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Dear Tumblr SJWs

Enid is NOT sexualized at all & if you get creeped out about a kids show character being sexualized then your a pervert!!! Your aroused by big thick cartoon hips & your ashamed because of that. And you’re too afraid to admit it! Are you gonna complain about Garnet from Steven Universe because SHE has big hips? Big hips are not a bad thing girl. Also what’s up with people saying that a short top is perverted? Rad has the same one, but no one is complaining about him being sexualized. Also your designs are ugly as shit. So please STOP. Put your art skills to better use.

Sincerely, an OK KO Fan

Requiem Snippet:

Bay felt Nate’s shadows brushing his scarred cheek as he looked down at this male. And soon David’s eyes slipped past his and to Nate’s, that emotionless smile creeping back up on his face. “Nathaniel Verrum. I’ve heard all about you.”

Nate stiffened and then took a fluid swaggering step up to David and braced his arms. “What’s that? That I can turn even the straightest male gay? That I can paint a portrait so well that it looks like the real thing?”

“No. That you’re weak and can’t defend yourself against a female.”

Nate recoiled violently and Bay and Cassian snarled. Nate just slipped a dagger from its sheath and plunged it into David’s hand, hard enough the blade went through the bottom of chair arm. Blood dripped onto the stone floor below.

David tipped his head back and his roar echoed throughout the space. Nate’s face was frozen, his dark eyes fathomless. His shadows were living things, dark and forbidding and sweeping around them as he said calmly, “I’d tear your fucking throat out. I’ve already done it once, I can damned well do it again, but Baylor deserves to end your pathetic life more than I.”

The way I see it, Prince Lotor could either be a great opportunity for serious drama or just an absolute Team Rocket-style shitty villain, and either way I am 110% ready to see Voltron dropkick him into space.

I don’t think being an older woman in fandom is cringey but I do think there is a specific group that is cringey af that is often the target of this Fandom Mom discussion, and we should encourage more people to cringe at this shit: 

Married straight ladies in their 30s-40s who go into slash/yaoi 15 years ago and are specifically into the shit that’s full of rape (oh I’m sorry, “dubcon”), large age differences, other big power differentials, strict seme/uke roles, etc. And when they get a show that doesn’t have any of that shit like Yuri on Ice, insist on making it like that in their fanfiction. And then they constantly fucking talk about it in any fan chat like Discord servers, and whine and pitch a fit and even cry “discrimination” when actual LGBT people or teens or just anyone with good taste doesn’t want to constantly hear about their fetishy rape fic.

Like it’s one thing when teens who are still in their edgelord phase don’t understand why people don’t want to talk about rape fic all the time, but increasingly the people doing this in fanfiction-focused chatrooms I’ve been in are like… 30-something moms? And that’s deeply disturbing to me. If you really can’t understand why this isn’t treated as a normal topic of conversation that you can just assume people are up for and you’re raising children like… I cannot help but worry for those children. And that’s not even talking about the teens you’re influencing when you act like a Fandom Mom.

Also, if you’re that kind of person, you don’t get to look down your nose at 30-40-something housewives who like Fifty Shades because you are the fujoshi version of that. The exact analogue. Except worse, because at least most women who like Fifty Shades understand why they can’t just assume everyone else is constantly down to talk about Fifty Shades.


every derek hale scene » [5/?]

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws are known for their extremely dry humor, and they are almost always the ones that crack the extremely sarcastic jokes and everyone around them stops and stares at them for a moment to try and figure out if they were serious or not.

This is what happens when you go into competitive Overwatch with a cheerful attitude and high hopes. I spent this whole game telling our team WE GOT THIS WE CAN WIN LETS KICK SOME ASS. Zero toxicity, zero anger nothing but love and good vibes. Not only did we win that game beautifully but the mercy on our team sent us this message afterwards. It filled my heart with so much happiness. A good attitude will get you far 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Since it’s spooky month It’s a good time for spooky Zelda characters! I tried to include as many creeps as I could but of course not all of them are going to fit, so here’s just a small slice of the spooky zelda pie!

and shhh let’s not worry about scale ;)

A Package Marked “Return to sender”

Story by reddit user manen_lyset

My neighbor is one of those annoying wannabe YouTube personalities. Over the years, I’ve seen him cough out cinnamon, lay flat on the hood of his car as it slowly creeps down the driveway, and douse himself in lukewarm water, all the while screaming epic win, epic fail, or, fuck, epic maintenance of the status quo, for all I know. It can get tiring to watch him go about his shenanigans in the pursuit of viral fame. So, when he knocked on my door the other day, told me he was going away for a few weeks, and asked that I get his mail, honestly, it was a relief. I can’t explain the peace of mind I had knowing I didn’t have to brace myself for any of his stupidity for a while. I was always afraid his stunts would wind up bleeding over into my life.

