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There is not enough jet star, where is my son? Where is his recognition?

here is some jet star content:
- he’s a fiend for fizzy drinks..
- he smokes but only cigars but like he can never get his hands on cigars so actually he never smokes
- kept in contact with his parents for about a year after he went into the desert (they stayed in the city) but then they suddenly dropped off the face of the planet and it was like six months before he finally found out that they’d both died.. they blew up an entire building with themselves and an entire platoon of exterminators inside
- he learned how to play guitar from dj hot chimp
- one time Kobra got him an alien bobblehead and it made him so happy he kept it in his pocket for like a week straight

Breakfast Headcanons

1. Balthazar is an asshole and picks out all the marshmallows in Lucky Charms so Vinnie doesn’t get to them first.

2. Sara tends to do the magical girl toast-in-mouth while running late for school thing. 

3. Zack’s freezer is stocked with frozen waffles and pancakes.

4. Milo prefers his eggs sunny side up so he can dip his bacon into the yolk. 

5. Vinnie has an excellent French toast recipe that Balthazar secretly enjoys but will never admit it.

6. Mr. Block will not function without coffee.

7. Martin is not allowed in the kitchen if Bridgette is cooking brunch. In fact, Martin can’t cook period.

8. Richard and Melissa don’t keep sugary cereal in the house. 

9. There were Dr. Zone collectible bobbleheads in Milo’s favorite cereal for a time. He and Sara ate themselves sick trying to collect them all. 

10. Mort collects box tops.

Fallout 4 Mods


The following will overwrite each other in parts, this is my install order:





settlement building

reshade: personal preset



Braden Holtby
Number: 70
Nickname: Holts
Hidden Talent:
Favorite Movie: Anchorman 2
Campaign Slogan: The puck stops here.

Tom Wilson
Number: 43
Nickname: Whip
Favorite TV Show: One Tree Hill
Campaign Slogan: “The most handsome president of all time” - Lars Eller

Justin Williams
Number: 14
Nickname: Stick
Hidden Talent: Being really, really ridiculously good looking
Campaign Slogan: It’s not hard being perfect…look at me - Justin Williams

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Manip by @xxtorchxx based on a conversation we had the other day. 

It first appears online, because everything does. A pseudo-political point made with a ripoff version of Photoshop, probably just to win an argument.

Then the street artists get hold of it. Cat sees it cropping up in her local news reports more often, but Kara remains oblivious as she so often does. It costs a considerable amount to have painters go out and whitewash over it each time, but Cat also sends a photographer to capture the best of the images for her own private collection.

It’s borrowed time, and in the course of returning Cat home with a quick flight after yet another attack in the workplace, Kara sees one for the first time. It’s the building four blocks from Cat that she bought to spite a business rival once, filling it with low-cost apartments for young families and creatives otherwise priced out of National City’s vibrant central areas.

“My crest.” Kara sounds pained. “That’s my family’s coat of arms,” she explains, distracted as she sets Cat down on her balcony. 

“Well, apparently they don’t approve of your corporate patron,” Cat sighs. “Or maybe they do. Either way, they’re saying you belong to CatCo.”

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Okay so like I just had to tell this to someone cause I find it so funny. You know how during variety shows or the BTS shows something will happen and then one of the BTS members' heads will enlarge super big and their body stays the same size so they look like a BTS bobblehead? Idk why but I always find that sooooo funny 😂😂😂😂like it makes me laugh so hard for no legitimate reason. They just look like human bobbleheads and it's hilarious and cute at the same time



I agree so much with you???? It happens when they wanna show the members being sneaky sneaky (like Yoonggi cheating lol, or Jeon being shocked for no apparent reason) and expose them and I LOVE IT it’s just so hilarious xD

And same with all those weird “manga” effects like sweat drops or tears or random question marks popping up their heads lol

Sweetie, yes I feel you on a spiritual level, glad I found someone who agrees with me on that :’)

*highs five you while wiping off a tear*

BEAST’s “Ordinary Fan Meet & Concert” in Melbourne Fan Account.

(If anyone has fancams from the first game segment, could you send me them, please?)

Anyway, yesterday was BEAST’s Fan Meet in Melbourne. I attended with a girl I go to all my concerts with. We spent the day in the city and got dinner (It was amazing, if you’re in Melbourne, I recommend ‘Oppa’s Kitchen’ because the food, service and atmosphere was exceptional. Pretty cheap too.). So, after tea we went to where the Concert was to be held, we got our little lights for a fan project that was organised (props to the people who organize these things) and went inside. I got my lightstick and waited around for the doors to open. There was a staff member walking around asking for a half of our tickets, for the game segment with BEAST, so my friend put both of our stubs in. We eventually got to our seats, which weren’t great (I felt bad for my friend because I was the one who got the tickets) but they were still decent, we were just right at the back. We noticed that about four rows were empty, and eventually the three back rows got upgraded to those empty rows. My friend and I quickly dashed to the closer rows and sat down. The host eventually came out and started to do the draw. She picked out tickets and assigned a member to the lucky winners. Eventually it got to the last ticket, and to my utter shock my seat number was called.

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guys help i can’t stop with the elementary school au HAVE SOME CHARACTER DESIGNS/HEADCANONS:

Matt has a giant head and I don’t know why. Every time I draw him I’m like “Okay, you got this, don’t give him a giant head this time” and then BAM, baby bobblehead. SORRY MATT, MAYBE NEXT TIME DON’T BE SO SCRAWNY. (Jack can’t figure out why Matt’s such a beanpole, he eats like a horse.) Anyway he lives with Jack and takes Coach Stick’s special ninja gym class with Elektra and Colleen and Danny. His super senses aren’t exactly a secret but only Jack and Foggy and Elektra and Coach Stick really get the extent of them. Also, that striped shirt is his favorite.

Foggy is Matt’s very most bestest friend and they have a secret clubhouse (Karen found it in like four seconds) and are gonna live together when they grow up in a big house with a swirly slide, they already decided. His parents are very big on personal choice and self-esteem so they let him decide how long he wants his hair to be and pick out all the weird t-shirts he wants. His favorite question is “But why?” Jack thinks he is super weird but is mostly glad Matt has such a good friend.

Trish is a child model and “aspiring” child actress (they are really her mom’s aspirations but she is very charming and articulate). She’s a natural redhead (I’ve decided) and her mother basically dresses her like a cupcake at all times, much to her annoyance because it makes it super hard to climb trees. Hence that expression. Her mom thinks Jessica is a bad influence, and is mostly right about that. (…Let’s say this is a universe where Trish’s mom is annoying but not actually abusive, shall we? Same for Stick, whatever Karen’s family’s deal is, etc.)

Jessica has never brushed her hair in her life. She is bad at following rules and gets into a lot of fights with Frankie Castle and her knees are always skinned. She will 100% PUNCH YOU if you mess with Trish or Malcolm (no one messes with Malcolm, messing with Malcolm is like bullying a kitten) and she knows everyone’s secrets. She is also MEGA STRONG and can fly a little but her bio-family’s alive and happy, don’t think about it too hard.


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White Elephant in the Room explains “How to Face a Tragedy.” Also, how to gaze at your own book & appear thoughtful on Telemundo.