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Taste of St. Petersburg or where is Viktor originally from

Today is December 25th, and it is Viktor’s Birthday!

We don’t have enough information about him as human and skater, and maybe one day in season two authors will open some parts of his life, character and past. 

But we know that Viktor is from St. Petersburg. 

And I think that it is a good idea to give a brief description of the city where Viktor lives. And where currently Yuuri is. ^^

Disclaimer: I’m an inspired and proud citizen of St. Petersburg, born and raised in the city, and I still live here. I’ll try to give an overall description of city and citizens from my point of view just to make more clear picture of the city in ppl’s minds. 

Some people may agree with my vision, some may not. It is okay.

And I apologize for possible mistakes in advance, English is not my mother tongue, but I try my best. ^^

Most photos are taken from internet.

Let’s go!

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My copy of the Mega Man Official Complete Works arrived! I’m so happy I was finally able to afford it. It’s everything that I’d hoped it would be and more, filled with all kinds of interesting tidbits of information and interesting concept art.

I love it so much.


Pairing: ReaderXReid

Inspiration: a photo I found that says “I was atheist until I realized I am God.” and the picture just inspired me completely.

Prompt: You have been taken by an unsub who believes he is God. Reid and the rest of the team burst into the unsub’s apartment just in time to stop him from killing you and turning you into one of his ‘angels’

Warnings: a little bit of religious talk (I identify myself as an agnostic so I really am not good at writing about religion so I’m very sorry if in some way I offend you if you are a religious person, I do not mean to and apologize if you do take offense to anything), violence, swearing

You gasped for air as your eyes shot back open, only to see the same dim lit room they had seen before you had passed out from the intense pain in your ribs and wrist. You knew at least two ribs had to be cracked from when the unsub kicked you during your first escape attempt, and you knew your wrist was most likely damaged too from when the unsub had twisted it violently during your second escape attempt. 

You glanced down at your wrist, the skin around the bone swollen to almost double its size, your flesh taking on a deep purple tone. Definitely broken.

You looked around for anything you could use as a make-shift cast, knowing the more you let your hand flop around the more damage would be done to that broken bone. You had very little medical training, considering you had only been in med-school for a year before dropping out and joining the Behavioral Analysis Unit, however you knew exactly what to do the moment you saw the wooden ruler on the small desk that sat in the corner of the room that you had been trapped inside for almost a day now. 

You stood up weakly and made your way over to the desk, knowing the unsub was no where in the room from the lack of teasing you heard when you awoke. You had passed out five times since he first captured you, three of the times when you came to he had been sitting in the room, watching you. Once he noticed you were conscious he would chuckle and ask you what it felt like to have God doing this to you or if you wanted to beg him for divine mercy. 

You leaned on the desk with your good hand, letting your body balance itself before you let go and grabbed the ruler, putting it under neath your damaged forearm. You then grabbed a long piece of string that was also laying on the desk, wrapping it up and down your arm tightly until the ruler stayed in place without anything supporting it. That was the best you could do.

“Well, well, well, look whose up and on her feet.” his voice spoke from behind you. You whipped around only to see him standing in the doorway, a sick smile on his face. “Ready to beg for mercy?” he questioned, stepping into the room and closing the door behind him. 

You just stared, not giving him the pleasure of your broken voice answering. You knew if you tried to say anything he would hear the fear in your voice and that was exactly what he wanted.

“Do you believe in God?” he asked, walking slowly towards you, dragging his hand along the top of his dingy dining table. His eyes were glued to you as if simple eye contact alone was feeding his craziness. 

You still didn’t answer his question, only swallowed hard as he took his hand off the table, continuing to walk towards you.

“I was an atheist once.” he spoke in a low voice. He came to a sudden stop, his body now only a foot away from you. “Until I realized I am God.”

As if on queue, you heard the door he had entered through moments before be kicked in causing him to grab you and pull your body in front of his, a knife he had been hiding in his belt now being raised up to your neck. You watched as the room filled with the familiar faces of the BAU as well as a few members of SWAT. 

