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I finally got my shit together and managed to write a korean drama recommendation list. Under the cut below, I added a description of the dramas along with a short comment on what I thought about it. If you like my recommendation list, please like and/or reblog. it means a lot ♡

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what Sana did:

  • took screenshots of Isak’s chats without asking (not cool, but not the worst thing anyone’s ever done)
  • posted three or four instances of Sara’s bitching on instagram
  • deleted the account when she saw that it was backfiring awfully
  • admitted what she did and apologised, even though she knew she was going to get a lot of backlash

what Sara did:

  • bitched to everyone about everyone else behind their back
  • went to her cabin when shit hit the fan rather than deal with it head on

what the Pepsi Max girls did:

  • accepted that everyone bitches about everyone else and rallied around Sara (??????????????)
  • jumped to the conclusion that it was Vilde behind the insta account and made a very graphic hate account
  • took the account down and apologised when they realised it wasn’t Vilde (as if that makes it better????)
  • insisted that they shouldn’t let hate divide them (even though they were the ones who made a hate account) and that it’s important they stick together as a bus 

what the girl squad have done:

  • hardly acknowledged Sana all season
  • expressed their disgust at someone making the saranors2 account (it was literally three chat screenshots it wasn’t even that bad????)
  • they rallied around Vilde when the hate account surfaced, showing a lot of support
  • so far have not asked Sana why she made the account and instead are saying she’s not the same anymore and they don’t really like her (where’s the support they showed Vilde??? this was such an un-Sana thing to do and they’re just accepting it????)

what I have done:

  • wondered why the fuck Sana is being made out to be the villain in this when:
    • yes she may have sparked it, but she is not responsible for how the PM girls retaliated.
    • she owned up and apologised not long after deleting the account because she could see it was hurting so many people

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I saw that Batman anon and I'm sorry man. I'm a huge Batman fan, run a Batman blog and I get so tired of this nonsense. Batman is dumb and the writers do a lot of dumb things, we all know it but it's fun and we enjoy it. Every one I know loves the Lego Batman movie, it lovingly mocks the lore while also (over the top) points out the flaws of current interpretations. BatJokes was fun in the movie but no one really ships it irl, but I sure enjoyed it. Anyway, Batman is great, it's fans not always

Hey! Don’t worry, though I do appreciate this message. I think every older fan community has them, it’s part of how it goes. Certainly there’s quite a few I could think of in the Doctor Who community. It happens, takes more than that to get me down.

Not surprised nobody really ships them in the comics, sounds like pretty graphic stuff happened (Killing Joke oh my). But damn, the over the top camp rivalry is so my niche. I imagine for some people the screwed up is part of the draw if they do ship it outside this movie, wouldn’t be the first villain/hero dynamic I’ve seen like that. I guess the Lego Batman jokes were on-point, the trend toward stories about how the villain and hero need and define each other does sound romantic and certainly is popular in fan shipping.

The little I’ve seen of Batman generally gives me joy, particularly this film and the sixties one (and of course the Dark Knight trilogy though as a film major I’m a tad fatigued by how hyped up they are! Still good though). I imagine it’ll be something I explore more of sometime.

“ ‘Optimist’ is not to be confused with 'optometrist’, a word meaning 'healthcare professional who performs eye exams’. Though both can be dangerous.” - Lemony Snicket (A Series of Unfortunate Events s01 e07)


Football Edits Challenge: Day 5 [Favorite Club Rivalry]
↳ Revierderby; Borussia Dortmund vs FC Schalke 04 

As breathtaking as the atmosphere may be at most Bundesliga matches, the deafening backdrop of the Revierderby truly sets itself apart as one of a kind, reaching its climax at kick-off when followers of both clubs really make their presence felt through chanting, hoisting huge banners into the sky or performing elaborate choreographies. Ultimately, though, it is bragging rights that matter most come the final whistle at the end of an experience that football fans around the world should be putting on their bucket lists.

Ronaldo Fryman does not practice good hygeine.

Ronaldo Fryman sees conspiracies everywhere.

Therefore, whenever Ronaldo Fryman experiences something out of the ordinary–strange acne flareups, odd blemishes, a weird rash here and there–he posts about it on his blog.

In graphic detail.

With photos.

