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some random college!paladin/klance headcannons:

  • keith, lance, hunk, pidge are all roommates
  • keith rooms with pidge and lance is always with hunk
  • shiro visits them once a month to simultaneously check up on keith and tease him about his massive crash because broganes
  • “hey lance, do you wanna know how red keith can turn? just hug him to find out.”
  • whenever hunk cooks, lance is always in the kitchen as his official taste tester
  • sometimes they both end up getting sick
  • most of the times, they achieve culinary success
  • pidge and keith are forever banned from the kitchen
  • there’s a sign on the fridge w/ pidge and keith’s faces with giant red x’s marked over them and reads ’banned’, courtesy of lance
  • hunk finds it hilarious
  • pidge and keith do not
  • sometimes when lance feel homesick, he wallows in his room
  • pidge usually shoves keith inside to comfort him, but he’s lousy at comforting others
  • so he stands at the doorway at a loss
  • but he tries and it’s always so awkward that it’s enough for lance to feel a little better
  • whenever anyone starts to look stressed, hunk makes them a fresh cup of hot chocolate
  • sometimes one of them fakes stressed so they can get a cup
  • pidge is their official technician so no one complains when they step on a random unfinished gadget on the floor
  • she also has enough blackmail to last her 50 years
  • once every week, they all make a blanket fort in their living room and watch movies together
  • hunk is always terrified of horror movies and grabs on to the nearest person
  • “hunk, buddy, please. i can’t breathe.”
  • “just 30 more minutes.”
  • hunk.
  • they all fall asleep in the fort and keith and lance always wake up to pidge cackling as she takes pictures of their cuddling
  • cue blushing klance
  • cue more blackmail

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What are your thoughts on poly Vanderwood/MC/Seven?

✿ Short answer, yes. 

Long answer, oh my god yes please imagine

  • The goofball idiots 606 and 707 getting into massive amounts of trouble and Vanderwood just picking them both up, throwing them over their shoulder, then going fuck this shit I’m out.
  • You and Seven staying up late at night playing video games and Vanderwood sighing and putting blankets on you.
  • Vanderwood’s birthday is coming up and you’re going to spoil them at Bed Bath & Beyond or Sephora or something but you and Seven walk into the store and realize in tandem “shit i’m a horrible basement goblin who knows nothing about beauty products wtf do i do”
    • You end up going to an employee and ask “please show us any and all of your leopard print products please”
    • You walk out amazed with a full set of leopard-print towels and wash-cloths and you are amazed by human ingenuity. 
  • Vanderwood cooks dinner night: great, you eat well. MC cooks dinner night: Decent, good quality, can consume. Seven cooks dinner night: The house burns down.
    • Everyone cooks dinner night: Hello it’s time for a food fight.
  • Vanderwood is tempted to put tracking beacons on you because you both keep getting lost in the mall and at festivals. In the end you both just end up holding their hands and Vandy is just like ugh while they blush.
  • You and Seven chomping down on fish-bread and Vanderwood cleans your face with their thumb. Seven smooshes his face into his food and tells Vanderwood to kiss it off.
    • Vanderwood dumps water on him.
  • Sometimes Vanderwood gets gloomy and is like “hahahaha man i suck” because, y’know, deeply embedded emotional issues. Seven oozes all over them like a gelatinous cat blob, grabs their face with his hands, and tells them “noooooo you’re amazing”
  • Vanderwood is both annoyed and kinda touched.
  • Vanderwood gets way more passionate about cartoons than they ever expected to be in their life.
  • Seven realizes Vanderwood is genuinely worried over him and has cared for him for a really long time and kind of melts inside.
  • During the period where Seven is all tsundere ‘nooo you can’t love me I have problems and I am sad inside :(’ Vanderwood just picks him up, shakes him, and tells him to talk dammit we care and want to help you.
  • vanderwood feeding you ice cream then smacking seven with the spoon when he tries to steal it.
  • Despite how much Vanderwood likes to pretend they’re a Cool, Competent Person they’re actually a huge loser themselves and they pass out in a pile on the floor with you lot after a late night of binging television dramas.