“Get out!” you heard the unsub bark, his voice almost breaking your ear drum while you felt his breath become faster against your neck.

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“Jackson, put the knife down, you don’t want to do this.” the voice of Spencer filled your ears, causing your eyes to dart to his face the moment you heard them. You almost started sobbing just from seeing his face, the face you never thought you would see again.

“Of course I want to do this, she must become one of my angels.” he spat, the blade now pressing against your neck causing you to squint your eyes shut. “She’ll be my favorite little angel.” he said, his voice lowering slightly as you could tell he moved his head to look at you.

“Jackson, (Y/N) is already an angel.” you heard Reid say, causing you to open your eyes slightly, the tears blurring your vision. “She’s one of the few angels that God sent down to Earth to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves.”

“I am God!” he shouted, pressing the blade even harder into your neck. You could feel a small stream of blood begin to trickle down your neck as the blade nicked you ever so slightly. 

“Exactly, which is why you know it’s important that (Y/N) stays here on Earth. You know what she’s done for people, you know how kind hearted and amazing she is.” Reid continued, his voice staying calm in the escalating situation. “She’s helped save so many people Jackson, she’s helped save me.” 

You felt the unsubs pressure on the knife loosen slightly as you remembered all the nights Spencer had spent at your apartment after Prentis’s ‘death’. All the mornings that you would wake up and make breakfast for him and ask him what his plans for the day would be. You and Spencer had always shared a close bond, one that could not be replaced or broken. Little did either of you know that the feelings you had towards one another was love.

“Please, don’t take her away from me.” Spencer pleaded, breaking you away from your train of thought. 

You swallowed hard, glancing down just in time to see the glint of the blade catching the dim light as it was brought away from your neck. You felt Jackson step away from you, then you heard him drop to his knees, then you saw the SWAT team and several members of the BAU move in towards him. 

You brought your none broken hand up to your face, wiping away the warm tears that were finally falling only to suddenly feel arms wrapped around you and your face being pressed against a bullet proof FBI vest.

“You’re safe.” you heard Spencer’s voice whisper while he brought one of his hands up to the back of your head, the other staying around your waist. 

Your head fit perfectly under his chin. You felt him gently kiss the top of your head before squeezing you even tighter, hearing the footsteps of Jackson and the SWAT team walk by. 

“You’re safe.” he repeated once again, his grip on you not loosening until he knew Jackson was half way down the hall.


my half of a trade with @yowulf ! it’s her adorable dog Noodle :>

gosh tho aint photographing black things just the pits? i apologize for the weird textured background, but it was the only thing that would keep the picture from turning into a blurry dog shaped Item on a blown out white background ;n; sometime i’ll invest in a good black photo cube or something, i sorely need it! 


HEY EVERYONE! Kabula and I are open for commissions! (about time)

Please I highly implore you to check both the “chokoart” tag and “kabulart” tag for more examples infact here are direct links to both of those tags on our blog so you know WHO you are commissioning from:

Kabula (Also previously known as “Strawhat”):


It’s not really a big deal if you forget, we’ll just ask if you do c: but it’s good to get all the info upfront to save the hassle.

If you want to commission Chokovit OR Kabula just send a message with your commission info to our blog here! Kabula and I will both use paypal, but we’ll discuss which email to send to when you make the commission request.

Also I apologize for not mentioning it in the picture but I, like Kabula, will not be doing NSFW, Gore, or Mechs.

Just a doodle - couldn’t stop thinking about this when I saw your baby heathers doodle (apologies for bad art/Maria’s face/hair/existence)

Omg it took me a while to reaslize she’s on a seperate piece of paper. I don’t think the Schuyler’s will be as bad as the Heathers, but this is a good picture anyway! 8D

So i started this a while ago and i have been slowly adding to it when i had time between homework and classes. Lately i haven’t really been drawing and it’s made me increasingly depressed which has added to my distress around school. I haven’t been on here much and i haven’t really been keeping you guys informed of how sad i’ve been… mostly because i don’t want you to worry. i’m sorry for not saying anything. Take this as my apology and take this as me trying to help myself by drawing again.

