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“Wherever you go, there is war after war. I’ve counted forty-eight so far. They just keep repeating it over and over again. Humans really are stupid. My eyes are wide open to that now.”

January 18

People’s Choice Awards

It’s Fifth Harmony’s first ever performance as a quartet!


They also won the Favorite Group Award!

Dinah shouted Lauren out for killing it onstage despite being sick!

Check out Normani’s IG story from today!

Dinah watched the performance back in her hotel room:

They were super happy the entire night!

This happened!

Dinah and Normani both spammed everyone with photos:

Dinah’s photo spam:

On the red carpet:



Normani’s photo spam:


Normani’s stage outfit:

Backstage with The Rock!

A video posted by Fifth Harmony (@fifthharmony) on Jan 18, 2017 at 11:19pm PST

This is just the start of 2017 for Fifth Harmony and things are already FIRE! Dinah posted this:

Are you re(a)dy?!

positivityt0wn  asked:

what was your experience with gcse drama? i'm a aspiring actress / singer and choose my gcses next month. drama is going to be one of my first choices. just curious what's involved! all the love x


It’s probably all changed since I did my GCSE’s in 2009! I really enjoyed GCSE drama though! We had to do two scripted performances, one we were given and one we chose.. (We were given The Crucible and the one we chose was a play about Lizzie Borden that I CANNOT remember the name of and it’s driving me mad!!). The we did two devised pieces (you make them up yourselves about anything you want). One of mine was about fear and the other was about memories. It involved a lot of work and rehearsing and staying behind after school but I really enjoyed it! Hope you do too!

Skuld - beaubete - James Bond (Craig movies) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Dread is knowing a man will hold your heart in his palm before you meet him.

For @boredbeingregular, inspired by her lovely art:

I was so excited to get to work on this prompt! It was my very first choice because it’s got such a great story in itself, and I was really honored to be able to build my own world on such a gorgeous base.

My thanks to all the people who’ve had their hands on this one in the process.

no1fan15  asked:

Question - For someone getting their first snake, which is the better choice? 1. Rosy Boa 2. Kenyan Sand Boa 3. Hognose 4. A different breed altogether

Definitely not a hoggie, as adorable as they are! They’re notorious for going off feed.
As for rosys, I’m not sure. They do stay a good size and have good temperament, but that’s about all I know about rosys.
Same with Kenyans, really. Awful cute. Think I’ve heard them recommended? I definitely want one someday.
I typically hear corns, milks, kings, etc (colubrids!) recommended for beginners! 💕

anonymous asked:

I'm not quite sure whether you've answered this. What's your opinion on edits in which people re-color characters to darken their skin? Is this offensive to the colorist? Or is the artist to blame in the first place? Could it be said it is an art style choice, or would that be an excuse? I'm aware this is a heavy subject, but I don't know how to feel about it and I deeply respect your opinion ❤️️

This is a really good question actually. Been thinking about this for a while along with a lot of things that people may or may not agree with.

It’s very difficult to makes rules for art, as so much of it is subjective. In my experience with my own work, I don’t really have a problem with that as it’s their prerogative to interpret the art in their way. And a lot of times I see it as a comment on popular commercial art in general.

This however, may just be how I look at this subject for my commercial work as I didn’t create, own or have any say in what the character does or look like really so there’s a certain detachment of feelings when it comes to my art in this regard. However I may have a different opinion if people were to say do it for characters I have created. But that is more of an emotional response than if I think it’s right or wrong.

I do have a problem with people drawing work (not necessarily mine) to point out flaws in a drawing though, I don’t think it’s a very good tactic to bring your point across.

And I know how passionate people are with characters like Nightwing and want them to be represented in a way they wish them to be. There are so many decisions that even people like me who work on the books don’t know. It can be as easy as a note in an email or discussed over and over in a writers summit. I wish I had more answers for you but I don’t.

I do appreciate the ask though and I love talking about this kind of thing so thank you Anon.


The Standout Moments of the 2017 People’s Choice Awards

We still can’t stop talking about what went down


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Notes on the Survey

I posted the current results of the survey here. Given the number of people involved, I’d be a little surprised if they changed much over the next few days though I’ll definitely update everyone if anything big happens.

I wanted to take some time to address these results. Note that the following is only the opinion of myself after seeing the numbers. I’ll make an argument for why I see things this way and hopefully we can have some discussion, especially for those of you who feel otherwise.

Look at the numbers for Pirate World and Native American World. Respectively, 25 and 20 people ranked those creative ideas their first or second choice. Only one other creative idea (Underground World) broke double digits with its combined first and second rankings. For me it’s a no-brainer that we should focus creative on one of those two ideas.