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ned is such a Soft Boy but dont mess w peter bc everyone knows he will not hesitate to punch a transphobe in the face for His Boy

peter coming out as trans at a young age (around age 7) and it kinda causes an uproar among peter’s friend group and their parents, bc suddenly there are parents accusing may and ben of not being good guardians.

and when they find out that may and ben are putting peter on blockers they say “that child is too young to know what they want” and get furious when may and ben reply with “if a child is old enough to know they’re cisgender then they’re old enough to know they’re transgender”

and some kids at school begin to tease peter a bit, saying shit like “my mom and dad told me that your aunt and uncle are crazy, and that you are too” or they begin to call him trans slurs, and may and ben hate that those kids didn’t know what those slurs were a few weeks ago, and that their parents taught them what they think peter should be called

and one day peter is sitting at lunch alone and flash walks up and begins calling peter names, and peter tries to ignore him. but he’s already having a bad day (he only got an A- on his math test instead of an A+) and he’s just a kid, and he begins to cry. and that only makes flash laugh. peter is hoping that some teachers will come aid him, but they don’t, they never do. so he just sits there as flash and his goons continue to snickers, and he tries to get his tears under control so he doesn’t encourage flash more.

but then suddenly flash is being shoved by ned leeds, that quiet dude in his class who never talks much. peter doesn’t know him very well, but he never thought ned would be the kind of guy to stand up for him. or even try to know him.

and flash swears at ned, but ned just punches flash and tells him in a really low voice to “leave peter alone” and that…. just shakes peter. nobody besides his aunt and uncle have called him peter yet, everyone else deadnames him. it’s almost surreal to be hearing somebody else call him peter, especially someone he’s never really spoken to.

some teachers come over and pull ned away from flash (because of course they’ll defend flash even though peter was just loudly being bullied by him), and ned throws an apologetic glance over his shoulder as he’s escorted to the principals office. flash glares at peter and goes back to his own table in the cafeteria. and peter waits a few moments, picks at his food thoughtfully, before he gets up to go sit outside of the principals office.

he waits outside the office for about twenty minutes, not really caring that he’s missing his history lesson, and then finally the door opens and ned walks out with his head hung low. he’s holding a dark pink letter, something people only get when they’ve gotten a detention.

ned startles when he sees peter and then sheepishly fiddles with the letter, kind of afraid that peter might be mad with him. peter worries ned in turn might be upset too.

“i’m sorry,” they both say, before looking confusedly at each other

“why are you sorry?” peter asks quietly, standing up from the bench he’d been sitting on

“i made a big scene, i’m sorry about that,” ned sighs. his voice is smooth and soft, much different than how it sounded when he was talking to flash.

peter blushes then sighs. “i should be the one saying sorry, i’m the reason you got detention and – ”

“no!” ned says angrily. “you didn’t do anything, flash is the reason i got detention! he needs to stop bullying you!”

peter looks down and kicks at nothing in particular. he needs to retie one of his shoes. “yeah… i dunno, i’m beginning to wonder if they’re right about me. maybe i am just a freak.”

ned walks close to him, and peter flinches, but all ned does is hug him. ned is much bigger and taller than him, everyone kinda is, and they usually use that advantage to be cruel. but all ned does is hug him. and peter just kinda wants to crumble. he gets this kind of affection from may and ben all the time, but he’d missed having it from others. he had felt so alone since he came out that he had started to forget how it felt to have a friend.

“you aren’t a freak,” ned whispers. “you’re so cool! and smart! they’re just stupid, peter, they’re really dumb!!”

peter doesn’t know what to say really, so he doesn’t say anything. he just whispers a shy “thank you” back. ned hugs him for a bit longer and then finally pulls back. peter doesn’t want this to stop, maybe he’s being greedy but he wants ned to be around him always. suddenly he feels addicted to ned’s company, despite only having it for 10 minutes or so.

“school’s almost over,” peter says shyly. “do you wanna come over to my house and play legos? i know they aren’t very – ”

“legos!!” ned says, his eyes going big and a silly smile breaking across his face. his voice cracks lightly, the early stages of puberty beginning to creep over him. “i love legos!!”

“really?” peter says, beginning to bounce on the balls of his feet. he’s so happy.

“yeah!! and model planes too!”

