not a crow

The Dregs response to being stabbed
  • Matthias: “Rude!”
  • Nina: “Oh no, I’m allergic”
  • Inej: “Not again”
  • Kaz: “Do you want this back or can I keep it?”
  • Wylan: “Sure it’s the thought that counts and I appreciate the sentiment but does this gift come with a receipt”
  • Jesper: “Wouldn’t it have been hilarious if I just flew back like balloons do when you pop ‘em? Can you even imagine? God. Just. Do it again, pretend the first time didn’t happen. Come on. Please”

Mystery Scribble Theater Monday: Comic #4 is GO!

Jonah just wants to help. Crow ain’t havin’ it. Of course, let’s think about how much time Crow has spent alone… He might not be quite ready to deal with another human yet.

Fun stuff:

~ That’s a C-3PO leg. I have no idea where he got it.
~ Anyone remember what old 90′s modems sounded like trying to get online? THAT IS CROW’S VOICE RIGHT NOW.
~ Crow being protective of his smaller brother Tom makes my heart happy.
~ Those are not random 1′s and 0′s. He’s saying something.

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yourknightofvoid  asked:

you said that the crows only help people out of love, so I ask you: What happens when someone gains the favour and love of crows, manages to hold on to it, and then leaves them forever after graduation. Would the crows be pained, feel indifferent or betrayed? Would they let the human get away?

The crows don’t play games. You are here, or you are not. You are loved, or you are not. You are free, or you are not - but if you are not, it is not because of the crows. They do not play games.