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Oh look, I drew a little cracky comic in my sketchbook! Inspired of course by FBI’s finest, the super empath Will Graham who can sense a criminal’s motivations and most intimate feelings just by looking at their crime scenes.

Unless, of course, that criminal wants to get into his pants

Hamilton: You see us as you want to see us–in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is a brain…
Lafayette: and an athlete…
Mulligan: and a basket case…
Laurens: a princess…
Burr: and a criminal…

I just wanted to draw Lin in that pose tbh.

Oh you know what sucks? The Hamilton doc was available globally last weekend but I didn’t finish watching it. When I checked again today, it was unavailable in my region )-: I’m so bummed, that emoji had a nose.

Two Adventure Time Theories about Martin Mertens

The Islands Mini Series Episode ‘Min and Marty’ really made me think about Martin. Everything we’ve seen about him before tells us he’s a dreadful person.

A con artist. A criminal who got locked up in the Citadel. Utterly neglectful of Finn. 

Then Islands show us he used to be a pretty good father. Still a conman but willing to fight to protect his son, and married to a loving wife.

What the heck happened to him?

I’ve got two theories. One much more plausible than the other but still, I think both are interesting. Also only theories. For the most part I’m guessing. This might be long one.

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So according to the LAPD I am a criminal because I posses

  • paint stained hoodies, shoes, bandanas, and gloves
  • fat markers
  • shoe polish
  • stencils
  • a backpack full of art supplies
  • a notebook full of drawings
  • and drawings on my wall

That’s funny because I swear that meant I was an artist that doesn’t like getting paint on my skin or in my lungs and that likes to keep my boots polished

But what the fuck do I know. Apparently I’m a criminal.




she was the creator of @madelyn-brown, @sc-meb, @rei-x, @raifen-x, @madelynxiii, AND @i-hope-you-fall-apart (maybe more) BUT!


sisters, lucy harmon and alexandra harmon (pics 2,4) as @lucyissolucky and @alex-x-x

and ikiga norman reifushka (pic 3) as @ikinore 

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last fic you read? (would you rec it to us?)

the goon squad’ by kingkiwi :) i’ve… recced it before on this blog actually xD amazing fic tbh, graffitti artists and a café and cute ot7 dynamics where everyone wants to protect jimin, seokjin’s neighbours are amazing, and jungkook is jimin’s Petty Criminal Bf lmfao :’)

i was re-reading their ‘writers’ series bc i was missing it so much ahaha :’)


Robbaery Week. White Collar Criminals AU. In which both Margaery and Robb are con artists that keep tabs on each other’s work (and have this flirty-rivalry thing going on) until there’s a major heist opportunity and they team up.

“No” he says, roundly. Honestly, Margaery wants to slap him. “Look, I’m all about screwing Lannister Incorporated,” technically, they’d be stealing from Cersei Lannister’s private collection only, but she doesn’t point that out. “…but I’m not working with Tarly”.

“Why the hell not?” she demands. Granted, Dickon Tarly is not her favorite person in the world, and she much rather deal with his brother Sam (hell of a hacker, that one), but surely Stark must see the benefits of having him as the muscle.

“I’ll tell you why not. First,” he says, holding up his finger “I’ve worked with Dickon Dickhead before, he doesn’t like me. Second, what he does like are guns and using them. He will hurt someone, I assure you” Margaery starts to protest but he cuts her “His methods are tactless, crass and violent. To join forces with him would be an insult to both your intelligence and my abilities.”

Well, fuck. He touched a nerve there, and judging by his smile, he knows it.

“That heart of yours is gonna be bad for business” she says, suppressing a sigh.

“Oh, don’t I know it” He answers, and there’s a strange gleam to his eyes as he looks at her.

How it all came to be | Roman X Neo | RWBY

Cinder sighed and shook her head. “Roman, your men are failing, you need a partner.”

“I don’t need a need a partner, I can just borrow-” Before Roman could finish his sentence Cinder interrupted him.

“Emerald and Mercury serve me, they do the job I tell them to.” Cinder paused emphasizing ‘I’. “You need someone that will serve just you.”

Roman groaned. Is she seriously telling him to find to find a partner? Well, it’s either a partner or Cinder kicking him out of the plan. And he did not want that.

