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You stand at the side of the stage, hidden behind curtains, as you watch Tom, your on-screen husband, silence the screaming fans with a single finger to his lips. You’re waiting anxiously in your own costume, your normally brown hair hidden under an ice-blonde wig arranged in elaborate braids and wavy extensions which flow down your back. Your corseted cream dress with gold embellishments and threads was designed by Marvel to be a perfect complement to Loki’s black leather and green silk. 

As you watch Tom stay perfectly in character, despite his obvious excitement, you bite your lip and feel heat wash over you as Tom/Loki commands the crowd to chant his name. Just as you feel the crowd’s ovaries exploding - even the men’s too - you know that’s your agreed upon cue to step onto the stage.

“Loki!” you shout from the sidelines and storm onto the stage. The crowd goes wild when they see you, and begin chanting “Sigyn! Sigyn! Sigyn!”

“Oh, uh, hello my love,” Tom/Loki suddenly acts sheepish, scratching his palm nervously. “I was just…uh…These meagre mortals…”

You cross your arms and look unimpressed, shaking your head. “You were pretending to rule them again, weren’t you?”

“No, of course not!”

You look to the crowd. “Was he?” The crowd erupts into cheers and screams. You look back to Tom/Loki. “That’s my answer, Loki.”

“But, Sigyn, my love-”

“Don’t you ‘my love’ me, Loki of Asgard. You’re heading back home.” You snap your fingers and point off the stage.

“But, but, these mortals need a ruler!”

You give him your Sigyn-smirk. “I didn’t say I was leaving.”

Hypnotized Ch.1 (Trixya) - Emma

Authors note: Eeek. Okay, I am super nervous to submit this - so I hope you’ll like it. Basically, this turned into an angsty/fluffy thing - it sort of plays on recent Trixya events, but I totally spaced on what Trixie’s boyfriend’s name is (maybe that’s for the better, since no disrespect and yada yada). Either way, there will probably be three chapters of this, I hope. Happy readings, my doves!

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Lup makeup and wig test! She’s almost done–just some hemming left to do. I can’t decide on which wig, though! I like them all for different reasons. The white and pink are more badass/sexy but the blond is fun and flirty. Which do you guys like best?

I’m so happy to have gotten her done in time to wear at Anime Next on Saturday! It feels so good to be cosplaying again. Any other TAZ fans going to be at ANext this weekend? 

Spencer's wig - the hair color chart clue

One thing that was still bugging me in past episodes was Spencer’s wig.

I’ve done my best to ignore it because I am not such a big fan of the twin theory in general, but this post by sparklebubbleblonde has convinced me that the twin thing might indeed be happening for Spencer.

Now why would the writers make Troian wear a brunette wig since episode 4?

I think this is because there is not only a brunette wig but also a blonde wig. I believe Spencer’s twin is dying her hair blond (maybe because she is obsessed with Alison and wants to look like her).

Writers want us to get used to Troian with a wig, so that when they reveal the twin sister, we’re not all like “it’s so obvious she’s wearing a blonde wig”. This way, Troian’s hair will look exactly the same for both characters, only the color will change.

And I have just discovered a clue that might back this theory:

We were all so preoccupied with the Kylie/Kyla hint that we missed what was right next to it. Isn’t that a hair color chart??

Lady Gaga, 2009

This is was taken at the SHOWstudio exhibition where I was one of the exhibits. Or rather my studio was. We constructed a working photographic studio inside the gallery with the back wall as a two way mirror so the public could see in but from our side it was just a mirror. When Gaga came the gallery was full of her Little Monster fans all pressed up against the glass. She was in hair and make up for 3 hours by which time her fans were beside themselves desperate to see their idol. Gaga walked into the studio looking amazing in blond wig and beautiful YSL vintage suit. She walked up to the mirror and - just as if she was alone in her bathroom - applied her lipstick, her face literally inches away from her fans but still totally untouchable. It was one of the best bits of contemporary fashion performance I have ever seen, articulating ideas of the remoteness of celebrity and the loneliness of fame brilliantly. Her face was lit up in a sea of hundreds of little red glowing dots from the auto focus red LEDs on her fans cameras. Just beautiful. - Nick Knight

Double Standards. Both mixed women with middle eastern roots. 