“my uncle builds those!! and those neat ships in bottles!!”

they both begin gabbing about building legos and ships and planes as they walk outside of the school. peter introduces ned to may when she picks peter up from school, and ned calls his mom to say that he’s going over to a friend’s house (making sure to let may speak to his mom first). peter likes where this is going, he likes the way this day has gone and he hopes it’s the first of many days that he will see ned leeds.

Soonyoung x Tired!Reader


i feel extremely bad for putting off requests for a while but i needed to write this. thanks to @chanilovehours for suggesting this and honorary mention to @mansaeboysbe admin bee for being part of the SSS, the Soonyoung Support Squad LOL (pls join we need more ppl that appreciate the underrated),,,, so this was mainly for me,,,,as a comfort piece. i have been overwhelmed so much recently and i just needed something to comfort me. i’m extremely emotionally burnt out and just feel exhausted all the time, so for all the readers out there who are struggling to get by every day, this one is for you. you’re all worth it, and you deserve to live a life where you’re doing you and enjoying what you’re doing every second. you all deserve to be on this planet, to be breathing this air, to be out there discovering what you were meant to do. this one is for all the people who have been dealing with just a lot of stuff and need someone to tell them that you’re doing great and that you’re so so strong for being here. because i know for sure that i am one of those people. this focuses more on the reader rather than the member. happy reading from your fav mom <3333

  • “You can’t do anything right anymore, y/n. Forget it, just go home for the night.”
  • You slowly got up and nodded in resignation, slowly heading out the door in the chilly brisk wind
  • You hugged your scarf and coat around you tighter as if the physical warmth would somehow change the ever-increasing void inside
  • This week just wasn’t your week, to say the least
  • Your boss had practically given up on you by the time it was wednesday, and now it’s friday
  • You were worried you were this close to losing your job
  • You text a friend?
  • “Sorry can’t talk right now, busy with work”
  • You need to meet up to work on your group project?
  • They don’t pull through and end up piling you up with their work on top of your own part
  • You got a bad mark on a test that you studied extremely hard for but just couldn’t grasp the material despite trying to go to office hours in between your shifts
  • Your roommate is never around to clean the apartment so once again, it’s up to you
  • Recently, your boyfriend had been occupied as well thus you didn’t spend as much time with him as you wanted to
  • You were just a Mess
  • And barely getting through it

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What's it like for Vanderwood to be the most sane and least energetic person living with the Choi's and MC? Do you have any more headcannons on how they all get along?

✿ I actually have a little ‘daily life with the Chois, Vandy, and MC’ thing here (x) but I will give you some more.

  • Despite Vanderwood’s grumbling and whinging about their datemates’ ridiculous antics, they actually secretly enjoy it. They came from a super shitty household where it was either stagnant, cold, and deathly quiet or tense and angry and the only place they could go was into the closet. So having a lively, fun house is… nice? It’s so different and like nothing they’ve ever had in their life before. Even if they don’t participate in whatever wackiness Seven is dragging the rest of the gang on today, having it around is this comforting background noise that helps keep out the rot of their past.
  • Sometimes, though, it’s a bit much, and Vanderwood needs their Space. Either they go out for a smoke, or tell everyone it’s time to play the quiet game now, everyone shut up and usually that’s respected.
  • At the very least the Crew will go out and harass the neighbors or something.
  • Vanderwood will have cleaning frenzy days too where the disorder is just Bothering Them and they need to Fix It and often the rest of the lot either a.) clear out and let Mama Vanderwood have their space or b.) actually help for once. Also, Vanderwood has their own room that Nobody is Allowed In Ever on Pain of Death because if you have a lower energy level than everyone around you, you need a place to retreat to.
  • There’ve been plenty of times when The Gang has been binge watching something, Vanderwood disappears for some reading time, and then comes back a few hours later and asks what happening. Seven always gives this incredibly ridiculous, ‘technically true but making it sound silly’ synopsis and Vanderwood is like ‘cool’ before plopping down to join.
  • Seven would try to bake for Vanderwood sometimes. It often doesn’t go well, but if you help out, it’s at least passable. This is…… oddly endearing.
  • (Sometimes Vanderwood comes home and there’s a plate of horribly misshapen cookies and a cute note waiting for them and they’re like “fuck my heart”)
  • Seven never, ever intrudes upon Vanderwood’s room but they’ll stick post-it notes on their door saying ‘Mwah-hah-ha! Seven was here!’ and Vanderwood just rolls their eyes.
  • Saeran is pretty chill though when he and his brother aren’t getting into fights, so if Vanderwood is having a low energy day, sometimes they’ll just chill with the weird ex-cultist and have a Time of it. Seven will sometimes whine about being jeaaaaalooooooooouuuuuussssss and Saeran will smack him lightly and say “LET ME HAVE SOMETHING OF MY OWN FOR ONCE, JEEZ.”
  • You laugh in the background.

