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“We both tried to grab at the last copy of that desired book at the same time and had a tug of war.” (from this post)

Sterek ficlet, T, ~1.6k words. Basically, I was going to just do a tiny little drabble as a warm-up for working on one of my WIPs, and then I was having too much fun with it to stop.

(Btw, if you couldn’t tell, I totally made up the book series in question. Any resemblance to any actual book is completely coincidental.) 

It’s definitely some kind of torture that on the day the seventh and final Path of Wolves novel comes out, Stiles still has to go to school like it’s not the most important day of the year or anything.

And okay, so it’s not like anyone else in Beacon Hills has even heard of these books except Scott, and then only because Stiles can’t shut up about them, but still. Stiles spends the entire day practically vibrating out of his skin with the anticipation. He’s pretty sure he hasn’t taken in a word any of his teachers has said today. The only reason he doesn’t try to make a break for it during lunch is that he can’t afford another detention on his record, and even so, he’s still sorely, sorely tempted to risk it. In the end, he has to get Lydia to hide his car keys from him.

(He was going to ask Scott to do it, but Scott would have caved as soon as Stiles started begging, and Stiles is definitely not above begging, so Lydia it is.)

The instant the final bell rings, though, Stiles is out of there, flying across the parking lot and gunning the Jeep. The bookstore probably only ordered a few copies, and if Stiles isn’t holding one of them by the time he leaves, somebody’s about to get murdered.

Not that he actually expects any competition, but it’s better not to let these things go to chance. He already messed up once by procrastinating on pre-ordering until they were sold out; he didn’t think it was possible for a Path of Wolves novel to be sold out. He was wrong, and now he’s paying for it by having to physically go to the bookstore to get it.

Either Stiles vastly overestimated how many copies the store was going to order, or else he vastly underestimated how many people in Beacon Hills read these books, because when he skids to a stop in front of the New Releases shelf, there’s only one copy left. One beautiful, perfect hardcover copy.

Lucky for him, one copy is enough.

Except that when he grabs ahold of it, someone else does, too.

For a long second, Stiles can’t even believe what he’s seeing. Another hand, on his book. Another hand that’s not letting go, even though Stiles has already clearly and unambiguously grabbed it by the spine and isn’t letting go, either.

Stiles turns his head incredulously to get a look at this usurper, and it’s Derek Hale. As in, made-of-muscles, leather-wearing lacrosse captain Derek Hale.

Until this moment, Stiles wasn’t even sure Derek could read, and now he’s trying to steal Stiles’ obscure eight-hundred-page fantasy novel. What.

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[TRANS] BTS Official Fanclub A.R.M.Y 1st Term - Interview (P3)

(the interview is from 2014)
scan © love_as_hobby
do not repost/screenshot without credit.

Q: It hasn’t been that long since BTS debuted but you have released 3 albums already. Is there any moment when you feel like “Ah! I’m going crazy!” while preparing for the albums? 

V: For me it’s hard and it leaves regret with every album. When I finished recording and listened to it, I would regret “I should have done better, I should have put more emotions in”. But once the recording is finished it can’t be redone… This part always makes me regret, so it was hard for me. 

Jin: There has never been an easy album for me but during ‘O!RUL8,2?’, from a few weeks before recording until the album’s finished, my cold wouldn’t go away. Especially my voice wouldn’t turn out the way I want it to be, so it was hard for me both mentally and physically. 

Jimin: It’s ‘N.O’ for me too. I don’t know why it was that hard. 

J-hope: Yeah, Jimin had it hard that time. 

Jimin: My parts got a little longer than the previous album. (laughs) I think I was pressured by that. 

Rap Monster: Really? Everyone chooses ‘O!RUL8,2?’. For me ‘2 COOL 4 SKOOL’ was really hard. Because of one song… I talked about this in another interview, but we had to modify the same part of the lyrics more than 20 times. I think I sold my soul at that. Just thinking of it… (shakes head) They kept telling me to change it so one day I got so furious. I couldn’t shout out loud because I was at the studio, so I went to the park alone at dawn and plugged in my earphones and shouted loudly for about an hour? Afterwards the introduction was written and things went well. Wow really, that time I wrote the lyrics while hanging on the chin-up bar and shouting until I nearly cried. 

Suga: Well, writing the lyrics was hard that time. I looked through my mail box recently and I sent an email with the subject [No More Dream - lyrics modification - Suga 1] like this, and it advanced to 27. Looking back at it made me think “How did I do it.” 

Jimin: That time Hobi-hyung went there for a while too. (points up to the sky) 

All: (laugh) 

J-hope: (laughing) It was really hard in ‘No More Dream’ days. 

Rap Monster: Those days were scary. The psychological pressure and the anxiety of whether or not it would be okay coming out like this. 

V: Every time we do one choreography move, we had to match even the angles of the fingers. 

J-hope: We still focus on the performance now but back then when practicing the choreography, if someone didn’t match even just a little bit, we would sure be staying up all night that day.

Suga: The real hard thing at that time was that during trainee days, the members who had longer training period would lead the younger ones in everything, but then they said we were going to debut, none of us has ever debuted before. 

All: (laugh)

Rap Monster: We can talk about it now but it was very scary back then. 

Suga: It was really terrifying. (laughs) We scraped up all our worries and stayed up all night thinking about it, we even discussed what to do just among ourselves in whispers because we were afraid the younger kids would hear it. 

J-hope: We’re talking about it while laughing now but back then, just thinking of it brings in the fear. 

Suga: Now it became like “Let’s write even if just one more line of lyrics in the time we spend worrying!”. (laughs) The album that made me nearly scream “Argh!” is the most recent one. Even if I didn’t get hurt in the middle (of preparing the album), I wouldn’t think we would be this short of time. 

Jungkook: Me too. I have this regret like “If only I have some more time to prepare”. 

