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Give me 11 year old Remus Lupin with a stammer.

Give me little boy who can barely get one sentence out without tripping over and stopping after every word.

Give me a scarred boy who is so nervous in the new school he avoids talking to everyone where possible.

Give me Remus Lupin with a really bad stammer in classes, meals and social interactions.

Then give me a Remus Lupin minding his own business in the boys dormitory, who then stubs his toe badly on the bed post.

Give me an 11 year old boy with a stammer who lets out the most eloquent, coherent and violent string of curse words one has ever heard.

No stammer, just air turned blue from all the swearing.

Then give me the most shocked slow clap ever from one Sirius Black and James Potter.

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You have a mostly adult fan base. Why do you keep everything so G rated? You don't cuss, talk about sex, your love life or anything. Do you think we can't handle it?

Yup! That’s what I think!

Lol no!! I do talk about my love life to an extent, only to the point I, myself, am feeling up to talking to you all about it. And as much as you may think I have a mostly adult audience, I do have lots of kids who follow me, and it is a great opportunity to keep my videos accessible to them, while also discussing things that may not get to be talked about a lot in school (Black History, women’s rights, gender identity, body positivity, etc.). Future topics will cover other things like sexuality, gender identities, possibly even safe practices, but my channel is still relatively new. And it’s not just kids, a lot of people of all ages would prefer not to watch something with expletives or sexual content. It’s not that they can’t handle it, but that they would prefer not to have it, or that they would like to watch something while there are kids around. I’m not even a big curser myself, although I’m never offended if anyone were to curse around me. I’m just a big believer in keeping my videos accessible to all!

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Like idk if you do request or ideas or whatever, but an au where 2017 dan is teaching the reader (or 2009 phil), how to fuck 2009 dan. Would actually be awesome.

Sorry for the long ass wait. If you have trouble reading om mobile, open in your phone browser y’all.

Dan Howell has always had a problem with finishing things. There’s a file on his computer with an endless list of unfinished video ideas, a half-completed photo board he started about a year ago pushed under his bed, and about five songs on piano that he’s only taught himself a quarter of the way through. He’s never been great at finishing things he’s started, so it’s no surprise that he’s the same when it comes to sex.

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Engraved Hourglass Nebula Curse Return Spell

A cosmic spell to return a curse that someone has casted on you, back onto them.

You Will Need:

✨ Salt
✨ Black Candle
✨ Hematite
✨ Piece of Paper
✨ Black Marker
✨ Tape
✨ (Optional) Image or representation of the Engraved Hourglass Nebula if you feel the need of it being present


✨ Cleanse yourself well and your space before you begin

✨ Light your black candle and let it burn during the duration of the spell

✨ Fill a small container, bowl or cup with some salt and keep it near you as you work

✨ Place your paper before you and at the top of it put your Hematite so it can charge the paper through the spell.

✨ If you know the name of the one cursing you, you may add it to the chant: “I know you cursed me, so I send it back your way.” Repeat this as you draw a large eye on your paper, that is wide open and pupil staring forward.

✨ Flip the paper and on the back draw a 10 (forces change and ruin, good for returning spells or curses)

✨ Take a large pinch of your salt and throw it over your dominate shoulder. “I rid myself of your curse!”

✨ Take the paper and take it to a window, preferably your bedroom window with the eye facing outside. “The eye of the hourglass, now protects me from its return, and sends its undying stare back to you! The hourglass sends you back all you sent to me!”

✨ To strengthen this spell and your protection you may add images of the hourglass nebula into your window as well.

✨ To end the spell blow out your black candle facing towards your window as you do so, to send the final bit of negativity back to the original curser

✨ Cleanse yourself and your space once you have finished up the spell. A bath or shower is a good way to cleanse yourself and drinking so black tea if you wish. Leave you hematite in a different window to cleanse it in the moonlight before it is used again. Leave out the salt for the rest of the night to help cleanse the space you casted the spell and toss it in the trash or toilet come morning.

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Could I please request a hot smutty one where betty and jughead have a deal where they can't touch each other for like 48 hours, but they are both teasing each other in that time and one of them breaks (you can decide who) followed by lots of smut. I feel slightly embarrassed to request this 😂

love, love, love this one! Again sorry for the wait, i want to do all your ideas justice so sometimes it takes a while to churn them out! Anyway I hope you enjoy this love and thankyou for your support and encouragement on my work! I love you x

warnings: SMUT!!!!



It was hot.  More than hot actually, in fact Jughead was almost positive this summer was more akin to hell on earth.

It was early July and the heat had already exceeded Riverdale records, making it clear they were on track for a sweltering, unbearable few months.

And for the teenager whose wardrobe mostly consisted of layers, flannels, denim, and leather and of course the renowned beanie the heat wasn’t exactly a cause for celebration.

Jughead groaned, head hitting the back of the vibrant leather booth he was sprawled across. The curser on his laptop screen blinked at him obnoxiously- a reminder of the words that would not come.  

The agitated boy glanced around the crowed diner, finding even more cause for frustration. It seemed as though half of Riverdale’s population had decided to seek refuge in the Chok’lit Shoppe, making it a little harder for Jughead to enjoy the air conditioned space he felt even more at home in than his foster house.

Just as he was spiralling into another brooding monologue about the woes of wanting to get a refill but dreading losing his booth, the bells at the entrance chimed, signalling the arrival of another patron.

It wasn’t just any patron though; it was the one bright spot in this god awful summer. It was the one thing that was making all his suffering, completely and utterly worth it.

And that was Betty Cooper, clad in a tiny sundress that showed off her gorgeous, long, tan legs.

Her eyes scanned briefly around the crowded space before landing on Jughead; lighting up when they met his and skipping happily over to his booth.

“Hey you,” he greeted, unable to keep the smile off his face in her presence.

“Hi,” Betty returned sliding in beside him before placing her lips over his.

Jughead relaxed into the kiss, savouring the taste of her lips which were much more refreshing than any cold beverage could have been.

As she pulled away Jughead couldn’t help but notice the dewy glint on her skin, the heat obviously affecting her too.  He licked his lips, unable to resist the enticing sheen and wanting nothing more than the trace the column of her neck with his tongue.

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Imagine the prophecy is fulfilled and Emma dies. Regina, grief stricken, buys a ouija board after seeing a movie about it and doing her own research.

