not a fart



though not technically brothers, jon and robb have known each other all their lives. separated by only months (jon being slightly older), they’ve grown up together and have always been best friends. without a father of his own, jon came to idolize robb’s father, ned. after graduating high school, jon pursued a career in criminology whilst robb went into politics. one day robb wants to be the leader of the free world! these days they’re just sharing an apartment in the spice district of san myshuno with their dogs, ghost and grey wind.

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1. Relationship Status: ye i have a bf.. a BIG FART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Favourite Colours: RED!!!!!!! and pink :’)

3. Lipstick or Chapstick: ch a p st i c k

4. Last Song: uhh a shinee song oopsie

5. Last Movie: the room hehehehehe

6. Top 3 TV Shows: uhhh idk chopped? spongebob? ????? 

7. Top 3 Ships: me + my bed

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