not a boy tho

Brother costumizing his warden in For Honor: Do you think a dude this buff has a big long one?

Me:….idk, I think you can tell by how big their feet are. ..

Brother: really? Is that how you can tell now???

Me: I used to think it was the size of their hands but I think I read somewhere it was the feet idk it has to do with biology I think??!! Plus that reminds me of something, did you know the whole reason the foot fetish is such a big thing is because the parts of the brain that locate the genitals and feet are right next to each other and sometimes the neurons cross each other?

Brother:……whaaaaaat *keeps costumizing*

Me: yea idk


“Hey, whatchu drawing?” Cups. I’m drawing cups. 

You guys have no idea how much Cuphead arts I’ve been drawing. I love me them cupboys *inhales* Also that last shitpost is because of my sudden realization of how ridiculously big I draw their heckin’ hands. 


[16 Dances] - organized by Ashido and Jirou after they learned, from her enormous mansion, how she appreciated western culture !

Happy Birthday Yaomomo! [9/23]


Jungkook is me, I am Jungkook