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I raised this on Twitter a while back (to be sure), but it seems as if this strange device is the only thing on Baze that the visual guide does not explain the use of. So I’m gonna headcanon: 

It’s a trilateralisation device Baze wears that supplements Chirrut’s echobox, and helps the latter identify, through wave lengths, multiple points on a very busy landscsape. Baze’s device acts as a secondary bounce point for whatever Chirrut’s echobox emits, helping him gauge range, location. 

This is why he is very sure-footed even in wild, complicated, and terrain-challenged situations: escaping Saw’s base even as the land rose up, running through the bush from the AT-AT on Scarif, running back to the ship on Eadu in the rain. No hesitation, full-tilt running, with Baze ever so slightly in the front (or at least in v close proximity); just at an angle enough to, say, generate feedback. 

The most prominent time we don’t see Baze in that position, Chirrut almost stumbles into the master switch panel. This renders Baze, relative to Chirrut, the only other constant point in a universe that is mapped out in echoes, feedback, and return-vibrations. 

TL;DR: I’d like to think that that 1st Generation iPod device on Baze’s torso is an amplifier/ assistive accessory/ supplement to Chirrut’s echobox, which is why they are GREAT fighting together. 

Lighter addendum: Relative to Baze, it serves as a tracker for Chirrut, for when he literally charges off XD (idea by @naniiebimworks!) 


Title: Aftermath
Characters: Hanji Zoe x Levi
Genre: Humor / Angst
Rating: T

@levihanweek​ Day 2: Nightmare

Levi’s Nightmare: Having a heart-to-heart with Pastor Nick.

“Are you worried about your wife?”

The question shocked him out of his musings.

Levi looked up, “My what?”

But the pastor was already speaking, “You’re obviously beside yourself with stress – and it’s understandable. Not knowing if your wife has survived-”

Levi cut him off, “My what?”

The pastor hesitated, apparently realizing he’d made some mistake, but misunderstanding precisely what it was. “Your…wife? The woman we traveled with before? She’s ah – forceful. You two uh – have the same, er – strident personality. When we first met, she dangled me off the wall.”

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Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘The Return’

anonymous asked:

hey, could you recommedn me some other artists who also draw harry potter art? love your stuff xx

of course! 

- alessiajontrunfio - really cute and soft art style, lots of young marauders and amazing gifs

- batcii - i can’t even express how much i love her fanart, ESPECIALLY harry potter, ESPECIALLY the marauders. gorgeous artwork and great thinkpieces on harry potter, look, i just have a huge crush, dont tell her

- bevsi - such an inspiration source!!! check bev’s harry potter tag, but tbh check everything else also (the mermaids!) because her work is stunning

- boaillustration - amazing illustrations, clothes designs and ginnylunas

- fleamontpotter - hilarious comics, spot on harry potter posts, ron weasley positivity, snape negativity and quality swans content, what more could you ask for honestly

- gin-draws - a+++ content, a+++ person, great art and headcanons on the marauders and i love to gossip with her about the blacks

- jam-art - check the harry potter tag. their jily and deamus melt me.

- maria-tries - her harry potter fanarts are cute as shit, her blog is a place of beautiful marauders, soft artworks and all-general amazingness! it’s also worth noting that she and i are best friends and roommates, nbd, and she’s responsible for p much all of my harry potter headcanons and ideas, and she’s the best person in the world basically go see for yourself

- prongsiedraws - the watercolours which i could just look at all day long. super original and beautiful character designs, great artstyle, 70s fashion, overall greatness

- reinardfox - such an adorable artstyle and lots of soft remus, right up my valley. one of those artists i want to tell to draw more of what they’re already drawing

- rosielleny - lovely work, especially on her harrys and hedwigs!

- shebsart - please check their harry potter tag because that terrible 70s fashion on the marauders is healing

- smelslikeart - another great artstyle with lovely colours, lots of pretty fanarts right this way please

additionally, if you’d to see some more harry potter fanart which i dig, try the tag on my personal blog, right here!