Anonymous said to anyway-i-love-vanderwood: Omg your ot3 headcanon! What cartoons do you think Vanderwood would like?

✿ Ok I am a filthy American and know nothing about Korean cartoons so I will give my Clearly I Know Nothing Beyond American Media list.

Genuinely likes and thinks is great:

  • Over the Garden Wall
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
  • Dexter’s Laboratory
  • Steven Universe (they spiritually identify with Pearl)

Cartoons That Seven Likes and They Think Are Weird But Also Kinda Like?

  • Amazing World of Gumball
  • Adventure Time
  • Thunder Cats

Will Never In a Million Years Admit They Like It But They Do

  • Pokemon 

Tony & Peter headcanons bc I love Iron Dad & Spider Son: 

  • God the obvious one right now Peter is complaining to Tony about all the protocols on his suit and when Tony says that he’ll get rid of them when Peter proves he doesn’t need them, Peter goes, “okay, dad.” 
    • There’s a 2 second pause and Tony turns and goes “did you just call me -” “IT WAS A SARCASTIC - I DIDN’T - LET’S JUST LET IT GO.” 
    • He does it again to Happy when Happy gushes about Tony and Pepper. “Gross, Happy, that’s my dad.” “Did you just call Tony Stark your dad?” “I - no. I don’t think of Mr. Dad as my - I mean, he’s not he’s Iron Dad I mean - HAPPY STOP LAUGHING.”
  • That being said Tony is so highkey about just going “yeah that’s my kid” whenever Peter does something awesome. Clint is confused and thinks that Tony just had a secret lovechild who also happens to be Spiderman. 
    • 5 months later: “My dad never gave me that support so I’m trying to break the cycle for the kid, you know?” Natasha: “He’s not your kid.” Clint: “Wait - WHAT?” 
  • Long Distance Son Harley comes over and Tony lowkey wants to bond with the two but instead of talking to him Peter and Harley just ramble about their inventions and play video games the whole day (and subsequently ignore him and his attempts to bond, even when he tempts them with new prototypes). Tony flip flops between offended and proud before he finally settles on proud and happy that they’re bonding. 
    • The next time Harley comes over, though, all three of them actually hang out. 
  • It’s the anniversary of Ben’s death and Peter forgets for the first time. He realizes when he gets back home and he feels guilty and leaves for a few hours and no one knows where he is. 
    • Tony finds him at the store Uncle Ben died outside of; Peter is just sitting on a bench and he doesn’t even really show surprise at Tony being there, just tells him that he forgot and it breaks Tony’s heart. 
    • “I forgot what today was. I did this - became Spiderman - for him. I did it all for him. And I forgot. I forgot him.” And that’s when Tony realizes that Peter’s not just talking about today. 
    • He sits down, and tells Peter that he hasn’t forgotten - as long as he has that suit, “no, scratch that, even if you’re not in the suit” that as long as Peter continued to want to help people, he was never, ever forgetting Ben Parker. 
    • Peter tears up at it and he’s not sure he’s completely believed it yet, he still feels guilty, but he nods and the two sit there in silence for an hour before Peter finally tells Tony he’s ready to go home. 
  • Tony makes sure these AIs spend their time validating the ever loving shit out of Peter lmao. Peter is in the Avengers family home compound stressed af about asking out MJ and Tony goes “kid, you’re gonna do great - HEY FRIDAY, TELL PETER HE’S GOING TO DO GREAT!” Friday: “You’re going to do great, Peter.” 
    • Peter does, btw, and MJ (like Ned) becomes yet another constant fixture in the compound. She likes to spend date nights sitting on the couch and making fun of the other Avengers as they walk by (Thor loves it). 
  • Peter will have either nothing all week or 15 major fights in one day so Happy gets irritated and finally gives Peter a watch that has a tiny knob that acts as a panic alarm. 
    • My bi polyam son Peter was making out with Harry Osborn; they were getting handsy and somewhere along the way they bumped along the wall and Peter hit the panic button by mistake. There is nothing more embarrassing than Iron Man busting into your room with his guns pointed at your boyfriend, going “STEP AWAY FROM THE BO-oh. This is not what I expected. Well, this is awkward,” and then making 5 consecutive jokes out of pure awkwardness. Peter wanted to die. Harry just went “uh. Can you leave we’re kind of in the middle of something” (Peter: “Yeah no moment’s definitely ruined”). Tony finally announced that there was probably a bank getting robbed and he had to leave immediately (he also yelled “MAKE GOOD DECISIONS” as he flew away. Harry and Peter elected to ignore him.) 
      • Peter was not amused when the next morning he used his suit only to find an extra pocket that shot out condoms (or when Karen asked him “would you like to enable nighttime mode?” and gave him a 2 hour long lecture on safe sex when he said yes). 