Suga: Right. Actually if I didn’t get hurt we wouldn’t be tight on time, but I was hospitalized so we lost 3 weeks. I finished the recording just right before mastering and we barely passed. I aged by 10 years. (laughs) 

Rap Monster: That’s right. As the time’s fixed, we had to follow the year-end award ceremonies schedule and went to the studio at dawn to work, we can’t throw away the quality factor with the excuse of not having enough time. 

J-hope: But I feel like it’ll slowly become harder as we release more and more albums, because of the lack of time. Actually rather than not having time, it’s because we’ll want just a little more, just a little more time to make better and cooler music. 

Rap Monster: We have to raise our standard. We have to gradually raise the quality. 

Suga: But if we say something that’s scary to say like “We didn’t have time” to the fans, it would disappoint them, so we should refrain from saying such things. 

Rap Monster: I think it’s the parts that we could have done better. Instead of letting them know that we have worked on it like this, I hope to tell them that “We have put in a lot of effort.” With each album there are more of those parts that we wished we had done better, but I think it shows that our view in terms of music is slowly broadening. 

Suga: I think what Rapmon said is true. Back then I thought I just need to rap well, but now I have learned to think of the details more. 

J-hope: You can say we’re really growing up. 

Q: How did you feel when you listened to the 3 released title songs for the first time? 

Suga: I listened to the song thousands of times while working on it so I thought I wouldn’t feel anything fun when the mastered song came out, but I got deeply touched like “I worked hard on it and it came out!”. 

J-hope: There was a time before when I wasn’t aware of it while practicing ‘No More Dream’, but one day it suddenly came to me “Ah! This is it! It’s good!”. 

Jimin: (laughs) 

J-hope: I got the same feeling with ‘Boy In Luv’ recently too. 

Suga: You have that feeling this time too? 

J-hope: Didn’t I say it? (points to Jimin)

Jimin: Out of nowhere! At the studio! (laughs) 

J-hope: I went to the studio and I suddenly had a feeling. Jimin was there at that time so I told him “Hey Jimin, hyung thought about it on the way here, I have a hunch about this!”. 

Jimin: Right. (laughs) 

Rap Monster: You can’t trust Hobi’s hunch. 

J-hope: I really had a feeling. (laughs) Trust me. 

Rap Monster: I’m the same as Suga-hyung. I didn’t feel anything while working on it but when it’s finished and I listened to it, I had this proud feeling “It finally came out!”. Especially when I listened to the mastered version of ‘N.O’ on speaker and the “good house, good car” part came, I thought “This is it!”. 

Jungkook: The “good house, good car” part was the best. 

V: It was really mindblowing. (dancing the choreography) 

Rap Monster: And I had a real feeling this time when listening to ‘Boy In Luv’. Not like “It’ll do really well!”, but I feel like this can become BTS’ second starting point. I think letting people know that “BTS is this kind of singers!” is the most important thing. Actually I want to show these kinds of things through this album too. 

Jin: When I first listened to ‘No More Dream’, I remembered being very excited “Ah, so this is our first song”. 

Jimin: I had a hard time recording for ‘No More Dream’. So, actually I don’t remember it very well. When I listened to the dance break part of ‘N.O’, I thought “Wow~ It would be fun performing this song!”. 

V: Right. I went “Wah~” listening to ‘N.O’’s dance break part.

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Cult of Personality

Character A is Character B’s favorite singer. Actually, Character A seems to be everyone’s favorite singer. It seems like Character B can’t go anywhere without hearing one of Character A’s songs, or seeing a poster promoting one of Character A’s albums or tours. Their fandom spans ages, races, countries – the entire world seems to be united in their love for Character A. It would be a good thing, if Character B could figure out why. Sure, Character A is a great singer and rather attractive, but… No one’s that perfect.

It isn’t until Character B wins a fan contest for backstage passes to one of Character A’s shows that the truth finally comes out: Character A is an ancient fae, using the modern human tendency to flock to celebrities to have the fun they’re denied from the loss of the old fae ways.



So…. it looks like that time has arrived. The final stretch of the final chapter. A day that many of us never thought would come because we all believed that our beloved show was practically invincible. And it truly pains us to know that our favorite thing in the entire world is finishing soon. But, on that note, we believe that it is also time we, as a fandom, celebrated Bones together, for one of the last times. And hence, after some collaboration from @drtemperancebrennans@boothseeley and @emm-doubleyou, the #ThankYouBones Week was born.

Unlike our previous challenges, this one is special, in the sense that it will be a 12 days-long event, starting from Thursday, March 16th and ending on Monday, March 27th, aka the day before the finale. The prompts for each day are as follows:

  • Day 1 (16th March): 12 episodes/seasons of your choosing
  • Day 2 (17th March): 11 temperance brennan character growth moments 
  • Day 3 (18th March): 10 seeley booth dorky scenes
  • Day 4 (19th March): 9 angela montenegro iconic quotes
  • Day 5 (20th March): jack hodgins ‘king of the lab’ scenes
  • Day 6 (21st March): 7 camille saroyan ‘i’m the boss’ moments
  • Day 7 (22nd March): 6 james aubrey x food scenes
  • Day 8 (23rd March): 5 b&b moments that made you fall in love with them
  • Day 9 (24th March): 4 hodgela scenes that made you cry
  • Day 10 (25th March): 3 other favorite ships/friendships
  • Day 11 (26th March): 2 families/familial scenes (platonic or not) 
  • Day 12 (27th March): 1 bones cast final thank you

As always, we would like everyone to participate in this challenge - so all forms of creative outlet are welcome. Gifs, graphics, edits, images, fan fiction (posted on AO3 and/or on or even just text posts - anything goes. There are no rules, all we ask is that you have fun with this challenge and let your imaginations run wild!

The official tag for this week will be #thankyoubones. Be sure to tag us in your posts if you want us to see them! We realise that this post is a VERY last minute attempt of ours, and that leaves very little time for you all to prepare, but we still sincerely hope that you can participate in this challenge and please spread the word as soon as possible!

Hey there, guys! Welcome to the second Gencio Week! This is a place where fans of Genji/Lúcio can share their works and have fun celebrating the ship once again!