The fans who believe he’s some kind of savant think they’re political metaphors, of course.  They wouldn’t be themselves if they didn’t.  There’s only so many times one can make art about the same metaphor, though, and that segment of the fandom has begun to tire of it.  The interview fans tend to shy away from those posts–they signed up for cute old ladies and terrifyingly frank children, thank you, not…this.

The ones that think he’s just some schlub who lucked into real weird shit have quietly found his address and get together to send him bars of soap every time he makes one of these posts.  Ronaldo, being Ronaldo, thinks the government is sending him messages in code and metaphor.  And posts about it on his blog.

Nobody’s quite sure how the practice got started, since he got his first bar of soap in the mail well before anybody online joined in on the tradition, but a user by the name of bdonut258 is the first recorded instance of someone urging the viewership to join in.

alright looks like theres at least some interest in the jewish omgcp network!! if any of y’all have experience w coding/graphics (or with running networks i guess??) and are willing to lend a hand/mod i could definitely use some help running things.

i’m gonna make some tentative steps to get some things set up right now, but please keep spreading the word and letting me know if you’re interested!

right now, i’m thinking the network would be focused on helping people connect with other jewish fans (though i hesitate to make a list of jewish blogs public, so the list of members would likely only be available to other members), and at least one chat, probably on discord (possibly one for general chatting, and another specifically for talking jewish headcanons/other fanwork?) 

if theres anything else you’d like to see from the network, please let me know! i’m definitely open to ideas as this project is definitely still in its infancy!

Big Bang Reacts to You Playing Video Games with Him


You and Seungri played Minecraft together. Always in survival mode and seeing who lasted the longest or who is living the best. In terms of supplies and inventory. The game was chill enough that it left room for deep conversations and funny jokes.

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You and TOP played Paradigm together. It had just enough weirdness for you both to be interested in it. It was amazing bonding time between you two and it was often the highlight your day.

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You and GD loved the horror and the good graphic of the first Outlast game, so when you heard the second one was coming out, you both planned to hole yourselves up and play it. Outlast 2 was so good. It was definitely a horror game and lived up to its reputation.

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While Taeyang wasn’t a huge fan of horror, you were. He suffered playing Until Dawn with you because he knew it made you happy. Even though he did have nightmares for weeks.

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You and Daesung were busy people, but somehow there was always time to play World of Warcraft. It didn’t have to be for long, but you both still found time to play together and it was such an important thing to the both of you. Making sure to spend time with each other and having fun.

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What kind of bathing suits would the Hetalia girls would wear?

I hope you enjoy! I love these girls!~Admin Sarah

Belarus: Graphic swim suit
Natayla would usually wear a one piece, and it would be one with a graphic design or picture on the front of it, or something kinda creepy like a skull. Though, she would be a fan of open sides.

Belgium: Tankini
Bella would want something pretty so she could show off, but not too flashy. She’d likely end up wearing a Tankini, since it’s not a one piece but not a bikini either. She’d make sure to get it in a cute color or pattern.

Hungary: Either Swim trunks and a tank top, or one piece.
Elizabeta has two settings; tom boy or very girly. So she could one day, wear a borrowed pair of swim trunks with a tank top, and then the next day wear a one piece that is quite pretty, likely with some type of flowers or lace. 

Liechtenstein: One Piece
Lily wouldn’t wear anything other than a one piece. She wouldn’t like bikinis since they’d make her, not to mention her lack of chest..she’d also hate push-up bra swimsuits. She’d always go for a simple one piece, likely in a light blue or pink with a pretty skirt attached. 

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Last Saturday night, fans joined Aly and AJ for dinner and an exclusive listen to their upcoming EP, Ten Years. From what I’ve heard it sounded like a wonderful evening and here’s the lowdown of what to expect from the songs and info the girls shared.

