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A rocky start

Some Context: one of my fellow players in a game is a rock golemn named Scoria. This exchange happened when the GM asked us on skype if we were available to play over the upcoming weekend:

GM: what’s the weekend plans guys?

Scoria: I am ready to roll.

GM: But are you ready to rock?

Scoria: You’re a real gem, GM

Player: stfu

Scoria: I’m sorry, shale we talk about this later?

Player: How dare you

Scoria: I got a bit boulder

Player: I s2g

Me: I think the puns rock. Perhaps you’re just too impatient to wait for a really nice one to crystallize. In the meantime you’ll just be losing your marbles over some lime jokes

Player: Why do you do this to me?

GM: Because we love you. Granite, we’re not very nice people.

Me: I wanted to throw out more puns in response, but I’ve hit a wall. They’re really too hard. Player is right, we should all some back down to Earth and start over, you know, with a clean slate. No more forced rock puns to stalagnate our conversations

Player: F***ING

Me: Uh oh, I’ve sent your and my relationship down a rocky road. Maybe if I’m gneiss you’ll be willing to drop all this grit and work with my based on sediment alone.

Player: z;ldkfjgn;zkjb

Me: I suppose I have norite to ask for forgiveness. Of quartz, I’ve earned your skarn. If you can’t forgive me I’ll just have to boulder on without you.

Player: why do you hate me?

Me: I don’t, I just love puns. But I’m done. I spent a solid 10 minutes reading up on names of rocks. It’s too much effort and I’m not even the rock golemn who should be making these puns.

Player: I’ll just silt over here and be quiet then

Scoria: I was driving!

Me: I’ve put more effort into thinking of rock puns in the last hour then I think you’ve done in entirety of the time you’ve played as Scoria. Not that I’m really keeping Scor(ia).

Modern Au

OK OK sorry but I’ve been thinking about this a lot, sorry sorry for this silly Au.

Modern Au In which Naruto is a half japanese half english boy (his dad is English you know blonde and gorgeous) and he was raised in England too so he doesn’t speak Japanese at all and then he met this GORGEOUS japanese boy (sasuke - obv - ) in his way to visit his grandparents (from his mother´s side)

And then he decided to talk to his amazing boy (with that perfect skin and so beautiful “a little bit dirty” black hair)… Obviously the thing doesn’t go well, Naruto’s accent is too thick and Sasuke’s english is so… japanese? so, my baby get frustrated and went home. So, when his mother asked him if something happened he said “ I met a gorgeous guy but he doesn’t stop talking in anime and I get frustrated”

Kushina hits him with Minato laughing his guts out almost in the floor in the back

GOT7 Reaction | When their S/O tells them they can’t swim

| GOT7 reaction to their crush admitting they don’t know how to swim… or ride a bike? PLEASE thank you I love your work 💕💕💕💕 | aww thanks honey pie it means a lot to hear thattttt ~also i adjusted this request a lil bit to fit with what i had in mind sorry about that!! ~Admin H

Mark: he’s grown up along the coast and he also has a pool so like the idea that someone can’t swim so so strange to him but he understands it, and he’ll ask you if you want him to teach you how to swim and you guys have a cute date together at his parents house and he rewards u w lil kisses when u swim towards him send help 

JB/Jaebum: okay well what do u want him to do with this info?? are you afraid of the water or did you just never have the chance to learn how to swim?? like, he’ll offer to teach you if you really want to learn but tbh he doesn’t always like,,,have the best patience out of the group so maybe he’ll ask Mark or jackson to help you learn to

Jackson: he’s such an athletic person wtf but he’s a beautiful ray of positive energy so he might tease u a little bit but he will seriously ask you sometime if you want him to teach u how to swim and he’ll start out in the shallow end where u can touch and he’ll hold ur hands and slowly swim further and further out until you finally let go of his hands and ur swimming on ur own honestly he’s gonna be so hyped for you he’ll probs buy a cake or some shit 

Jinyoung: he’s such a sweet person underneath all that Savagery™ so around u he’s gonna be mr gentleman and offer you any help you might need with swimming but tbh if you just want to chill in the shallow end of the pool he’s so totally fine with that 