This event is open to any and all fanworks for Gencio; art, fics, playlists, edits*, headcanons? Any creative medium is welcome! The prompts are merely guidelines as well; any interpretations are welcome, and you can do what you wish with them!

*If you are going to be making a playlist/edit and plan on using another artist’s work as part of your submission, make sure you get their permission first!


Day 1: Feb 26th- Rainy Days
Day 2: Feb 27th- Fear/Injury
Day 3: Feb 28th- Long Distance
Day 4: March 1st- Alternate Universe
Day 5: March 2nd- Swap (Abilities/Ultimate)
Day 6: March 3rd- Date Night
Day 7: March 4th- Laughter

Tag your submissions with #gencioweek so I can compile them onto this blog!

You’re welcome to start the prompts any time you want, but I’d appreciate it if everyone waited until the actual event to start posting things. That way it’s easier to keep track of prompts! And if for some reason you’re busy during the week, no worries! Late submissions are welcome, as I’ll be checking the tags up to two weeks after the event!

Do the Deed

Summary: With a large assignment due in a few days, the reader is busy toiling away in the library, her roommate offering unwavering support by staying by her side. Who knew an amusing mistake and light-hearted banter could change so much?
Pairing: SamxReader
Words: 2765
Warning: Talking about sex? Lots of euphemisms… 
AN: This is my entry for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog‘s Trope Challenge! My trope was a College AU, and I couldn’t help but make fun of my own stupid typos… so yeah, the essay in question is one I actually wrote, as is the mistake.
I honestly didn’t think I’d get this finished, but I’m glad I did! It was a lot of fun to write, but I may go over and re-edit it tomorrow… I’m not 100% sure I’m a fan of the ending. Enjoy!!!
Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!


You were pretty sure you’d never worked this hard in your life.

Sam would say that was a complete exaggeration, but considering he had no large assignment due in, you deigned his opinion obsolete as you flicked some of your pencil shavings at him across the library table, just for emphasis.

The lanky law-student rolled his eyes at the childish response, an amused smirk on his face as he quickly typed a response on his laptop.

-it’s not that bad. This time tomorrow, you could be free of it, and we can finally go watch that movie you’ve been ranting about.

You huffed and narrowed your eyes at him over the top of your laptop. How easy it was for him to say it wasn’t so bad…

In response, you chucked a pencil at him. Because you were nothing but mature when it came to venting your frustrations.

If you weren’t in the silent section of the library, you’d have laughed at the brief moment of shock as the pencil hit his cheek and bounced off, clattering onto the desk in front of him; his expression quickly replaced with one of his legendary bitchfaces. You had to make do with a stifled giggle and an innocent, wide-eyed look as he tried to stare you down.

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“Home is Wherever I’m with You” is a collaborative Raven Cycle fan fiction. The idea is to make a multi-chapter, multi-author Sarchengsey fic where each chapter is written by a different author about Blue, Gansey, and Henry exploring the author’s hometown while on their road trip!

Some Guidelines

  1. The town you sign up for doesn’t have to be where you were born and raised, just a place that you have called home and want to show off to the rest of the fandom. It should be a place you have actually been and know very well. Continental North America only- anywhere you could drive to.
  2. This is a Sarchengsey fic. Your individual chapter needn’t be big on the romance/ship aspect, but it is a Sarchengsey fic. This fic is as much about these three characters in a romantic triad as it is about the cities we love.
  3. Your chapter should be about 1-5k words. The goal is to have 25 chapters, so we don’t want each individual chapter to be novel-length.
  4. If you’d like to participate, sign up HERE. Sign-ups will be open until the 25 slots are full or until June 15th- that’s two weeks! Writing will take place over the next three weeks- until July 6th. Make sure you have time to commit before you sign up.

Again, you can sign up to write a chapter HERE. Once sign-ups are closed, I’ll be in contact with writers for more details. Right now it’s just me, transpersephonepoldma, organizing things, so if you’d like to volunteer to help organize and edit, message me! Have fun, you crazy kids! <3

Man Face Monday - Great Face, Great Hair Edition

Howdy there, Face Fans!

How are you doing today? Sorry for the delay today. Oscar night got the best of me, I think! Had some fun putting edits together based on the last episode. I am seriously digging Stephen’s hair right now. Not sure how it flatters his mug so well, but it does and I am most grateful. How is the Bratva wig even more disgusting than the island wig? ::head shake::

Without further ado. Have some face. Let’s begin the week with a smile. And hair I want to ruffle. So much. 


Even in black and white. Dude. 


Green Arrow. 

A bit arty, but I liked it. 

That’s it for today, Face Seekers! I hope that your week ahead is marvelous. I am really looking forward to the next episode. Hope you are too!

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anonymous asked:

Do you mind if I ask why those 4(riverdale) are so problematic? I saw the kj thing but not sure about other 3?

Lili Rathart - Used Beronica to queerbait the fans (x) then made fun of them for believing in the ship 

 and played the victim on her co-star’s coming out tweet, making it all about herself

Cole Sprouts - abusive towards his ex girlfriend, believes in reverse racism, said this:

 and this:


Camila Mendes - this one i dont have a recent source on, but i’ve read she did an interview in which she says that beronica won’t be canon cause their show is not a ‘fanfiction’

Edit: Camila didnt say anything of that sort, it was Lili.

Oh, sweet Yonderland! Say it isn’t so!

While I think we all either knew or suspected that the Christmas Special was our farewell, it’s still wretched to think we’ll never see these marvelous characters again… what a wild collection of fantastics. I think its future as a cult classic is already set in the stars.  

So here’s to all the future fans who’ll one day discover Yonderland. I hope you have as much fun as we all did.

What keeps me from feeling too down is the sure knowledge that the Idiots will go on and create more brilliant worlds. I’ve my fingers crossed for a space opera (Larry, it’s your destiny), but who knows what will come…

This is just the end of a chapter.

