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It’s still Easter somewhere right?

Hey @drawfee I am a huge fan of your work and you all are both a major inspiration to me and I’m sure many others for D+ ideas, A++ drawings and A+++ being cool people who have the most hilarious videos! Since I’m complete JRPG trash I wanted to honor the best summon ever created as a stained glass window, I hope y’all like it! And I apologize for the colors because they’re probably wrong. On every character. And i cross posted this on Twitter. sorry.

Tech notes: rendered/most post-processing in Blender, texture work/final touches in krita. Here is original texture if anyone wants to use it especially if you are actually secretly working on the legend of krys please feel free and may cyber jesus bless you:

marlinspikespeare  asked:

You mentioned that the X-Men usurped Legion fandom. I'm surprised you didn't mention that the Shi'ar Imperial Guard (featured frequently in X-Men space adventurers) were a more-or-less direct translation of the Legion to the Marvel universe. The Wikipedia page for the Imperial Guard even gives the intended Legion equivalents!

You’re absolutely correct! There was a lot of cross-pollination of creative people and ideas between the two comics, which is a major reason that X-Men had a similar approach to Legion (long-form “fan friendly” arc storytelling, love triangles, etc.)

The connections between the X-Men and Legion of Super-Heroes are so numerous that they exceeded the scope of that post, and the main connection is through the “All New, All Different” X-Men’s chief artist, Dave Cockrum, who was also THE Legion artist of the 1970s. Cockrum was also a huge Star Trek fan, which is why the Legion-Future’s starships and technology (transporter rooms, starships with saucers and warp nacelles) suggested Trek. 

Here’s one of the major connections between X-Men and the LSH: Cockrum created Nightcrawler to be a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes (and later was in his Outsiders pitch), but Paul Levitz said he was “too weird looking.” Here’s the original proposal sheet for Nightcrawler:

One of the longest-standing complaints about LSH is that there were never enough alien looking members, so Nightcrawler fit that one to a T. The original concept is that Nightcrawler was from an alien race who resembled devils and are responsible for legends of them, kind of like in Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End.  The Outsiders pitch also included a villain team designed to fight them (kind of their Masters of Evil or Brotherhood of Evil Mutants), which also featured another character who later appeared in the Legion, the villainous robot-handed, mohawked alien warlord Tyr. By the way, notice the feral bad guy standing behind him. Cockrum named him Wolverine.

Incidentally, the Legion of Super-Heroes eventually did get a spin-off comic, the Wanderers. If LSH is a dead fandom, the Wanderers are in complete oblivion, which is a shame. Their last series started with all of them dying, only to be cloned again to solve the mystery of who killed the originals. 

The start point for the Marvel character we know as Storm was as a character Cockrum created for the Legion universe, the Black Cat. Cockrum liked the costume and look so much he repurposed it into the Storm we know: 

Another sign of the cross-pollination between X-Men and Legion of Super-Heroes is Jim Sherman, a breathtaking artist who never got as much work as he deserved and did maybe the greatest Legion of Super-Heroes story ever told, Earthwar. Sherman also did numerous X-Men arcs that had a disproportionate impact in the comic’s glory days.

Zero Kiryuu

I’m not sure how to start this, ‘cause I never planned to do a blog post about him. Let me begin by saying that I’m a huge fan of Kaname and I’m on Yume’s side, nevertheless sometimes I don’t understand such a huge war between the two sides, and how some people are so narrow minded due to their fanaticisms. I mean, we all love the same manga, right? (Although it’s okay if we just fought for fun haha)

I know as a fact, that Yuuki loved Zero. I even cross my eyes when anyone tries to deny it. (And that doesn’t make me feel insecure about my OTP)

Even more, I can say a few good things about Zero. I wanna clarify that there are many stuff I don’t like about him, but this post doesn’t plan to continue the war, so I’ll just say the things I like. And I’m not just talking about how good looking he is (lol)

I like his ability to suffer in silence. The way he endured the pain for years, without wanting others to pity him… I’m talking about those four years he spent battling his vampirism, without even Yuuki noticing. That’s being strong.

  • “I didn’t understand anything. Zero suffered and suffered for four years. What were you thinking, all by yourself? He loathes vampires so much, he wants to kill them all. All this time, Zero wanted to kill himself too”

The way he tolerated seeing the girl he loved with his worst adversary, more than once. Or the times Yuuki talked to him about her feelings for Kaname, and (as far as I remember) he never complained. He would accept Yuuki’s feelings, even if they weren’t for him. Even if they were for someone he hates. I believe this moment serves as an example.