“Emma Swan, I’m trying to contact Emma Swan. Are you here, Emma?”

Nothing happens for awhile and Regina sits in silence, holding her breath until slowly, the pendulum moves over the YES at the top of the board.

Regina releases a burst of air from her lungs. Skeptical though, Regina asks “How do I know it’s really you, Miss Swan?”

The cursor immediately flew to the NO on the board. Regina furrowed her eyebrows. “No? No what?”

The cursor moved again, down the alphabet. Regina read each letter out loud. “D O N T C A L L M E T H A T.”

“Don’t call me that.” Regina was confused for a moment until she realized she has just called Emma “Miss Swan”. She knew Emma hated it. She laughed lightly though tears pricked her eyes. The stupid idiot. “I’m sorry, Emma.”

She was here. Her Emma was truly here. Even though Henry had told her his other mother had never left, that she was always with them, Regina needed this confirmation. She needed this sense of closeness. She also needed to know why. Why Emma had beat her own fate, her own prophecy and then jumped in front of the sword that was destined for Regina. That idiot.

“You’re an idiot.” Regina said, choking back her own tears. Willing herself not to show this weakness. But she had mourned too long silently, keeping this all to herself. Emma was the one she shared everything with and now she was gone. Until now. Kind of.

The pendulum moved to the “YES” after Regina called her an idiot which forced the tears down Regina’s cheeks.

“Why did you do that, Emma? Why did you not let me die?”

The pendulum moved across the board.

“H E N” Regina cut it off, suddenly frustrated, her emotions getting the best of her. “Oh, don’t you dare say Henry Emma Swan or I swear to god.”

The pendulum stayed still and Regina tried to collect herself. Deep breaths. Finally, the curser began to move. “I H A D T O.”

“I had to.” Regina repeated. She pinched the bridge of her nose. Leave it to Emma to tip toe around giving her clear answers, even in death.

Regina sighed. She needed to know. She had heard the Pirate going off on a drunk rant at Granny’s a few weeks after Emma’s death, about how he knew all along that Emma would always choose Regina over him, that Emma would always love Regina more than she loved him. It hit Regina like a punch in the gut, been gnawing at her brain ever since. She had loved Emma Swan. Deeply. But the idea of the other woman ever returning those feelings felt so foreign to Regina she never felt the need to bring it into fruition. Until now.

With shaky breath Regina finally asked, “Was it because…. you loved me?”

The electricity in the room changed, the atmosphere feeling charged in only a way Emma Swan could make it feel around Regina. The pendulum stayed still but Regina knew Emma was still with her. Stubbornly still with her.

“I’ll ask you again, Em-Ma, did you sacrifice yourself for me because you love me?”

Slowly, the pendulum moved, the sound it made as it crossed the board was so loud in that moment it was almost deafening.


“Yes.” There were the tears again, freely rubbing down Regina’s face as she openly sobbed now. Openly mourned the loss of the woman she loved and the ending to her story that once again ended in tragedy.

“Since when?” Regina sniffed.


Regina choked on a sob. “I am so sorry, Emma. So, so sorry. I love you, too. Please know that. I know…. I know I always called you an idiot but truly, the only idiot here is me. I’m so sorry, Emma. I love you too. I always have and– and probably always will. Will you ever forgive me?”

Without hesitation the curser moved to the YES.

Another sob escape just in time for the front door to slam and for Henry’s voice to echo through the house, “Mom!? You here?!”

“Our son and his timing.” Regina really wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Emma yet. There wasn’t enough time. There never was enough time.

Emma seemed to understand, the air around Regina felt calming, understanding, safe.

The curser began to move.


Regina smiled for the first time in the long weeks since that night. “You remembered.”

“A L W A Y S” Emma spelt before moving the cursor over GOODBYE.

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Hi there? How exactly does a braille display work? I've read about them in novels and looked them up, but I'd like to know from someone who uses one in real life. Thank you!

Oh hey hello!!

Okay, Imma try and give the best explanation I can. Hopefully it will make sense.

So first off, you’ve probably already looked up pictures of them but they are generally rectangular in shape and have several buttons on them as well as a row of braille cells across the top or bottom. They are generally like two pounds or something like that and usually come with cases with long straps so you can carry it around like a tiny bag.

First let’s talk about the braille part. You’ve probably noticed that that line of braille cells doesn’t have any actual, feelable (is that a word? It is now) dots on them in pictures and are just a bunch of little wholes in formations of six (well, actually eight but we’ll explain what the extra two dots per cell are for later). This is because there are little pins under those wholes that pop up and down, sort of like those toys you used to play with as a kid where the pins would all shift from one side to another and you could press your hand into one side and the shape of your hand would stick out on the other. These pins are mechanized and will pop up in the proper combinations to represent braille letters and characters when the display is turned on. This is what the “refreshable” part of “refreshable braille display” means. It’s not like writing braille on paper where once you’ve pushed up the dots, they’re permanent and that page is now used. On the display, you can be reading one line of text and then when you push the button to move to the next, the previous set of pins will fall back down and the appropriate ones to form the new set of words will pop up in their place.

Now let’s move to the buttons on the display. The first buttons you’ll probably notice are the eight buttons that are round or oblong on the face of the display, four on the left and four on the right. These are for typing using the format of the Perkins Brailler keys, but when a blind user types with them, the screen will display the print version. There are only six dots in a braille cell, so the inner most six buttons represent each dot of the braille cell, but the extra button on either end of this set of eight round or oblong buttons are for backspace and enter respectively. It’s different from display to display, but the key furthest to the right will be backspace while the key on the far left is enter, or vice versa. You will also find a space bar somewhere toward the bottom of the face of the display.

There are other buttons, too, though. These are also vastly different from display to display, but they are for navigation.

So one thing I hsould have probably mentioned first is that braille displays are bluetooth devices that connect to your phone, tablet, computer, etc to allow you to navigate them in braille. You also must have your device’s screen-reading software enabled to navigate most devices, as the screen-reader is what will allow you to navigate with a cursor nonvisually instead of looking at the screen.

So when you use screen-reading software, it enables you to use the keyboard on computers to navigate or to use touch-screen devices slightly differently than sighted users use them. when using them with a computer, you can usually still use the computer’s keyboard to move the curser around to different text to be displayed on the braille display, but with touch-screen devices, it alters the way you use the device.

