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Sporting the very essential Hawaiian shirt trend from the amazing Bergdorf Goodman Men’s Store @goodmans (IG) today 😎🙌🏼

Their Spring selections are giving me life ✨
Stay tuned for more 👌🏼👌🏼
Layered prints: Dries Van Noten
Straw Hat: @albertusswanepoel
Sunglasses: @bartonperreira

Mix it up and wear your prints with stripes for a statement look 👀

Hawaiian shirt & striped top from Comme Des Garçons x Play at Bergdorf Goodman Men’s Store @goodmans (IG)👌🏼✨


the collection [story op. 2] ♡ itunes ranking
this ranking was collected as of 11:15am cst!

main album chart - all: #79
main album chart - pop: #11
main album chart - k-pop: #1

the album is also ranked: #1 in indonesia, the philippines, and thailand. #2 in japan. #3 in hong kong, singapore and taiwan. #4 in malaysia. #5 in mexico. #6 in israel. #7 in norway and turkey, and in the main chart in denmark, canada, russia, and australia. “lonely” is also ranked #2 on the main single chart in thailand, and in the top twenty in hong kong, taiwan, singapore and vietnam. congrats!


Finally got some Aura Quartz! I was standing at the market stall for a solid 15 mins contemplating if I wanted the aura, or the titanium or the aqua or the gold… Very happy with my choice now that I’m home. I wish my camera could pick up on the colours better, it’s a lot more vivid purple and green irl 💚💜💚💜  


Thank you @yourtropegirl for bringing the idea of Raúl Esparza appreciation week to life!
Here’s my contribution to celebrate the great Frederick Chilton, who definitely didn’t deserve what was done to him. 😔

But we just love him even more! 😘💞 I also added the Barba & Chilton drawing for fun 😄

My fluorescent rocks under a UV light! 🔦
The dark red (which ended up orangey on camera) are rubies/sapphire, the blues are fluorite, the pale yellow is amber, the ghosty-white ones are chalcedony, and bright pink one is mangano calcite.