And so, word spread, around every criminal and con-artist, that the infamous Roman Torchwick was looking for a partner. Roman, with the help of his useless men, set up a shady building in the outskirts of town so anyone who wanted to join Roman could try out there. Roman thought this was going to be easy, oh, how wrong he was.

A week later, no partner. It was really driving him crazy. It’s just that everyone that stumbled upon him were weak and useless. How was he supposed to find a partner that might actually be good for something?

But then, she came.

The doors of the empty building opened and a girl, known as Neopolitan walked in. She was smiling and dragging what seemed to be a parasol in one hand. She looked to be very tiny. Roman scoffed at the sight of the girl. There was no way Roman is hiring someone that looked like a little girl.

“You’re not lost…are you?” Roman asked the girl.

The girl just shook her head, still wearing that smile. The smile and the look in her eyes was all that Roman needed. Somehow, he knew she was here for the job. But why does a girl such as her want to be a criminal?

“Are you actually here for the job?” Roman raised an eyebrow and soon he got a nod from her. “Are you sure? I mean, just look at you! Could you be any smaller? Can you even fight? And what’s with that umbrella in your hand? Are you going to protect me from the sun? I’m not sure how a nuisance like you is going to be any help for me. You’ll just get in the way.”

Neopolitan, still grinning, walked up to Roman. Okay, he did not feel good about that smug grin. Besides that grin, wow, was she tiny! Roman was getting kind of worried that she’ll sprain her neck because of looking up at him. Her size said kid, but her eyes said fight.

Roman sighed. “Okay, tell you what. You’ll get the job if you manage to get my hat away from me.”

Neo grinned even more and nodded. Not really the speaking type, huh?

Roman smirked, grabbed her by the arm and twirled her around, as if they were dancing. “I won’t go easy on you, pink.” He whispered and dipped her.

Neo saw the chance and she took it. She kicked him in the stomach and he backed away. The girl quickly regained her balance, not phased at all. His little tricks won’t work on her.

“So that’s how you’re going to be. Okay, I don’t mind.” He raised his cane and shot at her.

Neo quickly dodged the bullet. Impressive. Roman shot again, but she still dodged. He kept shooting and shooting, thinking he can take her down, but Neo dodged every bullet. Roman eventually got frustrated and ran closer to her. He was about to hit her with his cane, but she quickly blocked it with her parasol. She smirked and seemed to giggle. Without making a noise, that is. The two soon started sparring with their weapons. To be honest, it was a hilarious sight.

After a few moments of sparring Neo finally thought it was the perfect moment to do her thing. He won’t expect it, no one would. She quickly ran back and opened her parasol.

Roman chuckled. “Running already?”

Neo grinned and saw him shoot. She bowed and let the bullet hit her. Before Roman could be proud with his victory, Neo shattered to pieces, leaving him confused. He carefully looked at the pieces, but then felt something hover over his head. Roman barely got any time to react, because just in a flash his hat was flicked off his head and a sharp blade pressed against his back.

He let out a light chuckle. “Okay, ice cream, you win! You can back away now.” Roman said, but the blade never left. “Okay…I take back what I said about you being a nuisance.” The blade was still there. “Fine, you get the job!”

Neo backed away and put her blade back in her parasol, Romans hat on her head. Roman turned to face the girl, but only met with a grin. A very proud grin. He rolled his eyes and took his hat back, putting it on his head quickly.

“So, ice cream, got any stuff you need to pack?” Roman asked, trying to change the topic from his embarrassing loss.

Neo shook her head and pulled out a little handbag from behind her back.

Roman sighed and shook his head. “I won’t even ask where you got that from…”

This was going to be very crazy. Two people that have never fully worked in a team partnering up? Sounds like chaos, for sure. But deep inside, both of them knew, that this was a start of something great and they couldn’t wait to work together.

A/N: All of my watchers are probably annoyed by me

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Hi. For the prompt can you do Tomarry and "No its 'Protect and Serve' not 'Get Reckt and Swerve'"?

“So he said, ‘no, it’s ‘protect and serve’ not ‘get reckt and swerve’’,” Harry whined, flopping onto the sofa beside Tom. “Just because I said “suck it!” to a perp today! Sorry for being up-to-date on Muggle culture, Robards.”