Let’s say you are using the smart phone screen reader without a braille display for a moment. You know how when you use a smart phone as a sighted person, you just tap and it activates whatever thing you wanted, such as opening an app you touched or pressing a button or opening the typing text field? As a blind user, this is a lot different because if we just tapped somewhere on the screen without knowing what was in that spot first, it would just do stuff and we wouldn’t know what it was doing. So when you have the screen reader enabled, when you tap somewhere on the screen, the thing you touched is not activated. Instead, you just hear audibly whatever it is you touched. So if you touched the time area on the home screen, you would just hear “3:30 PM,” or if you touchedwhere the messages app was, messages ould not open, and you would just hear “messages.” this enables the blind user to know what is where and know what something is before they activate it. So once you have tapped somewhere and heard what the thing is, you can then either double-tap to activate it (open the app, open the typing text field, select the letter you want to type, etc), or you can swipe your finger across the screen either to the left or right to move to the next thing over and hear what that thing is. But again, this doesn’t activate the thing, just tells you what it is. On screen, there is a little box around whatever you have touched. This box is called a “cursor.”

So when you connect a braille display to a touch screen device running the screen-reading software, you use the device the same way, only instead of HEARING “messages,” you will find “messages” written out on the braille display. But again it doesn’t activate the app or button, just allows you to read what it is.

So now that you know that navigation using a screen reader is primarily done by swiping and such, let’s connect that to those braille display buttons.

In order to make it easier to navigate your device, braille displays often have navigation buttons that allow you do move around the screen just like the screen reader’s touch commands allow you to do. Only, you odn’t have to have one hand readingthe braille and the other hand touching the phone screen. There will be a button to “swipe right” on the display, so when you press it, it moves the screen reader cursor over the next item to the right just as if you swiped to the right using your finger on the screen. So you can use just the buttons on the display to navigate instead of having to have your hands moving between the display and the phone. So that’s what all those other buttons are for. they do lots of things that are hard to explain without teaching you in great detail all of the different things screen reader touch commands can do, but yes. Some displays will actually use a little joy stick in the center for moving around left to right on the screen instead of left and right buttons respectively, and when you press down on the joy stick, it’ll act just like a double-tap on the touch screen and will activate the item you were hovering over and reading.

NOW, let’s finally talk about those two extra dots at the bottom of each braille cell on the part with the string of braille cells. So braille displays not only allow you to read but also to write, as I mentioned the typing keys above. It’ll essentially let you use it like a bluetooth keyboard and use the display buttons to type braille characters that will be translated through the device into print and shown on screen as the print versions. But of course, the display part let’s you read what you are typing, in braille. So say you are typing a text that says “I love your dog.” this text will be displayed on the braille cells on the display. However, notice how for sighted users, there’s a little blinking line at the end of what you’re typing or maybe in the middle of a sentence depending on where you’ve placed it? So braille displays found a way of giving blind users a blinky cursor to show where in the text they are at, too, and that’s where those extra dots at the bottom come in.

We call these extra cursor dots “dot 7 and dot 8,” 7 being the one on the ottom left and 8 being the one on the bottom right under dot 6 (if you don’t know the dot numbers for a standard braille cell, that will come in handy and I suggest googling images of braille cells). But there’s a problem: visually, the blinky line is usually BETWEEN two letters or characters, not directly under just one, right? So braille displays got crafty.

Let’s go back to that text of “I love your dog.” say your blinky cursor is in the middle of the word “dog,” between “d” and “o.” So it’ll look sort of like “d|og.” Now imagine that in one braille cell on the display, the letter “d” is shown on the pins, the legger “o” is shown on the cell directly to the right, and “g” is on the cell directly to the right of that. There isn’t another cell in between “d” and “o,” right? So instead, we put the cursor in those extra dots at thebottom of the cells for “d” and “o.” So on the cell with “d,” dot 8 (the one on the bottom right) will “blink,” so to speak, and in the cell with “o,” dot 7 with “blink,” dot seven being the dot on the bottom left of that cell. So you have two dots from two different cells directly next to each other blinking up and down, signifying that the blinky cursor is between those two cells or letters. It’s very clever and handy.

So anyway, this was probably WAY more in depth and complicated than you ever wanted, but here you go and hopefully it makes sense. XD Feel free to come by with further questions!

Webcam/Stuart Twombly Smut

Originally posted by dylanholyhellobrien

Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

I’m working on requests but this idea popped in my head.

Part 2

I was sat down at my desk in my apartment getting some work done. Then I heard her voice, I didn’t know where it was coming from. Until I closed my tabs and saw her, she was on the phone. She was sat at her desk in her bedroom. I had no idea what was happening, I thought maybe she accidentally called me. So I tried to talk to her but she was either oblivious or she couldn’t see or hear me. Then it hit me what happened.

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storm ; [yoonmin || bts]


Pairing: Park Jimin x Min Yoongi
Genre: angst, kinda smut
Music: first love - BTS / sad piano music tbh
Plot: Jimin’s caught out in a storm, and forced to park his car in a nearby neighbourhood. By chance, he crosses paths with his former lover, Yoongi, and feelings of bitterness, regret, and lust emerge in the tight space of Jimin’s car.

Notes: first time writing angst, first time writing for bts, and first time posting to tumblr so forgive me if the writing sucks or there’s weird formatting errors. anyone have any tips on how tf formatting works?

Word Count: 3,600

The windshield wipers moved furiously, batting the rain out of the way. However, not a second later, it would be covered by the raindrops once more; whatever actions he did was futile against the aggressive storm. Wind howled outside, sending leaves flying from their branches, the thunder roaring in the distance, lighting flashing and illuminating the surrounding sky. The rain beat down on the roof of his car, loudly and angrily, similar to a kid throwing a tantrum. 

A loud clap of thunder made him jump in his own skin, and his hand yanked the steering wheel to the side, his car swerving onto the side of the road. 

Shit, he mentally cursed. Thank god there were no other cars on the highway, it was him and him alone, caught in the misfortune of driving home after a drunken party at one of his friends. The rain was falling down hard, blurring the windshield and his line of sight, therefore he had no choice but to turn out to the nearest exit. 