I Know - an infectious meaningful bop that is a comforting ode to their late friend, Dylan Rieder. The vocals are clearer than in Take Me but their are still effects on them reminiscent of the 80s. Standout from the EP and next single which they hope to record a music video for in the next couple of weeks. The single cover will be the same as the EP cover.
Promises - the hardest to write according to Aly but AJ joked that was because she wasn’t there. The girls say it’s not a high concept song and Aly joked it was “our basic bitch song”. Has been described as ethereal, soothing with one of the lyrics being “my greatest fear, not my first tear”. Overall concept about empty and broken promises using a possible hypothetical relationship as it’s metaphor.
The Distance - AJ’s favourite from the EP that was the easiest to write but the most difficult to produced. About AJ’s long distance relationship with Keenan Tracey. In the end they recorded 4 versions of the song but ended up going back to the original demo and using aspects of it for the final song. Has been described as quite reminiscent of songs like Flattery from Insomniatic, only without the rock influence. It has the most powerful vocals on the EP.
Take Me remix - out this Friday, October 27th. Most people at the party described it as “whack” and even the girls acknowledged it was weird. Even Aly didn’t like it on first listen. Another club remix will also be coming soon.

The EP as whole has no real drums on it but the production is strong and cohesive. They revealed the EP cover which is of the two girls in front of a white wall, Aly up front on the left bending sideways and AJ in the back right doing another “weird” pose. The girls are wearing Jean jackets and it looks as though there is nothing underneath. One fan described it as quite 90s looking. Their will be a limited vinyl release with a different cover. Stephen, aly’s husband, talked about how they are getting the vinyls pressed in the UK at one of the oldest vinyl production houses. Priced around $20.

In regards to other merchandise, they will be updating the store with more and different merch alongside the EP release - shirts, sweatshirts, pens, stickers etc. The sweatshirts will have the girls faces on it and are open to more graphic designs since they acknowledge the aly and aj band logo on its own can be quite boring.

Performing the songs will require a full band because the production is so intricate so no acoustic performances should be expected. There was no release date given for the EP but roughly in should be out within a couple weeks of the remix.

Progress update with next year’s album. They have 8 songs they have demoed that they love and have extra songs but don’t think they quite fit the track list. They are aiming for 11/12 songs and are open to bonus tracks. They will continue to shoot BTS stuff for the album.

And finally some extra tidbits - they said that they wanted to shoot a follow up to Weepah Way For Now in 7 years time and that they have been invited to do Ashley Tisdale’s music sessions which they are open to if scheduling allows for it.

All my info was found out from the Aly and AJ unofficial fan forum.

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br u h so what if arin is like softly pining after dan and dan totally knows it but still teases him and says i love you and everything he normally does and arin kind of gets annoyed with it but Dan just laughs and kisses him during an episode and it's super short and sweet (just a peck) and !!! they just continue like nothing happened (the audio just sounds like they paused i guess, the audience won't know)

“I love you.”

It came bubbled out of nowhere, interrupting the silence as they checked their phones in between episode breaks.

Arin turned his head around and looked Dan in the eye. “Who, me?” he asked, pointing to himself. Dan giggled in a way that made Arin’s heart flutter.

“Yeah,” he responded, laugh still evident and smiling warmly. Arin looked back at his phone awkwardly, muttering that he reciprocated.

But boy, did he ever love Dan. Throughout the years, he realized that maybe what he was feeling wasn’t strictly platonic, that maybe he had…romantic feelings for the man. Arin desperately tried shoving it at the back of his mind, trying not to let it get in between work matters, but oh fuck, was it hard to right now; recently, Dan had been acting a little strange. He seemed to go off on loving tangents more often and he would now curl up next to, or even on Arin half the time they were recording-something he barely did unless he was exhausted.

It almost felt as if he were teasing Arin, but how did he figure it out? Arin was, more or less subtle about it, only initiating their comedic “romantic” banter a little more than usual.

Arin pushed the thoughts back once again, knowing that he would inevitably start thinking about it once again. He scribbled a time stamp on the notebook, and turned the capture on, when he felt a weight in his lap.

It was Dan, who was nuzzling his face into Arin’s clothes. Arin froze, all kinds of thoughts he forbid coming back in a rush, and his face slowly turned beet red.

“Da…Dan,” he stuttered. Dan looked up at him and mischeviously grinned. He sat up in Arin’s lap, and leaned his face close to Arin’s, stopping just inched away from the other’s lips, making him whimper. It all suddenly clicked, and Arin was right-Dan knew, but it felt like so much more than just that, and oh my fucking God, Dan knew.

