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going off of this post what do we think are the gangseys’ heights reply or reblog with your opinion i’ll start

gansey - 5′6
blue - 4′11 but she swears she’s 5′ (she’s not)
ronan - 6′1 as a high school junior probably reaches 6′3 by 22
adam - solid 5′11
noah - who knows maybe like 5′4
henry - 6′ with his hair done 5′9 without

recap of 5/20/17 SJM event

audio recording 1 (second session)/audio recording 2 (third (fourth) session)

She was presenting with Renee Ahedieh, so listening to them it might be hard to tell them apart. (Sarah talked a little quieter and so is a little more echoey/harder to hear.) But listening to their back and forth was really cool!

She didn’t really talk as much about her books as I wanted?? She talked more about herself, but it was a moderated panel, so that I guess was just what questions she was asked. Anyway, I tried to write out just about everything she said below for those without the time/ability to listen. Also, I only attended 2/3 sessions, but I believe @illyrian-bitch-queen attended all three, so you can ask her about the first one, or if she has anything else to add to these two!!

  • If she was in the Hunger Games, she would be the one who would work on pure “in your face intimidation.” Told a story about how in college she was crazy competitive in her badminton class that she had to take, while everyone was like “…. we’re just here bc we have to be”
  • Renee (and Sarah joining in) went on a rant about the inherent misogyny in the term “strong female character,” bc male characters can just be male characters, as opposed to having to make that designation of “strong.” Particularly discussed how much they loved Buffy (the character and all the other characters in the show) because of how many different types of female strength it celebrated. Also said that Katara is similar in that she doesn’t sacrifice love of fashion/clothing for badassery.
  • Talked about how she cried in front of Tamora Pierce when they met (they were on a panel together) because of how important Tamora Pierce was to her personally and also in opening up the industry to female-led fantasy novels. (”We stand on her shoulders”) 
  • Dorian would be the one with the largest instagram following, because he would have all the shirtless book/bed selfies and dog photos and such. Rhys would also have a huge following, but it would be less cultivated, not really selfies, but would post a lot of pictures of Feyre’s work, with a glimpse of “his eight-pack” or “a muscular thigh.” Aedion would be the one with all the workout selfies. 
  • Just turned in second to last passthrough for ToD, in which she looks specifically at the sentences, grammar and style and such.  
  • (At the end of the first session/first recording, Sarah devolves into freaking about about the hot South Korean bodyguard, which Renee mentioned. I hadn’t heard of this, but it’s here for those interested.)
  • Fave YA OTPs: Karou/Akiva from Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Shazi/Khalid from the Wrath and the Dawn, and Alina/Darkling from the Grisha Trilogy
  • How she chooses names: sometimes she just likes the sound/look of it, sometimes she looks up names that mean “’hot sexy warrior’ in Greek” 
  • Would go back to the Library of Alexandria for a day if she could
  • Favorite fictional villain: Umbridge from Harry Potter
  • Moderator: “What do you do in your spare time?” SJM: “I don’t have spare time” (continues that jk, she mostly just sits on the couch wrapped in blankets, watching TV. Won’t shower for days at a time.)  
  • Met Alex Skarsgard. Shook his hand. Immediately turned around and licked her hand. (I felt the second hand embarrassment at this one lol.)
  • Last parting words to her fans: make every day count, enjoy being you, never let anyone put down you and your interests or dreams or ideas. Live in the moment. Seize the day.

i just started bawling my eyes out scrolling through twitter - these poor beautiful little souls wanted nothing more than to dance, sing, and have the night of their lives with their mothers, their best friends, and their idol, only to have their happiness and entire soul ripped away in an instant, just as those same mothers and those same best friends watched their lives end right before their eyes.

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