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✿ ———— beauty and the beast sentence starters.

’ How can you read this? There’s no pictures! ’
’ Well, some people use their imagination… ’
’ This is the day your dreams come true. ’
’ I’m-I’m speechless. I really don’t know what to say. ’
’ Say you’ll marry me! ’
’ I just don’t deserve you! ’
’ I want to do something for him/her… but what? ’
’ No, no! It’s got to be more something more special than that! ’
’ This is yet another example of the late neoclassic Baroque period. ’
’ If I didn’t know better, I’d think you had feelings for this monster. ’
’ I thought I told you to come down to dinner! ’
’ I’m not hungry! ’
’ You’ll come out, or I’ll-I’ll-I’ll break down the door! ’
’ Will you come down to dinner? ’
’ It would give me great pleasure… ’
’ We say please. ’
’ You can’t stay in there forever! ’
’ Fine! Then go ahead and starve! ’
’ Oh dear. That didn’t go very well at all, did it? ’
’ If she/he doesn’t eat with me, then she/he doesn’t eat at all! ’
’ Who said anything about the castle being enchanted? ’
’ It was you, wasn’t it? ’
’ Oh, you look so… so… ’
’ Not quite the word I was looking for, but perhaps a - little more off the top. ’
’ Maybe some other time… ’
’ _______, you are positively primeval! ’
’ Why did you come here? ’
’ Do you realize what you could have done? ’
’ I didn’t mean any harm. ’
’ Please… stop… ’
’ Who’s there? Who are you? ’
’ I’ve come for my father. Please, let him out! Can’t you see, he’s sick? ’
’ Please, I’ll do anything! ’
’ Oh, there must be some way I can… ’
’ Then he/she shouldn’t have trespassed here! ’
’ The master of this castle… ’
’ Wait! Take me instead. ’
’ You don’t know what you’re doing! ’
’ Yes. But… you must promise to stay here forever! ’
’ Come into the light… ’
’ You have my word… ’
’ For who could ever learn to love a beast? ’
’ Do I still have to sleep in the cupboard? ’
’ That’s not a request! ’
’ I’ve been burnt by you before! ’
’ I’m afraid I’ve been thinking… ’
’ If you’d hold still, it wouldn’t hurt as much! ’
’ Well, if you hadn’t have run away, this wouldn’t have happened! ’
’ If you hadn’t frightened me, I wouldn’t have run away! ’
’ Well you shouldn’t have been in the west wing! ’
’ Well, you should learn to control your temper! ’
’ Now, hold still. This might sting a little. ’
’ By the way, thank you… for saving my life. ’
’ Couldn’t keep quiet, could we? ’
’ Just had to invite him/her to stay, didn’t we? ’
’ I was trying to be hospitable. ’
’ I want adventure in the great wide somewhere. ’
’ I want so much more than they’ve got planned… ’
’ Well, Your Highness, I must say everything is going just swimmingly. ’
’ I knew you had it in you, ha ha! ’
’ You what? How could you do that? ’
’ I use antlers in all of my decorating! ’
’ I-I-I was lost in the woods, and-and… ’
’ Please, I meant no harm. I-I just need a place to stay. ’
’ What’re you staring at? ’
’ I’ll give you a place to stay. ’
’ No, no! Please! Don’t, no! ’
’ I’d like to thank you all for coming to my wedding. ’
’ Sir, close that at once! Do you mind? ’
’ It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight. ’
’ Oh, must help her/him to see past all that. ’
’ Well, you can start by making yourself more presentable. ’
’ Oh, it’s no use. ’
’ I don’t know how. ’
’ Come, come, show me the smile. ’
’ There’s a stranger here! ’
’ Pardon me, Master… ’
’ Leave me in peace. ’
’ It doesn’t matter now. Just let them come. ’
’ I’ll show you to your room. ’
’ Do you wanna stay in the tower? ’
’ You must control your temper! ’
’ Of course I came back. I couldn’t let them… oh, this is all my fault! ’
’ You… you came back. ’
’ If only I had gotten here sooner. ’
’ Maybe… maybe… it’s better… it’s better this way. ’
’ Don’t talk like that! You’ll be alright. ’
’ We’re together now; everything’s going to be fine, you’ll see… ’
’ And at least… at least I got to see you… one last time. ’
’ Please. Please… Please don’t leave me. ’
’ Well, perhaps there’s something there that wasn’t there before. ’
’ There may be something there that wasn’t there before. ’
’ Shh. I’ll tell you when you’re older. ’
’ I’ll not have you making up such wild stories. ’
’ Let me go! Let me go, please! Don’t hurt me! I’ll do anything! Anything! ’
’ I’m… I’m about ready to give up on this hunk of junk. ’
’ This castle is your home now, so you can go anywhere you like, except the West Wing. ’
’ I mean it this time! I’ll never get this boneheaded contraption to work! ’
’ Well, what are we waiting for? ’
’ I’ll have this thing fixed in no time! ’
’ You really believe that? ’
’ Be our guest. ’
’ Is it dangerous? ’
’ Oh no, he’d/she’d never hurt anyone. ’
’ Hmmm. Could you read it again? ’
’ Why don’t you read it to me? ’
’ You mean, you never learned? ’
’ I learned… a little. It’s just been… so long. ’
’ Well, here, I’ll help you. ’
’ What would you say if you and I took a walk over to the tavern and took a look at my trophies? ’