Dan turned and leaned into Arin’s mic, greeting their fans and explaining what they were playing. He let Arin get out a few sentences before turning back and pausing just like before, mouth hovering over mouth. Arin could feel himself getting redder by tbe minute, fumbling with the controller and acting like he was playing, even though he couldn’t see the television. He started making commentary again, when Dan kissed him sweet and shortly.

It was a small kiss and pause, the fans wouldn’t think more of it, but to the both of them, if felt like so much, and electricity was going down each man’s body.

“Holy fucking shit,” Arin stuttered. “These graphics are fucking amazing, am I right, Dan?” He covered for himself, and Dan whipped his head around, looking at the screen, before laughing gently. It was some low-poly PlayStation One game, and the player could barely tell where their character was due to the terrible graphics.

“This is just like the fuckin’ Zelda CDI,” Arin continued. Dan looked at him once again and leaned in, kissing Arin’s cheek instead. He did this again and again, the kisses eventually wandering from his cheek to his whole face, and occasionally neck.

Arin bit back his smiles as Dan continued gently pressing kisses, stopping every now and then to respond to Arin’s jokes and statements, sometimes humming in response.

By the time they were finished, Dan kissed Arin on the mouth for the second time.

“When were you going to tell me?” He whispered. Arin was just about to answer when Dan kissed him again. “I never gave it thought until I realized you…you liked me, but now I won’t stop kissing you.”
Arin laughed, but was interrupted by Dan muttering a ‘no’.

“No…no, I won’t stop kissing you, and not just that, I can’t stop kissing you. I love you,” Dan breathed, meeting his lips again.

Looks like Arin wouldn’t need to worry about pining anymore.
So cute! (My writing)

Love is Blind | Zen/Hyun Ryu x Reader

Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1,620
Genre: Angst
Summary: You end up getting injured by one of Zen’s fans, and though reluctant, you don’t think you can continue your relationship with the semi-famous actor.
Note: Contains violence. It’s nothing graphic, but just note that there is violence.
Author’s Comment: I am not sorry, but don’t worry; I’m already sitting in a corner and thinking about what I’ve done.

You were foolishly naive to think that you could be able to be in a relationship with Zen without experiencing any troubles asides from the usual small conflicts between couples. You would think that being exposed to all sorts of different plays and dramas due to your involvement with Zen that you would have seen it coming since it just seemed like a natural thing to expect. It shouldn’t have been a surprise, but that’s what it was. An unpleasant surprise that you could have lived without.

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The Peter Pan Manga - Volume 3
A manga adaptation of J.M. Barrie’s classic story, Peter Pan. Volume 3 will contain chapters 7-10 with updated art!

Peter Pan fun fact! The Lost Boys are all taller & probably older than Peter! 

“’I do wish Peter would come back,’ every one of them said nervously, though in height and still more in breadth they were all larger than their captain. “

And there even more new things to discover in the book! ^_^

In Loving Memory of The Crown and The Flame 👑&🔥

My favourite @playchoices book is obviously The Crown and The Flame. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this book.

It’s the first book I started reading, as there were only 3 books to choose from when I started playing the game, and this book was the best looking one. I mean, a warrior princess and her attractive best friend/LI who has fire powers? YES PLEASE! I mean, the cover alone was enough the draw me in, since I’m such a fantasy fan.

But, the book though! It’s one of my favourite books of all time, not only from Choices game! The story, the characters, the graphics..! It’s enough to make anyone fall in love with it instantly. But that’s not the reason why I love this book so much.

These characters have been in my life for almost a year (since the time I started playing). First time I laid my eyes on Kenna, she was this fierce but naive princess, who had no choice but to leave her kingdom behind since she could do nothing to defend it. Then she makes friends (so do I), gains allies, gets stronger and gets her kingdom back to become A QUEEN. And she doesn’t stop there.

She then defeats her biggest enemy, the man who tried to take away her kingdom and killed her mother in the first book. And suddenly he’s not the biggest enemy anymore, a literal goddess with unbeatable powers dares to defeat her and take away her kingdom. Well guess what? NO ONE. TOUCHES STORMHOLT. WHILE KENNA IS THE QUEEN. So Queen Kenna defeats Empress Azura. (The “NOTHING?!” scene is a literature masterpiece.)