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AyeeeI just discovered your blog and I love the imagines you did so far! Could you do this for an autistic person: The dads finding out/being told by Dadsona that he has autism.

((Oh my gosh, I’m so glad you like them! This blog is brand new but it makes me so happy that people seem to like my writing so far. Also, I did my best here, but I know little to nothing about autism and tried my very best not to say anything wrong or out of line. I apologize profusely if I fucked up and wrote something offensive. Anyway, without further ado, here are the dads!))

Brian figured it out himself, actually. He saw the way you interacted with Daisy, how similar you two were (in some aspects; Daisy was a child, after all). He didn’t question it at all, and he was actually able to relax because he knew he could handle being around you. Brian understands the most out of all of the dads, and his demeanor and attitude toward you don’t change at all.

Robert is a little uncomfortable when you first tell him. He never thought of autistic people as people he was good around; that is to say, he didn’t think himself careful enough, and was maybe a little offensive sometimes. He could be insensitive (on accident) or make fun of things he shouldn’t make fun of. At first, he responds with something along the lines of “What? No you aren’t” but he allows you to explain where you fall on the spectrum and how it affects your life. For a little while he’s extra tense around you, but slowly he goes back to his (mostly) normal self. Robert would take the longest to get used to it.

Mat, being the enigmatic man he is, knows almost everyone in Maple Bay, and he would for sure know people that fall into the category “autistic”. He would probably sit you down and ask you to talk to him about how it’s going to affect your life and your relationship with him, mostly just because he wants to make sure you’ll always feel safe and comfortable around him. He’s a little more protective of you after that (like holding your hand or keeping an arm around you more often, if you let him and are comfortable with it), but other than that it has little influence on your relationship with him.

Joseph has only ever interacted with autistic children, so his first instinct is to…well, treat you like a child. Which I’m sure is a little disheartening. It would take you sitting down with Joseph and pointing out his specific actions that make you upset to get him to stop. He would continue to make well-intentioned mistakes, and as long as you are willing to continuously correct him, he’s going to get better and go back to treating you the way he did when you two first met.

Hugo works with many families that have autistic kids, and therefore has interacted with older autistic people before. If anything, it would mean that Hugo just takes a little longer to warm up to you; but he already does take a little bit because you’re the parent of his student first and his neighbor second. When the two of you go out to trivia night for the first time, he finds himself entirely relaxed and from then on your relationship is the same. He understands that it’s something the two of you will have to talk about, but he’s ready to talk to about it whenever you are.

Damien launches into a little speech about how badly autistic people were treated during the Victorian era. Mostly because he talks when he’s trying to think. He’s a firm believer in openly talking about boundaries and needs, so when he finally finishes his little tangent, he takes a deep breath and asks what it means for the two of you. What do you need him to do? He’s willing to do just about anything to make sure you’re happy and comfortable, just as he expects you to do for him.

Craig already knew! Of course he knows, he lived with you in college. Craig’s attitude toward you doesn’t change a single bit; you were his bro then and you’re his bro now. Nothing has changed. As a result of him considering himself to know you so well and be so comfortable around you, through, he might end making some stupid mistakes and crossing a line. If he does end up doing something to really upset you, he would go out of his way to make you your favorite food and allow the two of you to have a nice, relaxing evening doing whatever you would like!