Youngjae: honestly he’s the type to take you to the pool on a date and then find out you can’t swim later on and he’ll panic and call JB who’s like. fucking. teach them to swim ur already right there. jackson’s in the bg like !! KIS THEM WHEN TH EY SWIM CORRECTL- so youngjae teaches u to swim in a v cute and flustered manner and it s so cu te and maybe,,,just maybe he gives u a lil giggly kiss when u swim to him on ur own ahhhhhHH

BamBam: dis btich is gonna know u can’t swim and jump into the (shallow) end of the pool just to freak you out and he’s not gonna offer to teach u to swim bc he’s v much enjoying the fact that ur holding on to him v tightly so that u dont like…drown also Bammie pool sex doesn’t work v well when one of u can’t swim okay calm down

Yugyeom: he’s so tall doesn’t he just touch the bottom of every pool?? lmaoooo honestly other then Jackson and Mark he’s the one you really want to teach you to swim bc as soon as you tell him that you can’t he’s gonna be planning out a pool date w u and he’ll do the cute things like give u kisses when u swim to him on ur own but also he’s gonna do races with you and give u a pair of floaties like,,,I’m not a child Gyeomie please but he’s like nope i dont care how good at it u are now wear the floaties(tbh its mostly bc he thinks u look super duper cute but he’s not gonna admit that,,,,also he’s taken like 12 pictures of u and its now his phone bg)

Nct 127 reaction: Their gf breaks down after her pet died

Requested: Hi! I sent in the request about a pet, could you please do it for nct 127? Thank you so much!! 

A/N: P/N = pet name

Sorry its a bit repetitive, I hope you enjoy


Tae would not like to see you so upset. He would leave you alone for a while to let you calm down and run to the store for some gifts to make you feel better. He would bring you a lot of your favorite flowers and food. He would cuddle you all day and shower you with love to make you feel better. 

“These are all for you.”

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He became upset with you. He wouldn’t say much just hold you in his arms as you cried it out. He didn’t like seeing you upset at all. He would sing to help you calm down and would be right by your side for anything you wanted.

“I’m here Y/N.”

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Youngho would not like seeing you like this. Your sadness was his sadness as well. Even if he didn’t have a close connection to your pet, he knew you did and seeing you so sad and hurt he didn’t like that. He was by your side all the time. He did everything you asked him to do and would assure you it was okay to let out your feelings.

“Its okay to let it out Y/N, I’m here for you.”

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Yuta wouldn’t think much about the news at first, he knew you would be upset but he never though it would affect you this much. He felt like a jerk at first and would run over to you hugging you. He would listen to all the stories you would tell him about you and your pet. He would then try doing stupid things to try and make you laugh and if you did he would smile really big.

“I’m sorry this happened.”

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Doyoung wouldn’t say anything. He would just pull you into a tight hug. He understood how close you and you pet were so he would just let you take your sadness out. He would be right by your side no matter what until you felt better.

“Its okay to cry..”

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He wouldn’t really know what to do. He would leave you alone for a little while if you asked. After a certain amount of time though he wouldn’t be able to stay away. He wanted to be with you in times you were sad. To make you feel better he would start telling you funny stories of your pet to make you smile at least.

“Remember when P/N peed on me..”

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Much like Taeyong he would go to the nearby store quickly and buy all your favorite snacks. He would wait for you to calm down and put on your favorite drama or movie and cuddle you on the couch while he feeds you trying to get your mind off your pet.

“Do you want some more cookies?”

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He would not really know what to do. He was like a lost puppy looking around the room trying to figure out something to do. You had been so upset which made him upset. He would probably call one of his hyungs to ask for advice. He would still be very confused but follow his hyungs advise and just hug you and try to talk or get your mind off your pet.

“Just tell me what you need.”

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All his playfulness and sassiness would be gone. He would be very confused just like mark not really know what was wrong or what he should do. He wouldn’t call his hyung though he would just run over to you and hug you until you were ready to tell him. When you did he would try to comfort you the best he could.

P/N loves you so much and wouldn’t want to see you like this..”

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~Admin C


Heyo– I rarely post shit like this, but I kind of need to. So, here’s someone to look out for– His name is Alex/Coconut– He’s in the YOI and Nanbaka fandom, and he promised to pay @sakuyoza for a commission, but never did. I thought it’s best to warn others about him??? Idk. Also, please reblog this! It would mean a lot to both PunPun and I if you could commission him. He really needs the money. (Also, I’m not sure if these are in order or not, so I’m sorry if it’s a bit difficult to read/understand.)

