not a crow


the dregs meme: [5/5] scenes

“What do we do, Kaz?”
“Wait,” he said as the sound grew louder.
“How about ‘take cover ’?” Nina asked, bouncing nervously from foot to foot. “‘Have heart’? ‘I stashed twenty rifles in this convenient shrubbery’? Give us something.”
How about a few million kruge?” said Kaz.
A tank rumbled over the hill, dust and gravel spewing from its treads. Someone was waving to them from its gun turret – no, two someones. Inej and Wylan were yelling and gesturing wildly from behind the dome.
Nina let out a victorious whoop as Matthias stared in disbelief. When Nina looked at Kaz, she couldn’t quite believe her eyes. “Saints, Kaz, you actually look happy.”
Don’t be ridiculous,” he snapped. But there was no mistaking it. Kaz Brekker was grinning like an idiot.


Okay so we all talk about how Kaz adopted Wylan but we forget how Inej basically did the same??

“… sweet Wylan who deserved more than this filth for a father.” – Actual Inej Ghafa quote referring to Jan Van Eck


“He broke into a grin, but it slipped sideways when he said, “Sorry about my father.”
Inej pulled him into a hug and whispered, “We are not our fathers.””

Inej Ghafa the supreme mom™ everyone

Summer: Wow, it’s really coming down. Hope the Inn isn’t too far from here.

Qrow: Yeah, i’m freezing myah…ah–AAAHCHOO! -shivers- …my ass off.

Summer: Hey! Don’t catch a cold! Raven will kick MY ass all over Vale if we show up to meet them and you’re sick! You just had to leave your coat back in the dorm room!

Qrow: It’s too much added weight! I travel light! -watches Summer glare at him and sniffs- Well, what do you propose? I don’t assume you have another cloak hidden in there somewhere? -scans Summer sarcastically-

Summer: -shoves him and pouts-…No, but…-pulls her hood down- you can get smaller. Come on. -pats her shoulder-

Qrow: What? You sure you want me to–

Summer: -pats again- We don’t have all day, bird boy. -smirks- Get your tail feathers up here so that I can put my hood back up.

Qrow: -smirks back and plants a quick kiss on her cheek- You’re the best, Short-Stack. -changes form and lands on her shoulder without haste-

Summer: -throws her hood back up- Alright, lets keep moving before it gets any worse out here.

Crow Qrow is so fun to draw interacting with Summer.

Like the stupid teenager he is, Qrow is too cool for things like ‘a jacket’. When it rains on a mission or on campus, he usually either sucks it up, or if he’s lucky and Summer is around, snuggles up under her hood in his avian form.