“You told a perp to suck it?” Tom repeated, not glancing up from his book. “I’m sure criminals tremble at the sight of you now.”

“He was a Muggle-born graffiti artist–he got the point,” Harry said defensively. “He even went to high-five me but the other Aurors thought he was trying to hit me so he took five Stunning charms to the chest, poor kid.”

“Truly outstanding, the Auror team,” Tom said idly. 

“It gets better,” Harry grinned. “I told them all that dabbing was a move made up by the Muggle police–they’re all going to do it the next time they arrest someone.”

“I know letting you get the internet here was a bad idea.” 

Send me a pairing and a prompt?

Apparently For You

Hi! Could you maybe do a story of Spencer being attracted to and falling in love with an insecure overweight girl?

Ok, first time I request anything so I’m nervous but could you do a one-shot or imagine (whichever you prefer) of Reid meeting/dating an artist? (could be a photographer or a painter, you choose). It’s just there are a lot of him dating another agents or a librarian and I love them! But I think an visual artist would be a new great experience for Spencer. Thanks 😊

I can do this!  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

The first time Spencer saw you, it was in the park.  You were crouched down on your knees, your forehead dripping sweat from the hot summer sun as your body was shroud in sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt.

He was wondering why anyone would wear sweatpants in 90 degree heat.

But as he watched you snap picture after picture of a ladybug scurrying along a blade of grass, he realized that you probably wanted to be comfortable while contorting yourself to get the best pictures available.

It wasn’t until Garcia had dragged him to an art exposee after losing a bet that he realized it wasn’t a hobby.

Garcia had dragged him right into the middle of your debut showing.

Looking around at the photographs, the colors and black and whites filling the canvases hitched to the walls, he saw people bidding prices, your photographs of nature and silhouettes flying off of the walls as you closed deal after deal, a smile so big on your face that he saw you in the corner rubbing your cheeks.

And he noticed you were wearing a drape of a dress.

Usually one’s appearance didn’t strike him one way or another, but as a profiler he was prone to looking at every detail…

…especially with a subject that caught his eye.

As you catch his stare, recognition flaring across your face for an instant, it was all Spencer needed to reassure him that you had seen him in the park as well.

The park he found himself frequenting more and more these days.

But just as he went to approach you, a small woman tapped you on your shoulder, and as you spun around he saw something that he didn’t even see Garcia do, even in the tightest of dresses.

He saw your eyes flicker up and down her body before sucking in your stomach.

Was it possible to be taken by someone you had never spoken with?

Apparently for Spencer, it was.

He went to the park everyday on his lunch break for two weeks, hoping to get a glimpse of you after your art gallery showing to congratulate you on a successful evening.

But for two whole weeks, he hadn’t seen you.

The weather started to turn cooler, and the leaves started to change, and after an entire month of taking cases and traveling the country, he was desperate to get back to the park to see if you were there.

And as he walked up with his coffee and his sandwich, a smile spread wide across his face.

There you were, with your camera strap around your neck and your baggy clothes draping your body, your lens capturing the Autumn world around you as he sits down on the bench to unwrap his food to eat…

…oblivious to the camera bag sitting at the other end.

Snapping at the last of your subjects as you breathe a sigh of satisfaction, you inhale the fall air deeply before turning around and walking back to your bench.

But you stopped in your tracks when you saw him sitting there.

It had been almost two months since you had seen him at your gallery, and part of you was hoping you would see him again.

But part of you was hoping you weren’t.

As his face raises up to yours, his eyes holding your gaze as you slowly begin to walk over to the bench, you watch him fidget nervously as your heart slowly begins to plummet into your stomach.

He’s probably just here to enjoy his lunch.

Smiling weakly at him as he watches you approach, he catches your stare as he looks over at the bag on the other end of the bench, his eyes widening at what you were actually approaching as his heart drops into his toes.

You just wanted your camera bag.

“Sorry,” you chuckle breathlessly, reaching for your bag as you sling it over your shoulder.

“No no, I’m sorry,” Spencer breathes, trying to think of anything to make you stay.

But he watched your back turn to him as his lips stayed parted, with nothing but silence hanging between the two of you.

You just wanted to get out of here as quickly as possible.