And my favourite aspect about him, is how he stays next to Yuuki when Kaname leaves her. He loves her so much that he waits decades to be with her. He loves her so much that he wants to be with her, even if she already has a daughter with Kaname. He loves her so much that he is good with Kaname’s daughter too. I really enjoyed their friendship during the begining, I think it has lots of funny moments. But, at this point, I also like the way he loves her.

There are more things that I like about Zero, but I think these are enough.

By last, this is my favourite Zeki moment… yes, I have one.

Ok, I hate to even be typing this but I need a break from the McAvoy fandom. I do not know where certain accounts ((if your inclined look them up yourself)) all came from or how you were raised but the lack of respect for James privacy has reached a point that frankly, I don’t wanna be associated with y’all for a while. Some of these accounts have ruined being a fan of him by your actions and lack of respect. Here’s some prime examples from the last month or so.

First of all, back about a month or so ago, James on his GIRLFRIENDS post ((whom isn’t famous and the fact a lot of you follow her, creepy? but I digress)) wrote “I love you”, which YAY THATS SO CUTE. but NO, a lot of these “fans” took it upon themselves to fight on her post, call her horrendous names, and honestly? bringing up his ex on his girlfriends post? like, what the fuck??? These accounts do not respect him if they do not respect his choices. He’s moved on, and honestly they should too if they can’t handle it. I bet, this is the reason she hasn’t updated since that post. These accounts have ruined a non famous persons social media experience, so congrats.

Second, there’s a difference between a fan photo, a creepshot and an event photo. This photo today a few accounts have circulated of him and lisa ((Creepshot cause they are eating and he looks visibly annoyed)) is crossing a HUGE LINE. i don’t know where this lack of respect comes from, but I’ve had it. And to really put the icing on the fucking cake, quite a few accounts had to go and REPOST SAID CREEPSHOT AND TAG JAMES AND LISA IN IT!! Leave them the FUCK ALONE! I don’t care if accounts or “fans” post it to twitter, tumblr whatever, JUST DO NOT POST IT ON SOCIAL MEDIA THEY BOTH USE AND CHECK ON. He is A HUMAN BEING WITH FUCKING FEELINGS AND DESERVES RESPECT.

Third, on the topic of respect, fan accounts: DO NOT NEED TO TAG HIM IN YOUR SEXUAL FANTASTIES ON INSTAGRAM OR SHIPPING PICS. He checks his photos he’s tagged in, how do I know? Cause he liked my selfie once, BUT THAT DOESNT MEAN HE DOESNT SEE ALL FANS FUCKING GROSS ASS SHIPPING SHIT, which if you remember the last Graham Norton interview, you could see he’s starting to get visibly uncomfortable with the “fan art” PLEASE JUST need to keep that shit to on the downlow , or post it elsewhere, not on instagram where he can see. He’s a human being and honestly? Everyone needs to remember that, cause I think you forget.

Fourth ((feel free to add if anyone else feels this way)) but, i’ve seen fans do this and if a fan feels the need to write “choke me daddy” or “i wanna bang you” or whatever, fine, we can all agree we find him attractive, go spew that word bile on twitter, to friends , tumblr, I DONT CARE JUST NOT ON HIS POSTS. I am sure he reads comments while looking for his friends comments and DOESNT NEED TO SEE THAT FUCKING SHIT ((frankly neither do i so stop it)). I bet it’s one of the reasons he’s also stopped updating as frequently because plenty of users have grossed him out.

Basically, I’m taking a hiatus from being apart of the fandom because I’m tired of the way quite a few of these accounts have become, I do not know when or how this came to be but the lack of respect for him and his personal boundaries is appalling and no, this doesn’t mean i’m no longer a fan, i’m still a huge fan of his, I’m just fucking done with the way a fair amount of people disrespect him. Until these accounts realize or clean up their act, I’m not gonna really be able in good conscience be okay with interacting about james with most of these accounts . I have had it. I really truly have.

End Rant.

Sung Bearheart


What I’m Looking For:

Fandom: World of Warcraft.