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I'm not a native english speaker so noticing different accents is not that easy, but I've seen some other Irish people saying that Katie's accent doesn't sound 100% Irish sometimes and you said in another ask that Katie herself has mentioned it several times before. Has she mentioned why? And does her brother sounds like her? I've been trying to pay attention but to me british and irish sound REALLY similar so I can't tell them apart. I love they way she speaks no matter what. Just curious

Hey anon! Sorry for the delay. I have links for you, so I didn’t want to answer on mobile! To my knowledge, Katie has never mentioned any specifics about her accent other than the fact that is comes and goes. She has also mentioned that many people don’t believe she is Irish just from hearing her speak. She talks a bit about that in this article here. In my opinion, her brother’s accent seems a little thicker, but that could just be me. You can be the judge if you’d like to see a video of them together here!

But I am with you, her accent and voice are absolutely perfect!

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So.... hello. I am trying to find out more about peoples experiences with stretch marks. All I am finding is stuff about how people prevented them. Not super helpful in my situation. I am 21 and just got my first stretch marks last year when I gained 35 pounds in my last semester (after slowly gaining since 2013ish) and now I have insane marks. Like super dark claw marks, especially on my stomach. Is there any hope of these fading at all!? Or am I just going to have to wear sweaters forever? I..

(Cont…) just cant believe I did this much damage to my body at 21… Ive never seen marks like this. And I didnt even notice until january. Am I going to have to get my skin removed? Sorry for all of this i just thought they would have faded at least a bit by now. I havent gained any more weight and am slowly losing… i gained about 80ish total pounds and I thought I remembered you saying you had gotten some at some point. Ok have a great afternoon.

Literally EVERYONE has stretch marks for one reason or another…gaining weight, losing weight, growing quickly, etc. They are 100% natural just like freckles and wrinkles. Most marks fade with time. I had some super dark red ones on my tummy about two years ago when I gained back a significant amount of weight and now I can only see them faintly in certain light. I have a bunch on my back and around my sides, too. It takes time for them to fade, be patient. You could try using something like Mederma or vitamin E to speed up the process. But you need to decide if you’re going to waste your life now being miserable and unhappy about a natural part of your body or if you’re going to accept your body as it is and love yourself.

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Hi! It was good to see you at PAX! Sorry if I was awkward, randomly intersecting you on a skybridge, but you were one of the few people who I really recognised (though being British, I have to introduce myself by asking you if you are who I think you are). It was really cool to hear a bit about your work. Did you manage to avoid the PAX pox or plague or whatever we're calling it now?

Ayyyyy! Don’t worry you weren’t awkward at all, if anything sorry if *I* was awkward haha. Sadly me gots the sickness, but I’m getting better! Nice meeting you too!

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sorry this might be a bit. deep? but idk who to talk to about this. i understand the importance of loving your neighbour as yourself. but what if i don't love myself? i dont know how to do that, and so i don't know how i should be loving my neighbour?

”One of the teachers of the law came and heard them debating. Noticing that Jesus had given them a good answer, he asked him, “Of all the commandments, which is the most important?”
“The most important one,” answered Jesus, “is this: ‘Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”
~Mark 12:28-31

I understand what you mean. I’ve been there. There are days I still struggle with self love. And the journey to self love is long and hard. As I’ve talked about before, there are days I can’t help but despise myself. I often thought of this questions in the past and here’s what I decided:

Those verses are telling us to treat others with basic decency. They’re telling us to show our love for others through our deeds. To treat others the way we would want to be treated. The people who were asking Jesus questions earlier in this chapter were trying to catch Him off guard. They wanted to prove that he was imperfect and not the Son of God. They were self-righteous and wanted to prove themselves greater than Jesus. Jesus telling them to love others as themselves meant putting others before themselves. It meant humbling themselves. 
So how do you love your neighbor if you don’t love yourself? Find someone or something that you love the most. How do you treat that person/thing? With gentleness, respect and honor? That is how you should treat your neighbor. If you see your neighbor struggling, do what you can to ease their burden. If you see injustice, stand against it. Serve those around you. Give compliments and mean them. When you see someone, think what Jesus would do. Don’t allow others to abuse and use you, but don’t be afraid to go out of your way to make someone smile. If that means taking a couple extra minutes to truly listen to someone who just needs an ear or helping someone carry something to their car. Think of something that someone has done for you that made you feel extremely happy, cared for, and taken care of.