All the love to Laurence Rickard, Martha Howe-Douglas, Ben Willbond, Jim Howick, Mathew Baynton, Simon Fanaby and the FABULOUS puppeteers. 

…and the directors/costume/set/make-up/editing, etc.



|| M a x o n   &   A m e r i c a    ||  5  year  book  A N N I V E R S A R Y

~ My first try at gifs + “5 years of  m r t f l r”  tag ~

A bit late but HAPPY SERIES ANNIVERSARY to all of the fandom!! So @skylars-selection​ had the wonderful idea of starting a tag [here] to share our experiences with this book series (thank you for pointing out this day to all of us Sky!) and I was tagged by @illeaslockedbluebox​, @thedandelioninperspective​ & @the-selection-bitch​ [who made America fan art and shared her story here]. You all have such lovely things to say, so I guess it’s my turn…

When I joined: I read The Heir in November of 2015 (I know that’s not the first book, I’ll explain further on), but it wasn’t until around the time The Crown was coming out that I joined the Tumblr fandom. Actually, it was a few weeks before “The Heir with dolls” video was posted; those were my first interactions with the fandom–way back in April 14th of 2016–when I made my first mrtflr post on this blog!! Just realized it has been a year since that, le gasp. The fandom was fun and filled with wonderful people with incredible talent (and it still is)!  

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Welcome to the first member challenge of ladiesofnarnia!

For this challenge, you can create anything you like relating to your Top 5 favorite Narnian women! Aesthetics, edits, fanfic, fan mixes/playlists, etc-as long as it is relevant to the prompt, it will be posted on our page.

Formatting ex:

@ladiesofnarnia members challenge

☞ Top 5 Narnian Women

(You can copy and paste the above format or simply create your own-but be sure to tag us and include the original prompt)

Have fun!

@coravis @edmundblake @jillpcle @tumnusses @plummerpolly @acciolunalovegood @remusrjlupin @petervparker @rowle @hauntedthief @nicoediangelo @corins @scarletgalaxy @nylonsandlipstick @phyllispevensie @fluffballofmagic

Yoongi Scenario: One Lucky Girl.

Request: I’d like to request a yoongi scenario! A fluffy one, cause cute yoongi is never enough~~ ㅋㅋㅋ Maybe something related to idol life, any variety show… U can decide, something fluff/long and maybe funny!? Idk, I just want more yoongi
Genre: Fluff / Romance.

The broadcast ended with a clap, and everyone in the set gave each other the traditional “Good job” or “You did well” of the end of the day. Everything came up perfectly and the director congratulated them for their hard work and funny jokes, but Yoongi had a feeling that this special TV program was going to give him problems.

It was a special TV edition for BTS in which they made a concourse for the fans and one of them was selected to have a lunch with one of the BTS members; the idea was fun and appealing for everyone and they were sure fans would love it, but when he came out as the selected member with whom the fan was going to have the lunch with, Yoongi started to think that maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.
He was in the van with his members when he received a text from you, you wanted to meet him at the dorm later.

I’ll be waiting for you babe

Yoongi tried not to smile to himself and give away that he was talking to you, but that was too late, Taehyung was leaning on his shoulder reading the text and of course reading it out loud. –Hyung has a date with his girlfriend! -

The car erupted in catcalls and laughter, Yoongi slapped Taehyung on the forehead. –Yah, What have I told you about this? -

-I’m sorry hyung, I’m sorry- Taehyung rapidly apologized. Jimin and Hoseok laughed at his friend being scolded.  

-Yoongi, is Y/N really going? Should I make dinner for one more? -

He nodded at Jin, who apparently was the only sane person besides of him in this group, some people counted Namjoon in that too but Yoongi knew better.

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anonymous asked:

@ your post about Halsey. what did she do????? :O

Well, apparently that post was about how Halsey kissed a 15 year old (keep in mind that she’s 20) the other day (and apparently without her consent) [x]

Although, I can list you all the problematic things she’s done [lol, i like reading everything problematic about celebrities. but i’ve done some of my own snooping when it came to halsey. don’t take me word for word on this. i’m just a very gossipy person who loves reading about how messy celebrities can be]

although she has apologized for some stuff, that doesn’t mean that we should just sweep it under the rug and pretend it never existed. Awareness is important (in my opinion, it is) in order to acknowledge what was problematic and move on

  • created songs that shamed/slut-shamed Taylor Swift [receipts
    • this is what launched her career. y i k e s
  • she used a t slur on twitter and made fun of chris brown/rihanna abusive relationship on twitter (although she has apologized and deleted the tweets since)
  • made a racist problematic comment about edit: toward (arianna grande (apparently, and has deleted it since. not sure about this one. can’t find receipts for it.) [x
  • sent her minions fans to attack a guy on twitter when he pointed out that she lied about being homeless at the age of 16-17 (or some young age). she apparently left home to be with a way much older dude, and then stretched the story into a sob story about how she was a struggling homeless girl  (not sure if this is true or not, but i’ve seen this appear on various websites).
  • she lashes out a lot on social media and plays the victim card a lot (as i’ve come to learn) just to get fans to be sympathetic toward her. I’m not saying that behavior is wrong, it just seems flat out manipulative. She played the victim card a lot and tried to shift the blame onto something else.
  • and she made an insensitive comment relating to a school massacre [x] which she, surprise (deadpan tone), deleted.
    • instances where i’ve seen her lashing out:
      • facebook. when justin bieber’s album came out, apparently she received hate? (or the album did). All i know was that she turned to facebook and wrote something that came off defensive/petty/mean.
        • let’s be real here, if you go on the youtube video of the song she colab’d with justin, you’ll see that she’s the one getting praises. i have yet to see hate.
      • that fight with maggie stiefvater (who is an author of the raven cycle. she, on her own rights, is a problematic author (but i’m not going to get into that). 
        • that twitter fight was just embarrassing in my opinion and you can find receipts of it online.
        • i think both of them are at faults and i refuse to take sides because the entire feud between the two of them were so unnecessary and could have been prevented had the two of them decided to act their age
      • her getting angry that radio stations weren’t playing her songs and lashing out about it at a concert (which is kind of funny when i heard her song pop up on an actual radio right when i watched that video)
      • the one time she lashed out at the guy who questioned why she would say she was homeless.
      • the time people called her out on making fun of taylor, arianna–only for her to say that she loved them (and that they were pretty much reaching for tweets that made her look bad)
      • she’ll lash out if you bring up the haylor songs that launched her career

the problem is that most of her stans/fans keep saying to “give her a break” because she’s “unproblematic” and has “learned a lot since” and that “she was only a kid when she said those things”

but the issue is that half of the problematic things she’s done/said/etc didn’t happen when she was actually a kid. these things happened while she was at a certain age where people generally are more aware.