Sole Faction or Cross-Faction: Cross-faction

Faction I Play: Alliance.

Server: Wyrmrest Accord.

Venues I Actively Roleplay In:  In-Game, with Discord to a lesser extent, posts might take longer if done through there. Considering Tumblr RP if people are interested.

Favorite Type of RP: Training, Tavern, magics, apprentice and master,  general adventuring for the gathering of knowledge.

Triggers: I don’t really have triggers, I have pretty thick skin. I will say that I’m not a huge fan of super grim dark stories and such, but again it’s not a big deal. Sexual violence and noncon is a hard no, though.

Things I Will Not RP: see the above, OOC communication is important, please discuss with me what you want first beforehand

RP Strong Points: Calm, rational, thick skin. I’m also very easy to work with! I’m pretty flexible when it comes to the rp style, and I’m open to a lot of things, as long as people are willing to communicate. People have told me that they like having me around, so that’s a plus

RP Weak Points:. I’m not the best when it comes to approaching others. I might also not be the best at quick responses in venues outside of in-game rp. I also have times where the creative juices are just tapped, and I’ve got nothing to give until that spark re-emerges. I give a heads-up if that ever becomes the case, though.


Name: Sung Bearheart

Nickname: Snug

Race: Isle Pandaren

FC (If Applicable; Picture Optional):

Can Currently Be Found In: Mostly Stormwind, occasionally in Dalaran, and occasionally wherever her studies take her.

Would They Be Known: Her name wouldn’t be widespread, but more magically inclined characters that work for the Kirin Tor or the Tirisgarde as well as passersby in Stormwind, might notice her scurrying about with loads of books in hand as she studies and does her research.

There are some who might know her from the Alias she writes under, she likes to write cheesy romance novels in her spare time.


INFP personalities are true idealists, always looking for the hint of good in even the worst of people and events, searching for ways to make things better. While they may be perceived as calm, reserved, or even shy, INFPs have an inner flame and passion that can truly shine. Comprising just 4% of the population, the risk of feeling misunderstood is unfortunately high for the INFP personality type – but when they find like-minded people to spend their time with, the harmony they feel will be a fountain of joy and inspiration.

Language(s): Pandaren, and a conversational understanding of the Alliance tongues, though her experience outside of speaking common might lead to a rough translation at times. She’s in the process of learning the Horde tongues, but she’s not quite to the point where she can carry on a conversation with any of them.

Height: 6′

Body Type: typical pandaren form, curves and an hour glass figure. She has about the average amount of pudge and softness that a woman of her race would carry, with a noticeable lack of muscle tone, as her current craft and skills would have no use in physical strength.

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Age: 24

Notable Scars, Marks, etc: No scars, but some might notice the occasional patch of singed fur.

Tattoos/Piercings: None.

First Appearances: An overly-inquisitive bookworm who takes pride in her budding magical prowess.

What To Expect: A willingness to explore the unknown in the pursuit of knowledge, as well as the shenanigans that such an endeavor will undoubtedly bring!

Where I RP:  WoW and Discord to a lesser extent, possibly Tumblr. My character’s in-game handle is Sungb, you can also throw me a line on my Tumblr blog if you have any questions!

Okay so, let’s talk about the Golden Knights social media, shall we? (Warning: This is extremely long because a lot has happened and I have a lot to say so it will all be under the cut)

First let me start off by saying this. Hi, I work in social media and since I started working in social media I’ve learned a lot!

Alright so, our newest NHL addition, the Vegas Golden Knights! Now I’m sure a lot of you have seen their tweets from tonight (Oct-15)….(I’ll just include one but they were all like this)

And while some people found it funny, others found it offensive and sexist. By the way, this is what they responded with to one of the replies they received…

“It’s from the movie, Ted 🙄” (Ahem side note, they forgot a space in that tweet)

Now, if you’re like me. YOU PROBABLY HAD NO IDEA THIS WAS FROM A MOVIE. I never saw Ted. I’m guessing a lot of people haven’t? Especially younger fans.

Not everyone is going to understand this reference. I certainly did not. But then again, is everyone going to understand this reference…. “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” Nope, probably not. (it’s from The Princess Bride, by the way)

So, because so many people thought that this was offensive, sexist, and they didn’t get the “joke” they were apparently going for, the next most logical step would be to take the tweets down and apologize!