As for not knowing how to love yourself, look at God’s love for you as an example. Think of the things that He has done for you out of love. God loves you so much that He allowed His son to bear unbelievable pain and embarrassment just to show you how much you matter, how much He loves you, and how much He wants to know you. One of the biggest parts of my healing process has been to take the lies of the world and the lies I’ve told myself and compare them with God’s word. I ask myself why I hate myself.

One of the most popular is “Because I’m insignificant, unimportant, and I always mess up.” Well, in Psalm 139:13-18, David tells me exactly what God thinks of me. And He thinks the same thing about you. God loved you, thought of you, wanted you before you were born. Before anyone else even knew you or knew you would exist.

For you created my inmost being;
   you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
I praise youbecause I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
   your works are wonderful,
   I know that full well.
My frame was not hidden from you
   when I was made in the secret place,
   when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.
Your eyes saw my unformed body;
   all the days ordained for me were written in your book
   before one of them came to be.
How precious to me are your thoughts, God!
   How vast is the sum of them!
Were I to count them,
   they would outnumber the grains of sand
   when I awake, I am still with you. 

Another popular thought I have is “I’m worthless. Imperfect. Stupid.” In Psalm 84, the Psalmist speaks of how he wishes to dwell in the house of the Lord. 

“How lovely is your dwelling place,
   Lord Almighty!”

We’re told in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 that WE are God’s temple and that He dwells within US.

“Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.”

Therefore “How lovely is your dwelling place” applies to me and you as well. We are lovely. God could dwell anywhere. He could choose any palace or temple, but he chose US because to Him, we are lovely, wonderful, and oh, so worthy.

Those are just a couple examples. I could give you many, many more. But I hope that is a good start. And I hope that answered your question. I’m sorry for such a long response, but this one hit close to home and I feel I needed the reminder myself. 

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Hi! I've been meaning to send you an ask for a while, but I couldn't get the wording down and I was a bit nervous... but I just wanted to thank you for everything you do for all of us. Reading your responses to anon asks is like putting headphones in after a long day because you're so nice and comforting and helpful. (Sorry if that's a weird analogy...) Anyway, um, thanks for being here for everyone!

welp, i cried. thank you for sending this ask. it means alot to me. sometimes i even wonder if anyone reads them. i worry that my words wont matter.

i care about you guys more than i can say. i love you so much.

this will always be a safe space for you.
my ask box is always open.

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It seemed like Lefou even went with Gaston into the war. How do you think Lefou felt/did?


But this is really cool to think about!!!!

So in that whole scene where Lefou’s reminding Gaston of the war, besides being hilariOUS AND A BIT CONCERNING, it’s also pretty telling when you think about Lefou and Gaston’s characters as a whole!!!

Like to me, when Lefou was listing the explosions and widows and things, he didn’t seem to completely bothered by it. He was totally chill with the war being Gaston’s happy place! And then I started to think about it more and more!!

Like Lefou is a really sweet and kindhearted person when he isn’t under Gaston’s thumb. When they leave Maurice to die, it’s all he can think about for five whole days!!! Every time he closes his eyes, it’s all he can see. So for him to be so nonchalant about a whole wAR, it seems a lil out of place!


That maybe Lefou actually might’ve been just really far away from the actual conflict, and had Gaston relay his experiences of the war to him.


And he knows how much power he has over Lefou. So what if he made himself look like this dashing amazing war hero that single-handedly saved France??? And Lefou believes every word without question because he wants so badly to keep this perfect idea of Gaston, that he can be kind, that he can be daring.

And then as the story progresses, we get to see Lefou’s dawning disgust at Gaston’s true evil and manipulative nature. He’s been played for a fool all this time.

None of those amazing stories were true. Gaston could’ve murdered countless people in that war and loved every second of it.




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Okay, I just saw the movie Logan, so i got a little bit inspired...I was wondering if you could write something about Mccree, 76, or Reaper finding out that the reader has the same abilities as wolverine (regenerative powers and the whole claw thing). Sorry if this request is a little weird haha. Thanks :))

A/N: A little weird, but I can dig it. Hope this is what you were looking for!