another problem is that she never really acknowledges her fault, instead always shifting the blame on “not knowing better” and that “she was young at the time” or something else. she’s always shifting the blame.

i honestly wish i knew more, but these are the things i’ve collected over reading websites, youtube, facebook, etc. i don’t hate her. i don’t like her either. her music is okay, but i really do think her fans are kind of toxic (especially with their hive mentality that she’s “such an unproblematic person”). 

I don’t like how half of tumblr stans her because they’re convinced she’s a “PoC feminist”. Honestly, they’re reaching if they think she’s a good feminist role model. 

Every time she does something / says something that’s feminist and positive, she always does something problematic as well. It’s just frustrating that her stans only acknowledge the good things while ignoring the bad/problematic things she’s said/done and then attacks you if you dare bring up how problematic/petty/bad halsey behaved.

Edit: she’s also made a racist tweet about asians, which she has also deleted. 

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Strength of a Colossus [ Kara Zor-El ]

Just a practice video where I decided to try to use some scenes that I never really get a chance to use, along with a new color effect and some fading tricks. Not sure if I like how everything turned out how I wanted, but it was cool for the most part and fun to work on :3

Song: The Opened Way -Shadow of the Colossus OST


The Crystal Gems as D&D Monsters

Just for fun I made up stat blocks for the Crystal Gems from Steven Universe as if they were monsters you could fight in the D&D 5th Edition Monster Manual. (I definitely wouldn’t want to fight Garnet.) 

Their stats are pretty arbitrary so I’m sure more detail-oriented DM’s (and more observant Steven Universe fans) would do them differently, but like I said, it was just for fun. I used the Dungeon Master’s Guide to select their features and calculate their Challenge Ratings.

Maybe I’ll do some fusions, next. :)

Magic In May

This is the first naughty story I’ve ever written. 
All names/places/etc. are just part of the story.  I hold no ownership other than being the author of this story.


I seriously can’t believe I actually bought tickets for this concert. I have wanted to go to Memphis In May since I was a kid but, for one reason or another, had never gotten the chance. That was about to change. My resolution for this year was to break out of my shell. To do things that I’d always wanted but been afraid to do, things I’d always talked myself out of. I’ve always focused on making other people’s lives better, disregarding what I wanted in favor of everyone else being happy. This was the year to do things for me.

There are so many incredible artists on the roster for this years’ festivities. The Pixies, Paramore, Jenny Lewis, Hozier, Lenny Kravitz….the list goes on and on. I couldn’t wait to get there. I wanted to get lost in the crowd, to feel the music pulse through my entire body, to close my eyes and let the sweet melodies take all my cares away. If we’re being honest here, there was one musician I wanted to see above all others. From the moment I first heard his voice, even before I knew his name, I was done for. His voice had a way of making me weak in the knees, a feeling I hadn’t experienced since I was a teenager. He’d even infiltrated more than a few dreams over the years. Ed Sheeran. A man almost a decade younger than me.

Part of me was embarrassed to be swooning over him like a lovesick girl. But then again, part of me didn’t really give a damn. I’d tweeted him a few times, not expecting any sort of reply, of course. It was something of a thrill to me because I, in fact, am incredibly, painfully shy. I could not talk about someone I actually knew in the way that I spoke of Ed. I’m not that bold. Not by a long shot. I guess part of the thrill of saying what you want over the Internet to a complete stranger is the knowledge that you’ll never actually run into that person.

I’d begged my best friend to go with me for a girls weekend. We hadn’t been able to have a fun, crazy adventure since we were sorority girls in college. I desperately needed to break out of that rut. I’d been feeling so confined in my day to day life. I needed to feel something. I needed to be wild and free, even if it was for a small time.

We get to the hotel and drop our stuff off in the room. As we grab dinner we chat over what our plans are for the concert and which shows we have to see. There are a few lesser known artists that will take the stage before Ed does but I really want to get as close to the stage as possible so I can actually see and hear the music. I’ve been to a few concerts before but had never gotten great seats. The way I see it, hanging out through a few sets that I’m not terribly excited for is a very small price to pay considering that I’ll have a fantastic spot in the crowd for what I considered the main event. We get there way before his set and thankfully, we actually made it close to the front. I’m amazed at our luck. We end up having a great time listening to the other artists that time flies by. My friend starts teasing me as it nears time for Ed to come on stage. I roll my eyes at her but inside I am freaking out.

Another hour passes and I’m getting antsy. After what seems like forever, it’s finally time. I realize I’m shaking as he walks on stage. I’m actually nervous to see him. I’m mesmerized by his shy demeanor, the way he speaks to the audience like we’re friends instead of fans. He starts in on his set and I’m in heaven. He plays a few mashups as well as crowd favorites. He begins playing the opening chords for Little Bird and I melt. …strawberries taste like lips do…  I listen, eyes closed, arms dancing in the air as I twirl to the music. The song ends and I open my eyes, the spell broken as the audience screams and claps in preparation for the next song.