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HC - Lance and Pidge find themselves back at the Space Mall and the mall has copies of Star Wars. Lance insists that they have to show Allura.

Ahhhh yes omg but this time Allura got to go to the Space Mall too. She was just off shopping with Hunk probably. Lance and Pidge end up going on another GAC diving adventure and come back to the shop to purchase the DVDs, they get a copy of every single one. 

They head back to the time clock to meet up with everyone else, this time, no mall cop chasing them down. Hunk and Allura are the first to arrive after Lance and Pidge, Hunk giving the duo a curious look.

“What did you two do, go swimming?” Allura teases, taking note of their shoes and socks in hand and the small puddle of water around their feet. 

“Something like that.” Pidge nods, trying to snatch the bag from Lance. “We needed GAC to get something.” 

“It’s a surprise!” Lance snaps, using his hand to shove Pidge backwards yet again. “We all get to see it together when we get back to the castle.”

It doesn’t take long for Shiro, Keith and Coran to come back after that. Once they’re home Lance all but demands everybody get their pajamas on and get comfortable.

“What are we doing again?” Keith questions, taking a seat in the commons room couch. 

“Watching a movie that Pidge and I bought.”

“A movie?” Allura asks with awe, hands clasping together in front of her. 

“Yup! A classic, Star Wars!” Lance grins, Pidge eagerly nodding behind him, Hunk letting out a mixture of a gasp and squeal. Keith and Shiro seem unmoved and even Coran shows some interest.

“A documentary on the good old Star Wars, huh.” Coran speaks up, all eyes turning to him, “Last I heard nobody knew the real truth behind the wars or who won.”

Confusion is immediately written across Lance’s face.

“I thought this was supposed to be fun, not a history lesson.” Allura huffs, glancing back to Lance.

“What–no, no not that kind of Star Wars. It’s just a movie, made up story, you know? It’s not about history it’s about action and stuff.” Lance explains, Allura’s interest seeming to return at that. 

“An action story about the wars?” Coran tries again, Pidge frowning at him.

“Let’s just watch it alright? Episode four.”

“What happened to one, two and three?” Allura questions.

“Four is technically the first, it came out first.” Lance shrugs, popping the dvd into the player Hunk and Pidge had worked on. 

“Well why can’t we watch the first one first?” Keith asks.

Letting out a sigh, Lance turns to look at him. “Because that’s not the order it was meant to be watched in? Duh.” 

“I mean we could watch it in numerical order.” Hunk pipes in, index fingers pressing together nervously. 

“No.” Pidge and Lance deadpan at the same time. 

“I say we watch them starting with one.” Allura adds in.

“Alright.” Lance nods, moving to take the dvd out and replace it.

“What?! Seriously, that’s all it took?” Pidge asks in exasperation, the others snickering at Lance’s actions.

“What can I say? The Princess gets what the Princess wants.” 

Pidge pouts for a second before slumping back against the couch.

“Wapeesh!” Hunk jokes, flicking his wrist in Lance’s direction.

“Oh shut it.” Lance pouts, sticking his tongue out at Hunk before dropping onto the couch beside Allura. 


Levi and Mikasa, Breath of the Wild AU. 

Massive spoilers for the game under the cut, so if you haven’t finished the game, be sure to only proceed if you’re okay with being spoiled on the entire ending and some other stuff.

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danno headcanons: the sequel

★ only wears converse 

★ sam has gotten him into anime

  ☆ some of his faves are death note, fairy tail, danganronpa, etc.

★ he needs glasses, and has had a few pairs, but he’s always either breaking or losing them. he’s one of those people who just walk around blind and is fine w it

   ☆ it’s why he always so damn clumsy. also one of the reasons for his bad grades

★ despite his terrible self care skills, he’s very responsible when it comes to his hair. he always makes sure its healthy and floofy

★ one of those people who make random unnecessary noises out of nowhere 

   ☆ “argh” “nyeh” “mmph” “eh” “pffffft”

★ when through a brief emo phase when he was 16 

   ☆ may or may not have been influenced by sam

   ☆ ofc he wore chokers why wouldn’t he

★ also his ears are pierced and he wears earrings sorry I don’t make the rules 

part 1

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Actual Angel Dadsona that saves the other Dads from demon infestation. Like he's all bloody and his wings all spread out to protect the Dads from the demons.