Kim Kardashian, who is actually half white, gets bullied basically everytime she posts a selfie. The comments get more hateful when the picture involves blonde hair/wigs or anything white-related. 

Shakira, who is half colombian, with Spanish ancenstry (like almost everyone else in Latin America), has adpted a white-inspired semblance for years, with light skin, bleached hair and eyebrows, gets applaud for basically everything she does and is considerated a great role model.

Note: Not trying to put down Shakira, I’m a big fan of both women, I just wanted to compare Kim with someone famous as her.

Standard of Black Hair

I am a huge hair enthusiast. In high school, I was voted most likely to have a different hair style ever week. I usually did have a different hair style every week. I loved to try new things and new hairstyles that were different. But, being a girl of color, I got a lot of criticism on my choices of hair styles. It seemed like no matter what, someone had something negative to say.

When I was very young, I had very long hair. However I went to live with my grandmother and she cut it all off because it was too difficult to maintain. I went to predominately white school and my hair got a lot of attention.

“Why does your hair look like that?”

“Can’t you fix it?”

“Your hair is a distraction to the other students.”

Fast forward to 2008. I have been living with my dad in a much more culturally diverse area. Up until this point people have made decisions for me on what my hair should look like. Now I have the option of deciding for myself.

“You are too young to have color in your hair”

“Why didn’t you get the straight braids?”

2010. At this point in time I am experimenting with different kinds of fake hair. I really love the way ponytails look.

“Your hair looks so fake.”

“Black women never have real hair that long.”

Summer of 2011. I was on a meditation retreat (I’m Buddhist) in which we had no contact with the outside world for a week. During that time I did not straighten my hair. I just let it do its thing. This is at the end of the retreat when we had a talent show. I performed the song Poor Unfortunate Souls. Everyone loved it. But when I came home to show people pictures of my performance, everyone focused on how my hair looked.

“OH MY GOD, weren’t there any combs out there?”

“How could you let your hair get like that?”

At the beginning of summer 2012, I thought I might like to lock my hair. (I did a really terrible job)

“You look like a boy”

“If you get dreads you will never find a job”

I realize locks are a long term commitment and I like to change my hair too much. Instead I start wearing wigs. A NEW HAIRSTYLE EVERY DAY!

“This would be cute if it weren’t for the purple.”

“You are too young to wear wigs”

“What’s wrong with your natural hair?”

“Are you trying to be white?”

I did not straighten my hair for Christmas of 2012

“You aren’t going to get your hair done for the holiday?”

“You can’t go out of the house like that”

After growing my hair out for some time I decide I want to try it short.

“Why would you do that”

“Boys like girls with long hair.”

But I still where wigs sometimes.

“This would look better if it was your real hair”

“You look like your mom.” (this is ment as an insult. My mother has a problematic history and is very troubled. While I do not hold anything against her, I do not like being compared to her.)

I did my hair nicely for a mother-Daughter Banquet that I attended with my grandmother

“You look like a white girl.”

“You shouldn’t wear blond hair that light.”

I also enjoy neon

“You look ridiculous.”

“Never do that again”

Dressing up to hang out with naruto fans (Sand Village Rules)

“Again with the wigs?”

“Why can’t black women ever feel comfortable with their own hair?

I decided to cut most of my hair off and start over. I did not want to relax my hair anymore. I wanted a more natural look so this happened…

"Natural hair is hard to take care of. You are going to relax it again, you’ll see.”

“Black girls always get natural hair for attention.”

I am an anime lover and I am currently Miss. Action Anime at my college. Sometimes when I go to anime events or when I am doing artistic things, I pull out one of my colored wigs to get me in the mood ^_^

“wow… blue hair? why?”

“you dont need to wear wigs. Be proud of your natural hair.”

The summer of 2014 I started modeling on the side. I really enjoyed it. I wore my natural hair to photo shoots because I had put most of my wigs in storage. Soon I discovered that not many photographers want to take pictures of a girl with short natural hair.

“Is your hair that long now?”

“There isn’t much I can do with that.”

“I am trying to get a different look”

(These are comments from photographers that I sent my portfolio pictures to)

In order to retain some length, because I want to grow my hair out into a large afro, I got braids put in. I was not surprised when that was met negatively also.

“I hate when girls put that shit in their hair”

“I thought you were going natural, what happened?”

