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Prompt idea: so the girls are hanging in the library studying and zack is creeping behind a shelf and all you hear is him mutter under his breath "ship". 😂😂

Again, I got lazy with proofing, so sorry for any mistakes, I hope my shitty writing suffices your trimberly needs

Trini and Kimberly were in the library, working on their bio project. The project was supposed to be done the night before, but due to…recent developments, trying to focus was very difficult. It wasn’t her fault that her girlfriend insisted on a pillow fight, instead of working on the project, and it wasn’t her fault that her girlfriend had those big doe eyes, which she couldn’t say no to. So the night was spent less doing their work, and more of activities.

Kimberly was typing something on her laptop, as Trini was reading through a textbook, her legs resting across Kimberly’s lap, a comfortable silence surrounded them. As Trini was reading through the text book, she hears loud scuffling behind the bookshelves around them. She looks behind her, but sees nothing, and continues skimming through her textbook, but not soon after, she hears the scuffling again, and a flash of short black hair. She furrows her eyebrows, curious, staring at the bookshelves, but she is broken out of her thoughts by Kimberly

“Trin, can you look over chapter five again? I think we’re forgetting something.” Kim shakes Trini’s legs, her head snapping to look at Kimberly, whose eyebrows are raised in curiosity. Trini asks, her attention still on the bookshelves.

“Huh…What d’ya say?” She says, her eyes shifting between Kimberly and the bookshelves, the black haired figure moving between the book stacks.

“I asked if you could read through chapter five again and check…are you even listening to me?” Kimberly asks, smacking Trini’s leg again, harder this time. Trini jumps, and exclaims.

“Ow! Okay, I’ll uh, read through, uh, a moment.” Trini is still staring at the bookshelf, as well as rubbing her leg, Kimberly was much more powerful than she seemed.

“Babe, we need to finish this, so stop procrastinating and start reading chapter five.” Kimberly says exasperatedly, her gaze also shifting between Trini and the bookshelf, curious as to what, or who, she was looking at. Trini teases Kim.

“I’m the one procrastinating! I’m not the one who insisted on making out last night, instead of working on said project.” Trini raises her eyebrow teasingly, a small smirk spreading across her face. Kim’s face goes red, her gaze shifting the floor, a bashful smile across her face, Trini never wanted to stop making her smile like that, like her and Trini were the only people in the world. Kimberly teases Trini, trying to be casual, but her tone suggested otherwise.

“I suggested a pillow fight, the… other stuff happened on its own, and I don’t recall you complaining. From my memory, you were quite complacent actually.” Kim’s face is smug, and now Trini is the one being bashful and shy, something only Kimberly could bring out of her. That’s when they heard a voice, coming from behind the bookshelves. The words were jumbled and quiet, but Trini could make out, a “OMG”,“I SHIP IT”, “So that’s why she doesn’t answer my calls past ten p.m.” and a quite girlish squeal. She knew exactly who it was coming from.

“Zack?” She questions. She hears scrambling and a book fall to the ground, loudly, the thud ringing through the quiet library.

“Shit!” Zack whisper yells as he starts to make a break for it, more books falling in the process. Kimberly is just smirking, pitying Zack. Trini hops out of her chair and yells.

“ZACK MIDDLE NAME TAYLOR!!!” Her voice is met with the people in the library shushing her, but she is already out of her chair and chasing after Zack, who had been caught red handed, and was currently jumping down the stairs, Trini hot on his heels. Kimberly sighs exasperatedly, grabbing her stuff, as well as Trini’s, who was currently cursing Zack out for spying on them, and apparently in his defence, he was a just a giant “shipper”. Kimberly starts to chase after them, a smile spreading across her face, because these were her friends, and girlfriend, and she wouldn’t trade them for the world.



These are some of the most recent doodles and basic artwork that I’ve done for good ol'jackaboy.
The first three are the most recent, since I’ve drawn those in the past week, and the one below, is actually a photo of before I finished the actual drawing which I’ve already post(feel free to just creep through my feed if you want to see the outcome)
Below that is the realistic attempt at the night in the woods characters, since it’s been one of my favorite series that Jack had done recently.
And of course in the center is my cool septic eye tattoo, that is now a year old. It kinda creeps people out, but I like it and that really all that matters, right?

But anyways, I wanted to at least have something to post as a congrats to Sean on reaching 15 million subscribers on the channel. I mean I could’ve just drawn a drawing saying “congrats Jack”, but I instead wanted to just post a few photos. Plus I’ve been really busy with school, and not really realizing what day it is anymore, y'know basic adulting.