  • McCree’s fascinated with your powers, and things the claws are pretty cool, he’s honestly a little jealous of them, his prosthetic arm seems a little lame in comparison. He’ll definitely be interested in figuring out the extent of your abilities, and he’s definitely going to get you to cut a bullet he fires in half. Expect to get into plenty of dangerous situations with him, like trying to ride a horse without sitting down on the saddle. McCree’s a lovable goofball at heart, but he’ll be happy with whatever abilities you’re comfortable using, even if you don’t want to use them in combat. He’s much more understanding than 76 or Reaper if you don’t want to be in combat too often, and he’s not going to force you into that situation if you truly don’t want to be in it. He’ll ask if the claws hurt from time to time, just wanting to make sure that you feel comfortable.

Soldier 76:

  • Soldier’s intrigued by your abilities, particularly the healing factor, comparing it to his own alterations he was given by the United States. He’s also interested in your claws, though it’s not as interesting to him as the healing, it is a subject for consideration. He’ll want to test the extent of your abilities, organizing a few trials to figure out just how strong you are. If you don’t really want to participate he’ll push you towards it, wanting to know your limits, for both of your sake’s. If you’re adamant about not participating in tests he’ll be a little frustrated, but will respect your wishes. Don’t expect him to stop trying to get you to test your powers out though, he wants to know the limits of every single agent of Overwatch, and you’re no exception. He may seem like a hard ass on the outside, but he just wants you to reach your full potential.


  • The healing factor is of particular interest to him, though he might get a chuckle from how your claws look quite a bit like his talon adorned gloves. Your powers aren’t too dissimilar from his own, he’s constantly in a state of breakdown while rebuilding at the same pace, but it does grant him some rather impressive regeneration abilities. He’ll try and scope out the amount of damage your regeneration can repair, comparing it to his own abilities, the claws are almost an afterthought to him. Reaper won’t be comforting or understanding, he just wants to test your limits at any cost. How many bullets can you take? Exactly how much do you regenerate? How long does the process take? Keep some healthy distance between you and him, he can get rather carried away with his work.

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Yeah the consent thing is deffo not happening much as if saddens me because it means the ignorance goes on sigh but I'm hoping something else is coming. I've wondered for a while if the whole point of the storyline was to drive Robert crazy because the guilt and exhaustion keeps piling, I was hoping for a breakdown. Failing that just something to save this situation from how dire and boring it looks right now.

I remember Ryan saying in interviews how he sympathizes with Robert and we would feel sorry for him. What we have seen so far doesn’t quite match up with that so it feels like something else is still to come? Maybe I’m being stupid but it seems off like we are missing a piece of the story. Lack of spoilers aren’t helping but I’m a little bit relieved about that. Those weeks we endured of speculation and ‘sources’ after the Rebecca ones dropped were awful

I really couldn’t tell if this was one anon or two, but I’m gonna address you both/or one person, since both messages are roughly on the same topic.

I agree, as amazing as the consent issue is as a storyline, Emmerdale would really be cutting off their nose to spit their face, because of how previous story lines in the past year have played out.

But I do have a feeling everything is setting up a Robert breakdown storyline, because I keep going back to the mill, Ryan didn’t play it the way I thought he would, and that wasn’t writing, that was the director and Ryan deciding to act it out a certain way. We all expected lodge 2.0 and it just wasn’t.

So that makes think there’s more to come. That they want to strip Robert down to his bones, and have Aaron build him back up.   

Combing that with Emmerdale’s radio silence. Usually after big twist there’s a tone of press. Holly’s death, James’s death, and on and on, and there hasn’t been for Rebecca and Robert sleep together, why? Cause that’s not the big twist, the big twist is coming.

And going from Danny, I honestly think we’re going to like it! We had Ryan say he sympathised with Robert, we have them showing all the stress, the sleep deprivation, the anxiety, the fear, and just the weight of everything his had on his shoulders, and I feel like when Aaron get’s worse, after telling Robert all he suffered in prison, its going to get worse.

He’ll reach his tipping point.

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How would Kashuu and Yamatonokami react when they saw the Saniwa collapse one day and learned that they had caught tuberculosis like Okita?

I’m gonna leave the nsfw asks to the side a little longer so sorry about anyone having to wait that bit longer.

• “What kind of sad coincidence is this?”
• He’s really destroyed by it. For him, it’s not about what the disease is its the fact that you’ve fallen ill. It makes him feel powerless and lost.
• He falls into a bit of a funk and can’t think of anything but wanting to take care of you and make you happy while he can.