I wanted to play around with Lossi and i haven’t nearly drawn him enough… along with many of my other characters. so enjoy some drawings of outfits of his. Also a good reference picture to his colours and original outfit at the top left.

bommel1989  asked:

Hi :) I really enjoy your ideas even if I’m German and have to translate. Thanks for all the inspirations and nice pictures in my mind :D I was wondering about how some guys react to the first public kiss given by their S/O in front of the crew? Out of the blue? Maybe Thatch, Marco and Ace (My favorite trio :’D)? If it’s possible Law, Luffy and Zorro too? Sorry for my English, it’s not as good as it should be. I’m pretty new here and I hope I do everything right…All the best, Semmel

Never apologize for learning a second/third/fourth/fifth language!  It’s amazing!  Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed of it!

(Also I’m going to expand a bit, hope you don’t mind)

Public Displays of Affection (PDA)


  • He has the biggest grin, as he holds their face and prolongs the kiss
  • “What was that for?” He chuckles a light blush across his features
  • “I just remembered that I loved you.”
  • Wraps his hand around theirs


  • It’s the same as if they kissed in private; it’s no big deal for him
  • PDA doesn’t phase him.  It could be in front of the crew, friends, enemies, strangers.  If his s/o wants to kiss him why should he stop such a beautiful thing.
  • He makes sure he chases their lips and kisses them back
  • Because Marco always gets the last kiss


  • He’s grinning, preening under his hat
  • He laughs in delight as his hand brushes underneath their jaw trying to get them back
  • It isn’t fair!  His s/o gets to kiss him, they need one back!
  • Well actually, they need two back, then five, and then twenty
  • It could be a bit annoying others, because he gets lost in his s/o as he tries to pepper their face with kisses


  • H A T E S   PDA (much to the disappointment of the crew)
  • Hates it even more when the crew cheers in delight
  • They’re so happy for him, they’ve only been trying to get them together for a billion years
  • He’s awkward about it, hand rubbing the spot where his s/o kissed them
  • He hisses/yells at them in annoyance. He has a reputation to maintain!  They can’t see the captain of the Heart Pirate crew getting kissed 
  • (Law it’s really no big deal…)
  • Law doesn’t want others besides his crew to know that they’re together.  What if his s/o gets targetted?  What if they got kidnapped, ransomed, or killed?!
  • Plus, it’s embarrassing
  • They laugh at his fumbling explanation and kiss him again just for good measure


  • About time!!
  • He always the one kissing them in public! It’s about time they kiss him back!!
  • He grins before tackling them with a hug.  Limbs wrapped around everywhere.
  • The crew shakes their heads


  • His reaction depends on the situation
  • If it’s in front of enemies, he’s blushing up a storm.  His cheeks and ears are red.
  • Why would you do that?!?  Especially in front of the enemy.  They’re in the middle of the fight!  Jeez, you idiot.
  • If it’s in front of the crew
  • His arms are folded, eyes closed, and eyebrow twitching
  • He’s fighting down the blush as he grunts in acknowledgement
  • He doesn’t kiss back, but his s/o understands 
  • If it’s in front of Sanji…
  • He’s smirking, chest puffed out, arm wrapped possessively around his s/o’s waist
  • Kisses back like he attacks, with ferocity, teeth, and a wild tongue     


[I apologize for the terrible quality but this post is so helpful]

Let me break down the visual for you and the steps. 

First you’re gunna wanna draw eight circles, roughly the size of the head because this is going to dictate the general shape and size of the character and the picture. It gives you a good layout for how much space you’ll need too!


Once you’ve done that break it down!

1st Circle: For the head and neck respectively. Mild tweaking can be done afterwards.