Well I’m going to stop droning on, I hope everyone is doing well, and also I’m sorry if none of this makes any sense at all, I’m pretty brain dead today, so basically walking death, but imma take a nap, it should help.
Bye for now friendo’s 🤘🏻😊

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Can we shut this sexist shit down?

I just kind of had an epiphany about why they are dragging and just out right neglecting Caryl. Because they think they can. They - the mostly male TPTB- know that the majority of Carylers are female. This is seriously like an abusive relationship. Their sexist attitude toward woman transfers toward female fans. They think they can string us along with any crumb or tidbit and we will patiently, faithfully wait around and tune in (stay in the relationship) while they do their guy thing. Gimple and his Morgan arc obsession. Gimple and Kirkman with their Negan obsession. Bromance before romance. While female characters and f/f relationships are ignored. And to think these asshats call themselves feminists. After the all male Eurotour and now the all male TTD with @bigbaldhead Reedus, JDM, and Gimple, I’m starting to get seriously creeped out. I wanted to laugh at all of Reedus’ “the future is female” feminist posts when we heard the rumors only he, JDM and AL got million dollar raises. JDM saying “fuck Trump”,for the pussy grabbing comment, when he is basically playing a character he refuses to call a rapist makes me want to scream. Kirkman who admits Negan is a rapist yet creepily fanboys over said character is just as bad. Greg Nicotero is pretty much irredeemable after his creepy Lolita Bethyl comments that I can’t believe TPTB let out in public! And now GN is basically telling fans to go fuck themselves they don’t give a shit how they feel. And then we have Gimple, teasing and teasing and teasing Caryl since season 2. We all know it’s endgame, but he has taken our love of these characters and story for granted, and I really feel insulted because I believe it’s rooted in sexism. The Negan storyline didn’t get put on hold because FANBOYS!! .Nicotero says fuck you cause they think fanboys want to see BOOM and GORE. But keep the fangirls waiting. They will come back. Not this one. I don’t stick around when my calls aren’t returned. I don’t stay in a relationship to be miserable. Just look at the conventions. WOMEN. I hope enough of us leave that they feel a huge dent. I loved this show in the beginning because I thought it was a female positive show. Now I feel like I’m suffering through some teenage boys badly written wet dream fic. 

ok rant over. Please feel free to add to it and tag what you will. I think we should tag and tweet this train of thought Sun night. @amc

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(To the creeps asking Elzear about elz body) Y'all need to stop. This is a stim blog, not an ask-creepy-questions-about-being-nonbinary blog. Seriously, go away.

Right? This is a stim blog not an ask blog


Just a reminder I have three active Kik groups!

The first one, “Smol Cglre,” is for strictly minors only. It use to be for all ages, but some creeps showed up, and I decided to make it for minors only, excluding myself. The hashtag to find it is #cglre.

The second one is my 18+ cglre group! It’s still 100% sfw, but for adults only. It’s less active, but we’re starting it up again sense all the adults from the other cglre group are moving to this one. The hashtag for it is #cglre18.

The last one is my MxLG cglre group! It’s for 16+ peeps because I’ve found that it’s not usually mommies who are trying to take advantage of minors. Take that as you will, but it’s the truth. It’s for feminine identifying members of cglre only. The hashtag for it is #mxlg.

The rules for all of them are in the group images! To join, scan the code above or search for the hashtag! If you have any trouble, send me an ask ✨

Austin creeped me out even before I knew about all the World’s Strictest Parents weirdness. He just seems like he’ll be the stereotypical fundie patriarch who refuses to listen to a word his wife says because she’s supposed to serve him. Run, Joy, run.

The way I see it, Prince Lotor could either be a great opportunity for serious drama or just an absolute Team Rocket-style shitty villain, and either way I am 110% ready to see Voltron dropkick him into space.


You can’t bring me down!!!

Hah, you guys I finally finished!  Hope it’s worth the wait. 

Ooooh, but if the theory is true that Mirio was supposed to become All Might’s successor and he trained under him… plus the fact that so much of his body language reminds of All Might… and counting on the fact that my bad feeling will probably prove wrong and it turns out that he is a complete sweetheart…

Then I really, really want him to become good friends with Izuku. The supposed successor and the real successor. All Might’s fanboys. The aspiring young heroes who can wreck their enemies when they turn serious.

Not only would they be one hell of a tag-team, they would also drive at least Endeavor and perhaps Aizawa and Bakugou up the wall by how similar the two of them are to All Might. XD

You know, like… Mirio starts with a loud, “Don’t worry!”

And Izuku recognizes it and joins in, “Why?”

Before they finish simultaneously, “Because we are here!”

(Somewhere in the background, you can hear someone whisper, “Look at these dorks.”)