He kept driving for a while longer, praying that he wouldn’t get into an accident of any sort, before he parked the car to the side of the road in a small neighbourhood. 

Checking his phone, he opened up the maps to see where he was. It had turned out that he was in a neighbourhood an hour away from his place, and he sighed knowing that he could never get home safely, with how terrible the current weather was. His fingers dancing on the screen, he had opened up the messages app and was furiously typing away to his roommate Hoseok, attempting to explain why he wasn’t home yet. Just as he finished the message and pressed send, the signal bar on his phone glitched a couple times, before the two words ‘No Service’ sent his heart dropping down to his stomach. 

He wasn’t much of a curser, but he felt like one when a string of angry swears fell out of his mouth. They sounded bizarre coming from him, his sweet, angelic voice producing bitter words of frustration at the weather that was hindering him from returning home. 

The watch on his wrist showed the time, the two hands forming eight thirty three. 

Knowing that he had no choice but to sleep out here in the car as the storm showed no signs of ceasing, he groaned internally, slumping down in his seat. Unbuckling his seat belt, he attempted to make himself more comfortable, preparing for a night in the cramped space of his vehicle. 

Leaning back into his seat, he started playing a random mobile game he had downloaded a while back, fingers silently tapping at the screen, a grimace on his face each time he died. He continued playing, attempting to kill time, before a sign flashed on his phone, showing that he was low on battery. 

With a sigh, he put his phone down to conserve battery life. Seeing as it was somewhat stuffy in the car, he rolled the window down a slight crack, letting drips of rain, accompanied by fresh air in. 

It was then that he was hit by the smell of cigarettes. The musty stench of smoke invaded his nostrils, and he cringed as a certain memory wormed its way back into his brain. 

Yoongi, he thought, before shaking his head furiously to get rid of said thought. No, he told himself, stop, don’t think about Yoongi.

He leaned closer to the window, the tip of his nose touching the cold glass, rain dripping onto his pastel pink hair as he peered out to see who in the world would be smoking during a storm. 

His eyes made out a figure a few meters away, thin, arm wrapped around his leather clad body seemingly to keep himself warm, a cigarette resting between his lips, shielded from the storm by a tree he was standing next to, and his hand, covering it as to prevent the wind from snuffing it out. He squinted his eyes, looking more closely, trying to make out the facial features of the person that so closely reminded him of… him.

“Jimin. Get a grip.” he told himself out loud, trying to wipe the thought out of his mind. Please, he silently added. Turning his attention back to the stranger, he watched their movements, looking closely as he inhaled the smoke of his cigarette, the same matter being released out after a few seconds. 

“Fuck!“ he heard them swear, and their voice was so hauntingly familiar -  he had heard the same voice spit out curses and insults like a machine gun, fast and vicious. “Damn this stupid storm, the fuck is this dumbass weather?!” they hissed, obviously furious, before taking a long draw of their slowly disintegrating cigarette, huffing out the smoke along with a string of curses. This time, they noticed the curious gaze of a certain pink haired boy, and their eyes met, a shiver being sent down Jimin’s spine at the eye contact.

He didn’t know what possessed him to do so, but it was clearly something as he opened his car door with a creak, stepping out gingerly, taking small but careful steps towards the other.

Black. Black leather pants, most likely going to be ruined by the rain, the same applying to the black leather jacket he was wearing. He was shivering, and you could almost hear his teeth chatter as he shook in the rain, mint green hair soaked and sticking to his pale white skin, his eyes,



No, not those eyes. A brown so dark that they were almost black, empty, dull and so cold that they could freeze an entire ocean, they belonged to the one and only Min Yoongi.



Dear god, what did I ever do to deserve this? he wondered, as he heard his own name leave Yoongi’s lips. Oh, his lips. Pale and pink and smooth like the rest of him, he was beautiful in every sense of the word.

“You’re smoking again.” he coughed out; it was the only thing he could think of to say.

“I never stopped,” was Yoongi’s reply. “You dyed your hair. Pink suits you.”

He shivered. He wasn’t very cold, he hadn’t been out in the rain for long and he had on a thick jacket, however he felt himself freeze at his past lover’s words.

“Thanks.” he muttered, his words barely audible over the wailing of the storm.

There was silence between them, the tension so thick that you could’ve cut it with a knife, before finally the older of the two spoke up, his burnt out cigarette slipping through his fingers and landing on the ground, before the sole of his shoe pressed down on it out of habit.

“Do you mind if I join you in the car? I would be home right now but the storm fucked me up and my phone’s dead.” he asked, his gaze remaining on the rose haired boy standing a meter or so away from him.

Yes, yes in fact I do mind, Jimin wanted to reply, but instead awkwardness took over his speech and he replied with a quiet: “Sure, I guess.”

The two went over to his car, and they stepped in, Yoongi immediately taking off his leather jacket which was drenched in water, tossing it aside. Jimin forced his eyes away from the toned muscles on Yoongi’s arms, smooth and perfect as Yoongi had held him - but it was all in the past, and he needed to stop thinking about it.

However, it was all too real, when Yoongi glanced at Jimin, mouth slightly open, trying to form the right words to say, his body language reeking of confidence however through his eyes you could see hurt and a desperate need for affection, despite him trying to hide it with his stone cold attitude. Unlike Jimin, Yoongi was a born liar, and Jimin knew that all too well.

Jimin, on the other hand was the opposite. Even after months of no contact, Yoongi could easily read him like a book, and he could still see the hurt and betrayal written on Jimin’s face, and the sight made his heart hurt, guilt being doused over his mind like kerosene and set ablaze, burning in agony.

He ignored the feeling, however. Yoongi was never one for feelings, he despised them with a passion. That had led to him shattering Jimin; frail, sweet little Jimin, innocent, caring, who had loved Yoongi with all his heart, yet had been let down, hurt - shattered and torn apart by the very same person.

The pieces never fell back together.

And Yoongi knew that, he knew that all too well when the minutes of silence that had passed was finally broken by a shaky whimper, proceeded by a single word, why.

“Why?” Jimin had asked, however he received no reply from the green haired male sitting next to him, in the passenger seat.

“Why what?” Yoongi asked back, although the truth was, he knew exactly what Jimin had meant, however he didn’t want to answer it, he couldn’t since he didn’t even know the answer himself.