2nd Circle: The pecks and shoulders! Don’t worry about the arms, we’ll do those later.

3rd Circle: The mid section of the torso! This is where the rib cage is and, roughly, where you’ll want to draw the start of the arms!

4th Circle: The pelvis and hips (gotta wiggle ‘em a bit).

5th and 6th Circles: For your thick, watermelon crunching thighs. The wrists typically align themselves at the lower half of this circle and the hands come after with some fiddling.

7th and 8th Circles: For calves and feet!



[Also cheat: If you’re doing this and use a digital program I highly recommend outlining the better half and copy/paste/flipping the lines to help things align better. It’ll look a lot nicer/smoother too and cuts down the work load by half!]


Mere words cannot express my love for Bando and Miyako….so I hope this picture does a good job of showing it instead. 

anonymous asked:

Hey, may I make a headcanon request for Oikawa and Iwaizumi? Could it be them reacting or trying to help out their s/o with bad anxiety and it's to the point were they feel the need to dig their nails into their hand really hard to calm themselves down. And they end up with horrible bruises on their hands in the end. This happens to me often... but I apologize if it seems triggering and I completely understand of you don't feel comfortable writing it. Anyways, keep up the good work! 😊

Dear! Sorry it took me so long, I’m not an expert on anxiety so it might be a little off. I hope this will bring you some joy in your life!

Oikawa Tooru

“Oikawa-san! Can we take a picture?” 

“Over here! You’re so handsome!” 

“How about we hang out after this?” 

Oikawa was always flooded with girls where ever he went, and it was hard to cope with especially as his partner. You never wanted to get in the middle of him and his fangirls; who knows what they could do to you. Oikawa was your safe zone, and now that your safe zone was gone from you, you worried.

“Tooru?” Your quiet voice called out a few feet back, but his fanbase was too loud for your voice to be heard. Clearing your throat, you tried again but louder, “Tooru!” 

You jumped up as every head turns toward you, his fanbase looked at your confused and some with shocked faces as you addressed him by his first name. Unconsciously you dug your nails into the palm of your hands as you took a small step back from the group. Oikawa smiled at you with a wave, “(Name)-chan! I was looking for you!”

Stepping away from the group, he ran to grab your hands until you wince lightly from his hold. “Did I hurt you?” Oikawa asked worriedly as he turns your hands around to look at your palms, only to see your deep nail markings. “(Name)! Who did this to you!”

“Tooru! It was just me! I just got nervous with those girls around you, it helps me calm down when I'm over worrying myself.” You in from as he gives you a sympathetic look. Bringing you closer to his chest he lets out a sigh before giving you a small squeeze. 

Your eyes slowly close as you rest your head on him; the way his scent made you feel at home and the way his secure arms around you made you feel so safe. “Can we stay like this for a while Tooru?” You asked softly as he nods against you. “If a hug can keep you from worrying, I don’t ever want to let go.”

Iwaizumi Hajime

The whole day at school you were feeling off. Too many thoughts ran through your head as you tried to assure yourself nothing was wrong, but you couldn’t stop your thoughts. With heavy breaths, you tried looking for your boyfriend at his classes but you always seemed to miss him.

Your hands began to get very sensitive as you sat in class digging your nails into them. You were filled with so much emotion and you didn’t know why. At the end of the day, you finally walked into the gym where you saw your boyfriend.

Running as fast as you could towards him, he turned around in time to catch you, taking a step back from the sudden impact. “(Name)? Is something wrong?” Iwaizumi asks as you bury your head in his chest.

His eyes widen as he took your hands in his, staring down at your shaking and bruising hands. “(Name)! What happened to your hands?” Iwaizumi scolded as you flinch and look away; you had never noticed how hard you dug your nails into your hands until now. “I dig my nails into my hands to keep me calm..” You whisper as Iwaizumi pulls your arms closer to him, “What can I do to help you? I don’t want you to continue to hurt yourself.” Iwaizumi confessed as your eyes widened up at him.

