not a big city at all

Au there everything is the same BUT
Its Steve family who moves to Cali, not the other way around, because they got enough money to live in pretty castle-like house near the sea and Steve parents annoyed of gloomy Hawkins
So Steve would think what he got it, but its so much harder to be cool in big city, there everyone smoking weed while he was panicking over the few beers, there teens are so much wilder and boys are so much stronger because of the surfing and all, teacher who aren’t think what his father is authority and his grades are becoming even worse, there nobody cares even about his money-actually, they kinda dislike him also for being richi spoiled boy
And there he are, lost and confused and so so insecure, a way more than he felt in hawkins-there, at least, he had that “king” role with what he could hide his low self esteem, and maybe he is even crying, hiding in some secret place
Until the most popular alpha-guy with piercing blue eyes and blond curls, who always bullying him and makes strange comments about him when they play sports and always watching at him(what does he even means with that tongue??) didn’t found him like that
Long story short….they starting to hang out, and Billy shows him a whole new world, teaching him how to smoke weed, showing him freedom, and ohh Steve finally finds out what exactly that tongue was meant and they becoming a new power couple what everyone is afraid of

I have so much thoughts and feelings about this au but I’m drunk and sleepy so x)


a smol magical AU that @lucycamui and I have been gabbing about for a bit now XD
It won’t be as big a thing as the Siren AU, but you’ll see some ficlits and art here and there :3

Yuri’s magical boi name is “Eros” and he’s a very good boi!!! >W<
Victor goes by “VIcious” but tells Yuri to call him Victor for short XD

But doing things like
stealing all the dogs in the city
*drowns in pupper kisses*

Real Friends.

First off let’s just touch upon the acoustics and synths in this, very 90’s. Big fan. Super chilled following ‘Havana’ so I like how she’s proving herself across each genre. That being said, lets dive a little deeper.

So I think the whole ‘real friends’ is actually a critical dig at fame and Hollywood. The ‘paper town’ clearly references LA and the whole stigma surrounding the city, more specifically all the artificial, false ‘friendships’ existing within the industry. No I don’t think this is about the girls before you ask lmao. Anyway,  the second verse:

“I stay up, talkin’ to the moon
Been feelin’ so alone in every crowded room
Can’t help but feel like something’s wrong, yeah
‘Cause the place I’m livin’ in just doesn’t feel like home”

is super interesting. We’ve got the moon popping up again. But why? So Camila talks to the moon because she feels isolated in a crowd of people? But who’s the moon? We know she romanticises the concept of the moon, so it can’t be Sinu right? So we’ve got one more option. Moving on to the bridge:

“I just wanna talk about nothin’
With somebody that means something
Spell the names of all our dreams and demons
For the times that I don’t understand
Tell me what’s the point of a moon like this
When I’m alone again
Can I run away to somewhere beautiful
Where nobody knows my name?”

Well would you look at that, the moon imagery AGAIN. In a romantic context, I infered this as ‘what’s the point in having a moon (moon being a lover) when you still feel so alone. 

What I also inferred from this is, yes she “can run away to somewhere beautiful, where nobody knows her name” BUT she knows the moon will always follow. Because wherever she goes, the moon follows. 

delusions are rife today☕

In light of the new Bill

We have a big chance now!! We can save NN!

Text “Resist” to 504-09 this is Resist Bot, all you have to is write the letter and it’ll do the rest.

And because of this they can’t say a bot writes and send all our letters he merely delivers!

But if you’re struggling with something to write, heres a template you can use or just to give you ideas.

Sorry if it’s a little sloppy, writing ain’t my forte.

To whomever this may concern,

I am [First Name] from [City, State] the free internet is in danger and if the kill plan is passed, the economy can drop drastically.

It can make it harder to apply to online jobs, do work and projects that require internet. This can hinder the abilities of a student.

People who can already barely pay for meal have no chance in paying 60$ for internet.

Online businesses won’t be able to make money as no one will see it.