You realized you would have to find another place.  Another place of solace, to take photos and not be bothered by your lingering eyes and your self-conscious motives.  Somewhere with men that didn’t have soothing brown eyes and hair you wanted to run your fingers through.  Somewhere with-

“Are you hungry?” Spencer blurts out.

The question ripped you from your thoughts as you quip the automatic response you had stored away in your mind…a coping mechanism for getting away in times like this so no one watched you feed the jiggling fat that was the stomach you always tried to hide.

“Nah, my body’s got enough to eat off of,” you breathe.

The sentiment made Spencer’s brow furrow deeply in confusion as his mouth starts to run away from him.

“Actually, studies show that when people skip meals thinking that their bodies are going to burn fat, their bodies actually go into a type of famine mode where any food they do take in is automatically stored as fat.”

The sentiment stopped you in your tracks as tears rise in your eyes.

“N-n-…not that you’re fat or anything,” Spencer adds as he peels the sandwich in half in his lap.

“Yes I am,” you whisper, your teary eyes looking down at your shabbily-cloaked body as the wind kicks up, the fabric of your clothes clinging to your body as it accentuate every roll and dip and ripple in your fat.

You just wanted to get home.

Grasping your camera bag as you hold it in front of your stomach, you sniffle lightly as you go to take another step away from the bench.

“You looked pretty at your opening,” Spencer blurts out again.

This time it was your turn to furrow your brow.

“I uh, I noticed how happy the opening made you.  A-a-and I’d say it was pretty successful, too, so uh…congratulations.  Your stuff.  It’s…it’s really beautiful.”

You feel your cheeks begin to flush lightly in embarrassment as you slowly turn your head towards the stranger.

Though, you began to debate if he really was a stranger at this point.

Was it possible to be smitten with someone you’d never talked to?

Apparently for you, it was.

Spencer quickly took stock of your posture: the camera bag in front of your stomach, the baggy clothes covering your body, the lightly red eyes coupled with the sniffle he heard earlier.

He was so used to being around confident people that he didn’t stop to think that maybe you weren’t.

“It takes someone truly amazing to capture that kind of beauty in this kind of world,” he says, his eyes glazing over for a second as he relives the horrors of the last case he just got off of.

And it didn’t go unnoticed by you.

“Please,” Spencer pleads as he holds out half of his sandwich to you.

You felt a light smile cross your face as you turn your body fully towards him.

“Alright,” you muse as a bright smile crosses Spencer’s face.

“Alright,” he breathes as you walk back to the bench, sitting down beside him with your camera bag in your lap as you take the sandwich from his hand.

Spencer knew what you were doing…trying to hide as much of yourself from him as you could.

He wondered the kind of life you had lived to bring you to such a self-conscious state…

Then, as he watches you take a bite, the small bit of sandwich being chewed over and over again, every one of your actions that he witnesses only serves to reinforce his original theory of you after seeing you at your gala:

It had always been this way for you.

And as the two of you sit there in the comfort of the light autumn wind, the tendrils of your hair whipping around as they are blown from the bun on your head, you see the mysterious man staring at you as he clears his throat.

“Spencer,” he breathes as you turn your gaze towards him.

“Hm?” you hum.

“My name.  It’s, uh, it’s Spencer,” he says before taking another bite of his half of the sandwich.

“Spencer,” you repeat, a smile crossing your lips before you swallow the bite you were chewing on.

“Y/N,” you say.

“I know,” Spencer nods.

“You do?” you ask lightly.

“The gallery,” Spencer chuckles.

“Oh.  Yeah,” you breathe in between your light snickers.

And as the two of you sit on the bench, taking in the beautiful leaves and the crisp air, Spencer realizes, as the two of you sink slowly into conversation, that you had not only started taking bigger bites of your food, but you eventually removed your camera bag and sat it back onto the bench.

The reprimand from Hotch for being late back to the office was worth the conversation…

…as well as the paper in his pocket that housed your phone number.

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are you really going to police a joke post about social justice thieves being "the shoplifting community" as a criminal issue ... and then add your two cents with "social justice bard" accompanied by a beyoncé pic? you need to take a step back. chill. take a joke before you make a joke. perspective. humor. *perspective* stop policing everything. please.

