not a big fan but i love they music

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I'm glad I'm no less the only one who doesn't make a big deal out of dans live shows. I used to look forward to them but now I get worried for what he's gonna say and for what everyone's gonna take out of context/make a big deal over. Plus sometimes (when talking about music *ahem*) he can come across too condescending and pretentious for me & he can say smth which gets me down I love him don't get me wrong but I've never been the biggest fan of his sarcastic edgy humour/*persona* oops

basically how i feel about his liveshows. i really appreciate it that he makes an actual effort to talk to his audience every week but sometimes he’s not exactly subtle about his opinion on said audience and even tho it’s refreshing to some extent……. i was born with glass bones…….

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Karen Fairchild to BB: "So blown away by the reaction to this song," LBT's Karen Fairchild tells Billboard. "We're popping the champagne right now. Thanks to our fans and country radio for all the love and support. And thanks to Taylor Swift for sending us this beautiful song." billboard(.)com/articles/columns/chart-beat/7698213/little-big-town-country-airplay-taylor-swift

Thanks - i posted the quote and the article separately. You know, i just love the way taylor and the country music community still love and respect each other. It’s amazing.

i love it when people tell me that my fics are their only source of batman knowledge because that means their understanding of batman is

  • big fan of frogs
  • enjoys kale and sesame balls and tzatziki and tamarind spoons
  • names cats after the musical Cats when no one is looking
  • keeps dog treats in his utility belt
  • Columbo enthusiast and impressionist
  • has strong feelings about the dewey decimal system (it’s bad)
  • makes spreadsheets to try to quantify why he feels like shit
  • spends too much on cologne and office supplies
  • accidentally sleeps with everyone
  • pettiest man alive
  • only follows @dril on twitter
  • skilled at ballet
  • banned from walmart
  • dissociating like 90% of the time
  • has fought a crime at least once, maybe twice
Help make my only dream come true

I am a young lady with autism who has worked very hard to go to a Paul McCartney concert this summer. I saved up my hard earned money do me and my dad can go together. We are both really big fans of Paul and The Beatles. I have Asperger Syndrome and I don’t really go out much. Paul has helped me get through so much and I probably wouldn’t be here right now without his music and The Beatles. I got tickets for the Paul McCartney concert and I was wondering if you can all help me make my dreams come true. My dream is to meet Paul and I would love to have my tickets upgraded to VIP. It would mean so much to me and my amazing dad who will be taking me. All I ask of you is to signal boost this in any way possible. Reblog this and most importantly send this to The Ellen Show. Thank you everyone for taking the time to help me out. I can’t wait to have a great time and maybe an even better time because of all of you wonderful people! Ellen is so amazing and she is also a big inspiration for me. Her show lifts me up when I am feeling down. Please help me and my dad out Ellen, it would be greatly appreciated! We got floor seats in the back but we need to be closer to meeting our idol. ❤️️Send this to Ellen’s Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram or website. Thanks again and I have worked really really hard for this and I am super blessed for all the talented and awesome people in this world!

The concert already passed but it would be an honor if I got to meet one of my biggest inspirations!

Oh my… What the heck is Andrew Davies doing???

Like, if you aren’t a big fan of musicals that’s okay we all have our things but why the heck is he trying to shit all over Les Miserables just because HE’S doing a different kind of adaptation? Even if you don’t like it, it is a HUGE success commercially and many people who love Les Mis came into this because of the musical. And yes, some of us have read the book and watched the various other adaptations, but even then, for a lot of us, our love for this story is rooted in those songs, in that wonderfully crafted, wonderfully performed stage play you just called a “travesty”.

It makes no sense to do this. All he is going to do is alienate a huge portion of the fandom who don’t take kindly to the insinuation that we only like the ‘watered down’ version or that our enjoyment of this story through a musical is somehow inferior to someone who has only ever read the book/seen a straight/no music adaptation. There is nothing at all to be gained by slagging off someone else’s work and something millions of people enjoy, just because it’s not your personal cup of tea.

Adaptation is SO FUN because you can take things in your own direction and put your own spin on something that you love, but ultimately it is YOUR interpretation and nobody has to think your way is the only way, people can enjoy different kinds of media and different ways of telling the same story. We are perfectly capable of that. Like I loved the 1995 P&P that he wrote, and I also love The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and the 2005 film. All of them have something new and different and great to offer.