People who need to text or call for help, who don’t have a plan that they pay for can’t get it.

I am strongly against the repeal of Net Neutrality and in strong support of saving it. I ask you to pass the bill that will save our free internet.

Sincerely, [First/Last Name]

Good luck to you all!! Keep fighting!!

But hey don’t forget to spread this everywhere, get the word around!


Kick-Ass Chicks: Artist, Robin Eisenberg

Did we just step out of our own little bubble and into an extraterrestial world where strong females rule the planet? Absolutely! We’re smitten with artist, Robin Eisenberg’s futuristic illustrations where all of her characters move to and exist in an array of colorful compositions. We couldn’t wait to be abducted transport ourselves into Robin’s digital world and get to know the inspiration behind her bold galactic art. We picked her brain about her love for art and found out she has super exciting upcoming projects for 2018! Find out more after the jump..

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White Lies: Part 8

A Bucky x Reader / Fake Dating AU Series

Master List

A/N: My deepest apologies for this part taking so long to come out. I wanted it to be perfect, plus I believe it’s the longest part so far, and with the holidays I couldn’t found time to finish it. But here it is! I’ll just apologize ahead of time. Let me know what you think. I appreciate all of your likes, reblogs, asks, and replies. Your love and support are what make me thrive as a writer. This series is all for you ♥

Word Count: 2,424

- language.
- mild violence.
- angst.
- Bucky is the biggest shits of all shits.

Tags: (at the end)

*gif is not mine.

The rest of the night was spent watching Natasha flirt with Bucky. Her manicured fingers would trail along his forearm when they were close, catching up on old times, and she’d bat her eyelashes at him whenever he spoke. She was clearly doing this just to piss you off, and it was working. You wanted to vomit; the sour bile creeping up your throat every time she even looked in his direction.

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Life Is Strange. Max’s radio silence.

So, with all of the recent hype caused by the new LIS Before the Storm two episodes I see people growing angry at Max’s ass for not texting Chloe back. I get it, in no way that would be something acceptable to do to your best friend after she recently lost her dad, so there are really no excuses for what Max did, but I think it’s interesting to try to understand Max’s reasons or motives to act the way she did.

So first of all I would like to mention the fact that no, Max never forgot about Chloe. In the first episode, when Max is searching for Warren’s drive you can find the picture of Max and Chloe together dressing as pirates inside one of Max’s drawers. She carries that picture with her because it means something to her and even though she has not been in touch with Chloe she always remembers her. 

Talking about William’s death, in her journal she writes “I wonder if I was happy to move away just to avoid the grief.” So yeah, it may be that William’s death definitely hit Max almost as hard as Chloe and Joyce since she was a close friend to the Price’s. Even when she travels back in time into the picture to save William she states “It’s good to see William again.” And then she thinks that Chloe would’ve been as excited as her to see him so you can tell she was also attached to Chloe’s dad.

Now let’s picture the whole situation from a thirteen year old girl, she’s barely a teenager and this major event comes into her life, the loving father of your best friend passed away after a tragic accident, you know for a fact that your friend was more than attached to her father and now he’s gone, you know she will be broken inside because of this event but not only that, you yourself feel the pain for the recent loss, so things are already bad as they are and then you are told by your parents that you will be leaving town to a place where you won’t be able to come and visit when you feel like it, you’ll be away, and you’ll be pulled away from your already broken friend and there is nothing you can do, you know you will leave her in her lowest point and you won’t be there to hold her or comfort her, you can only text her to let her know that in some kind of way you are still there, she can’t touch you, see you or hear you though which you often did before since you were such close friends so you feel yet another loss, your friend and that amazing friendship you used to share are no longer there the way it used to be.

And yeah, I know people would say “Well, text is better than nothing at all… if your hurting friend takes the lead to contact you… at least freaking text back!” Like… right?! But let us think about Max’s personality.

