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These are some of my works from 2016. Honestly, I wish I could have done a lot more. Having a full time job and a back problem doesn’t help. But one thing’s for sure, I’m never going to stop doing what I love, and that is drawing. Here’s to another great year! 🙃

Harry x Fem! Reader - "I'm Sorry"

I’m gonna give imagine making a try………


Khaleesi Kadid -daughter of one Hades and Persephone… She ruled the isle with an iron fist, and was more than ready to take over the Underworld after her father passed his throne down to her.

She was the most feared person on all of the Isle, even more feared than Uma and Mal, and she liked that.

After Mal left and failed to free the villains on the Isle, Khaleesi grew bitter and betrayed… Than when Uma’s plan failed she felt even worse.

Khaleesi always had a connection to the blue haired pirate captain. But after her own failed attempt to get the wand Khaleesi gave up all hope of getting off the wretched prison.

After Uma’s failed attempt to free them all, King Benjamin (with assistance from Evie)began to get many Isle kids off the prison- beginning with Dizzy Tremaine, Harry Hook, Uma, Gil, and Harmony (daughter of the Mad Hatter).

Khaleesi wasn’t in the second group or even the third it wasn’t until she was on the eve of her 18th birthday where her wish came true. She left early in the morning, being greeted by loud instrument players and the smiling faces of Mal and King Ben, as well as Harry, Uma, and Gil.

The other chosen few were much younger than Khaleesi and she felt rather odd sitting in the limousine with them.

Upon exiting the rather expensive ride (not without stashing her purse full to the brim with candy)she pursed her lips at the group in front of her.

“Welcome to Auradon Prep” was the first words to leave King Ben’s mouth. The younger kids buzzed with excitement greeting each of them with smiles.

Upon reaching Khaleesi, Uma pulled her into a hug. Khaleesi was taken aback and quickly stepped away from the girl her eyes wide in shock and confusion.

“I missed you”. Uma states cheesing at her old best friend. Khaleesi only hums shaking the hand of Ben who was right next to her.

“It’s nice to meet you, I’ve heard nothing but good things from Uma and Mal.” Ben tells her. Khaleesi purses her lips tightly nodding her head.

After greeting Mal and Gil with a small smile, all that was left was the Scottish pirate known as Harry Hook.

“Harry.” She breaths out softly her breath escaping her as she stared at him. “Khaleesi, is it really ye?” Harry asks his eyes widening. Harry alongside everyone else was unaware of Khaleesi’ arrival, only Evie and Ben were aware.

“Yeah.” Khaleesi nods.

Uma and Gil smiled at their former friend, and Mal couldn’t help but feel her heart pang in synpathy, you didn’t have to be psychic to see that Khaleesi and Harry had obvious feelings for each other.

“Shall we start the tour?” Mal asks. The children nod, Khaleesi only hums.

As they walked Khaleesi found herself in between Uma and Harry.

“I never thought I’d find myself here” she says looking around at the vast boarding school. “Neither did we, but now look at us.” Uma states shaking her aqua braids that were in a intricate ponytail.

“Look at the both of you, if I didn’t know you both before, I’d never believe you were from the isle.” Khaleesi says jokingly brushing her arm against Harry’s jacket.

“It’s all apart of Bore-A-Don’s policy, they want us acting like civilized people.” Uma tells her rolling her eyes. When in front of Ben and the other adults in Auradon. Uma may have acted like she was a proper princess- but in reality she was still the same girl from the isle-to an extent.

Khaleesi chuckles shaking her head. “What about you, Mr. Hook? How are you settling in?” Khaleesi asks looking up at him.

“It’s been different being without ye to keep me in check” Harry says avoiding her gaze- by now the trio had caught up with the rest of the tour group. They were now in the corridor.

“I leave you in the hands of capable people I hope you enjoy yourselves” Ben says before he and Mal walk away together.

Gil was talking to the small children and Khaleesi couldn’t help but giggle as she saw the confused looks of the children. Walking over she flips Gil’s map over, causing the kids to erupt into cackles and chuckles.

“Thanks Khaleesi.” Gil says nodding at her with a small smile.

“No problem.” She mumbles before walking back over to Uma and Harry.

“It seems like you’ve been managing, I saw you on the t.v. back on the isle.” Khaleesi says shaking her head as she goes back to their previous conversation.

“It’s not as easy as it looks.” Uma says shaking her head.