You know… sorry not sorry. I’d seen the post several times, so I assumed I knew what was under it and just reblogged it with Beyonce without really reading the comments between OP and mine. Beyonce is a social justice bard. She uses her platform as an artist and musician to address various aspects of social justice including feminism and BLM. That wasn’t a joke. That was pointing out an example. 

Then I was scrolling and actually noticed the shoplifting thing. I didn’t want to go back and reblog from the source for the sake of… whatever, so I just added the tags because it was easier. The so-called “shoplifting fandom” isn’t social justice rogues. Social justice rogues would be more like hackers who break into politicians’ and CEOs’ offices and computers for evidence of corruption or wrong-doing. Shoplifters aren’t doing anything for the benefit of the Little Guy except themselves. They aren’t doing anything for the minimum wage workers who get shafted when inventory is off. They aren’t Robin Hood (social justice ranger) stealing from the rich to give to the poor because they don’t affect the rich. There’s lots of commentary about that particular addition in the tags of that post itself, so I’m not going to continue it here. 

Point being neither my critique of shoplifting fandom nor adding Beyonce was a joke. If the original addition of shoplifting to the post was a joke, it was a bad one. Saying so on my own blog isn’t policing anyone. I’m not going to that blogger’s inbox saying “How dare you post that. It offends me.” 

Relapse Collapse (Spencer Reid x Reader)

Warnings: drug use, brief violence
Based on the prompt of wanting the line: “If you walk out that door you’re one of them and I’ll treat you like one”
Sorry I took some artistic Liberty??

“Spencer, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Shaking like a leaf, she pressed herself closer to the wall. “That didn’t happen. None of that happened.”
“Shut up! Just shut up!” He threw another book against the wall and Y/N jumped. She had never seen him like this. He had to be on something. Her mind raced, but she was no super genius like he was. She shook harder, glancing to the side. Empty bottles. Little empty bottles. Like insulin. Except…
“You took dilaudid. You’re on dilaudid, it’s okay,” Y/N said desperately, prying herself from the wall and approaching him in small, awkward steps. He looked mad, insane, almost foaming at the mouth. He shook almost as hard as she did. His eyes were wild, shooting off. His hair was wilder than usual. Spencer wasn’t like this.
“You… You get out!” He threw another book, started babbling in another language, turning away from her and muttering. Y/N watched him, sliding her hand into her pocket. Grabbing her phone, she hit the speed dial for Morgan. She needed him right now.
She heard his voice. “Y/N?”
Y/N looked up and barely got a second before their vision was blocked. Spencer’s face looked crazed, close to theirs. “Who are you talking to?”
She trembled. “N-no one-”
A starburst of pain in the back of her head. Something cold and wet. They slid down to the ground, eyes fluttering shut. Distantly, they heard babbling in a different language.
Then silence.