• “No no no no no no…”
• Despite initially being shaken and crying he deals with it better than Kashuu honestly. He’s stubborn to not lose another master to TB.
• Has enough sense in him to (mostly) keep calm and asks if there’s a modern day cure now. Luckily, there is. While he’s happy you have a fighting chance, another part of him is sad about how that opportunity was never available for Okita.

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AHHH THE SHADOWSCAPES DECK!!! Literally it was the first deck I ever bought simply because I loved the art. She still gives me some of the best and most solid and blunt readings. Can be a bit of a diva, but I love that deck to bits. I have a special place in my heart for that deck. (I just had to come scream about how much I love it since I saw you have it, too.)

Ahhhh sorry I’m just seeing this!!! I love my Shadowscapes deck!!

Life/blog update

I know I’ve been MIA for quite a bit, but I come bearing good news. I was struggling with choosing grad schools (I know, multiple offers must suck I’m sorry) but I’ve settled everything now. I’ll be going to SFU this summer to do (another) MA and PhD (lol baiii leafs). Imma be working with an awesome prof doing work I’m genuinely passionate about. Even better news is that I just woke up this morning to a scholarship that offers 4 flippin years of guaranteed funding. I was originally prepared to accept a far less generous funding package (compared to other schools) just to work with my future supervisor and now it’s just a no brainer. Hell yeah.

For now, I’ll still be on hiatus cuz I’m finishing up my masters here in Hong Kong, but yeah. I ain’t ded.

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I feel a little bit guilty for talking about the masked man, the thing he did with the library was just like this dudes did to us with the potion, so it felt just like he was giving them back some kind of karma or something, sorry dude, gotta be the "good one" in at least one of the acounts...

lol i think it’s fine either way. if you don’t tell miiko you might not know some important information about the masked man.

About my mistake and whitewashing

Hello there, I’m the person who posts all your lovely art on reddit.

So I posted a picture on reddit today and it got mixed response, it being called whitewashed. I agreed because Fareehas skin was very pale, no doubt, but I disagreed that we needed a separate rule for it because more rules = more work on my end. I contacted the mods for a response on the matter, and here we are now. It is now a case-by-case basis on what posts will be allowed and therefore not on the users end to dig info on if the artwork in question is whitewashed, intentional or not.

However the image in question has annoyed many famous artists and caused a bit of a stirrup here on tumblr, and even with the mods post about this, I feel like I’d be a jerk if I didn’t say something myself so here:

I am from the bottom of my heart and soul truly sorry for spreading inaccurate depictions of our lovebirds, it is in my best interests to spread wonderful art of them from various mediasites to reddit and have no other intentions with it. It will with this new “ruling” not happen again. I have deleted the image and do not intend to publish/reupload it in any way, shape or form.

I fucked up big time, but I beg you not to blame it on reddit, we should all be friends in this big community we have for ourselves, especially in these dire times. You all, artists and supporters in general alike are what makes this community so great to me. I’d be terrified if I started something like this and I wouldn’t be able to properly apologize and correct my mistakes, and hope you all understand what I’ve done and hopefully we can move on with our ship in peace as we always have. This pairing is wonderful and doesn’t deserve hate, from outside or within.

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How about... the greasers getting hugged unexpectedly by people they know, but aren't really friends with. (Sorry if that's weird, I just think that it's funny.)

You’re good babes it’s understandable

🔆 Darry just kinda pats them on the back twice

🔆 Hates awkward hugs

🔆 Depends on if it’s a drunk Two-bit or not

🔆 If he’s drunk he’ll hug back fo sho

🔆 But sober he’s just like umm okay

🔆 Steve doesn’t like hugs

🔆 Except from the person he’s in a relationship with

🔆 Dally literally with push them away before they even touch him

🔆 Sodapop will hug back but it’s short

🔆 Johnny would hug back and be like are you good dude

🔆 Ponyboy would make a groan sound, which makes the person back away slowly

(Imma do Tim and Curly too because why not?)

🔆 It depends on if he likes the person or not

🔆 If not he’ll be like ew no

🔆 Yes, he’d hug back

🔆 Tim would be like ooh we’re doing this? For real? Oh okay umm?

🔆 It’s probably awkward