth in the future, but we’ll see.

Oh, also, a lot of the sources for the pictures in this post also feature a recipe, though they’re in Finnish. If you’d like me to translate one of them so you can try it out, just ask!

Thank you for the ask again!

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Update? Still no Plan B?

Plan B also failed so now we’re 

  • Trying to solve and close Plans A and B
  • Trying to find a plan C
  • Crying a lot in the process

Seriously though, I had to take a few days off from this matter to calm down and recover (caught a cold bc of stress), and think clearer about this.

It was never my intention to make you all wait longer than planned, or drag my partner (the one handling the packing and shipping) into this mess. We ran into unexpected problems (credit card limits, locked accounts, refunds that take weeks to happen) that thankfully have a solution (though it didn’t look like that a week ago), but they take days and calls and mails and all that stuff that exhausts us too much.

Once we’re all ready to go, I’ll let you know beforehand because I know some of you need a change in address due moving. I can’t guarantee you an estimated shipping date, but by the looks of it, it may be in August already.

Once again, I’m sorry about the delay. I’ve been learning a lot of things by facing them on this process, but honestly I never expected for something like this to happen right at the end of it. Making you all wait while not having a clear solution doesn’t make me feel right at all, so I’m really really thankful for your patience! Please, send us your best vibes and prayers so we can keep being strong and finally have the zines on your ways! ♥

Recent updates

A lot has happened, otherwise this update would have come later.

If you have any problems with joining please ask about it before completely winging it. It will take longer joining if you chose a wild route. Secondly, if you usually have problems with social anxiety, please think before joining. We don’t want people joining only to quit within a week, it hurts the group. Lastly, adding other accounts to your friends list, that are outside of the group, will no longer be taken lightly, this is a closed group.

Requested Characters (You are welcome to chose other ones)

-Asahi Azumane

-Ryūnosuke Tanaka

-Daichi Sawamura

-Hitoka Yachi


-Kozume Kenma


-Tsutomu Goshiki

 -Eita Semi

 -Kenjiro Shirabu

I have officially finished the rough draft of the final installment of the Sleeping with the Enemy series. Fans, rejoice! You will have the chapter soon!

I have to wait for my lovely beta to give it a look through, then I’ll need to do my own extensive editing, but I can promise you that you will see this fic in its entirety next month. ;w;

It will take some time for me to go through everything. It’s just over 29k words (55 pages in Word x_x), so that means a LOT of editing needs to be done, and I still need to work on my Laven Week projects before that happens (starting August 7th!).

Also, since the story is so long, I’ll likely be putting it up in chapters (2 or 3). However, I won’t make everyone wait long between postings. I’ll likely post it either in one large go, or a day between updates.

Either way, I’m so glad to have it finished and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

I’m back after spending 7 weeks as a camp counselor without much technology/knowledge of the outside world!! I have absolutely no idea what’s happening in kpop & I’ve been so on & off of tumblr for the past forever… but I hope whoever is reading this has lots of reasons to smile! thank you for still being here with me!

Prompt: “I didn’t know your voice went that high! I should scare you more often!”

Originally posted by ambrose-asylum-ft-mitch

You had been planning this for weeks. You were tired of always losing to Dean.

What you didn’t know before you had started dating Dean was how much he loved to scare people. And it happened to you a lot, considering that you were his girlfriend. You loved him, you really did, but it’s time to finally get him back and give him a taste of his own medicine.

The last plan didn’t go so well so you were hoping this one would work. To be fair, you last plan was total amateur hour. You had come up with it like, seconds, before it went down and it completely backfired on you. You went to scare him but he had already caught on and popped up behind you in return.

This time you had a plan…it was simple, but it should work.

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So if you’re out there and you’re feeling discriminated, if you’re feeling alone, if you’re feeling like there’s absolutely nowhere else to turn; there absolutely is. There’s always somewhere to turn. There’s always someone that’s willing to listen. There’s always somebody going through the same thing that you’re going through. It just takes time to be able to find them and to be able to open up. So just hang in there and be strong and keep up that good fight because brighter days are ahead. As I said before: it may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, it may not be next week but brighter days are ahead and they will happen and you will be happier than you’ve ever been before because of that, because of that patience. I know it’s hard. I know there’s a struggle there. I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like to go through that but
so hang in there.
—  @therealjacksepticeye (A Normal Lost Phone - Part 2 (END) )
[TRANS] ‘Seventeen’ Magazine 2017 Aug Issue - BTS Interview (P1)

Scan © myheaven0624
JPN - KRN © mondomizel1
KRN - ENG © ktaebwi


- Why are you called “the destruction god”?
JIN: He might seem intelligent and cool, but he’s actually very slow and clumsy. He breaks all kind of stuffs in our dorm from electronic equipment to kitchen tools. That’s why we call him “destruction god”. (laughs)

- What’s your favorite place?
RAP MONSTER: The lake park nearby. I really like going for a walk at the park on nice days.