It was underwater. She stirred slightly. Eyes still closed. A pain in the back of her head. She moaned softly.
“She’s awake. Oh my god, Y/N-”
“Morgan, not a good idea.”
“No, Hotch.” Something warm and soft encased her hand. Softer voice. Closer. Clearer. “Y/N.”
Their eyes opened gradually, blinking a few times to get used to the lights. They turned their head to the side, watched a darker face focus.
“Morgan.” Her voice cracked.
“You’re okay.” He breathed as if he had been holding his breath for years. “Oh thank god.”
They swallowed. Their throat was dry. “Where’s Spencer?”
Morgan turned away, wordless, before turning back to her, pressing his lips together. “You have a concussion. Lay back-”
“Where is Spencer?” They pushed them self up into a sitting position before getting dizzy and flopping back down.
“Easy,” Morgan said worriedly, taking her hand. She squeezed, shutting her eyes until her head stopped swimming. “He’s detoxing.”
“How is he?”
“He woke up before you. He asked how you were and when I told him he started sobbing.”
“I need to see him.”
She nodded slowly. “What happened… After I…”
“He was still yelling at you when you were out. Saying that if you walked out that door, you would be one of them and he would treat you like one. I don’t know what he meant. I tackled him and brought both of you into the hospital.”
“I only got hit on the head, Morgan.”
“Did you hear me?” He asked it softly, carefully. “You have a concussion. You need to rest.”
“I need to see Spencer. He’s…”
“Unstable. It’s okay.”
She sighed, rubbing her temples at a pounding headache. “Send him when you can.”
There was the sound of a scuffle down the hall. Calming voices. Then a panicky one. Familiar. “Y/N?”
She straightened. She felt like ice had been slipped down her back. “It’s-”
“Spencer,” Morgan said softly. “He’ll-”
Stumbling, and suddenly how awkward, tall frame filled the doorway. His eyes were wide, he was wearing rumpled, dirty clothes, and he looked like hell. The warm, milk chocolate of his eyes was watery with tears.
Morgan pressed his lips together and stood. “I’ll leave you alone.” He walked out, squeezing Spencer’s shoulder. Spencer wasn’t fazed. He stared at her, hands half clenched into palms, empty.
“Y/N… I…”
“Sit, Spencer,” she said softly.
He collapsed in a chair, then in on himself. He sobbed, holding his head in his hands.
“I’m so sorry. I’m so, so sorry.”
“I shouldn’t have taken it. I was about to flush it, then I just-I wanted one more hit, I took it, and then I took more, and-” he sobbed harder, his shoulders shaking.
“It wasn’t you, Spencer,” she responded quietly. “It was someone else. You wouldn’t hurt me.”
“Who’s to say that won’t happen again? Why… I can’t keep you safe, if I’m a monster too-”
“Everyone is a monster. Everyone has their vices. Just because you succumb once doesn’t mean you can’t be saved.” Y/N exhaled, laying back. “Please.”
Silence. Then he took a shaking breath.
“Can you forgive me?”
“Yes,” she breathed. “I promise. It looks worse than it is.”
He relaxed. Tears still streaked his cheeks, though he didn’t sob. He stood, inching closer and kneeling down. He looked in her eyes. “Thank you,” he said softly.
She smiled before closing her eyes and slipping into unconsciousness.
“Thank you,” she heard, before falling asleep with Spencer’s hand on hers.

vattallini  asked:

I got another idea for careers! All off them as scientists! But science is broad right? what kind of scientists would they be? mechanical? marine biology? what kind of science branches would they professionalize in? The same if they were artists! what kind of artists would they be? performing? painting? sculpture? design? culinary? And then there's the idea if they were all reincarnations of historical figures from all over the world closest to their manga epilogue careers and personalities.

Thanks for these awesome questions!! The artist one is similar to one I was thinking of doing! I just did a military and scooby doo ones as well as a college major one. I still have to do the doctors and type of criminal one and then I’ll work on these! These ones I’ll probably get done tomorrow! I’ve already have some ideas!! :D I’m also working on a Halloween costume one and type of writers they are!

on that problematic artists call out post

that fucking thing. It basically ruined the latter half of my day, because a friend was upset b/c of being on it - not JUST for being on it, but because somebody INSTANTLY thought my friend was trash and started spreading rumors because of it!! and due to that i have spent WAY more mental effort than i should have on the post and situations around it, and here we go.

that post is beyond fucking worthless first of all. It has people who are CONVICTED sex criminals next to people who were like… maybe rude to somebody on their blog?? what the FUCK was the person thinking who put that together? Do they see those as all the same thing?

and then i realized. yes. Yes they do. Because that is what has happened on this website. All ‘crimes’ are the same. ‘crimes’. look over people you claim to fucking love with a fine tooth comb and find a crime they have done and toss them out. Its bad enough when its fictional characters (hello Su fandom) but REAL PEOPLE? 

thats not to say i think everybody on that list is being called out falsey. Far from it, some of those people are even worse than what is on that list. Others are people who  have screwed up in various ways and in some cases apologized -but is that on the list? of course not. .. and yet others are nice people just being fucking SMEARED. Can you tell the differences? No. I know them, I know this fucking scene, so i actually KNOW things - and don't’ relay on just one post trying to go viral to inform me. And that post is worthless for the people I do not know because… I do not know them! If some of the information is fucking faulty how do I know any of it is reliable? 

and thats the source of my fucking anger over this, that people are seeing that HUGE list and not even expending one iota of critical thinking to wonder why the hell are SEX CRIMINALS on a list with people who are RUDE? and even more you have people who go down the list to go OH OH I KNOW THAT ONE… and even though they know the person? do they contact them? do they contact mutual friends? no. they start smearing that person in public, by name, spreading the information even more. when they have NO IDEA if its true or not. 