Max is shy, rather quiet and awkward around other people, she keeps mostly all of her thoughts to herself and she’s comfortable remaining unnoticed in the back of the class which is one of the reasons why she didn’t want to enter a picture for the Everyday Hero contest. She finds it hard to believe in herself so that shows some low self-esteem and she rarely dares to break the rules, she’s a photo nerd and has very few friends.

Now, going back to the grief avoidance we can picture a thirteen year old Max devastated by all of the unpleasant events filling her life, Chloe wasn’t the only one that had to face a lot of changes in a short period of time, teenager Max moved from her home town to a big ass city into a new school where she was forced to make new friends and start from scratch, new place, new people, new teachers, new neighborhood, new lifestyle, new everything. She was the new girl around and considering Max’s social skills (That are pretty much none) She must’ve been feeling lost, she wasn’t able to run to Chloe anymore, she knew Chloe was hurt, William had died and she had a new life to build up, for an introverted girl this must have felt like too much to bare.

So somewhere between escaping from the recent loss and the struggle to build her new life she ended up neglecting Chloe, maybe for her own hurting from being ripped apart from her friend in such a delicate moment or the overwhelming feeling of not being able to help in the shape and form she wished she could she ended up shutting everything out, she was hurting, she was mourning too and she couldn’t handle all at once so she took some space and distanced herself from Chloe, she wasn’t able to be by her side anyway so what good could it bring to text her friend and let her know how sorry she was for her loss?

Time went by and maybe the bittersweet sensation remained attached to the memory of her old town, she left in a bad moment and the last memory she had was watching as Chloe’s life crumbled to the ground right before her eyes as she left for a new life away from her. Then this fear to face the truth may have evolved into guilt, she realized she had escaped for way too long for her own selfish purposes when Chloe need it her the most, and so the guilt started consuming her mind. She couldn’t contact Chloe back because she had no right to do it; she had failed as a friend and abandoned Chloe to her luck for far too long. Why would Chloe take her back? She had acted like a cold hearted bitch, she had escaped when she obviously was need it to stay.

It’s this same guilt and shame that keeps Max from contacting Chloe even when she’s back in town, she wants to do it, she wants to contact her best friend but now more than ever she’s afraid of rejection, she’s so close to Chloe and finally able to talk face to face to make things clear, to apologize and fix her mistakes but she feels so far away from that beloved friend, she doesn’t know her anymore and as far as logic goes Chloe might as well hate her guts for ignoring her the way she did, she wouldn’t blame Chloe for hating on her and she couldn’t do any objection if she did anyway, she had owned that burden but she was afraid to face the music so she postponed her meeting with her old friend until she was forced to do it because she was too much of a wuss to do it on her own.

If we think of Max’s low self-esteem and the struggle she has when it comes to believe in herself along with the introverted personality and her lack of words to say in the right moment, it makes sense that she would back off from Chloe’s life out of fear for her initial and unforgivable mistakes, fear, guilt and shame, she failed as her best friend so she thought she had lost the privilege of having Chloe in her life and she stopped trying (Even though she never tried at all but as time went by she might have thought that there was no use to start doing it at that point, and just like that she got stuck in a cycle of guilt, every time she thought about trying it was already too late… or even more late since the previous time she thought about trying and it continued on and on until she got to Blackwell.) She was punishing herself for her mistakes because she couldn’t take the idea of Chloe rejecting her.

It’s just a theory of mine, a way to explain why Max would stop talking to Chloe when she clearly still cared for her. It would also explain the sudden change in Max’s attitude, when she meets Chloe and she gets to talk to her again she sees that even though her friend is upset she doesn’t push her out of her life, she takes her back after a couple of complaints, she takes it less hard than Max had expected and just like that Chloe was back in her life, the surprising reaction of her old friend relieves all of her fears for rejection and hope finally grows inside Max’s mind, she has a chance to win Chloe back as the best friend she once was to her.