Jimin didn’t know what to ask either, therefore he stayed mute.

Why did you cheat on me? he wanted to scream. Why did you fuck Taehyung? He was my best friend, you know? You knew that, Yoongi. You knew that. So why did you fuck him? And… And you had the nerve to blame it on me, as well! You accused me of sleeping with Tae even when I saw you two pressed against each other on my bed, and then you told me to fuck off when I told you what I had seen.

You said I was being overly dramatic. You called me miserable, desperate, horrible names that hurt me, and even when I was crying and begging for you to just stop, just s t o p, you continued and then you left. You left, you packed your bags and went out the door, and you never came back. I heard you blocked my number, I heard you started dating Namjoon within a week after our breakup. Yoongi, why him? Why Taehyung, why Namjoon? Why me? Why?

All those thoughts were jumbled and messy, similar to the tears that began flowing down his face, and he sniffed loudly, fingers searching the car for something to wipe away the tears.

He still looks like an angel, Yoongi thought, and he reached out, he took his thumb and wiped away the salty streaks that ran down Jimin’s face. Jimin, who’s eyes were red and puffy and bloodshot, who’s tears were streaming down his face rapidly, like a waterfall, Yoongi’s finger carefully wiping them aside, something he wished he had done in the past. He wasn’t one to regret, but not doing so was so fucking regrettable, he hated himself for not comforting Jimin when he cried, and even more so because he was the reason Jimin cried.

Yoongi was a shitty person, and everyone knew that. Everyone besides Jimin, although perhaps he had known but instead chose to ignore it out of love. The thought of that made Yoongi wince, thinking of the pain he had caused.

“I’m sorry.” Yoongi apologized, his hand cupping Jimin’s cheek. He brought Jimin closer to him, burying the younger’s head in his chest.

Jimin kept crying, his tears soaking through Yoongi’s shirt, his tshirt that smelled of rain, of cigarettes and of him, the smell not having changed even slightly, and it was then that he realized how much he missed Yoongi. Stop, he once more told himself, but it was weaker than the previous times. He was in such close proximity to Yoongi that he just simply couldn’t, he couldn’t think, he couldn’t breathe, he just couldn’t.

“Baby,” Yoongi spoke, his voice rough, tired, filled with exhaustion, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. You know I am, you know that I regret it so badly, Jimin - babe, please.” He ran a hand through Jimin’s soft locks, the other around his back, holding him closely, just like he wished he did.

Removing himself from Yoongi’s embrace, he looked into his eyes, darker than black, full of regret and shame, while his own full of sorrow and want. Their faces and lips were just mere centimetres apart, but Yoongi should’ve still waited. He should’ve waited, waited for Jimin to make the first move if Jimin decided to.

But he was Yoongi, and Yoongi was selfish. He was cold, careless, and ignored whatever common sense he had left, instead connecting their lips.

Jimin had mirrored Yoongi’s lips almost instantly, he kissed back gently, their lips clashing, Jimin’s soft, plump ones moving against Yoongi’s, smooth, and hungry, before the kiss turned rough, Yoongi desperately trying to access Jimin’s mouth as he took Jimin’s bottom lip between his own.

Yoongi was a scarily good kisser, which was the reason Jimin hesitated, because he knew that once he started, he couldn’t stop. Yoongi was a drug, and he was an addict, the craving for Yoongi coming back with full force after so long of an absence.

“Yoongi,” he gasped out in between kisses, their lips touching and moulding against one another, “h-hyung.”

That nickname drove Yoongi off the edge, his grip in Jimin’s hair tightened, a few strands sure to have been pulled loose, his tongue dancing with Jimin’s as he deepened the kiss, other hand pulling at Jimin’s jacket, opening his eyes for a split second to find out how to take it off, which he did soon after, the clothing being tossed to the side. His nimble fingers worked at Jimin’s shirt, navy blue striped and long sleeved. Yoongi ran his hands up and down Jimin’s body, caressing every curve and muscle, stroking his abs, before he lightly traced his index finger around Jimin’s nipple, pinching at it gently - just the way he knew Jimin liked it.

“Ahh - Yoongi, please - please don’t tease me like that.” Jimin begged, and Yoongi loved the sound of it, desperate, needy, Jimin wanting none other than his green haired friend.

Friend, ex lover, lover, whichever one it was, it didn’t seem to matter as Jimin moaned into the kiss, his hips grinding against Yoongi’s erection, who let out a strangled groan at the sudden movement.

Jimin was always the more vocal one, and Yoongi had always loved hearing Jimin scream his name. He was intent on hearing it once more, at least just once, he thought as his fingers unbuttoned and zipped down Jimin’s jeans, his erection obvious through the thin fabric of his boxers. Yoongi’s hand lightly stroked him through the cloth, moans and gasps escaping Jimin’s lips, which were now swollen as Yoongi broke off the kiss, instead trailing down towards his neck, pressing his lips slowly down Jimin’s smooth collarbone, a trail of nerves set alight where ever he went. Slowly, he took Jimin’s dewy skin in between his lips, gently sucking and nipping at the flesh, before he went in rougher, marking Jimin as his, marks of crimson and violet blooming on Jimin’s pale skin.

He loved the love bites that he could leave, he loved marking Jimin as his - except for, was Jimin really his anymore? The answer was made clear when Jimin pressed his lips into the crook of Yoongi’s neck, reciprocating with his own, Yoongi letting out small groans as Jimin attacked his neck, however much more gentle than the elder’s movements.

“Yoongi, hyung, I-” Jimin’s voice faltered into a moan as Yoongi’s skilled hands stroked Jimin’s hard, pulsing erection, palming it as Jimin gasped hard, thrusting his all too desirable hips into Yoongi’s palm, the precum leaving a small stain on his boxers.

“Jimin. Jimin, fuck, you have no idea what you do to me.” Yoongi hissed, his fingers hooking into the waistband of Jimin’s boxers, pulling them down, watching as Jimin’s erection was set free, pressing into the firm skin of his stomach.

Yoongi leaned in, pale pink lips kissing down Jimin’s dick, his tongue pressing flat against his length, running along every vein, feeling Jimin’s breath hitch, which urged him to continue, his lips wrapping around the head, a sharp intake of breath being heard from Jimin.