Also hey, guess what, none of them needed extra sex scenes to be better. 

Les Mis isn’t sexy… I’m sorry it just isn’t and that’s okay. It isn’t meant to be. It’s just not a sexy book, there’s no sex in it, more than half the characters we can be 100% sure have even HAD sex it’s only because they’re biological parents and one thing sort of requires the other at that time. 

It’s mostly about an ex-convict who never so much as looks at a woman sexually/romantically the whole book, the inspector who is hunting him (i think we can all agree Javert is not having a lot of any sex?), a young woman forced into prostitution to provide for her daughter (consent does not exist), her child who is still a teenager in the latter part of the books, a young man who honest to God can’t even talk to 99% of women (or his friends when they suggest he talks to women) and a group of revolutionary’s, many of whom have mistresses yes but they are only ever spoken of and the focus of these men is on their planned revolution NOT their sexual conquests.

Swear to God if any of that talk about adding sex refers to Fantine (ala Game of Thrones) or Enjolras I am going to vomit. Do.Not.Touch.Them.

Victor Hugo managed to write well over a thousand pages without having to use sex as a plot device to keep people reading. You can damn well find enough material in those 1000 pages to fill a 6 hour tv script without using it.

instagram Ed Sheeran (@teddysphotos) is back out there doing what he loves: performing. “This is one of the first times I’ve played these new songs to fans live,” says Ed, who performed new music off his upcoming album “Divide” at an intimate show in New York City. “I like small concerts, and I like big concerts, too. I just like playing.
Tap our profile pic to experience Ed’s event for yourself. 🎸 His new album drops March 3. ➗


As the summer moved along, I found myself at my first ever convention, Too Many Games in Philadelphia. There were a few reasons I attended. For one, I lived in Philly for 5 years, and wanted an excuse to visit a few friends (and get another cheesesteak and Rita’s water ice). Secondly, I have been a gamer since I was little and my parents got an NES for me and my sister to share, and my fiance loves gaming even more than me, especially retro systems and games.
Lastly, these photos are one of the big reasons we drove 6 hours to Philly for a weekend. I got the chance to see the band Red Vox perform live, and took some photos for them to use. I am a big fan of lead singer Vinny's “day job” as a video game streamer, and through that became a fan of his music as well. The band had a great gig, and I got to not only enjoy being at a really good rock show, but also shooting with some decent lighting.
Though I have a full set of shots from this show on my website, I wanted to throw my favorite ones up here as well.

Fanart for @geekenders reboot of Portal 2: The (Unauthorized) Musical! I sincerely wish I could have seen it live, but Vancouver is very far from South Carolina! Regardless, I’m a big fan and I look forward to the YouTube release so I can see what y’all have done with it this time around. I know tonight is the last showing, so good luck everyone! :D




If you’re a fan of Portal, I REALLY recommend you go watch it, it’s really good!

And a big congrats to the musical ensemble, lighting person(people??), and the turret company, you did a great job! :D 

And congrats to Geekenders themselves as well, AMAZING JOB! I really loved it! Great job with the acting and the costumes too, I loved those! You know what, great job with everything, aHH! What a great musical <3


Rap Monster: My Worry Right Now Is What Kind Of Music To Make For My Next Mixtape. 

Jin: I Think About Whether I’ll Be Able To Perform Choreography Like This In Concerts When I’m In My Thirties & Forties. 

Suga: I Have To Continue To Make Good Music & Do Well, & I Worry If I’ll Really Be Able To. 

J-Hope: I’m Curious How Long This Happiness & Our Fans’ Love For Us Will Last. 

V: I Want To Give Back To My Parents As Soon As Possible. 

Jimin: What To Do To Make BTS A Respectable Group. What To Do To Make Everyone Happy. What To Do To Bring Fans Good Music. Those Are My Worries. 

Jungkook: These Days I’m Worried About How To Live So That People Will Say That Person Lived Well. 

BTS: Our Goal For 2017 Is The Top Award. & Becoming An International Artist. 

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GOM gift for their S/O ??

I did one last year, but I wanted to do this one again because fun stuff! 