Ed begins to play Give Me Love as screams of happiness fill the air.  …all I want is the taste that your lips allow… He’s watching me. Wait, he’s watching me? Surely it’s someone behind me. I turn around and survey the crowd, trying to pinpoint who the lucky girl may be. All I see are happy, excited faces so I turn back around and get back into the music. I look up at Ed, a wistful smile on the edges of my mouth. I see him look in my general direction and he smiles which piques my curiosity. I once again peek on either side of me to see who he’s smiling at but I’m still unsure.  I look back up at him just in time for Ed to ever so slightly nod his head in my direction and wink. I stand there like an idiot. I tell myself it’s all in my head, that I’m seeing things. Why would he be winking at me?

He drifts over to the edge on the other side of the stage and picks up a small stuffed bear that had been thrown onto the stage. While chatting with the audience, he casually walked back toward my area. Before I can even work out what is happening, I’m holding the little bear. He’s wearing a little t-shirt that says “Ted Sheeran”. It’s absolutely precious. I look to my friend for some sort of explanation & she screams in my ear that he gave it to the security guard who then handed it to me. I’m still processing what just happened when I notice that everyone around me has started jumping up & down. Ed has launched into a spirited rendition of Sing and the crowd is going wild. I go to put little Ted in my cross-body bag when something snags the zipper. I put it up to my face and it dawns on me that my new furry friend has a backstage pass tucked in the back of his sweater.

Holy shit. What does this even mean?! I’ve had nosebleed seats at every other concert I’d been to, so I had no idea what I was supposed to do next. Who would be there? How many people did they give these to? My mind was so full of questions and, as usual, I was over-thinking things so much that I didn’t even realize Ed’s set had come to an end. My friend says that we need to head back to the hotel. I silently reach into my bag and pull out the backstage pass. Her expression is one of disbelief; mine is one of awe. She asks if there are two & I sadly shake my head no. This is not fair. I’m supposed to let my best friend miss the opportunity of a lifetime since I only had one pass? No, I can’t do it.  I decide that if we both can’t go, then neither of us will. We walk silently towards the trolley waiting area. I close my eyes and lay my head against the pillar. Fuck. My inner voice tries to cheer me up, listing the positives for the night. At least you got to SEE him, you had a lot of fun with your friend, and at least you’ll have the backstage pass as a nice memento of your trip. I concede that the voice is right.

I go to hug my sweet friend but her phone rings before I make it to her. She answers and her eyes widen. She mouths “it’s my ex boyfriend!” then goes to sit on a bench away from the noise. I see the trolley nearing the pickup point and I motion to her that it’s time to go. She waves me off so I go see what the big deal is. She puts her hand over the receiver and whispers to me that he said he misses her and wants to talk about their relationship. She’s going to back to the hotel and talk to him. She says I should head back and use the backstage pass. I tell her it’s not fair but she insists. “Maybe this night could have a magical ending after all”, she says as she nudges me back toward the venue. I watch her hop on the trolley and take off.

I start to walk back toward the stage and I realize I have no idea where to go. I end up back where I was standing during the concert, the crowd long moved on to other stages. I lean on the security fence and let out a sigh. Staring up at the stage, i understand now that the opportunity has passed. I mutter to myself that it’s probably better this way.  I guess I should begin the trek back to the trolley station. I can always sit it out at the hotel bar if my friend’s conversation takes a steamy turn. I’m happy for her. She really loves the guy. I hope their conversation is going well. Lost in my own thoughts, I don’t realize that someone is behind me until they tap me on the shoulder. Naturally I scream and whip around, keys in hand, with my mini bottle of mace swinging from the side like a missile ready to strike. My unknown assailant pulls his back the hood of his jacket a small bit and I realize it’s him. Ed Freaking Sheeran. In the flesh. Standing in front of me.

He tells me he looked for me backstage & I thought I skipped out since he couldn’t find me. I numbly shake my head no in response. I try to explain what happened but it just comes out in a jumble of words and incoherent sounds. He’s laughing at me, eyes crinkling at the sides. I am so embarrassed, standing there mumbling like a star struck loser. He tells me he’s glad I accepted his backstage pass & manage to squeak out a thank you for the pass. He says that he had a bit of a headache earlier and really doesn’t feel like being around a bunch of loud, screaming people right now. He asks me if I want to go somewhere and hang out. He looks a bit flustered and then apologizes if that came off too forward. I stare straight into his baby blues and shake my head no. I may be insanely shy but I am not a person who is easily left speechless. I collect my thoughts and tell him yes, of course I’d love to hang out. He smiles and says “brilliant” then grabs my hand and we make a mad dash for a black tinted SUV parked on the side of the road. We barrel into the vehicle and I can’t help but let out a long laugh. Is this real life? He flashes a dimpled smile at me then asks where I want to go. I don’t know Memphis any better than he does so I shrug my shoulders. He rolls down the partition and politely asks the driver to drive us around for a while until we figure out a plan.

As the partition rolls up, he asks me what I do for fun. I explain that I’m a small town girl so I’m fairly sure whatever I come up with will be lame in comparison to his rock star life. He lets out a low laugh and says that it is constant debauchery. Seeing the slightly uncertain look on my face, he admits he was joking and says while its a pretty incredible life, he hopes one day to settle down and raise a family. I’m taken aback by his comment and it warms my heart. He’s really sweet, I think to myself. We pass an arcade and he squeals that we should go play. We spend the next 3 hours playing old school video games like Pac-Man & Pole Position. He’s very competitive but then again, so am I. Before the arcade closes we take our handfuls of tickets up to the counter and are rewarded with glo-stick necklaces and temporary tattoos. I tell him it might be fun to use these glow sticks to play glow in the dark hide and seek. He’s game and so he asks the driver to take us to a park and we head that way.