First and foremost, I think Maro’s saying that “If everyone likes your game but nobody loves it, it will fail” is a big guiding principle for me here. Both those creative ideas had three responses saying people would stop participating in the project if they were chosen. That’s unfortunate but I really think we need to focus on the positive here and just how many responses (about half for each) have those worlds at the top.

The same goes for mechanical ideas though here I’m a lot more lenient and here’s why. A vast majority of people think we should be doing a top-down design. That we should take the flavor of a world and get mechanics to match it. What if we decide double-faced cards don’t really match any creative element of a Pirate or a Native American World? Luckily the next top contenders (multiplayer, Time Spiral-inspired, casting spells matters) are very open to creative application and Gold tokens seem a very natural fit to Pirate World at least. Not that DFCs aren’t, but I’ve been considering how so far they have been used (on Innistrad) to create a sense of dread as a monstrous transformation awaits. I am having trouble imagining what similar emotional elements might tie together DFCs in either of these worlds. Not to say it doesn’t exist and we shouldn’t look into it, just that if our goal is first and foremost to create the quintessential Pirate or Native American World, I think we’d be handicapping ourselves to say we also have to do that while absolutely using mechanic X.

The other thing that’s an issue here is with the idea of doing top-down design itself. Are there enough pop culture ideas that we can create an entire world that’s just pirates? (Given the success of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean I lean toward yes) What about Native American World without also hitting on insensitive and racist tropes or cultural appropriation?

With regard to color combinations to support, this is a reasonable sort of watermark. In general it seems multicolor support is more popular (duh) though since I failed to include the option for enemy or ally two color pairs by themselves I’m not sure the Ravnica-style guild support is the best representation here. And at any rate, again, I personally think such a decision should be relegated to how it supports the other creative and mechanical themes of the set.

I don’t personally feel there are large enough numbers in the creative and mechanical elements people said would cause them to stop participating to completely rule out using any of them if we really felt it serves the set.

Regarding potential returning elements, with reverence to the idea of a top-down design, Investigate is a hard fit in all but a mystery set or maybe a crime-focused set. The others are all more open to interpretation I think.

Finally, lots of people are open to using Google Docs. I’m not sure if that’s just because they don’t know that is about the closest thing to Google Docs for a Magic set that you can get or if they would just prefer not to create an account for something like that. Also basically serves the function those who suggested MSE2 except that it’s all online and updates automatically whenever somebody with permissions makes the change. It can also store art and make card previews. Perhaps I should have spoken more about it previously; I’m a big proponent of making use of it for this project.

I went batshit crazy and have been acquiring pregnancy tests.

I have 9 different tests here. And, I will be taking them all Friday when I hit 6 weeks.

I am so excited but also very scared.

  1. One Step Internet Cheapie
  2. First Response Early Results
  3. Clearblue Digital
  4. Walmart Brand Blue Dye Test (the white test not in a box)
  5. Veriquick (Dollar Tree)
  6. Assured (Dollar Tree)
  7. New Choice (Family Dollar)
  8. U Check (99 Cent + Store)
  9. First Signal

cutiekaboom  asked:

Hi! I've been reading through your Lupin essays while trying to catch up on the best of the franchise. I can't find a lot of info on the quality of most of the specials though-- are any of them worth a watch?

Oh yeah, there’re some good ones out there. I’ve probably only seen….mm, a little over half of them? So there are bound to be ones I miss recommending, too. 

Episode 0: First Contact is always best choice for some quality gay, Fuma Conspiracy I maintain is the best Goemon story (and it’s kind of cute how blatantly it’s trying to chomp Cagliostro’s flavor). I have a soft spot for Pursuit of Harimao’s Treasure because of how hilariously, emphatically Not Good it is (the villain of the piece is so offensive it kind of comes all the way back around to being sickly funny), The Columbus File/Fujiko’s Unlucky Days mostly damsels Fujiko but has a Best Girlfriend for her, which I like, and I give Blood Seal: Eternal Mermaid points for being the most workably bizarre of the really samey latter day specials. 

A lot of them all have at least MOMENTS of charm even if the whole doesn’t work (really, these are all just off the top of my head). Really, the only ones I would say ABSOLUTELY AVOID are The Secret of Twilight Gemini and Princess of the Breeze. NEW DEPTHS OF AWFUL. 

I’m so incredibly proud of Niall like he was given the least amount of solos in their first albums, everyone gave him shit when he was focusing on golf instead of solo stuff, everyone said he’d never make a good solo artist because he’s too lowkey but he just won a People’s Choice with his very first single so fuck everyone who doubted him mY BOY CAME TO WIN


Chloe Lukasiak Makes History: Teen Choice Awards’ First Choice Dancer