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Do you think Sam and Cait have lost their chemistry? They just seemed like good friends last night during the q & a...

No! I didn’t think they lost any of their chemistry, at all.. they seem like a good old-fashioned married couple, for lack of a better term…LOL..super comfortable with each other, with many smiles and knowledgeable looks that only two people who are close to each other share…

How ironic that so many liberals have caused way more damage and harm to this country in the last couple of months than Trump has even come close to. Lol rioting, looting, assaulting people? Yes. You guys are soo much more evolved and civilized than the rest of us. I mean we’re just going to work every day making a living where as you’re destroying property and livelihoods. 

Grow up.

My Top (5) OTPs

I was tagged by @vlad-der-dritte THANK YOU SO MUCH <3

My OTPs are pairings, which are supportive, cares for each other and at some points Relationship/Friendship Goals. Some are Friends since their childhood,  act like their already knew each other many years like an old Couple (you will know who I mean). I only chose 5 cause lets be real for a sec :v I HAVE WAY TOOOOO MANY SHIPS. 

1) Sasunaru/Narusasu (You know who) - “Naruto”

you gotta be blind or just plain idiot if you don´t see their love

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2) Kuroken (kuroo x kenma) - “Haikyuu!”

lol so many couples, couples everywhere but these two are just perfect.

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3) Haru x Ren (they are like what haren?!? AND NO THEY ARE NOT REAL BROTHERS -_-) - Super Lovers

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4) Otayuri (Otabek x Yurio) - perfection <3 (like I need to name the anime :V)

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5) Horimiya ( Hori kyouko x Miyamura Izumi). Please read the manga!! 

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Alright my friends now your turn *evil smile*. I tag:

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You don´t have to if you don´t wanna :*

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weird coincidence, my coworker turned 30 today for real. she was very mopey about it lol. anyway happy birthday in a couple hours!

I’m not mopey, not really. Mostly just wondering when the ornery fairy will come and make me into one of Those Tumblr Users, who are 30+ and Obviously Wrong. Because Tumblr, or something.

The good wishes are mildly funny in a terribly unhealthy way, among a week’s long backlog of the usual inbox filth.

You know the one.

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There is no way Even will cheat on isak! This show is not American tv show, stop put American cliche into SKAM!!!!

Anonymous said:Why ppl want to break them up so bad lol let a lgbt couple have a happy ending!!

Anonymous said:The fuck is happening why is everyone talking about Evak cheating on each other???? What gives them that thought!??!?? People why do you want their relationship to turn out that way??

Anonymous said:Why are some people so obsessed with wanting Isak or Even to cheat? Did they like … not watch the show?

it seems to be the only thing that would create a Story:///

comments on classical stuff on youtube are always like

“im in 6th grade and play french horn and its so pretty!!!111!!!1!”

“Beautiful. Simply sublime. What a sophisticated and wonderful sound for someone as cultured as myself”

“this mozart is fuckin LIT dood”

“I played this in solo and ensemble once”