That is not what they did. Instead they posted this ^ (screenshot so the gif won’t work FYI)

SO! I’ve heard from some friends of mine that a lot of stuff that they post on their social media is kind of cringe worthy. I, personally, don’t follow the Golden Knights social media accounts. All I see is what the NHL retweets from their account. So I can’t speak for previous posts since I haven’t seen them, but that’s what I’ve been told about previous posts. After tonight’s oredeal, I can totally believe that a lot of their posts are cringe worthy.

There are silent rules, guidelines, limits, whatever you want to call them, in social media, we might not be formally taught all of them but we know what they are based on common sense! I’ll give you a couple examples.

  1. Don’t be rude. You’re most likely dealing with customers or fans. No matter how rude they are to you, you have to be kind. Good customer service is key.
  2. Watch your language! Whether it’s cursing (huge no no!), sexist language, racist language, anything really that could be even slightly offensive, DO NOT POST IT! Sometimes you might not realize that what you say can be offensive. That’s okay, nobody is perfect, sometimes we don’t realize it, but if it is offensive, if it is pointed out by people that what was posted is offensive, then you take it down and send/post a genuine apology.

The Golden Knights crossed a line, or even multiple lines, tonight. They did not take the sexist tweets down. They did not issue an apology. They didn’t do anything, in fact they seemed to think it was funny.

While everyone might not have found it offensive, a lot of people did and those people, their opinions, they matter. Now, I hope the social media person who posted those tweets took this experience as a lesson learned. I hope their manager saw it, saw the complaints about sexism and how it was offensive, and I hope that manager made a comment about it. But this ^^^ up here. This was unacceptable. This would be unacceptable coming from any organization, any company, any person, but this came from a NHL team. A huge, already wildly popular, NHL team. Coming from a league who promotes You Can Play and has diverse fan base, “promoting” sexism like this was absolutely unacceptable.

So. There’s my super long rant.


LaLa Dream Journal Entry #12 - Nowhere

this town was very bright and made me feel happy and energetic! i’m usually not a huge fan of the color yellow, but it really works wonderfully in this town! i really loved walking through all the pathways of lemon trees, and the house interiors were so nice! a weird thing did happen, though- i ran into one of my own residents! how did we both get there?!

DA: 4B00-008A-F6F5 // @hellosomebody-somewhere

It’s The Simple Things

A/N: I’m not  huge fan of this second part so I promise Part Three will be alot more stuff lmao but I needed to post something! And Just When I Thought Things Were Going To Be Easy For Us Part Two! 

Not my picture. (Got it from google)

Dean x Reader 

Part One 

Warnings: Fluff, Swearing

Word Count: 1308

“Dean, if you don’t put that down I swear to god I will punch you in the throat.”

With wide eyes, he hesitantly placed the last pot-sticker back onto the plate that rested on the coffee table. A pout formed on his pink lips, arms crossed as watched me finish my plate of Chinese food. A snort escaped your lips as he tried to convince you to let him have it. You merely shook your head before turning towards the TV that showed an episode of The Walking Dead. But in all honesty, you had no idea on what the hell was happening. With Dean wearing his gray sweatpants and black t-shirt making him look incredibly warm and cuddly and with your sleep deprived brain, there was no way you could concentrate. A ringing noise came from Dean’s laptop, he abruptly got up from his side of the couch and headed to retrieve it from the dining table.

“Sammy!” Dean yelled in excitement. A smile so incredibly genuine graced his lips, his love and excitement for his brother was so contagious that it made your heart flutter at how incredibly gorgeous Dean was when he was happy. “Hold on, Y/N is here I’m gonna move this so you can talk to us both,”

“I’m not moving, Winchester. Bring it over here,” You groaned at the prospect of having to sit up. Dean set the laptop on the coffee table where you were sitting; you muted the TV and waited for Dean to sit. He placed a pillow on his lap and surprisingly moved me. Allowing your head to rest on his lap. There on the computer screen was a grinning Sam Winchester, his large puppy eyes made your chest tighten – realizing now how much you truly missed the abnormally large brother.

“You good?” Dean asked, glancing down at you. Your cheeks reddened slightly, but luckily the setting sun casted an orange glow to the room, not revealing anything.