From there on we can see Max’s efforts to support Chloe in any way she possibly can, she has overcome the fear to lose Chloe so now she can fight for what she really wants, to be that friend that she was supposed to be years ago, to take her place as she was expected to do, she stands by Chloe side without any second thoughts because she has a big gap to fill, she needs to prove she cares and she’s not afraid of walking out of her shell anymore because her friend needs her to stand strong through all of the shitty situation she’s going through with Rachel’s disappearance. She was gone for so long so the least she can do is hold Chloe’s hand through all of the shady places she takes her to. She is able to see that Chloe is packed up with troubles but she doesn’t care because she’s her best friend, so no guns, drugs or dangerous creeps will make her back down, she’s there and she’s there for Chloe because she can finally overcome her past mistakes. Due to this the once shy Max evolves to be the nosy adventurous photographer that’s searching for the truth for her friend’s sake.

So the game evolves and at the end of it we see Max telling Chloe she is the most important thing for her, that statement didn’t came out of the blue, this isn’t a feeling that she developed in the lapse of that crazy week in Blackwell, this are feelings that she held on for five long years and that she wasn’t able to let out until that very moment, Chloe had always been the most important person for her but she wasn’t able to tell her because of her stupid mistake of running away in the worst moment ever. Chloe was so important for her than she couldn’t forgive herself for what she did back then and she felt unworthy of having Chloe back in her life. She didn’t deserve her friendship so she had no strength to fight for it, but when she has her back she fights with all her might because Chloe herself gave her forgiveness, that unforgettable friend shows her the kindness and big heart that she used to know all too well, she loved Chloe, she always did, as a friend or maybe more but she in deed loved her to the point that when she’s forced to choose between saving her or the entire town she doesn’t know what to do, because for her Chloe is all that matters, she always was but now she is able to show it.

That’s why the nightmare in episode five attacks her by placing in perspective all of her choices throwing at her face the fact that she was willing to manipulate other people’s lives and destinies just for her own selfish purposes, just to help Chloe, and within that dream Chloe comes again to save her from all the shit that she’s afraid of and her own guilt. But yes, Max Caulfield was acting selfish because she didn’t care for anything else, even though she knew some of the things she did weren’t the right things to do she did them for Chloe’s sake. She wasn’t aiming to do the right thing, that was never her main goal, she was aiming to help Chloe and win her back.

So that’s that. Those are my thoughts about Max’s long radio silence.
I’m not justifying that nerd, I’m just searching for the reasons behind her absence and I know it wasn’t that she had forgotten Chloe because she remembered her all too well along the game and carried that picture of the both of them all along.

Pricefield Kiss for the ship supporters :)

Hope you enjoyed my crazy theory hoho!

Scheming and Selfies


Pairing : Loki x Female Reader

Word Counts : 1,274

Summary : Inspired by this request New York Seflies with the God of Mischief, the trickster that he is. 

Warnings : None that I can think of 

A/N : Thank you for the idea @white-chocolate-mocha-fan !

I may do a second part to this in the later future; we’ll see ;) 

Not my image - credit to owner. 

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Budget Beach Starter

This is another starter for Brindleton Bay, inspired by coastal beach houses. It’s very sparsely furnished (and a bit blah-looking from the back ;-p), but it does have all the basics. There’s only one bedroom as built, but you could easily add a wall to create a second bedroom upstairs if you can afford it. Feel free to edit and expand as you wish!

Note - for the Gallery/Library pic, I flipped the house around. I would recommend rotating the lot back like in my screenshots so that the porch faces the beach (much better views from the big windows that way!).

  • CC-free
  • Lot size: 20x20
  • Cost: §18,472
  • Lot Location: “Bedlington Boathouse” in Brindleton Bay
  • Required Packs:
    • EPs - Get Together, City Living, Cats and Dogs
    • GPs - Outdoor Retreat, Dine Out, Parenthood
  • To install, download the ZIP file from the link below. Extract the folder and copy its contents (there should be 8 files total) into your My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Tray folder. 

DOWNLOAD ZIP file (SimFileShare)

**If you don’t want to install it using the Tray files, you can also find it in the Gallery under #jenba and Origin ID silrosse.