((Not sure if you wanted this to be a one on one sort of thing or a “they’re all together” thing so I went with the “all together” kind! I hope that’s okay! ))

Robert is going to fight by your fucking side, my friend. He’s not one to sit back and be saved. If you’re playing for keeps, so is he. As the darkness descends on the two of you (who had just moments before been enjoying a nice fuckin barbecue in Joseph’s backyard), he would stand tall by your side. Robert’s rough, calloused hand would fall against your shoulder, and he’d pull a switchblade out of his pocket. “You’re my ride or die, man. Let’s fucking do this.”

Joseph’s a man of faith, and therefore automatically assumes the role of the healer. Although it takes him a moment to gather his courage, he’d pull out his pocket bible and settle in for one hell of a fight. He definitely has enough crosses in his home to make sure all of the parties involved have one for protection purposes, and he blesses all everyone as well. When someone gets hurt, Joseph is immediately at their side to tend to the wound and pray over them. In this kind of battle he’s an invaluable resource, and he continues to give you reassuring smiles despite the both of you getting spattered in blood.

Mat panics. Between the terrifying reality that this could possibly be when he dies and the stunning fact that you’re an ANGEL, his brain practically short circuits and he goes into a full blown panic attack. You try to calm him, your body shaking from the blows as you wrap your large wings around the two of you, and give him a hopeful (albeit painful) smile. You’re not what gets him through this, though; Carmensita is. I imagine his thought process is along the same lines as Aaron Burr in the song The World was Wide Enough: “This will not make an orphan of my daughter.”

Hugo is a fucking fighter by choice, and that means he knows his way around the ring. He would shrug off his jacket, tuck his glasses away with them, and stand at your side, fists up, ready to throw tf down. “Easy, Brie-zy, Beautiful is ready to conquer the world yet again,” he jokes, giving you a confident grin. “Let’s teach those little bitches who’s boss.” Maybe Hugo is a little TOO excited to tussle.

Damien isn’t particularly good at fighting, but world be damned if he’s not an amazing strategist. He’s also very familiar with the capabilities of your foes (“Horror movies are frightening, my love, horror history is not”) so Damien takes on the role of commander. He thinks through all possible courses of action and, although he’s momentarily stunned by your brilliance, he quickly comes up with a plan of attack. During the entire fight he’s pointing out weak spots. He actually teams up with You, Robert and Hugo, the best fighters of the bunch, to do a lot of damage.

Brian basically acts as a human shield. He’s not well-versed in fighting tactics, but he can handle a lot of impact, and his immediate instinct is to try to protect you. It doesn’t matter to him that you’re an angel. You’re someone he loves and he’s not going to let anyone lay a hand on you. Seeing you as torn up as you already are hurts him more than he can express, and Brian is the most courageous of the bunch. He’s there when you need him and willing to take on any enemy in order to save you. He makes the mistake of trying to stand in front of you rather than at your side, and you have to level with him that this is about protecting each other. He can’t always be a hero.

Craig is your man ‘til the end. If you’re doing this then so is he, brochacho. He’s the fastest and has the most experience with injuries (you think raising three sporty girls didn’t result in a broken arm or two?), so he works with Joseph to make sure every injury is being treated. He also acts as a moral booster—constantly calling out to you that you got this, just a little bit longer, you’ve handle worse before, etc. Much like Robert, Craig considers you a ride or die.

Alternative Outcome

Imagine if Keith hadn’t found Shiro in time.

Kuron or not–if Keith had stumbled on a dead Shiro he would have lost his shit.

He’d never recover from literally missing the chance to save Shiro–hell he wouldn’t have known it was a clone just that…

Shiro is dead.

And Keith couldn’t make it in time and will never forgive himself for his constant failures in preventing the worst from happening to Shiro.

To HIS Shiro.

This would be the ironic moment where he’d realize how much Shiro actually mattered to him or it’ll be the pivotal breakdown of his now shattered heart to realize he should have told Shiro he loved him when he first found him.

Now his leadership would suffer severely since there would be no time to mourn Shiro properly a third time.