- What do you want to do in Japan?
RAP MONSTER: Shopping!! There are many clothing brands I like in Japan. If I go to Japan for work, I can’t eat out much, not to speak of shopping… But it’s okay. I’m not upset. I want to travel off-work to Japan and have fun as much as I want some day!


- What are you interested in these days?
JIN: Nintendo DS. I always play it whenever I can, in my room or in the car. I have to fly a lot because of the world tour, so It’s a perfect way to kill time.
JIMIN: I bought one right before going to Japan because of Jin-hyung too. Just a few more week and other members will be into this too for sure. Except Suga-hyung. (laughs)

- You’re called the trendsetter of the group, is it true?
JIMIN: Once Jin-hyung is into something, other members will somehow be into it too. It happens a lot. The only exception is Suga-hyung, he’s way too unwavering. (laughs)


- What are you interested in recently?
There’s a convention about music equipment from all over the world, I watch the videos from that convention and check out the newest equipment. I’ve been liking up-to-date equipment since I was young. I adopt computers or electronic equipment faster than anyone else. 

- Any episode that can tell you’re like a music maniac?
His room is flooded with equipment. Those music equipment emit so much heat that his room’s hot like hell!! No one would be able to stand it without air conditioner. We plan not to come near his room in the summer. (laughs)


- Tell us J-hope’s secret!
A secret would no longer be a secret if it’s disclosed. But if I have to tell one… He gave me a present not long ago, a watch I wanted to have, as a surprise. He even put in a handwritten letter ♡

- What is the main choreography point in ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’?
The ‘blood, sweat and tears’ chorus. The dance move of stroking from the neck to the face like wiping tears!

- If you can live one day as another person, who do you want to be?
Jungkook. I want to be young. What do I want to do? Hmh, I think I would do nothing like a maknae would!


- Where does your nickname (Slow Jimin) come from?
The reason we call him that… It’s because Jimin’s always late. (laughs) He wakes up late and does many thing slowly. He tends to be slow.

- Anything you were slow on recently?
May 8th is Parents’ Day in Korea. It’s like ‘Father’s Day’ and ‘Mother’s Day’ in Japan, a day for children to express their gratitude to parents. I wanted to give them something on that day, but I kept thinking of what to give to make them happy… Two months passed and now I still can’t decide what to give. I’m late with presents too. (laughs)


- If you can live one day as another person, who do you want to be? 
V: No one. I know the members too well so there’s probably nothing I want to know from becoming them. And I know every secret of Jimin and Jungkook. Right? Right?
JUNGKOOK: …….Right. (laughs)

- What is V’s secret?
JUNGKOOK: He sometimes pretends to be cool. He’s always playful but on some certain days he can be cool depending on his mood. I was saying “Those who are good at English are so cool” and he suddenly spoke in English. He started to appeal himself “I’m cool right?”. It’s cute.
V: That’s right. I’m cute ♡


- If you can live one day as another person, who do you want to be?
JUNGKOOK: Rap Monster-hyung. He’s really smart. I want to be smart too!

- No one can beat me on this!
Listening to music. I listen to music all the time. Also I don’t lose when it comes to passion. My heart is flaming more than anyone else!! I’m warm-hearted ♡

- Tell us Jungkook’s secret!
Secret.. Does he have any? We live together all the time so I don’t know what is a secret anymore. (laughs) Should I say it’s that Jungkook has a lot of greed? Not like doing as he pleases but in a good way. He’s greedy like “I want to challenge this to improve myself”!



Sterek AU: After the death of Claudia magic becomes a taboo in the Stilinski house hold. Everytime Stiles wants to show his dad his magic, to help his dad with his magic John lashes out. Not knowing what to do with the gift that he got from his mother, Stiles represses his magic - doing nearly unrepairable damage to himself.

Years later Derek returns to Beacon Hills to find that the Alpha that killed his sister is far from the most dangerous thing in town.

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Hi, I just wanted to say Bokuto is really pretty in your style, byeeee

thanks pal

@spinetrick & I both got a ton of asks for what a human Lob would look like, but you know what absolutely no one asked for that I think is way more fun to contemplate? Alien Ricardo.

  • me, 50% of the time: i should really focus on my german
  • me, the other 50% of the time: i want to learn all the languages!!!1!1!1