not a large variety of pics :(

WIP pic of Lizardfolk Druid ‘Drez Blightclaw’ from the current Dungeons and Dragons campaign I am participating in! He is played by SebastianSB, another Youtuber who participates in collabs with our DM (and my Fiance) Wanderbot.

For a Druid, Drez has the penchant for throwing fire at his enemies. I decided to give it a greenish hue to differentiate it from arcane fireballs, and the setting about him is the interior of a large cavern, as he is a druid of the Mountain variety!

After I finish this one it will be on to Greg, Skitter, and other fan-favorites for the series when I have the time to craft them. If you are interested in watching our campaign you can catch Wanderbot’s streams on Twitch or visit his Youtube Channel. It started as a fun prank, but I’m glad we’re playing every weekend!

Link to the first episode!

anonymous asked:

Who are your favorite dogblrs? I don't know who to follow.

I’m glad you asked. I don’t follow many dogblrs so trust me when I say this is, in my personal opinion, the cream of the crop.

@collegiatecanine Quincy is the cutest little velcro dog, and the other three fat dogs (Izzy, Gizmo, and Franklin) are highly amusing and very cute. The owner is also 10/10

@whimsicalwoofs Brice is the best and possibly only coton de tulear on this site and I love him so much

@westie-impostor Sasha is a mutt spying on westie culture and she has the best ears

@yoshitheyorkie Yoshi is so little and so good

@spayedbutstillabitch What’s that? Not enough yorkies? Meet Millie, isn’t she precious.

@winedogs Bo is here to act as your big dog fix. If you see her puppy pics you might cry.

@joejoetheracer Another big dog! Joe is a retired racing grey and he’s perfect.

@streetdogmillionaires Channoides and Pugnax are basically nature spirits, good brown dogs.

@dogsbecausedogs Charlie is another brown dog and he’s large you’ll love him.

@wisconsinratpack Four little dogs in a variety of shapes and colors. Truly the multipack of the dog world.

@mysterymuttbutts What kind of dogs are these crispy tostitos, you ask? Small ones. That’s all.

@mango-pup who I almost forgot because I am a fool, has a good fruit dog with nice contrast

I encourage you to follow them all, enjoy these dogs. 

Speaking of this month’s FOTM...

I have a few thoughts about who I wanted to spam yall dash with (it’s between Daniel Henney and John Boyega) but I’m always open to suggestions!


  1. The Fineness of the Month (FOTM) can be anyone of any gender. So don’t just throw hot guys at me. You got some gals and nonbinary pals (yes, I did steal that) you wanna include? Feel free to inbox me them.
  2. They have to be people of color. So no white faves. White faves get enough love on this site. My FOTM is strictly for non-white people who don’t get enough shine in fandom or the site in general. 
  3. Please make your suggestions diverse. I think we can all agree that Idris Elba is fine as fuck, but I don’t want 50-11 suggestions of him. In fact, I’ma ask yall to NOT send me any with him at all. The world is filled with fine black men. Expand your horizon. This also includes body types. Don’t shy away from larger bodies please. 
  4. All FOTM have to be over the age of 18. While this blog is not explicitly NSFW, I am way over the age of 18 and I hope my followers are as well. So if you’re 15, and have a fave that meets the previous requirements yet they too are 15, then 1) please unfollow me; come back in three years and 2) keep that suggestion to yourself because I will NOT accept it.
  5. It has to be someone with a lot of pictures to sustain a photo spam. Even if their tag on here is rather dry, a Google search should produce something more than the same few pics. So you might think Gary Somebody is The Shit™ (and they very well might be) yet if the only images of them are from one shoot/film/show and there’s no variety it might not look too good for your fave. 

If I get a large number of suggestions I will put them to a vote on my blog. The one with the most votes will be this months FOTM. 

If your fave doesn’t win, or if I don’t choose them, or if I like them but the pics weren’t there (re: #5), don’t worry I will still show them love. Either I will make more than one FOTM for the same month (probably no more than two though), or I will use them for another month. 

So if you have any suggestions, feel free to bless me. 

naomiknight-17  asked:

Hi Gain! I hope you don't mind me asking, but what is the part of your tattoo between the skull and the cheese? Some kind of blade?

its a cheese knife!

the pic above is a straight variety, the ones ive used in the past have a curved blade.

double handled cheese knives are used to break large wheels of cheese, theyre an integral part of what i do as a cheese specialist because it helps me portion stuff. plus they look really badass (these knives are usually more than a foot long so theyre p intimidating.) 

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Sakurai’s Daily Pic - June 2

HOLY SHIT!!!! After almost 2 months, we finally get a NEW STAGE and this might not really just be one stage, we might be looking at like 8/9 STAGES IN ONE.  First, lets get this out of the way, Kamek will sadly not be a Yoshi rep :(.  Alright, so here we see the stages representing Acorn Plains and Rock-Candy Mines.  We also should be able to see Layer-Cake Desert, Sparkling Waters, Frosted Glacier, Soda Jungle, Meringue Clouds, Peach’s Castle and Superstar Road or at least a large combination of those areas.  I am super liking this stage as each seems to be a simple stage but still has that little thing to add some variety.  Lets take pic 1, with the Acorn Plains, We have three platforms as part of the stage but we also have 4 sets of platforms which will expand and contract creating temporary platforms.  Pic 2 and Rock-Candy Mines shows a completely different gimmick where no additional permanent platforms exist but you must watch out for the geysers that will try to mess with you, especially the ones that have a Mega Urchin on them.  I am pretty sure you won’t want to touch them.  I am very excited to see the other locations and what they might bring such as Frosted Glacier with ice physics or Meringue Clouds with platforms that only support you for a very little amount of time.  I am so happy we got a new stage and will be able to test it in 1 week.


Hey people, I’m here to ask you for help!

It’s not for me nor even for a friend or a familiar, this is a signal boos for Brasilian Children.

Right now, even when there is people in Brasil having fun because of the World Cup, there are a lot of people having trouble with money, children without food, water, toys… children without a childhood. And because of this, some students have created a solidary app.

This World Cup take a pic and customize it to cheer your selection with the best designs. MundialSolidario and Grow up Playing Foundation bring you the App for you to support the “A toy an Illusion” campaign, customizing your photos of this World Cup.

Customize your pictures with original and attractives designs related to the World Cup or the colors of your choice and share it with friends on Social Networks.

It has a large variety of designs to decorate your photos. Choose the ones of your liking and cheer your players!

Moreover, without leaving the app, you can check the latests news related to this event. It has integrated Twitter and Instagram profiles of the most important “characters” in the world (players, coaches, organizations …) and links you to the official website of the International Federation of football and his Youtube channel. It also allows you to access the comments and photos that have been posted on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag of this solidary app (# mundialsolidario)

Collaborate with the campaign A toy an illusion of Grow up Playing foundation with the goal of having more toys reach the hands of children in the most disadvantaged areas.

Capture your moment of euphoria, portrays the excitement of the World Cup games and have thousands of children grow up playing!

This app is available on IOS and Android, and it costs 1.79€ / 2.42$. Thanks for reading and please share this post! With this little gesture you will make a lot of children very happy!

Ps: The only languages availables right now are english and spanish, sorry for that!