Lesson Learned

Summary: AU. Reader and Bucky Barnes are best friends. Will a figure from the past ruin everything, or will they see what’s right in front of them?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x fem!reader

Word Count: 3,484

Warnings: language, angst, fluff, drinking, fables are difficult, the grass isn’t always greener, cheesy like Hallmark movies, yadda yadda

A/N: This is my last submission for the lovely Nikki’s ( @soldatbarnes​) writing challenge. My prompt was the word Fable (and I have listed my selected one below the cut). I have suffered through this.Thanks to @sebbytrash for helping.

Originally posted by coporolight

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Excerpt: After accepting the fact that your and Yoongi’s relationship is coming to an end, you remorse yourself in the memories. However, after going to Yoongi’s studio, you find out more than what you thought. 

Word Count: 1.5k

Genre: Angst, Fluff

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this! I am a new imagines/reactions/scenario blog and this is my first imagine ever!

                                               *Gifs are not mine

Originally posted by meanyoongis

You pulled the pile of covers over your head, drowning out the city lights and the possibility of your thoughts. You reached over and grabbed your phone; 3:15 am. You dropped your phone and threw the covers off your body letting out a big sigh. Your boyfriend, Min Yoongi, was out once again in the early hours of the morning, most likely in his recording studio. You threw your legs over the bed and slipped on a pair of shoes and thrown one of Yoongi’s large hoodies over your body, the familiar scent of your boyfriend filling your nose. 

Thoughts were filling your mind – thoughts of Yoongi possibly breaking up with you. These thoughts have been back and forth, played around as an actual possibility. You two have been together for three years but nothing has changed… it was all the same: go to bed alone, wake up alone, go to the studio for an hour then leave because he got annoyed, and then repeat the next day. You do not remember the last time you two went on a date without the other members of Bangtan. You loved him and he loved you but the spark that was there the minute he bumped into you in the small coffee shop just a couple of blocks away just isn’t there anymore. 

‘Min Yoongi! You promised you would not eat any of my Panda Express!” You yelled, walking into the kitchen seeing your boyfriend eating your takeout; noodles were dangling out of his mouth. 

“You just left it here though… What did you expect?” All you could do was laugh and join your boyfriend.

You wiped the small tear that cascaded down your cheek. Yoongi was the love of your life but there were signs being thrown from left and right – signs that no lover ever wants to have. You turned down the familiar street and saw his car parked outside along with Jin’s who probably brought the rest of the boys with him. Once you parked your mind began racing – thoughts of this night possibly being the end of you two. Once your feet hit the ground you tried walking but it was like your feet were glued to the ground. 

“You can do this…” You mumbled, locking your car door and walking inside the studio. 

You peered around the corner and saw Jimin and V on their phones watching a video of some sort. 

“Hey,” You knocked on the wall, “is Yoongi in his studio?” You mumbled.

“Yeah, he’s working with Jungkook right now but I’m sure he won’t mind if you’re in there.” Jimin answered, giving you his sweet little smile. 

You nodded your head and walked down the long hallway to the last door on the left. You knocked on the door, pushing the door open and seeing Yoongi nodding his head along to the beat. 

“Hey Yoongi.” You mumbled, taking a seat down on the sofa. 

“Why’re you here this late?” His raspy voice snapped at you, causing your heart to beat faster. 

“I couldn’t sleep.” You whispered. 

“How do you sleep when I’m gone on tour?”

“I hardly do..”

Yoongi was always like this when you came to the studio at early hours in the morning but it’s truly the only time you can see your boyfriend. You glanced up and saw Jungkook give you an apologetic smile through the glass. 

“Jungkook, you can take a break, I need to speak with her.” 

Jungkook nodded his head and left the studio, giving you a small wave as he exited. Awkward silence filled the air as Yoongi saved the latest changes to the track; your thighs became more interesting than the conversation that was probably about to come up. 

“Come on,” He mumbled, shutting his computer lid, stretching as he stood up, “let’s go outside. I need some fresh air.”

