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Here it is! The one and only Crazy Laughing Psychopathic Youtuber ™ H2O Delirious

Tried a slightly different way of coloring this piece than the way I normally color them, and it came out more cartoony than I intended…fitting… :P

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201.8 last Wednesday –> 202.6 Thursday –> 202.4 Friday –> 201.8 Monday –> 200.2 yesterday –> 199.6 today

Well, it’s never taken anyone longer in the history of mankind, but I finally made it to the promised land, friends. And here’s an embarrassing photo collage and my little progress story to prove it.

On the left is a photo from a trip to Puerto Rico, where I weighed 265 pounds. I had lost weight low-carbing before but gained it all back in the way only a New Yorker can, with 15-course tasting menus every weekend and dinner delivery every weeknight. 

So I went back to low-carbing and got down to 225, which is what I weighed in the middle picture, my passport photo (hence the weird smile).  

I continued generally low-carbing through 2016 but never lost any more weight. I wasn’t logging any of my meals, I would cheat as often as I wanted to, which was usually a couple of nights a week, and I rarely even weighed myself.

But in 2016, I got tired of trying and not seeing any results. I was depriving myself of a lot of the food I wanted, thinking about wanting to be thinner all of the time, and still being just as fat. So I joined Tumblr.

And spent another year not losing any weight! Hahahaha, literally the worst dieter ever. My problem was that I had never tracked anything, because the myth of keto/LCHF is that you don’t have to count calories. And maybe you don’t when you’re younger or if you don’t have a messed up view of what a portion size is. But as someone who grew up thinking it was totally normal to have three slices of pizza for lunch, a chicken parm sandwich and fries for dinner, and half a pint of Ben & Jerry’s for dessert on any old day of the week, I needed to watch myself.

I also desperately needed the friends I eventually made on Tumblr! I spent my first nine months here trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. You can see from my MyFitnessPal weight graph that I was still bouncing up and down well into 2017:

But then, when you all taught me to track everything I ate, to calculate my maintenance calories and decide what deficit I should eat at, my graph suddenly got a nice downward trend (with a few minor interruptions for vacations):

I still have a long way to go to hit my initial goal of 160 pounds, and I’ll probably make more mistakes along the way. But to feel like I have a handle on what works for me and to have a plan for going forward is AMAZING!

And I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you for motivating me! Legitimately, I would still be floundering at 225 pounds without you. I seriously think about wanting to make you all proud, and it affects what I put in my mouth! Knowing that you’re going to check in on me and having one of you even write a post about waiting for me to hit 199 was so incredibly helpful.

So here we go! 65 pounds down so far!

(Thank you for bearing this extremely self-indulgent post.)


I’m going to repeat what I’ve said about the eight-years-ago Eugene design complaints; Making a brand new animation rig is both time consuming and expensive, and it’s particularly not worth it for such a short scene. And you might not think of it that way, but the flowers are part of the animation rig.

Not to mention, Rapunzel grew flowers. Who’s to say that she never wore them in her hair when Gothel wasn’t around?

As for the frying pan, again, how do you know she’s never used it as a weapon before the film? Maybe she was comfortable grabbing the pan to battle the strange man climbing her tower because she already knew how to use one like a weapon.


You know, I listened to the two tracks to see if I could catch what you were talking about and HOLY COW, YOU’RE RIGHT! I NEVER NOTICED THAT BEFORE! DO YOU REALIZE WHAT THIS MEANS? THAT MEANS THAT’S EUGENE’S THEME! NOT FLYNN RIDER’S, EUGENE’S! They play that theme when he’s talking about his past and again when he’s being a true hero and running to her rescue and this is blowing my mind, how had I never noticed that before?!

Well done, anon! Wow! You made my day with this! Maybe I’ll make an audio comparison and post it later today when I get home from work! Wow! I’m just so excited to have learned this! And it’s so funny! I listen to the soundtrack all the time, and “Campfire” and “The Tear Heals” are two of my favorite tracks and I’d just never picked up on that! MIND BLOWN!

Anyway, yeah! So far, it feels like a lot of what they’re aiming for is to make the score of the series reminiscent of the movie score, but I’m loving the major pieces they’ve written so far, and I’m really hoping we get a soundtrack. I want one so bad!


Life After Happily Ever After in French! -  “Heureux Pour Toujours”

The living status of Lance Strongbow

There’s been a lot of buzz since “Pascal’s Story” aired, wondering what exactly Lance was doing in the castle, and the question of, “Does he live there now?” has been brought up more than once. I’m pretty sure that no, no he doesn’t, and there’s a bit of evidence backing this up.