Jimin moaned as Yoongi’s skilled tongue swirled around his tip, before gently running down the length, taking his dick back in his mouth, bobbing his head up and down, before he went deeper, taking all of Jimin’s dick until it hit the back of his throat. He had done this so many times before, but the sensation felt new each time, he could feel Jimin’s hands tangle into his mint hair, pulling at it as he continued moving his mouth.

“Yoongi, I c-can’t-” Jimin moaned out in between gasps. Yoongi’s eyes glanced up, looking into Jimin’s, which were beginning to water.

“Jimin, angel-” Yoongi began, however he was cut off by a quiet sob.

“Yoongi, stop, you-” he choked out, taking a moment to cough and sniff a bit. “you can’t just do this. You can’t just hurt me and waltz back into my life like nothing happened.” Jimin stammered, a bit more firmly this time.

“Jiminie, sweetheart, you know I’m sorry-”

“No. No, you’re not. You’re not sorry, you never are.” the younger of the two cried out, his voice trailing off into a broken cry of anguish.

“Baby, I am. I really am, please believe me. You know I never meant what I said, I didn’t mean a single word of it.” his voice began cracking, Yoongi’s tough facade breaking apart, but Jimin knew better. It has been months, and he knew better than to give in to Yoongi’s sweet talk. It’s what he had done best, what made Jimin give in to his every demand, believe him, trust him - love him.

“You cheated on me with Tae. He was my best friend - you knew that. Do you know how I felt? Do you understand how much it hurt, when I walked in on your lips against his, and your bodies tangled together? I pretended I didn’t see that and a week later I asked you, I asked you if you had any feelings for Tae - I mean what else was I supposed to do? Turn a blind eye to it even though that was the reason I was up at night, crying? Crying because you had fucked Tae the previous night on the bed we shared? You didn’t notice though. You didn’t even question the crying, since you never heard it. You weren’t even home, you’d be out late ‘practicing’, or was that screwing Tae as well?”

Jimin’s words turned harsh, and bitter at the end of his rant, all the bottled up feelings that he’s held in for so long bubbling to the surface in the form of a hateful, vicious anger.

Yoongi stayed silent, he had no idea what to say. He simply looked down into his lap, watching his hands nervously fiddle as he sat there in shame.

“I hadn’t talked to Tae since, but that Saturday when I asked you, you glared at me, and I remember these words clearly, you asked me, ‘What the fuck, Jimin? Just because you’re sucking his dick doesn’t mean I am.’ and that hurt. You knew I wasn’t. I would never cheat on you; I wouldn’t then, I wouldn’t now, and I still love you, that’s why it hurts so much. You wouldn’t ever understand though, would you? You couldn’t, you don’t ever truly love anyone - at least not me - and you couldn’t hurt.” Jimin finished, hot tears burning down his face, and this time Yoongi couldn’t wipe them away. He was shocked, motionless as he sat there, not knowing what to say.

He finally spoke up, voice defeated, quieter than usual: “I-I do love you. Jimin, you may not believe me, but I really do. I know what I did was horrible, and I said all those things because I was scared; I was a coward and Jimin, I’m sorry. Babe, please, I’m so sorry.”

“Yoongi, you had your chance, you had so many, and you know that. You could’ve apologized then, maybe even a week later, but don’t even get me started on Namjoon.” Jimin cried out, hurt fully taking over his soft features, and what was once a cheerful, happy boy, was now a betrayed, bitter soul, once warm eyes now filling with never-ending tears.

“Jimin, chimchim, please, I’m sorry, I’ll change, just please…” Yoongi had never felt so desperate before, but he could’ve been on his knees, begging. All pride and defiance in his character was gone, the only thing left was regret, and his love for Park Jimin, which was now tainted and destroyed by himself only.

“Yoongi… leave, please. I still love you, but you hurt me, and I simply can’t trust you anymore, so just leave, please.and so Yoongi did, not even bothering to grab his leather jacket, he simply opened the car door and walked out into the rain, letting the storm destroy him, the sky crying, its tears mixing with Yoongi’s salty tears that he shed as he walked away from Jimin, just like he did in the past, with his heart aching, an undeniable hatred for himself and his own mistakes pumping through his veins.

I’m sorry, Jimin. I’m so fucking sorry.

And this time he truly did mean it, but there was no one around to hear it anymore.

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Can you do a bughead sexting fic/dialogue thingy? Thank you thank you thank you (you're the coolest)

So sorry this took so long! Thank you so much for sending me a prompt! I hope this turns out to what you had in mind :)

It had been three weeks since Jughead Jones had left for New York City for a high school writing internship. Both Betty and himself were glad except the absence had left a whole in each of their lives. The need for each other had become so strong that Betty decided to take things into her own hands.

B: Jughead c’mon

J: No. I refuse.

B: But you’re a writer

J: So?

B: This is right up your alley, and I miss you.

J: I miss you too but this is too dangerous, I text Archie with this phone! Archie!!!

B: But we’ve done dangerous before…

J: I know babe but this is like a whole new level, like I am not equipped for this

B: Oh I think you’re more than equipped

If you know what I mean

J: Ugh you disgust me

B: No I don’t ;)

J: Yeah you’re right, I’m very equipped.

I mean if only we weren’t a hundred miles apart

I mean think of the possibilities

B: I already am

J: Oh like what?

B: It’s pathetic, you don’t wanna hear about it

J: I’m sure it’s not and I do want to hear about it

B: Okay

It’s just it’s becoming very hard not to think about you

J: I hear I have that affect on people

B: I’m serious 

I cried in the shower this morning 

J: What were you doing in the shower?

B: I just was there thinking about you, about all of you…

J: And?

B: And my mind kept imagining you there in the shower with me, and I just stood there, up against the tiles with my hand between my legs, and when I came I cried, because you weren’t the one doing it

It’s pathetic

J: That’s not pathetic 

I think about you too over here

B: Really?

J: Hell yeah

I’m fucking Betty’s Cooper’s idiot boyfriend who took an internship when he could be with Betty Cooper. In Bed. In the shower. In the storage room at pop’s. You name it.

B: Tell me what you to want to do to me right now

J: I want to taste you.

I miss it. I miss everything about it.

B: How would you do it, if you were here with me now?