“Hmm.” Khaleesi says looking up the steps.

“My room?” Khaleesi starts furrowing her eyebrows slightly.“Huh?” Uma asks.

“Where’s my room?” Khaleesi asks nodding towards the steps. “Oh, Harry will show you the way, you’ll be rooming with me. I’d show you, but if someone doesn’t go with Gil he may lead those kids to the wrong place.” Uma says shaking her head as she walks towards Gil who still looked confused.

“Right this way.” Harry states leading her down the hall.

Khaleesi’ light blue hair swayed from underneath her pirate hat. Harry stared at her side profile, all his old feelings for her rushing back to him full force. Her stone cold expression suited her marble like complextion.

Her gaze shifted from wall to wall, door to door as they continue to walk.

“I never forgot about you.” Harry starts silently. Khaleesi looks over at him examining his features and body language. His heart was racing and his palms were sweaty.

“I didn’t forget about you either.” Khaleesi mumbles playing with her hands. Only Harry Hook could make her act so nervous.

“I missed you, I was so angry when I found out you weren’t coming with us.” Harry tells her looking away.

“It’s nothing now. I’m here now, I can’t keep living in the past.” Khaleesi states shrugging, she was tired of holding on to hurt… with her track record she was destined for nothing but the worst.

“Here we are.” Harry says knocking on the door with his hook.

“Thanks.” Khaleesi mumbles.

Harry and Khaleesi stared at each other for a while, not saying anything. Harry was so afraid to speak to the girl who had been haunting and plaguing his dreams with her smile for months. Khaleesi was afraid to speak, scared if she even uttered one word during their stare off she’d wake up back in her hell of a home on the isle.

“I should go.” Khaleesi says stepping back her back pressed against the door of her new room.

“Yeah.” Harry says nodding his head. Khaleesi sends him a small smile opening the door before shutting it behind her softly.

“I’m sorry.” Harry mumbles quietly his hand pressed against the door frame, not knowing on the other side Khaleesi could hear him. “I forgive you.” Khaleesi says placing her forehead on the door.

They were in a conflicting position, both to afraid to move any further for fear that any happiness would be snatched away.

Sean Gayle Appreciation Week 2017

BIG EDIT: I messed up and didn’t put the Daily events on properly, my bad, I’m so sorry. My ADHD is fucking with me bad today, y’all. Please reblog THIS version, it’s the correct one! Thank you @evapaw-of-thunderclan for saying something, lol!

Fuck it, let’s do this thing! Ok, so from Monday, July 10th to Friday, July 14th, I will be hosting a Sean Gayle Appreciation Week 2017 for the Choices fandom!

The Daily Events are as Follows:

  • Day 1: Favorite Screencap
  • Day 2: Favorite Line
    • Said to MC or otherwise!
  • Day 3: Favorite Pairing
    • In-game or out of the game, canon compliant or not, go wild!
  • Day 4: Favorite AU
    • For example: Coffe Shop AU, Sean Gayle as Jon Snow from Game of Thrones/Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones with MC as Khaleesi or fellow Khal, or Sean Gayle is Captain America of the Avengers Initiative featuring the rest of the Endless Summer Squad, etc! Be creative, go hog wild y’all!
  • Day 5: Favorite Fanwork
    • Let’s show some support for the wonderful writers and artists who bring us more Sean-centric content and shower them with praise! Find a Sean-centric work you love and reblog it and tag it with Sean Gayle Appreciation Week 2017 or you can even post a new work under this tag if you want!


  • To tag something for SGAW2017, it must be Sean-centric and Sean positive, please! (This doesn’t mean if you tag something for Day 5 Sean has to be the only character in the work, it just has to be Sean-centric and Sean positive.)
  • @ me in it too, please! I am going to try to reblog all of your posts if possible and I want to make a Masterlist of Sean Gayle fanworks tagged for this week.
  • Tag each post for each day with ‘ Sean Gayle Appreciation Week 2017 ‘ and the Day of the week, like this: ‘ SGAW2017 Day 1 ‘ ok? (Minus the air quotes on either side of those tags)

Have fun guys! I’m gonna tag a few people to get the word out there, and I can’t wait! @zaddysloan @hollyashton @blazerina @stormholt @hartfeld @ anyone who wants to participate!

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Hey there, friends! People ask me all the time what they should read in the Marvel Universe. I figured this was a question a lot of new comic fans might have, so I’m gonna do my best to put together a little primer.