“No. Play with my hair and then I’ll be set for life,” He merely rolled his eyes but complied with a small smile gracing his lips before turning to look at the screen, an amused Sam watched patiently. “Moose, I miss you so much looking at you makes me want to cry,” You frowned, settling down further into the pillow. You forced yourself to keep your eyes open as Dean’s calloused hands gently untangled your hair.

“Aww, Y/N. I miss you too. What are you doing for break? You should come up with Dean!”

“I don’t know… I don’t think I can handle being in car with Dean for hours.” You winked, while Dean protested saying how much of an awesome road trip partner he was. “Well I’ll think about it. Dean here hasn’t exactly invited me and I don’t wanna intrude on your guys’ family time,”

You didn’t have anyone to go to when breaks occurred. You lived by yourself, your roommate, Jo had family that she often stayed with and so you had the apartment to yourself most of the time. It was one of the ways in which you bonded with the Winchesters. All you had was them and the friends at school. Your parents were never around; traveling the world and spending their shit ton of cash like it was nothing (them being CEO’s of companies you had no idea the names of). Luckily, they were generous when it came to their monthly “allowance.” A simple transaction and never hearing from them left you bitter towards the people who were responsible for your birth, but you had the Winchester brothers and that was always enough.

“You know you’re always welcome to tag along, sweetheart. Sam would kill me if you didn’t come. Besides, beaches and sunshine? That not sound like heaven or what?”

Dean gave you a wink before talking to Sam about his upcoming final for his Creative Writing class that he absolutely despised. The thought of spending Spring Break with your favorite brothers made you giddy, but also a road trip to California with just you, Dean and his Impala – you nearly wanted to faint at the thought. Was the universe finally giving you what you wished for?


Your last final was over and unlike past quarters – you were elated. You stood by Dean’s beloved car, a duffel bag and a backpack by your feet as you leaned against the trunk, waiting for Dean to finish his tests before you both could hit the road and spend Spring Break with Sammy. The sun was shining brighter than ever it seemed like, and nothing could ruin your mood. It took a lot of convincing on Dean’s part before you finally agreed to tag along. You desperately didn’t want to ruin what you already had with the Winchester’s and spending a whole two weeks with them – you didn’t want to be seen as a clingy friend. But Dean assured you that it was no big deal and that both he and Sam wanted you to have fun with them, that there was no way in hell they were going to leave their best friend alone during a vacation that college students deemed as a taste of heaven before another three months till summer. Dressed in high waisted jean shorts, an oversized Night Ranger band shirt along with your beat up converse, you were dressed for the 15 hour drive.

“If there is a scratch on Baby, Y/N, I swear – “

“Your threats don’t mean shit, Winchester. Nice try” You smirked as you watched the handsome green eyed man make his way towards you, a wide smile on his face despite his words. You were taken aback as he pulled you in for a tight hug, swaying slightly before planting a small kiss on your forehead. Keep it together, Y/N. If you fucking turn red… You screamed to yourself, trying to remain cool and collected as Dean chucked the both his and your bags into the backseat. “Um, h-how were your exams? I’ve barely seen you these past few days,”

“I know, I’m sorry, sweetheart. The Calculus final was a pain in my ass and I needed to finish that dumbass creative writing story, the others were great. I just needed to crank them out and finish them so I could relax with you and Sammy,” He walked over to the driver seat were a package laid, you eyed it curiously as he walked back over to where you stood, leaning against the car as well. He handed the package to you, nothing on it to indicate where or who it was from. You raised your brow slightly at him, but he merely rolled his eyes and waited for you to open it. Hesitantly ripping the paper, you pulled out a white baseball cap. Stanford was proudly etched onto the front.

“Sammy sent that in a day ago and wanted to make sure you got it before we went out to see him.”

Your eyes glossed over with unshed tears as you looked between the eldest Winchester and the baseball cap. Words failed to escape your lips, your mind coming up blank. Dean watched you worriedly, unsure as to why such a simple gift brought such emotion. What Dean didn’t know was that because it was so simple, it still meant the world to you. Sam letting you represent a piece of his life that both he and Dean worked so hard to make it reality, it made you feel worthy. Sam accepting you as part of the family was everything you didn’t know you wanted.