You nodded your head and followed Yoongi outside, shutting the door behind you. You sat down on the steps and watched as cars passed by, surprisingly you saw more cars than usual at this time of night. Yoongi sat down beside you and placed a soft kiss to your cheek, the action still making your heart beat faster than ever. You watched as Yoongi rummaged around in his pocket, pulling out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

“When did you start smoking?” You asked in disbelief. 

He shrugged his shoulders and lit the cigarette, blowing out the smoke. “I started awhile ago… stress just got to me.” 

“Min Yoongi, you need to stop that.” You whispered, running a finger through your hair. 

“So, tell me why you really came here.”

“I- I um,” you sighed, “Yoongi… do you love me anymore?” 

From your side view you saw Yoongi’s head drop and smoke exit through his nose. You felt your heart slowly break, knowing that his answer was probably no and that you’ll probably end up packing up for the rest of the night. 

“Why would you even question that?” 

You looked over and saw him taking another drag, his eyebrow raised as he looked at you. 

“I don’t know, Yoongi, I just assume that because it’s like ever since your company announced that the group would come out with a new album, it’s like I’m just the last bit of your priorities. I do understand that you have to do it and I signed up for this but still, it’s like here lately it just feels like you’re giving me the cold shoulder and I’m left with my thoughts and they just swarm my head at times like these – early in the morning in the bed where you should be beside me.” 

Yoongi flicked his cigarette onto the sidewalk and kicking his legs out, his intertwined hands being more interesting to him. All you wanted to do was cuddle him and have him tell you that everything was going to be alright and that nothing could stop your relationship with him but that does not even seem like a choice right now.

“You know that everything I do in that recording studio is for you.. and also my family but still, you know it is for you. When I produce the music and rap my heart out to its content, I do it for you. You are my everything and have been ever since I spilled coffee on your favorite white shirt that you claimed you had just bought prior to our conversation. I’m so hard on myself for you because all I ever wanted to do was make you proud but it seems that I’m doing the complete opposite.”

You sighed and looked down at your feet, your emotions now getting the best of you. You looked over and saw Yoongi staring off, clenching his jaw and nibbling on the dried skin to was decorating his lips. You looked back down at your hands and slowly reached across, intertwining your hand with his warm ones – a spark immediately filling your body. 

“I still love you… I’ve never stopped.” He whispered. “I know you think i’m ignoring you but you know how passionate I am. I only want to make your life easier and provide you with the whole world.”

“Yoongi i-”

“I’m not done…” he whispered, giving your hand a light squeeze, “I don’t want to leave you. You’re the only person who understands me. I feel that I can tell you more than the boys and I’ve known them longer than you. You’re the only light that brings me joy besides my fans and if I lose you then I will lose myself.”

You looked over an saw a tear slide down his smooth skin, you immediately reached over and wiped it away. Yoongi reached up and pressed your palm to his cheek, nuzzling into your hand as if he was hiding all his insecurities in your palm. You smiled at the sensitive boy that hardly anyone knows about. He pulled back and peppered your hand with kisses. 

“Yoongi, I truly love you.” You whispered. 

He smiled and leaned over placing his soft lips onto yours. You smiled into the kiss and removed his beanie, running your fingers through his messy hair. He pulled back and smiled, placing a small kiss to your lips once more and stood up, lending his hand out for you to grab. 

“Let’s just stay the night over here on the futon.”

You nodded your head and followed Yoongi back to his studio. He locked the door behind you and grabbed a blanket from the closet. After you kicked off your shoes and brought the bed out, Yoongi wrapped the blanket around the both of you as you studied the man that you know loves you. His thumb was grazing your back and giving your side a tight squeeze every once in a while. 

“I can’t believe that I thought you would break up with me…” You whispered.

Yoongi turned and looked at you, moving his body to where you both were facing each other. He placed a kiss on your forehead and pulled your body more into him (even though you were already pressed up against him). His hand was rubbing your back and kept getting lower before he grabbed your ass making you swat at him.