To everyone who’s been asking about when I’ll upload a post of the MSA redesigns with all the gifs in one post (and putting down what song they were animated to), I’m so sorry this took so long. :’D

I kept forgetting to upload this. That, and I wanted to go back to some of the gifs to clean them up, and re-animate them in Clip Studio Paint EX. I’ve tried by best to get them to follow the beat as close as I can, but some of them may still be a little off. Still, this was a fun attempt. I’ll be placing the song references under a “keep reading” thing if anyone is curious.

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anonymous asked:

Hey folks! I was curious about the difference between skinheads and Nazis -- where I'm from (the midwest United States) a lot of people are of the impression that they're the same thing, and your latest post makes a note of that being incorrect. Could you please explain the difference so I can be better informed?

It’s a long story, but we’ll try to give you the short version:

(above: skinheads in the UK, circa 1969) 

Skinhead comes from the merger of two youth subcultures - the mods and the rude boys.  This happened when young Jamaican immigrants to the UK in the 1960s began hanging around with working-class English kids.  Back in the day, no one would blink an eye at a black skinhead

This began to change in the 1970s, when racist extremists in the UK began to recruit disaffected working-class youth as cannon fodder for their campaigns.  Noting that skinheads had reputations as street fighters, they began to distort & corrupt the subculture, helped along by a hysterical mass media.

By the time the skinhead subculture took root in the U.S., it was unclear which version of skinhead - the original multiracial version or the nazi imposters - would hold sway.  But sensationalist media coverage, stuffy academics, and of course the police made sure that the public equated “skinhead” with “racists,” unwittingly help U.S. racist groups with their recruitment by handing the subculture over to them on a silver fucking platter.

(above: The Baldies - the original anti-racist skinhead crew).

Happily, real skinheads in the U.S. were not having it.  Hailing from Minneapolis, The Baldies were the first organized crew of anti-racist skinheads and they fought & won a battle to drive a white supremacist bonehead gang off the streets.  

(above: members of The Syndicate at a 1989 Syndicate inter-city conference in Minneapolis)

A couple of years later they would co-found The Syndicate - an intercity network of anti-racist skins, punks, and other youth in the MidWest that laid the foundations for The Anti-Racist Action Network a few years later.

(above: patches commissioned by founding members of the original SHARP chapter)
Around this time, a group of anti-racist skins in NYC formed the world’s first SHARP chapter, which inspired other chapters all over the world.

  (above: image from flyer for the first RASH intercity gathering)

In 1993, Red and Anarchist Skinheads began also in NYC but with an (obviously) more explicit political mandate.  

So basically Anon, skinhead began as a multiracial youth subculture that nazi scum have been attempting to take over for years.  But despite help from the authorities and the media, the majority of skinheads have never been racist scum!  Because of this, real skinheads strongly object to any reference to bigoted filth as “skinheads.”  The preferred and more-accurate term for such swine is “bonehead.”

You’ll find a more academic look at this whole deal here.   

(above: SHARP skins in Paris)

do not

Snakes should not join you in the bubble bath. The water temperature that’s comfortable for a human is far too hot for a snake- but more importantly, snakes should not be exposed to bath products. You don’t know what residues may be in there that are toxic to a snake. Many bath products contain various essential oils, which can be quite irritating to reptiles. 

Names have been omitted for a reason. Please don’t start a witch hunt to harass this person- this was a boneheaded decision, but they don’t deserve to be harassed. Just- don’t follow their example, ok? Don’t take your pet snake in the bubble bath.


There’s a lot going on here that’s just a big don’t. I get it, you love your gecko, you want to be with him always. But don’t take him to Starbucks in your sweater pocket. There’s lots of reasons why this is a bad idea- it’s actually dangerous for him, putting him in this situation!

