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narisjournal-blog  asked:

I randomly dreamt about you 😂 and that you would be at the con in Birmingham in May. Wishful thinking! I want to meet you! X

oh man, i’m so sad, i don’t think i’ll be able to make that one work! unfortunately, it’s not the most fiscally responsible one for me to attend, even if i did manage to work all of the international vending stuff out.

but hey, who knows! maybe i’ll come into just, wild masses of money. it’s been too long since my last trip to birmingham!


Anonymous said:

So I got to meet you at pittcon and I wanted to say thank you. I was so happy to be able to get your work! Also you are super sweet! It was just awesome to get to see you

aw gosh, thank you. the feeling is totally mutual. everyone i meet is just, they’re all fantastic. thank you for making me love what i do.

Anonymous said:

I just really love your art!!! Its awesome!!!

thank you!!!!!!!! i really appreciate that!

Anonymous said:

I saw you put more books up on your etsy but i wasnt able to grab any before they sold out 😭 are you going to put more on the shop? I love your work btw 😍

i didn’t even get a chance to announce over here THAT THEY WERE EVEN UP!!! FOILED AGAIN

but real talk, i should be doing more soon, no more of g’n’g 3 or the swaingels until, yeesh…late november? none throughout october, because they’ll be traveling the circuit without me until nola!


hey beans!

i thought i should use some of my nutrition knowledge to help u healthy people out and came up with this little BACK TO SCHOOL NUTRITION PREP sheet to help guide all u studyblrs / fitblrs back into the new year 😚

feel free to hmu for nutrition help any time 💕 especially as the new school year approaches and things start to get stressful again 😒 i’m here for all 7000 of u whenever u need it

Less than 10 years ago, Conor Mcgregor was homeless. While homeless he met a woman named Dee Devlin. She took him off the streets, moved Conor into her tiny apartment and fed him daily.

All she ever asked was that he worked hard and believed in himself. She struggled to buy expensive, healthy food so Conor could train and stay focused… but she stuck by him.

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M: I don’t know why this was so important to everyone… I like other things besides just boys, guys.