“I would never break up with you.” He whispered, rubbing your butt slowly. 


You slowly fell asleep as Yoongi was rubbing your back. The soft sounds of his snores filled the room which sent you off to sleep. Min Yoongi was your best friend, your boyfriend, and everything you could ever ask for. 

Too Late to Apologize

Wow guys, I just wrote quite possibly the worst paper of all time, then decided to write a story instead of wallowing in self-pity. Just to warn you guys, I know that the team would not act like this to Lance, it’s just part of the story. So, I hope you guys enjoy! ❤️

When Lance first climbed out of the pod, it was a decidedly too familiar experience. He didn’t know why he knew it of where he knew it from but it wasn’t the first time he had experienced it. Falling asleep that night, he found himself not surrounded by the blue waters of Cuba, but instead a field of pink flowers under a setting sun.

“Lance!” He looked behind him and saw Allura coming towards him. His eyebrow rose in confusion. This kind of looked like the kind of dream you had when you had a crush, but he knew for certain that he didn’t have a crush on Allura.

“Come on Lance!” She cheered when she got close enough to grab his hand. He looked up and realized that she looked several years younger than usual. Well, you know, thousands of years younger but still.

“Where are we going?” He asked. He blinked when the words came out without him meaning to.

“Mother and Father are waiting for us,” she answered picking him up under the arms and carrying him away on her hip. Okay, this was definitely not a crush dream now. Why the heck was he so tiny?

“How was your day?” She asked looking down at his face with fondness in her eyes.

“Great! I got to play in the juniberries all day!” He chirped resting his cheek on her shoulder to look up at her with big blue eyes. She cooed and stroked a hand down his cheek as they made their way up the hill.

‘That’s the Castle,’ Lance thought looking over the horizon to see the big white pillars looming over the city.

“Allura! Lance!”

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You Can Leave Your Hat On

Inspired by the sexy af cowboy!Dean we were treated to in episode 13x06. If you haven’t heard the song by Joe Cocker, you should check it out. Perfection.

Dean x reader, no surprise there

Word count: 6226 (kinda got away from me)

Warnings: None, just the usual smut

Hope you enjoy! Special tag for my fellow Cowboy!Dean junkie @lipstickandwhiskey 

You rush from the bathroom, a towel wrapped around your body and your hair still dripping, diving for your phone. You land with a ‘whoof’ on the bed as you connect the call, raising the phone to your ear with a breathless, “Hello?”

“Uh – Taz?”


“Yeah.  Am I uh – interrupting something?” He sounds amused, and you’re sure his mind is now picturing all kinds of naughty things. “Sound a little out of breath.”

You laugh softly, shaking your head. “Winchester, you will never change. I just got out of the shower, not exciting at all.”

“Hmmmm…. Naked? Sounds exciting to me.” You can hear the smile in his voice.

“Towel. Now get your mind out of the gutter and tell me why you’re calling.” This is the way it always is between the two of you – Dean and his sexual innuendo and you completely discounting it as teasing. Because he’s never actually tried anything, just the remarks, and the smirks, and you keep your heart locked away in a ‘that could never really happen’ box, laughing it all off.

He chuckles, and you doggedly ignore the goosebumps it raises along your arms. “Well, sweetheart – I called to ask you out. I need a date.”

“Well’s running dry? Are your charms losing their mojo?”

“Ha ha. No. It’s for a job. Big Texas oil tycoon just bought himself an ancient archaeological trinket at auction, and he has no idea that there are demons after it. We’re pretty sure it’s the key to a hell gate.”

“Silly Texas oil tycoon.”

“Yeah. He checks out so far, but we need to get that thing on lockdown at the bunker. Big charity shindig at his estate this weekend, seemed like the best time to try and get our hands on it.”

“Oooh, so it’s a dress-up thing. You’re paying, Winchester.”

“Yeah, yeah, First Bank of Whoever’s Name Is On This Card. How soon can you be here?”

“On my way.”

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