J: Well that depends, I need details, where are you, what are you doing, what are you wearing hmmm?

B: Well I’m in my bed, obviously ;) and if you must know, I’m wearing your old blue flannel that you let me keep, and a bit of lace.

J: If I were there the lace would already be on the fucking ground

B: And then what?

J: This is obscene Betty

B: “Everybody says sex is obscene. The only true obscenity is war.”

J: Are you quoting Henry Miller to me Cooper?

B: What if I am?

J: Well if you were I don’t think I’d be able to resist, not with your voice forming the words

B: “To have her here in bed with me, breathing on me, her hair in my mouth—I count that something of a miracle.”

J: You’re SO lucky I don’t have a roommate

B: Oh really, why’s that?

J: You fucking know why

B: Tee-hee

J: Betty fucking Cooper I swear to god

B: Oh c’mon. Tell me more about it, what’s in your head big boy? You can’t only be writing investigative fiction in that laptop of yours. Indulge me.

Jughead hesitated at the notion but in seconds his fingers were on the keys and as the words flew from his mind and weaved into sentences his pants grew tighter.

J: The smell of you is ridden in my thoughts. The memories invade my mind through these days without you in my bed. The picture in-between your legs is one I long to capture.  The tones of cream and pink against your blonde hair excite me. To have you surround me again, in your warmth, would be a privilege. But now the act to touch feels like my birthright.

Betty’s breath hitched as her eyes scanned the words. He had caught her off guard. He came in, full swinging, making her heart rate quicken as she stared at the blinking curser on her phone. Minutes passed before she had realized she hadn’t responded.

J: What? Cat’s got your tongue?

A smirk grew unto Jughead’s face as he saw Betty’s typing bubble go up and down. ‘His words definitely did the trick’ he thought to himself.

B: No, but you do.

J: “I want to undress you, vulgarize you a bit.”

B: Henry Miller’s words suite you, Juggie.

At the mention of his nickname suddenly had him imagining her saying it over and over again as his lips ran up her…

J: The rise and pull of your hips sends a ripple down my spine. My blood warms as my lips travel higher and higher…

The text found Betty in a comprising position. Her eyes closed as she pictured the sight of his black waves in her hands as he ran his tongue along the sensitive skin, teasing at the main attraction.

B: Juggie

Please keep going

J: My fingernails seep deeper into your thighs as you cry out for me. Say it for me.

B: Juggie

J: Again

B: Juggie

J: As my lips brush up your flesh I leave tracks of red, pink, and purple. Your breaths quicken and you writhe against my sheets as my head finds itself in between your legs. My tongue brushes up against your clit until I sink deeper. You’re so wet. And you taste just like I remember and somehow more addicting than I can handle.

B: What do I taste like?

J: The taste of strawberries and lemon run against my tongue. The tang left in my mouth makes me want more. You quiver against me. I can feel the twinge in your nerves and the rhythm of your core pulsing against me.

Betty’s hands had sneaked under the black lace and she ran her fingers across her clit as she read over his words.

B: Juggie, I’m close.

Jughead let out a growl as he thought of her hands going where he belonged.

J: My tongue curls against your walls and my hand sneaks over to your clit. I hear you beg to let go as my thumb circles your clit and my fingers find your favorite spot. I pump harder until you’re screaming.

Betty felt her walls clench up around her fingers.

J: You’re legs tighten around my head as you tense up around me. The taste of you runs on my tongue and I look up to find your eyes fluttering.

Both Betty and Jughead lied in their sheets, Betty undone and Jughead pulsing under his hands. Jughead came as he saw the words pop up on his phone.

B: And my eyes open to the mischievous blue-eyed boy over me. There’s nothing more that I want than to see the sight.

I love you.

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hey, do you have any curses for abusive parents to feel the pain they've inflicted? my siblings still live with them, so the curse would have to only affect my parents

I would really avoid using curses on your parents while your siblings are still there. I say this because if things go downhill for your parents, they may take it out on your siblings. Because thats what abusive people do. Please do what you can do get your siblings out of that situation if you can. Below are abuse hotlines if needed.


If you are under 18:
National Child Abuse Hotline
1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453)

Over 18:
National Domestic Abuse Hotline
1-800-787-3224 (TTY)

Now instead of cursing, there are a few things you can do. You can try protection spells, to protect your siblings from your parents. You can also do healing spells on them, to help heal trauma. Like below:

Now if you are really insistent on cursing, here are a few below. This is really just a small section of the curses you could use, so if you want to browse my curse tag… feel free. It is quite large, so have fun! 

Either way, good luck! I really hope they make it out of the situation ok, and that you can be rid of them as well too. <3



10) CARRIE (Brian De Palma 1976): The seminal horror film from Brian De Palma is King’s original mind bending story of bullying gone wrong. Sissy Spacek might have been a little too old for the role of a high school girl. But the performances of Piper Laurie as Carrie’s insane mother, and Betty Buckley as the gym teacher add class to the entire film. A great career start from John Travolta and Nancy Allen, the scene that has made the film famous might have been lampooned so many times, but it’s still a piece of cinematic genius. From the awkward and slightly perverted opening to the big shock at the end, De Palma is clearly in love with the story and wants to make a film that is about women, that both genders can enjoy. He succeeds. (Based on the novel “Carrie”)

9) STAND BY ME (Rob Reiner 1986): A classic story of childhood features brilliant performances from the young cast. Based on the third novella in the compendium Different Seasons. The touching story of a group of children that discover a dead body. Something that could be seen as a pre-curser to Danny Boyle’s Shallow Grave, the story has no pretensions of being anything other than a beautiful ode to growing up. Richard Dreyfuss classes up the whole film with his cinematic stature. But the entire film hinges on the likeability of the young actors, it might only be Keifer Sutherland that actually gained a career after the film, and the tragic loss of River Phoenix make for upsetting viewing, but the entire film is beautiful. (Based on the novella “The Body” from Different Seasons)

8) SECRET WINDOW (David Koepp 2004): From the outset a rather incidental film from all involved, but actually a hidden gem in the catalogue of King adaptations, Koepp films and Depp performances. Depp plays a writer who is accused by a strange man, John Tuturro, of stealing his story. The thriller builds on two great central performances. Once from an incredibly sinister Tuturro and another from Depp on fine form before his apparent downfall. This film might, yet, prove to be the last great Depp performance and if that be, well it’s a decent enough performance, twitchy, worried and desperate. The film builds to an inevitable twist, and your reaction really depends on how much you read and understand film cliches. (Based on the novella “Secret Window, Secret Garden” from Four Past Midnight.)