  • Book: Er, depends on the context. Can mean a single comic, can also mean the entirety of a title.
  • Trade: a collection of several comic books in one volume, like a graphic novel. Trades usually collect 6 books in a single volume, so Black Widow Volume 1: A Finely Tangled Web is Black Widow #1-6. They’re a way to read and own comics after the weekly (or biweekly or monthly or whatever) paper comics are unavailable.
  • Event: An event in comics is a major storyline that involves multiple, usually separate, titles. Events are big and have lasting repercussions on the entirety of a comic universe. Examples of events are Civil War and the upcoming Secret Wars/”Battleworld” books.
  • Crossover: A crossover in comics is just like a crossover in fanfic; it’s when two separate titles have the same storyline or appear in each other’s books.

Okay, got that down? Awesome! Here’s some suggestions on what you should read based on your favorite character. Well, er, the six main characters, because this got MAD LONG and I can’t even imagine doing everybody else who’s relevant in Ultron. Jesus.

ANYWAY. If your favorite character is…

  • and you also love Bucky: The Heroic Age will be fun for you, featuring Commander Rogers and Captain Barnes. Try the Avengers run from this era, written by Brian Michael Bendis. The Super Solider run is kinda weird but fun, too, like virtually everything Brubaker wrote. The art in Super Soldier and Secret Avengers during the Heroic Age is significantly better than the art in Brubaker’s previous runs imo.
  • and you want to know why people ship Steve/Tony: friend, read literally any Avengers run where Iron Man and Captain America are on the same team. But if you’re specifically wondering this, it’s time. It’s time for you to read Civil War and cry.
  • You can probably skip: I’m gonna get murdered for this, but Brubaker’s Captain America and Winter Soldier runs are fun to read for understanding the MCU and if you want a more comprehensive understanding of each character’s backstory, and some weird AF arcs like Bucky fighting a bear with pecs in a gulag while shirtless. BUT. The art is so aggressively Jean Claude Van Damme 90s it’s hard to look at (for me). If you hate that style, you’re probably fine Wiki-ing.
  • and you just want to read about Natasha: As much as I want Black Widow’s title to be written by a woman, honestly, her current run – written by Nathan Edmonson, with art by Phil Noto – is one of my favorites. The art is stunning and it’s chock full of fun cameos. Highly recommend. Two trades are available pretty much anywhere you can buy graphic novels, because she’s so popular.
  • and you want to understand why people ship Nat/Bucky: Welcome to the world of Ed Brubaker’s Winter Soldier, but be aware that the art is (sometimes) the kind of art where even if you can’t see Natasha’s face, you know exactly where both of her nipples are at all times. Also she spends a lot of this run being kind of a fighting fucktoy and advancing Bucky’s character development. Comics historically have not been written with ladies in mind, y’all. And yet there are a lot of good reasons to adore this comic, and there’s a reason it’s a classic.
  • You can probably skip: Literally anything Greg Rucka worked on. Ugh.
  • Update! Someone has informed me that Greg Rucka did not just work on this pornified nonsense (which admittedly is a different Black Widow, but new fans might not know that) but also worked on a title with Devin Grayson and J.G. Jones that I’ve never read that is apparently amazing. So now I’m gonna read it, and maybe you’d like to also. (Also, a bunch of you have asked why I don’t like Greg Rucka. I really like Greg Rucka! I just don’t like the shit in that first link.)
  • and you want to know what all the fuss is about because Renner’s Clint is kinda eh and you don’t really get why people are so into Clint: All the fuss is about Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye run with art by David Aja, which starts with a trade volume called My Life As A Weapon and also is an excellent introduction to Kate Bishop, who is also Hawkeye. People ADORE Clint largely because of Fraction’s run, honestly; there’s some other good Hawkeye stuff, but this one is the best.
  • and you want to see him make some use of himself as an Avenger: The Avengers West Coast run that started in the 80′s is pretty fun, tbh. There are two volumes of an omnibus of all West Coast Avengers stuff, and also some trade volumes. Plus you get a bunch of Wanda Maximoff!
  • Bonus: If you want something shorter and fun, try Widowmaker. It’s got Clint, Mockingbird, and Black Widow, and the art is pretty. (David Lopez, one of the pencillers, is currently working on Kelly Sue Deconnick’s Captain Marvel title.)
  • and you’re into something people have very divided opinions about: Planet Hulk is the kind of thing people love or hate, but it’s been rumored that the movies are going in this direction, so it might be worth checking out.
  • and you wanna see the Hulk destroy some stuff/are really into weird storylines: Yo, World War Hulk is a continuation of Planet Hulk and involves the Illuminati. It’s a crossover event as well, so there’s some fun extra X-Men stuff.
  • and you just want to get your Avengers fix: Avengers Assemble is great for anybody who wants the familiarity of the film characters, but in comic form. It’s funny, fun, and you get an intro to some other characters but it doesn’t feel overwhelming.
  • and you suspect he has a drinking problem: You’re right, and the arc where he confronts it is pretty damn good. It’s called Demon in a Bottle and it ran in 1979.
  • and you want to know more about Good Guy Tony: I hate to break it to you, but as Tony is one of my fave characters I can tell you this for sure: Tony Stark is a complicated, fucked up, deeply flawed person; he’s an enormous asshole; he’s selfish and egocentric and narcissistic. But also he has a bunch of Good Guy Tony moments. They are most notable, imo, in the Heroic Age immediately following Civil War, when he beats himself up constantly for being a dick. The Stark Resilient arc, written by Matt Fraction, is super duper good, collected in Invincible Iron Man volumes 5 and 6.
  • and the thing he was trying to do with his suit in IM3 was interesting to you, like what even was that: Totally read Extremis. It’s the arc that establishes Iron Man’s modern image.
  • but you also would like to support a book about a female character: The current Thor title has lady Thor. Dude-Thor makes several appearances. Also, it’s super good.
  • and you want to read more about Thor’s face-off with Thanos: That you can find in Jurgens’ Thor run, starting in Volume 1 and ending just before the events of Civil War.
  • and you want to know how this character came to be: Read Journey Into Mystery, which started as a horror comic and is just as delightful and pulpy as could be expected.