“I liked you better when your hair was real”

Of course I did not only recieve negative comments. I got tons of compliments (When I had my neon pink hair a child actually mistook me for nicki minaj!). But anyone who has ever been insulted knows that criticism sticks with you way longer than compliments. The saddest part of all of this is that I was receiving these comments from other women of color! That’s right, black women were telling me my hair is too nappy. No matter what style I did there was always someone who thought it should be different. 

But I am a grown woman and I dont need anyones approval 

I love my hair. long or short, real or fake, natural or relaxed

I will not change my hair because “men like it long”

I will not change my hair because “fake hair looks stupid”

I will not change my hair because “it looks too white” or it “looks too black" 

Its my fucking hair and if I like it it looks FUCKING PERFECT

Next time you want to tell someone what to do to their hair… don’t. Take your opinion, Write it on a dildo, and fuck yourself with it. If you like hair a certain way, get YOUR hair done that way and stop ruining the self esteem of the beautiful women of color who will never be able to live up to societies standard of hair. 

We need to be lifting each other up. You are beautiful and your hair is beautiful and anyone who tells you otherwise can go fuck themselves.

tennysbluesuit  asked:

Whoever this IMPOSTER is needs to bring our Dante back. I was cool with Reboot Dante since it was clear it's a different universe. But THIS? Unacceptable. No one will convince me this is what Dante should look like now. Wtf did he take meth after 4? Nero should kick his wss, I think he could do it. Dante certainly looks like he aged 15 years. Fuck MVC.

I’m not even calling him this, for future reference, I’m refering to him as “Dinte”.

Dinte looks really like he’d been animated by people who never have played a single DMC. His face looks eerily familiar to the reboot imo. And then they added a white blonde wig…. dafuq? That’s shitting on the fans on multiple levels.
But, if he’s NOT in cutscenes, Dintes model looks a bit better at least. The whole game has issues, and Capcom already confirmed that they’d improve the graphics before releasing it. But I don’t think they quite understand the scope they have to do that in.

anonymous asked:

Hi costips crew! I'm having a hard time matching a wig for Annabeth Chase from the book series Percy Jackson. As she's just in a book(with unsuccessful movies to base off of) it's hard to know what hair she has. She's been depicted in fan art to have either light or a more "Yellow" blonde, hair in a ponytail or hair down, and I just don't know what to do. I was originally planning to get a wig from Arda because their styles are diverse, but you have any other ideas that'd be appreciated. Thanks!

Hello! On Rick Riordan’s website, there’s a character page for Annabeth that features a photo of her:

So you could go with that! But if you had a headcanon that you wanted to go with, that would work too since she’s a book character (and thus is more up to interpretation design-wise).

If you’re going to use the website’s design, I’d recommend possibly curling and trimming Arda’s Jeannie:

If you wanted to do hair down, I’d recommend Arda’s Luthien:

I hope this helps!

- Mod Sky

anonymous asked:

Why did Emmi Christensen wear a blonde wig? I think she looked great and I liked because it was close to her natural hair colour and Christine is supposed to be Swedish so it works but why was it introduced in the first place?

I don’t know if it was ever confirmed, but a few fans speculate that it’s because Emmi Christensson herself is Swedish, so the production just went “Swedish people are usually blonde, right? Let’s make her blonde!” 

While I like the variation in color of wigs in general in the West End production, I was always a bit iffy on the shade used in her wig. It always seemed just a bit too light for her; I would have preferred a slightly darker shade of blonde. On the other hand, I thought the color of her wig in the Stockholm revival was far, far too dark, so I guess she just has bad luck with her wigs in general.

Selena Gomez Crushes on a Farrah Fawcett Lookalike in '70s-Themed 'Bad Liar' Video, Teases 'Fetish'

Selena Gomez’s new video for “Bad Liar” is definitely giving her fans something to talk about.

Gomez released the video on Wednesday, featuring the baby-faced singer playing a high school student as well as three other characters – her father, her mother and her father’s fellow teacher with whom he’s developed a flirtation with. The video, directed by Jesse Peretz, who’s helmed episodes of Girls and Orange Is the New Black, notably has a vague ending, and teases more to come.

As Gomez covertly caresses a photo of the bombshell teacher getting close to her dad – which is really Gomez sporting a Farrah Fawcett-style blonde wig – the video fades out to the words “coming soon” and “fetish.” Gomez then stares into the camera and mouths the word fetish, though there’s no sound.