The park we stop at is pretty nice.  There’s a picnic/grilling area, a playground, a walking trail…plenty of places to play. His security team fans out to provide security and privacy as we begin our adventure. We play on the playground for a while, seeing who can swing higher.  We decide to put our glo-sticks to good use and play hide and see. He finds me then I find him. We chase each other around like children. We’re giggling like mad & having the best time, that is, until I trip over a tree root and face plant in front of a famous musician. Are you kidding me?! I keep my face buried in the pile of leaves I fell in, humiliated beyond words. Can the Earth just swallow me whole, please?! I hear a thud and a very theatric “ooooooh” and then Ed comes crashing down next to me. That sweet man faked a fall to save me from embarrassment! I decide to man up and face my unfortunate situation. I raise my face and look over at Ed. He’s staring at me with a goofy grin and leaves sticking out all over that perfect ginger hair. He turns, reaches over and takes my face in his hands, smiles and then kisses me ever so delicately on my lips. I bolt up in shock and run towards the jungle gym, climbing up into the slide tower and curling my knees up under my chin. I feel like a child. I mean, who does that?! I sat there, silently berating myself for my behavior when I hear leaves crunch and his voice calling my name. “In here”, I say, and stick an arm out of the tower to reveal my location. He climbs up easily and sits down next to me. I can see his face in the moonlight. He’s so beautiful. He takes my hand in his and says “I’m sorry, love, I didn’t mean to startle you.”

I turn towards him and tell him that he didn’t, that I’m just shy and admittedly not very good at flirty situations. I slowly look up at him & he’s just staring at me, a shy half smile on his face. I nervously smile back. “May I kiss you?”, he asks and I nod yes. My body shakes with nervous energy as he gently places his lips on mine and kisses me softly. I can’t help it, a small sigh escapes my lips. He looks into my eyes and then leans in to kiss me again, but this time it’s more intense & I respond fervently. He wraps his arms around me and pulls me closer, our legs becoming intertwined. I place my hands on his chest, resting my palms on his collarbone. I feel his heartbeat quicken and I know mine is doing the same. He slowly pulls away from me and looks into my eyes. “Would you like to come back to my flat?”, he asks and I give him a confused look. “Flat…flat…um, my room…my hotel room.” I just nod. We walk silently back to the SUV and wait for his security team to settle back in so we can head back. On the way back we sit silently, pondering, until he asks if I want to watch a movie & order room service & I tell him that sounds fantastic.

We head up the service elevator to avoid the crowds and slip into his room. For what feels like the 50th time tonight, I’m in shock. His hotel room is exquisite and I’m fairly sure it’s bigger than my whole house. He plops down on the over-sized couch and motions for me to come over. We kick off our shoes and plop on the couch and he reaches for the phone. “Yeah, we’re gonna need some fries, a bottle of ketchup, some Oreos, a few Cokes, some chocolate, a large bottle of tequila, a couple of limes, a salt shaker and a bottle of orange juice. Thank you.” He puts down the phone and says sheepishly that he didn’t realize how hungry he was. He flips on the tv and scans the channels for something to watch. I think I saw a Harry Potter film flash onscreen as the channels fly by so I asked him to go back. It turns out to be the fourth Harry Potter movie and luckily it’s only about 10 minutes in. “Harry Potter”, he says, smiling widely, “Brilliant!”. We settle in and get caught up in the movie.

Ed leans into the side of the couch and adjusts his body to where his legs rest on top of mine. I very tentatively roll up the bottom of his pant leg and begin to massage his feet. He leans his head back on the couch and let’s out a long sigh. I ask him if it feels good and he mumbles in contentment. It’s been a very long day, he says. A knock at the door declaring room service pulls us out of our trance. Ed walks over and rolls in the cart, tipping the server as he goes. Back on the couch and snacking, we invent a drinking game while watching Harry Potter. Anytime someone says wand, you take a half shot. If they say Wizard, a whole shot. If there’s a shot of Snape looking angry, two shots.  “We are quickly sloshed, of course.

I head to the kitchenette to grab a glass of water. After chugging a whole glass, I turn to walk back to the couch. I don’t make it far, however, as Ed is standing right in front of me. He cocks his head and smiles, pulling me in close to him and kissing me slowly. He slips his tongue into my mouth and gently presses me up against the refrigerator. I get lost in the kiss, my mind swirling. I feel my hands go up in his hair, gripping gently as I kiss him back. He picks me up and I wrap my legs around his torso as he carries me over to the couch. He lays me on my back and leans over me, his fingertips running slowly over the top of my shirt. He looks into my eyes with an unspoken question and I nod. He bites his lip. I bite mine. I’m nervous, scared even, but I know that I want this – I just can’t believe it’s really going to happen.

My hands slide nervously under his hoodie and begin to pull it up. He has a plaid button up on underneath and we both fumble with the buttons, desperately trying to reach skin. He unzips my top on the side, pulling it over my head, allowing him to run his fingers over my bra. My back instinctively arches to his touch. I need to feel his skin against mine. He finally fully discards his shirt and looks down at me then buries his head in my neck, leaving a trail of tiny kisses down my neck and right shoulder. The hair on his chin tickles, sending me into a fit of giggles as he rubs it against my neck. Suddenly he stops and looks down at me. I wonder what he’s thinking. He takes a deep breath and contentedly sighs, lowering his head until his lips meet mine. I feel his body move on top of mine, his legs straddling me as he runs his fingertips slowly from the bottom of my legs up to my shorts. The sensation is incredible. I never knew something like that could produce such a glorious feeling.

I pull him to me for a kiss and run my fingernails down his back. He moans loudly and leans in, taking my earlobe in his mouth and gently tugging it with his teeth. My eyes roll back into my head at how good it feels. Slowly he runs his fingertips up my leg, going past my shorts and toward the inside of my thigh. My breath quickens nervously. I move my hands to the front of his jeans and begin to unbutton them. His breath catches in his throat and I can feel him growing even harder as he struggles to kick off his jeans. He reaches under me, taking hold of my shorts and sliding them off. We lay there, kissing in our skivvies, rubbing together with delicious friction.

