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loki-theatre-gurl replied to your post “Seven Shades of Shit: the Blow by Blow Review, Chapter Eight”

I’m worried for Macy too… By my count, 1 woman could theoretically um… “service”… at most, 6 men… That leaves #7 just standing there… Unless… Okay… Here’s my guess at how these sickos are going to um… “use” this poor girl… Mouth, Boobs, one in each hand… And then there’s either gonna be 2 in the butt and 1 in the vagina or 1 in the butt and 2 in the vagina… I don’t think that’s physically possible but who cares about actual anatomy, right? *sigh*

EARDRUMS. I’m tellin’ ya. That poor girl.

Or maybe nostrils…

shoutout to @equilateral-asshat for showing me this post and giving me the laugh of a lifetime