WATCH: Selena Gomez on ‘13 Reasons Why’ Backlash, 'Empowering’ Second Season and Recording New Music

On her Instagram on Tuesday, Gomez referred to the “Bad Liar” video as a “film.”

#Badliar - a film

A post shared by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on Jun 12, 2017 at 11:50am PDT

WATCH: Selena Gomez Indulges in a Cheesecake Before The Weeknd’s Concert, Couple Go on Racy Dinner Date

Gomez has been busy promoting her new single with multiple press appearances and show-stopping outfits, and on Thursday, she suffered a wardrobe malfunction in a top that flaunted major sideboob.

Watch below:

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Today’s final YokoAri con was BEYONDDDD AMAZINGGGGGGG!!!!!
Sooooooo muchhhhhhhh amazing Jump moments!!! I’m soooo glad I decided to go!!!

💔💔💔BAD NEWS💔💔💔:

-Yamachan is definitely NOT doing well. He took a break the entire MC (was not on stage), and they dragged the MC out quite a bit (thank you Hikaru for always keeping the ball rolling and the mood hiiiighhhh!!).
- Fans were crying… (T_T)

- Yamachan came back for Fantastic Time and more fans cried.
- YAMADA RYOSUKE IS THE TRUEST IDOL!!! At the closing remark after
Dear., he APOLOGIZED for talking a rest coz he said it was too painful, he APOLOGIZED for worrying everyone, he pretended and told everyone HE IS OK NOW (Yamachannnnn you’re not ok!!! 😭😭😭)

- he did that twice!!! APOLOGIZED at the very end again!!!!! And LIKE A TRUE IDOL, assured us he is okay and he will be in top form for the Nagoya cons. 

Yamadaaaaa you really don’t have to be soooo perfect all the time!!! We love you as you are!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

❤️❤️❤️THE FUN PART❤️❤️❤️


MC today was filleddddd with tonssssss of members talk!!!!!!! They were telling back stories about each other, reminiscing the past, etc, etc!!

–> Keito revealed that he, YabuHika and Daichan were staying over at Daichan’s place (I think)… So…. Keito and Daichan shared a bed (wot!!)… ANDDDDDD YABUHIKA SHARED A FUTON!!! A SMALL ONE!!

So when Keito woke up he saw the both of them sleeping and he said to Daichan “look!! YabuHika sleeping in a futon together!!”.. I think Daichan said his reaction was “what about ME???” lol
–> Hikaru said they were doing some picture taking (for a photo book I think!), and members were taking candid pictures, so he and Yabu slept on perpendicular couches and took pics of each other!!!!

💥💥💥💥 Playing fireworks!💥💥💥💥
–> Chinen and Daiki went to play fireworks together!! It was very
dark so they used a cellphone to see!!
–> Then Inoo said he went to hanabi with Takaki and they held
It’s just a lie!!!!
Hahaha Inoo revealed that Takaki said he felt jealous of Chinen and Daichan so he asked Inoo to make up a story about the both of them!!!!
–> Yabu couldn’t remember who went to his house for Hanabi but then Daichan said it was him~

🌟🌟🌟🌟Names: 🌟🌟🌟🌟
–> MC talk also included what they call each other and how they got
to calling each other.
–> there was a Yuto part coz he wanted to know why he’s called Yutti!!!! 😂😂
–> Chinen calls Yuya, Yuya. But Chinen said he started calling him Yuya because they went for dinner with a group of other Johnny’s (I think) and everyone called him Yuya so he started calling him Yuya too. Then Yuya said he wants everyone to call him Yuya.
–> (sorry I’m an Inoo fan so I only remembered mostly his part!!
😅😅), 💙💙💙 So Daichan asked Inoo what everyone calls him? And duhhh
of course it’s Inochan. Then it got to asking what Yuya called Inoo and Yuya said “Inookun”… Then Inoo said “from today you can call me by my first name”. Everyone laughed and was like “NO ONE CALLS YOU KEI!!!!!!!!!” 😂😂😂😂

