not a guy btw

did an art style thing !! ft the Very Special Boy

links to the artists in this are under the cut!

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I had promised a KiriBaku kid something like months ago, and tbh most of the reason why it took me this long is because I couldn’t pick between these two so?? In the end just have them both I guess - some info about them under cut, in case you wanna know more!!

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Throwback to the 2nd ever MM fanart I did with this…because I find it highly relevant right now.

At first, I thought I hated seeing PDA plastered all over my social media accounts. Turns out that’s not true and I’m not bitterly single. 

I just hate seeing hetero PDA and I’m bitterly gay.

tikki and plagg are such tired creatures. they gotta put up with so much crap. shhh, let them sleep

something i doodled before my power inevitably goes out due to hurricane irma. this post was scheduled, so if im absent for about a week besides my queue…you know why. :’D good luck and be safe to everyone in the hurricane’s path!

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Fun fact!! cishet male survivors of abuse are just as deserving of love, comfort, understanding, and recovery as the rest of us. Privilege doesn’t negate trauma.