not a kimono

March 2017: Gion Kobu’s youngest Maiko: Maiko Yuriha, Mameaki (Tama Okiya), Mametama (Ninben Okiya), Tatsuha (Tama Okiya) and Mamesaya (Shibata Okiya).

Source: Kinmokusei on Instagram

A screenshot from trying to record a vlog, but by the end of it I was so tired and I didnt want to continue 😢 recording is rough lol …you can see Im pretty much ready to call it a day

I want to do more on YouTube too lately, since I keep seeing a lot of misinformation there as well (and even fake priestesses or other really outlandish things) plus - its a lot more interactive in terms of hearing voice, and personable!

Since I hope I can move to Japan soon too, I hope I can do vlogs for shrine visits… ⛩🙇