  • and you’re even reading this section:  READ HOUSE OF M, IT WILL CHANGE YOU, feel free to Google for context everyone does it
  • and you want to see her as an Avenger: Wanda was part of the West Coast Avengers for most of her time as an Avenger; start there. If you’ve already got that down because I also suggested it under Hawkeye, please feel free to read Uncanny Avengers.
  • A-Force is an upcoming title that will be written by G. Willow Wilson and Maguerite Bennet with art by Jorge Molina, and will feature an all-female Avengers team.
  • Captain America and the Mighty Avengers is fun as HECK and has Sam Wilson as Captain America, so go revel in that.
  • Captain Marvel by Kelly Sue Deconnick; Carol Danvers is a BAMF and there’s a GOTG cameo; several trade volumes are available
  • Ms. Marvel by G. Willow Wilson; yo I love this comic so much words can’t even do it justice; two trades are available with the third coming 6/23
  • Young Avengers by Jamie McKelvie and Kieron Gillan; this is for you if you’re constantly asking yourself who Kate Bishop is, or want more teen superheroes in your life; there’s an omnibus available and several trades
  • She-Hulk by Charles Soule; MY QUEEEEEEN; a few trade volumes are available, and to the best of my knowledge this arc is coming to a close very soon and will be available in total in trades

That’s it! That’s all I got! Remember that there is absolutely no shame in Googling the characters you like to figure out what you want to read, and wiki-ing the rest. Anybody who tells you that you can’t is a dick. Don’t listen to them!!


Some OC clones from the 796th Star Corps:

Lieutenant Weng - Boss of the Neat Squadron. A real maximalist. (the-lone-wolffe-khaleesi‘s OC)

Captain Sword - His brother. Storm, get rid of their former Commander. Freeing the Corps from darkness. (blackhunter666‘s OC)

Cuking - From Typo Squadron. Don’t ask about his name :D (blackhunter666‘s)

Lieutenant Nuts - Leader of the Fekete Squadron. He is a rebellious one. A real fighter. (Mine)

Virus - Guardian of the broken. Works in the “lie factory” with General Kit Fisto, faking medical reports to save clone from termination. (Mine)

Viper - Virus’s brother by choice. Fekete Squadron. (Mine)

Kandosii - Ex-mechanic turned into pilot. Fekete squadron. (Mine)

Zsoldos - Haunted by Commander Dumolish’s ghost. Fekete Squadron. (Mine)

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