7) THE DEAD ZONE (David Cronenberg 1983): Christopher Walken plays a man who after a horrific accident is able to see a person’s future by touching them. What follows is a part horror film, part superhero origin story and part political thriller. Walken, like Spacek in Carrie, does great as someone trying to understand what has happened to him and what is going to continue happening to him. Martin Sheen plays the politician with a heart of absolute black and perfectly plays the role of villain. While in lesser hands Sheen would be the hero and Walken the villain, Cronenberg mounts a thrilling horror film with building tension. Not one of his showier films, but one of the more enjoyable and with a brilliantly understated central performance by Walken, who reigns in his mannerisms to play the meek and mild Johnny Smith gives one of his career bests. (Based on the novel “The Dead Zone”.)

6) THE MIST (Frank Darabont 2007): The first of three Darabont films to make it on the list, this tense supernatural monster movie pits a group of New England townsfolk against a a sinister mist and the monster that lie within it. Darabont plays down the monsters outside for the monsters inside with a host of brilliant character actors showing their worth: Thomas Jane and Nathan Gamble play father and son to great success, with William Sadler and Marcia Gay Harden providing villainous support, Laurie Holden, Toby Jones and Andre Braugher also class up the proceedings. The ending is either a stroke of brilliance, or a let down depending how invested you are in the characters, but as a tense inspection of how society breaks down under pressure, it’s pure brilliance. (Based on the novella “The Mist” from Skeleton Crew).

5) APT PUPIL (Bryan Singer 1998): A brilliant study in evil, and the corruption of two people with souls already rotting to the core, Apt Pupil casts Brad Renfro as the all American apt pupil of the title, and Ian McKellen as the nazi down the road hiding in plain sight. In Todd Bowden, Renfro gives a performance that should stand up alongside the likes of Malcolm McDowell’s Alex De Large or even Ezra Miller’s Kevin. McKellen already a respected actor sinks his thespian teeth into the role of Arthur Denker, and later his true identity of Kurt Dussander. While David Schwimmer might look a little out of place in this broiling tension filled thriller, McKellen keeps everything grounded with his sublime performance. The scene in which McKellen marches in a nazi uniform is particularly unsettling. (Based on the novella “Apt Pupil” from Different Seasons).

4) MISERY (Rob Reiner 1990): That moment all writer’s hate - when someone approaches you and tells you that they’re your biggest fan. Psycho fanboys threatening death because you botched the latest issue of Spider-Man have got nothing on Annie Wilks played to perfection by Kathy Bates, with James Caan as famed novelist Paul Sheldon who writes the Misery Chastain books. Clearly drawing on his own nightmare scenarios, King’s novel proved to be an unsettling chiller, but under the direction of Reiner who had success years earlier with Stand By Me, mounts a tense almost two person drama about an obsessive fan, and a writer at the end of his tether. Bates’ Academy Award win has gone on to become a benchmark in female villains and in the “bunny boiler” subset. The scene involving a sledge hammer, James Caas, and an ankle makes for one of the most wince inflicting moments in cinema. (Based on the novel “Misery”).

3) THE GREEN MILE (Frank Darabont 1999): One of two King prison drama, the second of three Darabont films, and a supernatural story about the goodness one man can bring all come to the forefront of this moving drama. Death row officers Tom Hanks, David Morse, Barry Pepper and Jeffrey DeMunn are at their wits end with the obnoxious Doug Hutchinson. The inmates, Michael Jeter and Graham Greene are all put out of sorts with the arrival of Michael Clarke Duncan’s towering John Coffey convicted of raping and murdering two little girls. This epic film, featuring Sam Rockwell, Gary Sinise, James Cromwell, Patricia Clarkson, William Sadler and Dabbs Greer all offer brilliant performances, but the film belongs to Hanks and Duncan who both give career bests. The film builds to a gentle climax and the finale leaves you in floods of tears. Darabont’s sensitive direction, as well as another brilliant score from Thomas Newman make for a long, poetic and beautiful experience. (Based on the novel “The Green Mile”).

2) THE SHINING (Stanley Kubrick 1980): Considered by some to be the ultimate horror film, Kubrick’s adaptation of the King’s most infamous novel makes many differences from the novel but offers a different take on the same idea. Jack Nicholson takes a job as a winter caretaker for the Overlook Hotel and brings his wife and young son along. What follows is a terrifying journey into the psyche of a man haunted by vice, conflicted by anger and hunted by the spirits of The Overlook. Scatman Crothers is brilliant as Dick Halloran, but the film is all about Nicholson’s simmering performance. Of course the greatest moment comes from an almost gentle conversation in a bathroom between Nicholson’s Jack and Philip Stone’s Delbert Grady. A simple conversation that grows and grows as fear becomes more and more. With the legacy of the film as well as the death of Kubrick it’s unlikely we’ll see a film based on Doctor Sleep anytime soon, the changes made from novel to film would need Kubrick himself to decide how to do it. Which is a shame, because Kubrick’s Doctor Sleep would have been quite the film. (Based on the novel “The Shining”).

1) THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION (Frank Darabont 1994): Of course it has to be the number one, the enduring favourite of any film buff. Accused of a crime he may or may not have committed, Tim Robbins’ Andy Dufrense shows up at Shawshank prison and befriends Morgan Freeman’s life timer and “only guilty man in Shawshank” Red. The friendship is the centre of this moving drama film which offers the idea that fear can hold you prisoner, but hope can set you free. Clancy Brown, Willam Sadler and Bob Gunton all class up the proceedings, with a brilliant Thomas Newman score and the soothing tones of Freeman’s narration letting us know we’re in safe hands. Gunton’s Warden Norton might go down, along with Grady, Mrs Carmody and Annie Wilks are one of the great Stephen King villains, here is played with just the right amount of malice and cruelty, but still a believable menace. The final scene might not be what King fans would want, but it perfectly ends a film that is, essentially, a love story between two guys. (Based on the novella “Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption” from Different Seasons).


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