I feel so naughty. I’ve never done anything like this before.  I am not a ‘one night stand’ kind of girl.  Hell, I’ve never slept with someone I wasn’t in a serious relationship with. Even though I’m in my early thirties I’ve only slept with a few people. It’s not a casual thing for me. Yet, here I am, pinned down on the couch by this beautiful man, feeling frenzied and a bit out of control. What has gotten into me? It seems as though my wild side has taken over. I slide my hands down to take off his boxers and grab his ass. In response he hooks his fingers through the sides of my panties and slides them to the floor. He stands up and holds out his hand for me. He kisses me as I stand while he gently pulls my legs around his waist. He backs me up against a wall and adjusts me so that my entrance is positioned over the tip of his penis.

Slowly, he begins to press himself inside of me. His progress is excruciatingly slow on purpose, teasing me, enjoying the look on my face. After what seems like forever, his length is fully buried inside me. We don’t move for a few minutes. We stay locked in this position, kissing deeply, until I feel his thrusts begin, soft at first then more rapidly. I honestly have no idea how long this has been going on but I don’t ever want it to stop. He bends his head, never breaking rhythm, and takes one of my nipples into his mouth and begins softly swirling his tongue around in a circle. That does it. The most intense orgasm of my life courses through my body. It feels like lightening is coursing through me. He buries his head in mine, moaning as my walls crash down on him. He proceeds to up the pace, driving himself harder and harder into me. I feel him twitch just before he explodes inside me. I feel another orgasm coming so I ride him as furiously as possible, crashing into him with such force that he loses his footing and we fall to the floor.

I start laughing, delirious as I process what just transpired. He wraps his arms around me and kisses me gently as he looks deep into my eyes. I snuggle into his arms and lie there with my head on his chest as our breathing and our heartbeats return to normal. He strokes my hair with his soft touch and I feel myself drift off to sleep.

I’m slowly awakened by a soft melody. It’s dark except for the glow of the television in the other room. I look around, trying to get my bearings, trying to remember where I am. When it dawns on me I bolt upright, attempting to cover myself with whatever I can find. I look around and find him shirtless, sprawled out in chair in the corner, the guitar laying on his belly as he lazily plays a tune. “I’m sorry if I woke you, but when I get a song going in my head I have to work it out. Sitting here watching you sleep gave me inspiration.” “I don’t mind being woken up by such beautiful music,” I reply softly, then continue quickly, “Um, I’m not sure if it was all a dream, but then again since you are sitting there it couldn’t have all been a dream, but I just want you to know that I am not a groupie and I don’t go around sleeping with people just to get a cheap thrill”, I continue. I don’t know why I feel so defensive. Well, yes I do. My behavior last night was definitely not what I consider my normal and I needed him to know that. I didn’t regret it by any means but I felt like he had to know that this was not something that happens often…or ever.

Laying his guitar aside, he stands and walks over to me, all the while gazing deep into my eyes. “Yeah, I kind of figured that, with the way the night began”, he says, “Thank you for taking a chance and coming with me last night.” He smiles, running his hands slowly down my cheek in a gentle caress. I timidly bring my hand up and slowly run my hands through his hair. It’s all so surreal. Just a few days ago I was sitting in front of my laptop watching his music videos, wishing so badly that I could just have that one chance to know what it felt like to touch him. I feel a tear slide down my face as my body starts shaking with emotion, the gravity of my present situation taking its toll. He pulls me close to him, kissing my tear away, a questioning look on his face. “Why are you crying, darling?” I look at him through slightly watery eyes and shake my head. “It’s kind of a ‘whoa’ situation”, I try to explain, “it’s like I never thought this would be something that would actually happen to me.”

He flashes a smile at me then draws me in close to him and just holds me. I wish I could bottle this moment. He leans his face in to kiss me. My hands glide down his back and I feel him take a deep breath. I return his kiss with more fire and passion than I have ever known. His hands slide down my still naked body, discarding what little I had covering me. His lips follow where his hands once were. I run my hands through his hair as he begins a trail of kisses down my body. I let my head drop back to the floor as I give in to his touch. I am literally weak in the knees. I couldn’t walk if I tried. Ed quietly stops what he’s doing and gently leans down to pick me up off the floor and carry me into the bedroom. He lays me on the edge of the bed as he kneels in front of me, burying his face in between my legs. I grab a handful of his hair and push my hips into his face as he moves his tongue all around. I let out an audible gasp as he slides one finger into me and then another.

I suddenly realize I am gripping the bed sheets so tight my knuckles are white. Just as I am about to explode, he takes me between his teeth, flicking his tongue rapidly. The scream that escapes from my mouth is one of pure bliss. I come so hard that I am gasping for breath, fighting to regain control over myself while never wanting that delicious feeling to end. As I lay there, aftershocks of the powerful orgasm still coursing through my body, he brings his face up to mine and kisses me deeply, tasting myself on his soft lips. I swirl my fingertips down his chest, stopping at his pants. My hand grazes his jeans and I feel how hard he is. I flip over on the bed, pinning him into the position that I was in just moments ago. I kneel before him and motion for him to lift his hips so I can remove his jeans. I slide them off and toss them across the room. He’s not wearing boxers so I get an up close and personal view. I can’t help myself, I slowly flick my tongue over the tip a few times, wanting to taste him.

He says “don’t tease” and runs his hands through my hair, grabbing a handful as I take him deep in my mouth. I slowly pull him in and out as I lick his length. By the sound of the little gasps and moans that escape his mouth it seems as thought he is greatly enjoying himself. He looks down at me with those kind blue eyes opened wide and whispers softly, “Baby, if you don’t stop now I don’t think I will be able to.” I shake my head no, never straying from my rhythm. I continue to lick him up and down as his grip tightens on my hair. I take him as deep into my mouth as he can go but it’s not until I start playing with his balls that he finally loses control; with a shudder that courses through his body and a gasp of pure pleasure, he comes deep in my throat over and over. Shaking from his intense orgasm, he relaxes his grip on my hair. He pulls me up to him and takes my face in his hands. He stares straight into my eyes as he touches my forehead to his. My heart feels as though it’s about to explode. This most certainly has been a ‘break out of my shell’ experience. One I would remember always.