“I just want to see you.” His cheeks flush at your innocent words and he can’t help but look away, still holding onto you. “Go sit down on the bench, I’ll get you a cooling pack for your hands.” Nodding, you pull away softly as Iwaizumi runs into the storage room to get an ice pack in the first aid kit and quickly jogs over to you, setting it down gently on your hands.

“Thank you Hajime,” You reply with a small smile as you felt yourself calm down. He wraps your hands in bandaids, too embarrassed to look into your eyes, “If you ever want to see me, just give me a call and I’ll be there as soon as I can.” Iwaizumi states as he finally looks up to meet you. A heartfelt smile makes its way on your lips and you nod, bending down to kiss his forehead, “Thank you.”

“He was incredible to photograph. Bigger than life and I don’t think he minded being photographed, I think he rather enjoyed it. He was a showman. A great showman. He was the type of man and the type of character…that it was hard to miss when you pointed a camera at him. You know there’s some people that have such personality and such power, you just can’t miss. There’s always a picture of them. Of course I was terrified, because he was one of the great directors of all time. He did shout every once in a while. He never shouted at me, thank goodness! Sometimes he shouted to build up energy. Then he would apologize, always. It was so exciting when he was giving orders. Go, go, go! He would always say, but in Italian.”

Photographer Mary Ellen Mark and film director Federico Fellini on the set of Satyricon, Rome, Italy 1969

anonymous asked:

In an ask you say you started making fruit when you were in HS - were you rubbish when you first started? How did you get so good? How many trial runs do you have to make before the perfect one or is it all first try now? Sorry im just so interested!

no need to apologize, ask as many questions as youd like!! its a really fun art form so im happy to help other people get started or get better

i dont have any pictures of my old stuff around but they looked probably the way youd imagine!! clunky, kind of cartoonish. i hadnt learned how to recreate textures and colors in a believable way, and i didnt have a lot of materials to work with. i was using like, tinfoil, sewing pins, eyeshadow, silicone from my dads garage, some clay leftover from a school project.. whatever i could find that would work. its totally ok to use this stuff, its just a lot easier when you have “real” supplies you know 

in high school i had a habit of sneaking phone charms onto my moms phone when she wasnt looking, so one year for her birthday i made a phone charm that had a slice of cake, a chocolate chip cookie, an ice cream cone, and a macaron on it and snuck it on and she was SO impressed by it.. that was probably the first time i had shown anyone the stuff i was making, and the positive response made me want to try more things. 

i wasnt sculpting consistently over the years, due to life and crap, but when i was in art school for illustration i had a project that involved making a tiny setting for a character i designed, and i was like oo yeah this is my JAM. and it was!! after all the other art forms i had tried at school, i realized that making small stuff was just my favorite thing to do, so i decided it was like My Thing and have been working at it as My Thing since then

(i do have pictures of this project, but i was taking risperdal at the time and i overslept the morning it was due and got a failing grade. then i flunked out of art school. im a little sore about it LOL)

nowadays i can get a lot of things pretty good on the first try, and then im totally happy with the result on the second try. its the same as anything, the more practice you get the better youre able to match your expectations to your abilities. sometimes i make things that are just a disaster, but then i just learn what NOT to do haha

i hope this answered some of your questions.. i know its a little rambly  but my battery is about to die I GOTTA GO

anonymous asked:

If you don't mind me asking, what did you start practicing to get to your "realistic" style now? I apologize if i'm being a bother, by the way, but it's been my dream for a while to be able to draw realistically, or to draw in general without dropping the pencil and giving up on the first try...((depression and thoughts take ahold of me in this drawing situation if that makes sense?))

I just… practiced by using reference pictures all the time. I still struggle with it a lot unless I have good references, and I’m still learning too but like… idk man I’m bad with advice, esp whn im drinking…. just… copy what you see to the best of your ability over n over and oVer and it’ll start to look more and more like the thing as you continue