Akashi: Akashi is a big fan of showering his significant other with love, so he goes to great lengths to plan displays and have flower arrangements until they assure him that it’s not really necessary for the holidays. Instead, he gets them a fancy red dress/suit in preparation for the Christmas date he will take his significant other on. It consists of a candlelit dinner at the top of a very well-decorated building and later on, he has tickets to a holiday musical for them to enjoy. 

Aomine: Momoi helps this poor child in getting a gift, and she chooses a really cute backpack for his significant other. Aomine doesn’t notice a lot of things, usually, but your backpack is just really old and is kind of tearing apart and it always catches his eye when you guys hang out. He also wants to get you a scarf, and Momoi picks out a cute one (with Aomine’s input of course). 

Kise: He gets his significant other matching ugly Christmas sweaters because Kise LOVES the holidays. Also he showers them with a ton of different candles because he was so indecisive, he couldn’t choose which one would go best with them, so he basically went to a candle shop and grabbed a bag full of scents that reminded him of his significant other. 

Kuroko: He prefers thoughtful gifts, instead of anything overly expensive. He knits his significant other some mittens, and gets them a cute phone case. Basically, he thinks of little “stocking stuffer” ideas and he makes them a personalized stocking to hang in front of the fireplace. He gets them candles (Kise offered him some extra), a beanie, mittens, and phone case. 

Murasakibara: He’s a food type of guy, but he also made an effort to get his significant other something substantial for the holidays. He makes them a tray full of holiday goodies, but he gets them a donut shaped pillow to remind them of him. With Himuro’s help he also finds them a cute necklace trinket. 

Midorima: Midorima is extremely thoughtful with his gifts, and he’s kind of like Kuroko in amassing a variety of different gifts for his significant other. The first one, obviously, has to be related to their horoscope sign: either a perpetual lucky object or a bracelet with their horoscope sign on it. Midorima also gets them one of his favorite books, and a pair of olive fluffy socks. 

You: I head canon that Lance loves Latin pop music, especially Shakira and Enrique Iglesias! While Keith listens to Panic!, Skillet and Nirvana. 

Me, an intellectual: Keith’s guilty pleasure (music wise) is country music. He is a fan of the acoustic guitar. And he has a secret playlist dedicated to his favorite country artists. 

You know…a lot of big/popular groups disbanded, and time ago some groups when they were on the top also disbanded..seeing how sad their fans are or felt, Made me think that, no matter if b.a.p are not on the top(yet) i just want to enjoy them…their music and my fandom. Bc we will never know when will be their last time together as group. So…im thankfull with b.a.p for comeback and i just want to focus in love them and support them in all the necessary ways.  


Look, these are my drawings of Ashton and Luke! (ha-ha)

I’m kind of new in the 5SOSFam, but I want to say thanks to all of you who have welcomed me with open arms. It’s been great living in 5sos land with you all. When my friend first introduced me to them, I had no idea I would become such a big fan. But I’m very glad it happened. 

They are such an inspiration. Every single one of them. Their music helped me through some hard times and made me feel happy so often. All the fan stories of meeting them bring a smile to my face. They give us so much with all the touring and the updates and I wish they knew how much I appreciate them.  

I guess there’s no better way for me to say thanks for everything @5sos, then to draw them. As music is their passion, drawing is mine.  

Wishing them all the love and happiness they deserve. I hope they’re enjoying life. Oh, and SLFL Amsterdam was amaaaazing! Two of the best nights of my entire life!  

2/4 finished and 2/4 to go! 

For those music lovers who need it

Your faves love you

When they say they’re thankful for the fans, whether they’ve been there from the start or joined along the way

You’re a part of that, they’re thankful for you

When they say they do it for the fans

You’re a fan, they do it for you

When they say they care for their fans

You know who that includes? You

When they say they love their fans

Guess what? That’s you

It doesn’t matter if they have a big or small following
If they’ve been around for years or just starting out
If they’re popular or up and coming

They wouldn’t be doing music if it weren’t for the supporters, whether that’s millions, thousands, or even less

When they think about their fans, you’re on their minds

I know there’s some of you wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for your faves, and they wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. It works both ways.

Remember that.


As a big Uranus/Neptune fan, of course I am loving these end credits for Sailor Moon Crystal S.3. “eternal eternity” by Junko Minagawa & Sayaka Ohara.