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11 Random Facts

I was tagged by @hotpinkharry!! Thanks, Caroline!! 💛🎉

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1) I love Bastille so much bye 😭😭

2) I have Tom Hanks’ twitter on notification bc I love him TOO

3) I eat a lot of egg salad 🤷🏼‍♀️

4) I’ve been counting down the days till spring break for like 6 weeks now

5) I have over 20,000 unread emails in my combined inboxes oops

6) I’m terrible at texting (and emailing) back

7) I collect pins?

8) I have a pair of socks that have dinosaurs in sweaters on them

9) My fave soda is sierra mist :’)

10) I once tripped over a soccer ball and fractured my ankle

11) I want a kitten 💛

Thank you, Caroline!!

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Reasons why Bastille’s cover of We Can’t Stop is my fave live lounge

- When Woody and Kyle hug in the intro bit when they’re saying to subscribe to the channel

- Dan trying (and failing) not to laugh

- Kyle putting his hands in the air when Dan sings ‘hands in the air’

- ‘hell no’

- Will playing The Lion King

- Achy Breaky Heart

‘hell no’

  • What do you think your message is or do you think you have a message to young people or people in general?
  • Woody: I guess I’d kind of like to be able to tell my younger self that the older you get the less you care what people think about you - just live your life, do what you wanna do, don’t spend your time worrying about it. So that.

charlie barnes - hammers (2014)

happy birthday to my favourite charlie barnes fan @softbrobarnes <3

i love following bastille’s lead singer dan smith because, well, even this lesbian can admit that he’s extremely attractive

he’s also hilarious on twitter?? like most times he reminds me of a tiny cute alien who’s come down here to earth to bless us with his beauty — who has no idea about american pop culture after the age of david lynch (to be fair, i don’t think most americans even understand current pop culture. it’s entirely perplexing..)

but on top of that he’s just adorable??? and really cute when he gets excited about stuff?? like what the heck, who gave him the right

and he talks to his fans on such a regular basis just to ask how they’re doing –and to ask about the media they’re consuming

he’s so sweet and charming and i love it. his presence lights up my twitter feed and it’s gr8, thx dan