because that is what this place is now, its a fucking contest to call out people as fast as possible. who cares if shit is true or not. who cares if you can personally talk to that person to clear it up! Its just time to toss another person into the trash can of ‘problematic’ a label that now means just as little as anything else. 

wellshannah  asked:

beyond and iowa!

beyond: what are your hopes for the future?

this is gonna sound wild but right now i’m gonna be studying to become an illustrator/concept artist so i wanna become a concept artist for video games/movies and maybe eventually ease my way into script writing but if script writing doesn’t work out after 10 or so years or so I wanna quit and become either a criminal defence lawyer or a high school teacher but also in the mean time i wanna try to get my 8 books published and be big enough to at least have my own panel at a con because that’d be cool lmao so yeah that’s my overly ambitious and busy future

iowa: would you ever want to live on a farm?

n e v e r

thanks for the ask!! :D

Imagine tattoo artist Namjoon and Yoongi having a reputation around town. People find them incredibly intimidating “Especially the smaller one” they whisper “With the green hair. I heard he had a criminal record, how scary” but little do people know if you pass by the parlour late at night near closing, you can see the two men playing rock paper scissors to decide who has to take out the trash (with namjoon often losing but while he’s busy out the back fulfilling his part of the bet Yoongi makes quick work of tidying Namjoon’s station for him because he knows how frustrated his partner gets when things are strewn everywhere while he’s working) and sometimes, just sometimes, you can see Namjoon counting wads of cash before stuffing it into his pocket. “Drug money” people whisper, “My donation for the month” Namjoon would unknowingly correct as he hands over the funds to a local charity worker who bows low and thanks him for the umpteenth time for his generosity 

Dapper Deoxys

Okay, I’ll admit that the shit given to Deo was severely un-needed and it kind of showed how “sad” people can be.

But let’s ignore that! 

Personally, and admittedly, I look up to Deo! In fact, despite everyone’s bullshit, Deo is probably one of the nicest artists I’ve experienced. Most artists are arrogant or they just tend to ignore people.(haha, even though their ask box has eaten everything of mine, that’s not Deo’s fault)

Deo makes mistakes, so what? No one can judge by a meesly mistake because it’s not like you don’t make mistakes either. I’ve made mistakes, I’ve made many. I’ve had mistakes that has almost led me into handcuffs, but that doesn’t make me a criminal or a psychopath. It was a horrible fuck-up that I will never do again! Don’t judge someone by mistakes.

It is okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them!

A lot of us forget that. Especially me, I tend to have panic attacks just from misplacing something! It bothers me.

(I will probably end up making a damn novel again! Damn my details >=I)

Well, I discovered about Pilot.

I thought that it was awesome, because it was interesting to me and I just so happened to be working on my own webcomic at the time! So I observed how Deo was placing their comic and how they are doing it.

Hell, I’ll hopefully be releasing my webcomic sometime in October. I saw Deo as inspiration and motivation to keep going with it.

Admittedly, they helped me get through tough times. They’ve never even said a word to me! All I had to do was look through their blog or watch a stream of their’s! It made me feel happier! Not only did they have a sense of humour, but (oh god this is weird to say!) I found them adorable and goofy! I don’t mean that in a romantic way what so ever! I just generally thought it was cute!

And I feel bad when Deo feels down. I feel bad because I can’t say or do anything to help them! It makes me feel pointless somewhat. I know that there’s other people there that could help them, and I just have to sit there and hope that they get through it.

I also don’t like those bastards that say that Deo is “blaming their illness”

I can’t speak for schizophrenia itself, I’m not schizophrenic and I’ve never personally met one. However, mental illnesses as a whole, sometimes you kind of do have to “blame it on the illness,” as illnesses can somewhat warp your abilities and actions. I know mine does. I also believe that, no matter how bad the illness, in the end they are the same hell. I don’t hallucinate, but I get told about “faking it,” “blaming the illness,” “get over it,” or just generally being treated like a damn baby just because of it! 

Look, to wrap this up (why is this so long?!) 

Deo, you are an amazing artist! No matter what those hecklers tell you, you are a great person and only a true follower will understand that! Those people can’t say jack shit about you because they don’t know you and some people will see through their lies. In the end, they are killing their reputation. Not yours.