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whoa okay so how do you think that conversation went when RJ went back to their boys with newfound gender identity knowledge

because ten to one Stephen and Ollie and Johnny were like “oh my god WHAT IF I’M NOT A BOY WE HAVE TO TEST THIS” and they all spent days trying different pronouns to see if it Felt Right and poring over RJ’s zine and Having Revelations

Stephen DEFINITELY whipped out a dress and threw it on, like, immediately because “gendered clothing is a conspiracy I ALWAYS KNEW IT” and Johnny went around spreading the word that RJ’S PRONOUNS ARE THEY/THEM, IT’S A THING, LOOK IT UP KIDS, I’M BEING DISRUPTIVE FOR A GOOD CAUSE THIS TIME MISS BAXTER, and god help you if you forgot and misgendered RJ, Ollie would LOOM, they all fought so many kids that week

And eventually all three were like “sorry dude I think I’m still a boy” and RJ was like “obviously that is okay” and it took them all a little while to unlearn subconscious things 


that’s how Johnny got his heart shirt! because he saw it in a store or something and for ½ a second was like “nope I’m not allowed to wear that it’s a girl shirt” and then he remembered “oh right clothing is arbitrarily constructed symbols and gender stereotypes are fascism and my friends will love me no matter what” and so he took the shirt

and Stephen sometimes still wears dresses

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Why nobody has done: Dippergah, Mabelgah and Stanfordgah with the Grunkle Stan-crabs that say "Money"?

The real Mystery of B.C Gravity Falls: How are Stan and Ford still twins?  

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When u start requests again, could u do a hc about the gang going go-carting together??

-Ponyboy thinks this will be a nice, fun time to bond with all the guys and catch up

-ha wRONG

-it’s every man for himself and Dallas Winston has his hands on a cart. He’s got Johnny in the passenger side and is showing off way too much

-“Dal, I’m gonna be sick”

-Darry decides to join in on the fun after some convincing from Soda. They join together and actually turn out to be the best team. Darry doesn’t let Soda drive but that doesn’t stop Soda from shouting which way to turn and when to speed up

-Ponyboy notices that Darry is smiling just the way he used to when their parents were still alive. When Dally rams into them, Darry doesn’t even get angry, but smirks and fires a shot right back

-meaNWHILE Ponyboy is crammed between Steve at the wheel and Two-Bit on the passenger side of their cart. They’re both barking at each other over who should get to drive

-eventually Steve makes a sharp turn and Two-Bit falls out and onto the ground, cursing and spitting but also laughing a lot

-he ends up in Dally and Johnny’s cart. Ponyboy then feels awkward being left alone with Steve, but Steve doesn’t care. He’s still the same old guy, but he explains his plans to try and tip over one of the guys’ carts. Ponyboy tries to help by adjusting his weight when they’re turning and such, which earns a grin from Steve

-in all it’s about as chaotic as you can get and they aren’t allowed back, but it was a perfect experience in everyone’s opinions

I know it’s blurry, but this scene keeps making me anxious for Thursday b/c that Southside serpent is grabbing Kevin and Joaquin just has his arms crossed I’m over like “PROTECT YOUR BOYFRIEND” and what are they even doing there?!?!

*It might be Moose not Kevin, but still I’m shook*

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gosh, i cannot contain myself i'm so exited for taekook starting to get to know eachother i can'ttt you're killing me :'')) and is it just me or yoonmin aren't actually "together" per se? i have a feeling that they're just fuckbuddies (client/john?) and nothing more (you said that yoongi is indebted to him, so maybe that's how he's repaying his debt? and that's the whole deal with them for now. i can sense the angst)

thank you!! and you’re very right about yoonmin!

The Light of Fairy Tail

Never written for Fairy Tail before, but this seemed as good an opportunity as any to give it a shot. Thank you to @impracticaldemon for giving me a heads up on this and to @fic-writer-appreciation for putting up the challenge. It was a lot of fun :)

Brief Summary: The members of Fairy Tail may be their own brand of crazy, but their hearts are always in the right place.

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