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He taught me to live in fire, he threw me there,
and then abandoned me on steppes of ice.
My love, I know what you have done to me.
- My love, what was it I did to you?
—  Marina Tsvetaeva, from Yesterday He Still Looked In My Eyes in “Bride Of Ice: New Selected Poems” [translated by Elaine Feinstein]
ACOTAR: Restrung Chapter 1

Fic Summary: 
What if there was no Feylin? What if it was never up to Tamlin to break the curse? What if, instead, in a true test of love, Amarantha sent out Prythian’s most abhorred and cruel Highlord, to watch his land fall into ruin while trying to change the heart of a hateful human? A Court of Bitterness and Jasmine…A Court of Rhysand. 

Set in the same universe as our favourite Sarah J Maas characters, but with a twist. If Rhysand were to take Tamlin’s place how different would our story be? Or would it stay the same?

Authors Note: This is just a ‘set up’ chapter, and it is a little darker than the others, but its where Rhysand took me. I apologise in advance. 
I plan to post chapter 2 in a week’s time.

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This fic wouldn’t exist without @rhysand-vs-rowan​. Her friendship and support have been so invaluable, not to mention that I was inspired to write acotar fanfic by her “Velaris” series and that her writing tips have become my bible! Thank you!

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No matter how soft my body or how many eyes find it and peel
              when I walk in the shop in the chair, I am of them.
                             Not brother. Not sister. When he wields the razor and takes me
                                            low it’s like when a woman gets close to the mirror to slide the lipstick
                                                           on slow. Draws a line so perfect she cuts her own self from the clay.

Angel Nafis, from “King of Kreations,” published in Poem-a-Day


CHECK OUT THE HAUL I GOT TODAY.  I was checking out a second hand shop and, on a lark, checked to see if they had any prequels books that I didn’t yet have and HOLY HELL LOOK AT THIS PILE OF STUFF.

I mean, okay, I probably didn’t need to get the WORKBOOK FOR KINDERGARTNERS WITH ANAKIN AND HIS LIGHTSABER ON THE COVER but I couldn’t not get it, it’s hilarious.  And that Darth Vader book is AMAZING it has a cut out thing that, with every page you flip, it peels away a layer of armor until you get to Anakin underneath it and TPM ILLUSTRATED SCREENPLAY and that Anakin journal has THE most adorable art in it and LET ME TELL YOU about my feelings on visual dictionaries and Everything You Need To Know books!


Mothers Night - Ubbe Ragnarsson

Hi, can I request an Ubbe imagine where the reader is a simple village girl that falls in love with Ubbe? She falls for him because she sees he is different than the others (especially his brothers). Despite his violent nature (that she hates), she sees that he’s a centered person and just wants to start a family, cultivate land and, in a way, follow his father’s dreams.

Mothers Night - Ubbe Ragnarsson

“You watch my brother an awful lot.” Hvitserk whispered, having come up beside you in the field. You were meant to be on your way home but you had stopped to watch the training, standing beneath the shade of a tree to observe the men and women preparing for the spring raid.

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Thrift store finds.

I don’t really collect G3 but this girl’s colours were just so unusual I had to get her. Turns out she’s Tropical Surprise and at one point in time was scented.

The pink dog I had no idea what she was. But she was made in mexico and stamped ‘1986’ so I decided even if she’s just a cheap bootleg nothing toy I’d get her anyway because she’s in such good condition. After a very brief google search for 'Mexican toy 1986 pink’ I found out she’s actually called 'Silky Pup’ and is a pet for Lady Lovely Locks! Not a cheap bootleg at all!

She still has her collar and lead but her name tag was ripped off. Also not accessories. However she’s in near perfect condition. I’m quite happy with her. After the move I’ll get some ribbons to seperate her hair into actual ears again.