“I love it,” You sighed softly, gently placing it over your head. It was going to be a good Spring Break. You could feel it in your bones. “Come on, we still have to pick up some snacks and whatnot,”

new AC ideas

- be able to swim in the river
- be able to jump/swim down waterfalls
- caves! Maybe hidden behind the waterfall or in the cliff (bring back the two level maps!)
- be able to put all your stores/museum where you want them (I miss having them in town, I’m not a huge Main Street fan most of them time)
-be able to make parts of patterns clear
- more color palette choices! I’m thinking like a complete html color wheel.
-climbable pwps, like a tree house!
-tons more hair styles and colors (again with the color wheel!)

These are just a few, I have seen some AWESOME ideas floating around tumblr!

Happy birthday Jakei!

As much as I love cross, I’ve seen no fan art of x-gaster, so I guess i’ll be the first to post some x-gaster fan-art as a birthday gift for you.

just wanted to say that you’ve been a huge inspiration to me and thanks to you and some others I’ve started to try animating. Thank you so much for being such a huge inspiration to us and keep up the good work!

Jakei: OMG YES!!! HI XG!!!

Thank you so much for this gift :D I’m really, really happy guys, I can motivate many people. This is the best thing I could ever made in my life for the world. So, thank you so much :’) I’ll do my best to keep inspire you and motivate you!!

It’s showtime! Because of the cross country move we’re about to embark on we dressed my daughter Wednesday up in her costume a week early. She is a huge Tim Burton fan and her favourite movie this year is Beetlejuice.

I know the post isn’t necessarily storage related but I did DIY the costume! I had to make the pants because finding kids pants in white is nearly impossible! (And for good reason.) I used tea to stain the suit a bit and then I made the stripes and tie out of black duct tape. (Duck Brand) We did have some perfectly nasty teeth but lost them literally hours before showtime.

Still, she looks pretty stellar. Plus, how many little girls do you know dress up as Beetlejuice? That makes her the coolest kid this Halloween.

i know i said i was keeping discourse off this blog but this is less discourse and more of a “what the fuck”. if you’re writing fan fic about the orlando shooting, you’re literally a terrible terrible person. yes this is sad. yes writing can help people cope, i’m one of those people, but don’t fucking write shit like that. literally at what point does it cross your mind that posting something like that literal days after it’s happened seems like a good idea? you wouldn’t do it for any other scenario i’m sure cause fetishization is such a huge problem in this fandom, so what makes you think this’d be a good time to do it? literally stop. you’re awful and disgusting and if you can’t see what’s wrong with what you’re doing, then i’m really, truly sorry for you.

  • what she says: im ok
  • what she really means: im a huge fan of the cube but im disappointed that they would leak extremely personal information about julio's life in order to save themselves. sure julio deserved to be kicked but at the end of the day, but they disregarded his feelings and posted it. he's a 17 year old boy going through a lot and while im not a fan of him, i think he at least deserved to have his personal life kept that way. leaking that he has been having money trouble and his mother's addiction is crossing a line that should of been kept private for as long as possible.

anonymous asked:

i am curious. are there even professionals who knows the industry the boys are in in the antis camp that can provide quality and efficient "proofs" (for the lack of better word) or acceptable reasoning on why they don't think larry is real other than the homophobic, ignorant and very wtf-ish kinds of explanations they keep on blogging about? i mean i tried, I TRIED to see what they're coming from but?? they can't even explain it properly? or at least a good comeback, have they ever had one?

I present you with the LIVING IN DENIAL tag, but please take care of your brain cells. Please also note thatthey love to take 1 action and say we think Larry is real because of that little thing (standing next to each other etc etc) but they refuse to look at the bigger picture and see the inconsistencies.

Actually because I am a masochist I found some gems for ya :)

  • why must they make everything about larry - after 5 years of supposedly being closeted you really think he’d be tweeting about aimh - according to your theories he wouldn’t even be able to tweet about it lol
  • larries actually think the mug means they’re gonna come out. in a music video. lmao
  • The other side thinks Louis bringing B to the OTRA shows is his way of telling everyone she’s important to him. Apparently he is standing up for her through actions, not words. 
  • i hope yall realise that with this “larry night” you are actually admitting that you have to go back at least two years to have moments where louis and harry actually interacted like you are admitting that your ship has been dead for several years and that’s why you’re doing this 
  • I feel bad for you Larries:• First, you’re going to realize that Larry isn’t real and never was.• Second, you’re going to realize that the last 2 and half years of Larry don’t interacting it’s not because modest forced them, it’s because they really don’t like each other and their friendship gone. 
  • I dont think louis is sexually attracted to Harry tbh 
  • okay??????? Louis lent harry his hair tie to harry… I lent my hair tie to my friend yesterday it must obviously mean… 
  • Louis got the dagger tattoo to mock larries 
  • “louis saw that you guys wanted him to get a dagger tattoo and he though it was funny because you guys are so deluded and shit so he got it to make fun of you” (LINK)  
  • why do people equate saying their management sucks with saying larry is real like I don’t see anyone doing that besides the dark harry’s where is this coming from 
  • tbh i think there’s probably somethin weird going on with harry styles but oh my god i hate larry shippers so much 
  • I know at least 10 guys who are scared of the dark. They are straight. Harry is not gay just because of that tweet. God people are so stupid. 