1. If it’s chilly enough where you, a warm-blooded mammal, need a sweater, it’s way too cold for your gecko.
2. Your pocket is not a secure container- it’s not a safe place to travel. 
3. Don’t take a reptile into a place where food is served. That’s unsanitary. 
4. Don’t take an pet of any kind into a place where pets are not welcome. 
4A. Even if he’s your emotional support animal- those aren’t afforded public access like a service dog, and taking animals into spaces like that makes it more difficult for actual service animal users.
5. Don’t put a reptile on a table where other people eat food. I get that it made a cute snap, but it’s not safe for other people (salmonella potential- you don’t know who is/isn’t immunocompromised!) and it’s not safe for him either (who knows what kind of cleaning chemical residues could be on there?)

When you take a reptile in public, you need to be able to control as many variables of the situation as possible and only take that animal into places where you know that animal is allowed to be. You need to choose places that are safe. Names have been omitted for a reason. Please don’t start a witch hunt to harass this person- this was a boneheaded decision, but they don’t deserve to be harassed. Just- don’t follow their example, ok? Don’t take your pet lizard to Starbucks.


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TobyFox - An Ending

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about the netflix castlevania series...

I know, I’ve been busy.  I’ve been raving over this series for the past week but I couldn’t get to a proper keyboard so I can a Proper Rave™ complete with gifs and sparklies.  


Fine, fine.  I’ll be a proper grown up.  I’ll stop sulking and wait patiently. 

Let’s get on with the List of Things That I Really Love About Netflix’s Castlevania animated series:

a.  Dracula - First off, Dracula is not a precious misunderstood Woobie Destroyer of Worlds.  He’s evil.  He’s got a dangerous labyrinth of a castle sitting smack dab in the middle of a forest of skeletons that are impaled on very long sharp stakes, his victims from years ago.  Dracula is bored, mean and absolutely disgusted with humanity.  Apparently, the only reason he doesn’t seem to be concocting some sort of Evil Plan to Cover the World in Eternal Night™ in the first few minutes we see him is because he can’t be arsed to anymore.  

But he is a lot more complex than your average moustache-twirling baddie and in less than five minutes we get the idea that there’s still some ounce of humanity left in everyone’s favorite Evil King Vampire.  He basically gets this OH NO SHE’S ADORABLE AND I LIKE HER SEND HELP look on his face once he gets properly acquainted with one Dr. Lisa Fahrenheights.  

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b.  Lisa Fahrenheights - People who’ve played Castlevania:  Symphony of the Night will know who she is and in the game, she’s pretty much portrayed as some sort of sanctified figure in a Certain Person’s memories.  In this series, Lisa Fahrenheights is smart, sassy and willing to tell off the most dangerous vampire in the world for his bad manners.  And while our acquaintance with her is painfully short, it gets pretty clear why Dracula would fall arse over cape for her.  

And surprisingly, she genuinely seems to love him back and is apparently willing to believe he can be better than his Evil self without forgetting that he IS a terrifying Evil Dark Lord With Fangs™.  We only get like 10 minutes to have her around and I’m actually willing to buy into the Dracula/Lisa love story far more than I did with Twilight or the Star Wars Anakin/Padme romance.  

She’s genuinely a good person without being insufferably saintly and I hope we get to see more of her in flashbacks as this series progresses because LISA FAHRENHEIGHTS DESERVED BETTER GDI.  

Seriously, in the Great List of Incredibly Stupid and Boneheaded Ideas™, accusing Dr. Lisa Fahrenheights Tepes (somehow, I get the feeling she and Vlad had a long and lively discussion about being his Princess/Lady/Countess and she stuck to her guns about being a Doctor) of witchcraft and then burning her alive at the stake is probably in the Top Three.  Right beside the one that says, “Do not kill the Cinnabon Roll Son of the Dark Lord of the Sith while Darth Papa is actually there to see everything.”  

Unfortunately, since this is the Middle Ages and we have all that bullshit about wise women being falsely accused and the Church being corrupt, so this clusterfuckery happens and of course, Vlad eventually comes home to find the house he built for his beloved destroyed and that he’s too late to save her.  He can’t even get the chance to possibly turn her into a vampire.  

Of course he’s pissed off. 

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The signs as MST3K Characters
  • Aries: Pearl Forrester
  • Taurus: Bobo
  • Gemini: Crow
  • Cancer: Joel Robinson
  • Leo: Kinga Forrester
  • Virgo: Mike Nelson
  • Libra: Jonah Heston
  • Scorpio: Tom Servo
  • Sagittarius: Dr. Forrester
  • Capricorn: TV's Son of TV's Frank ("Just call him Max")
  • Aquarius: Bonehead #2
  • Pisces: Cambot