I have seen Kenna grow up through these three books. She lost a lot of people who were very dear to her. First she lost her mother, then the only father figure she had left, only to lose another dear friend who had been nothing but another father/brother to her. I cried with Kenna when these happened.

But she kept going no matter what. She saved peoole. Saved kingdoms. Saved her home. Made friends and got married to the love of her life (Dom obviously, duh.) I cried tears of joy with Kenna when these happened.

The final chapters of the final book were my favourites. The final battle made my hands shake so much I was scared I was gonna hit the wrong choice. It gave a thrill than most action scenes I have watched. The after-battle scenes were a little blurry because of the tears constantly coming from my eyes. I cried more than I had for a long time, just because I was just so, SO happy to see that, after all these battles and all these pain and all these struggles, Kenna finally made it. WE made it.

I have watched Kenna grow up. But even though her story lasted only a year for me, I did grow up with her too. So thanks to Kenna, Dom, Val, Raydan, Annelyse, Whitlock, Tevan, Gabriel, Leon, Jackson and all the others I can’t remember to name right now, and of course the wonderful @playchoices team, for giving me the chance to grow up with them.

-I wonder if this is what the end of a story feels like.

+Maybe. But I don’t think any story ever really ends. It just… changes.

The Fond Farewell ~♡~

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I know you don't ship with ciel (thank you) but do you write with any ciel blogs? And do you have any cool blogs in general you would recommend?? Thanks!

( ooc ) Hello !! I do not write with a lot of blogs from this franchise but I follow a few, though some usernames may slip my memory so I would not trust this list too much !! My favourite one has to be ths nerd ( @niiveusx ), who focuses more on a younger Ciel ( before shit hit the fan, pretty much ) but there is also @pactumanimus , @pallidmors and probably some more that I really cannot remember or have been active !! I would check the tags ( black butler rp, kuroshitsuji rp, etc ) to see any people searching for partners, posting their graphics and promotions and see if they interest you !!

   But if you want some blogs then I can suggest…

   Kuroshitsuji related ( @qingbang, @kniifethrower, @divincndo, @diiavolx, @phantomhiveraven, @tameratrix, @facadesmiled, @pupacirci, @grellshitei, @thereaperqueen, @faithfulbutler ) and just awesome blogs in general ( @iuriis, @iliyovunjika, @wondcrkid, @uccisore, @gamenu, @cinderella-esque, @verumdignitas, @blackcuttingmoon, @naru-uzumaki, @museriants ), a bunch of different fandoms and some original characters, people who are active and have some good vibes !!

   Of course, all of the people I write with often too ( @guaritrice, @umbralrosa, @sukkubxs, @harribcl, @katsuragi-yako ) !! Anything else you may need, let me know !! Stay awesome :)

Welp, they did manage to throw up a sales page.

It’s completely insecure though. (No https)

Check out is done through PayPal. (So at least it’s not typing your card in their site raw.)

But… They can’t even bother to spell their own company name right??

And, apparently, no translated graphics/menus?

You have to look at their (really crappy) pdf guide??

SUMMARY: This is still shady as fuck and their quality is lower than fan done translation projects. I ain’t wasting my money on the hope that I get a download link that isn’t a virus.


Highlights from Masaharu Ryuzaki Main Story❤️ First Impression I was like eh just another story where MC is desperate, looks desperate and always needed to be saved. But Im also like, dont knock it until you try it.
Okay, his story was kind of like a roller coaster of me liking him and not, I like that MC does speak her mind but he also reminded me of a bit like Eisuke and Chance. At first I was like oh here we go with MC being dumb and always needed saving and doesn’t speak her mind, but as I read all the way through I got more into it and started liking it alot more. Mc does need to be saving but she speaks her mind and begins to be able to stick up for herself. He begins to become soft with her even though he developed a pet name for her which Im not all into that. Do I think the story is worth buying? Yes I honestly do in my opinion. If you are a Eisuke fan or a Chance fan, Masaharu might be the one for you. I love the graphics and the action part of it was pretty insentience and cool. Lets just say, MC puts herself in danger and isn’t scared like most of the MCs do in the story where they run away and such. But I cant wait for more stories to come out and see how MC acts out in them! You did great Voltage on the new game! It has my likings!