His ties with the other paladins would worsen because he’d be more inclined to stay closed off and not want to be around anyone.

To outsiders and to his enemies, Keith would be colder, vicious, merciless, and almost seemingly uncaring with a strong sense of detachment and yet at times have over emotional outbursts when he gets triggered by the slightest mention of Shiro.

He would remain frozen with guilt and anger and rage and pain and grief and all around sadness that will not go away because he wouldn’t want to let go–moving on would mean letting Shiro go and he already failed him so he wasn’t going to leave any remnant that was left no matter how painful.

What I’m saying is that Keith’s Galra side would be fully unleashed with no restraints and while that may not have been bad under the right circumstances–this negative and depressed outlook he has drawn himself in would be a downfall for him and possibly Voltron as a whole.

Now with that angsty setting outta the way.

Shiro meanwhile–the real one–had somehow been found by Matt and together they try to reach their way to Voltron. Shiro having no clue the Galra had used him (a clone) as a decisive tool to destroy the mental state of the new Black Paladin of Voltron.

So when Shiro does eventually get back to Keith it might be a beautifully wonderful reunion but it would be bittersweet for Keith would have realized he had failed Shiro once more.

Keith had stopped looking for Shiro and had allowed himself to succumb to his grief so now Keith wasn’t sure if Shiro deserved him or even should forgive him for his greatest failure.

For Keith had allowed the Galra to nearly defeat (and trick) him which put his whole team in danger if Shiro hadn’t come back to him in time–and now has no one to blame but himself no matter if Shiro is understanding.

Afterall, what better way to destroy Keith (therein by defeat Voltron) than by killing the one he loved most?

Just an idea they could have done or maybe a fic idea I wanna write if I had the time.

Sorry peeps I just have lots of angst to unvail on ya’ll.

Miraculous Fluff Day 23: Sick day

Purely, um, headcanon?… for @miraculousfluffmonth

Imagine Marinette is sick one day and is unable to go to school.

Imagine Alya visiting her (obviously) and dragging Nino along.

Imagine Adrien lying and saying he’s too busy to visit (which is believable)

Imagine Adrien visiting her as Chat Noir instead.

Imagine Marinette utterly confused as to why her partner is in her room.

Imagine Chat convincing her he was just making sure his “princess” is okay.

Imagine Marinette and Chat talking and laughing the whole night.

Imagine Chat catching a glimpse of all the photos of Adrien on her wall.

Imagine Chat finally realizing why Marinette is so shy around Adrien.

Imagine Chat teasing her about her crush on the model (cue flushed Marinette).

Imagine Marinette coming to school the next morning completely healed.

Imagine Marinette explaining to Alya about this remedy made of cat fur.

Imagine Adrien hearing this and snickering loudly (cue confused Nino).

Imagine Adrien deciding to visit Marinette every single night as Chat.

Imagine Marinette not complaining at all.

One of the best things about the Autistic Peter Parker headcanon is the idea of Tony Stark being supportive. Like, he hears through the grapevine that Peter wants/needs a fidget cube. However, he’s too shy to ask Aunt May for one, because the real ones cost like 25.00*, and he’s worried he’ll accidentally break it with his enhanced strength after five minutes anyway.

So, Tony’s like, “Um, excuse me, I AM MONEY. Pepper, we’re buying  Antsy Labs and giving it to Peter.”

Pepper doesn’t even look up from her phone. “Or you could just buy him the actual product.”

“Well, fine, if you want to be BORING!”

And then the next thing Peter knows, there’s a paper bag on his bed, filled with every single color of fidget cube Antsy Labs has ever produced and then some. And he’s just sitting at his desk, zipping through his homework with one hand and working a custom red and blue cube with the other and smiling bright enough to light up half of Queens.

*Not saying they aren’t worth it, because they are.

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How I found you: I can't remember of it was recommendation or in the tag, but I was like "this art is cute. Where's follow?" and that's how it pregty much happened. I'm still following cause you're funny, nice person and fun in general with hcs that bring me ideas I def don't need. But don't stop. Love your art ♡♡ this time I'm on anon lol :p

//aww hahaha thank youuuuuu ♡♡♡♡ hearing this making me so happy anon~

headcanon eh?… sanji’s body is hella sensitive especially in the nipples that’s why he wears full suit everyday.