First, it was most likely written for the suspense of it, but who takes that long to enter a room if they’re supposed to be there? I can easily see him gingerly checking the knob to see if the door was locked, then the clatter of approaching guards got him to stand up strait, back to the door, hand still on the knob. He gives a wide, charming smile and Pete kind of frowns but walks on. After all, Lance is allowed in the castle to visit Eugene (just like the Pub Thugs are allowed to be there).

As soon as the coast is clear, Lance opens the door and gets hit in the face with the smell of stroganoff. In fact, chances are good that he stopped by under the pretense of visiting Eugene, but really, he wanted to see if there was a free meal he could mooch! And well, looky what we have here!

But I think the biggest evidence to support my theory is this:

If Lance was living at the palace, I doubt Pascal could make him do dishes. In fact, I bet it’s actually Rapunzel who made him do them, and gave Pascal the job of supervisor. After all, Lance has already proven that he doesn’t like disappointing Rapunzel, and she would have pointed out that it was Pascal who he had wronged, and so this was an appropriate punishment; do the dishes of the meal that you stole, and the person that you imprisoned and then stole it from gets to be your guard!

anonymous asked:

Thoughts about the mysterious rocks in the series. It has been mentioned that the rocks started growing in a year before TBEA. And Rapunzel's hair was cut and lost its healing power 6 months before. That means the rocks' growth has nothing related to the hair cut and it may be caused by the golden flower was uprooted 18 years ago. Just curious that if Rapunzel touched the rocks before the first hair cut, would she got the unbreakable hair with healing power?

Correct. I’ve always known the rocks’ appearance had nothing to do with her haircut because of that time line, and I’ve been speculating for quite a while about their appearance vis a vis the flower. I mean… it took seventeen and a half years for them to show up, so maybe it has something to do with the flower leaking or imbuing the soil with magic? But since that magic is directionless, it’s doing weird stuff. lol I don’t even know. We don’t have enough info yet about those rocks, and believe me, I’m curious. I’m soooooo curious.

As for what would happen if she were to have touched the rocks before her haircut? My theory is that something completely different would have happened. Because at that point in time, Rapunzel was the flower. Perhaps the spikes would have shrunk away from her touch.

Today’s celebration selfie technically isn’t a selfie, but it’s supposed to be about my personal style, so this is relevant. (It’s a panorama, tap to see the whole thing.)

This is my new room! I’ve been living in utter chaos for two days, so today I spent about five hours (with some breaks in between) to totally unpack, organize, and decorate, and honestly, this is the happiest I’ve been with my living space in YEARS. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep it that way.

anonymous asked:

Can you do any analysis on the latest Eugene and Cass interactions? Either way it is certainly better than them bickering all the time. Plus that reference in Pascal's story (*Snake flies out of tower* "Friend of yours?") Lol!

I’m going to backtrack up to “Cassandra v. Eugene,” to remind everyone that, at the end of the episode, Eugene promised Rapunzel that he’d try to get along with Cassandra better than he had been.

It was slow going. In “The Return of Strongbow,” they weren’t at each other’s throats, but Cassandra did openly express her distrust of not only Lance, but Eugene as well, and to his face. (Keep in mind that we did not witness Cassandra make any such promise to Rapunzel to try to get along.)

The next time we really see them interact is in “Under Raps,” and this is where things start to take a noticeable turn. Eugene’s behavior towards Cassandra has been called “big brotherly” by fans (myself included) and includes such gems as referring to her as “our Cassie,” the now-famous quote, “The only one that can mess with Cass is me!” and, of course, how well they fought beside each other in the hot air balloon. Not to mention, he took Cassandra’s side when telling Rapunzel that she needed to back off a little.

“One Angry Princess” sees them both helping Rapunzel at the crime scene, and their manner is just getting friendlier and more relaxed, and “Pascal’s Story” reveals to us that Cassandra already knows they Eugene died in the tower, and not judging him in the slightest for not wanting to go back up.

So, we are definitely seeing an overall improvement in their relationship, which is going to be necessary for them to work together as a team. They’ve always been capable of that, as we saw in Tangled Before Ever After, but they’re even getting along better in their downtime, and Eugene is starting to act protective of Cassandra.

What I’m waiting for is some reciprocation from Cass, above and beyond her sense of justice in “Fitzherbert P.I.” But the point there is that they’ve always had it in them to get along. I think the sibling analogy works the best for them, because they really do fight like a couple of siblings who have very little in common, but have each other’s backs when it comes down to it. As they both mature over the course of the series, I believe we’ll see this grown into genuine friendship.