😚😚😚😚 Romantic Roles😚😚😚😚
–> they also talked about Yuto’s new series next year and Inoo’s Peach Girl. Inoo remarked that he can’t believe seeing Yuto in romantic roles (and I think they brought up a love scene so Pink & Grey??) because he’s known Yuto since small… soooo… Inoo said he probably won’t see the series coz it’s too embarrassing!! lolollll ohhh Inochan!!
–> then they talked about Inochan too having a romantic role in Peach Girl.. and they were like “that’s a love story too! there’s a lot of lovely love stuff..” and Inoo was like “if you watch it, you will be shocked”, and then they were like “then it’s the same, I don’t wanna watch it either!” lololol
–> Inoo then explained that the show is set in a school and until now he’s not been popular, member was like “in real life ne!”, but in the movie in his class, he’s the popular one… a member was like “for the first time in life!”… and Inoo was like “yeah, first time in my life I’m popular… it’s in a movie”. LOLOL..

🎓🎓🎓🎓School Uniforms🎓🎓🎓🎓
–> Anyway, that goes on into talk about school uniforms..
–> So Yabu said like when they first met, they were all very young and still in school, so they would go to Johnny’s office and also rehearsals in their uniforms because it’s about 6pm or so after school.

🎉🎉🎉🎉DOUBLE ENCORE!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉

Today!!! They had double encore!!!!!!
Jump came back out after fans didn’t stop cheering for an encore..
Then they were like “oh we’re missing one person!” And they counted 8.
So they were like ok everyone, let’s call him out..

So everyone went KEITOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Then Keito appeared on the balcony AS A GIRL!!! With blond wig and makeup!!! (I think it’s the girl he’s dressed up as same as before don’t remember but he was cuteeeee as a girl!)
Then they went on to do Romeo and Juliet!!!!!!!

❤️❤️❤️🎊🎊🎊🎊FINAL CLOSING!!!🎊🎊🎊🎊❤️❤️❤️




So after Romeo and Juliet and a whole lot of screaming and
shouting and EVERYONEEEE just high high high high on JUMP. And of course all the way Jump was like thank you everyone, thank you people in front, at the back, middle and thank you to the guys, thank you stafff!!  
Then jump went back on stage for the final closing!!!
Yamada: Soooo today’s final closing is…. drum roll…
Hikaru: Inochan! Inoo Kei! Kei Inoo!
Member: Please give the closing salutations (aisatsu).
Yamada: Onegaishimasu~
Inoo: Errrr…. what should I do…
Then Inoo looks at Yamada
Inoo: First of all, Yamada.
Yamada looked at Inoo surprised and was like “what??”
*hall fall silent… Serious Inoo Kei*

Inoo: Today, this tour too, you were really busy more than anyone else… with the tour, the set, the programs, with planning, thank very much for putting so much thought into these.

Members: Don’t cry~
(Yamada looked like was about to cry, actually, or maybe he didn’t expect Inoo to say such things! (the other members probably knew…)
(insert fans crying)
Inoo: You really did a lot. Really, thank you.
Inoo: And also… The members…
Member (off guard): uso~! 
Inoo: Today was the most fun, thank you so much.
Members: *shy* *shy* we had fun too.
Inoo: And everyone, aishiteru yo.
Crowd: Kyaaaaaaaa~~~
Inoo: To the staff, sukida yo.
Member: the mood decreased. Just a bit.
HEY!SAY!JUMP: THANK YOU EVERYONE THANK YOU!! JYA, MATA NEEEE!!! Inoo’s “sukidayo” is heard once in a hundred years~
Inoo: The next is the afterlife! (”tsugi wa raise” (he used “次は来世”)
Yabu: Is that RADWIMPS?!
Member(Yuto?): It’s “tsugi wa zensei” (次は前世) (Note: the title of the actual RADWIMPS song is 前前前世)


I think Inoo is sooooo sweet and I really love that he is very very considerate of others.
I really love that he addressed Yamada the first.
I love that he addressed that because it’s not just something he and the members feel, but I’m sure he also knows that “ARIGATOU” is something that all tobikkos feel towards Yamada too!!!!!! Especially considering his condition!!!
So, at times, I feel Inoo is not just very sweet, but in his own way, he’s also incredibly professional for knowing what to say at times.

We love youuuuuu!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

(***I’m sorry I can’t remember exactly who said what in verbatim and I don’t remember all the topics they talked about today coz the MC was verrrrry long! I try to crosscheck with other reports but I apologize if I misquoted or misattributed things!!!! Gomen nasai~>_<