  • Is it wrong to believe what you’re told? Is it wrong to be someones fan and not want to analyze what every tweet means, what every touch or smile means? Just because you believe what you’re told doesn’t mean you’d stop supporting them if you were now told they were not straight, and were together. What’s wrong with believing what Louis has told them? 

  • They were asked what traits they look for in a GIRLFRIEND he said ‘not that important’ they were specifically asked about females so ‘not that important’ does not refer to the gender he was on about, it was about the traits they look for

  • but maybe it was just a hickey between pals? link

  • Larry shippers ruin a post 101 -  also funny that Harry is indeed looking at Louis here  (link)

  • Holding up well! How are the larry tinhats holding up, what with the continued existence of Elounor, the video of Harry looking lovingly at Niall, another delay in the "the boys are 100% done with Modest and the contract is ending soon” story (originally ending in 2012, then definitely ending in December 2013, now ending in 2015!) and the continued non-existence of their ship? Keep grasping at those straws though (yeah, that’s totes Louis’ laugh). 

  • Louis could literally get a tattoo that says “I am straight.” and Larries would say it was management. 

  • You do realize that elounor is a confirmed relationship (by many MANY people) so it’s completely normal for people to think they’re together. 

  • “Larries think Hazoff isn’t real because Jeff’s got a girlfriend… Louis’ got a girlfriend for three years now, they missed that detail” 

  • I really hate this growing trend of getting Liam to read off old L*rry quotes it’s so manipulative and nasty like he’s trying to do this nice, sweet thing by interacting with as many fans as possible and trying to notice people and give them special moments and they’re literally just using him, they’re setting up traps and laughing when he walks right into them and it’s infuriating and sickening and unforgivable. 

  • I don’t think anybody would say that hearts and arrows or ropes and anchors don’t go together IN GENERAL. But one might have the opinion that these particular tattoos were not intended to be matching sets. 

  • all I’m saying is that just because they were photographed together doesn’t mean they were/are dating. there’s other ways to prove it. because if that applies to Louis and Harry, then everybody they are photographed with they must be dating right? wouldn’t that be a double standard? 

  • Harry and Louis don’t have matching tattoos. Harry and nick have matching tattoos. They both have the anchor, and the cross. You larries make everything about larry, when they don’t even talk to eachother. Guess the REAL couple?!! DING DING DING. WAKE UP! 

  • Have you ever thought that Larry could be just fan service? I mean, Larry shippers are a huge part of the fandom… 

  • Have you guys noticed that whenever Elounor are together, Louis has a cigarette but he never lights it? That’s because magazines aren’t allowed to put someone with a cigarette in their magazine. He’s protecting her from the paps and attention. (LINK because this post is hilarious)

  • To quote an update account about Harry’s I study rainbows tweet ” he was probably out and heard some one say it” 

  • The tattoos are not proof. Firstly you don’t actually know if they are matching, that’s just you guys speculating. Secondly, even if they were matching, you do realize friends get tattoos for eachother sometimes? My best friend and I have eachothers birth date tattooed on us, we aren’t dating. 

  • my friend went to the next level after I showed her all the evidence. She told me larry was DEFINITELY fan service and for PR to gain fans. I’m all about the tats. She saw they were complimentary (being aware of the difference between matching and complementary ones) and she was like they have the money to get them removed. It’s fan service. 

  • Genuine question- do you really believe that louis has faked not only being straight but being in a serious relationship for years? Like I don’t think elouner is fake, don’t see why anyone would go to that, to hide that they’re gay, as if it’s bad.