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L I A B I L I T Y | he’s so hard to please, but he’s a forest fire.

a playlist for the lost, burning ones, for destroying beautiful things and people. | LISTEN


i. map of the problematique - muse | ii. what else is there? - röyksopp ft. karin dreijer | iii. hurricane - 30 seconds to mars | iv. deathmental - soap&skin | v. suburban war - arcade fire | vi. new ways - daughter | vii. ride - lana del rey | viii. icarus - bastille | ix. far too young to die - panic at the disco | x. howl - florence + the machine | xi. empty gold - halsey | xii. conversation 16 - the national | xiii. fight like gods - chelsea wolfe | xiv. liability - lorde

(( rules: make a playlist using songs that describe your aesthetic. each artist can only be used once. link to the playlist in the post. go! ))

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lil indie band asks!
  • hippo campus: what's the dumbest thing you did as a teenager?
  • COIN: what/who do you miss the most?
  • saint motel: favorite decade for aesthetic?
  • magic man: what's your favorite place on earth?
  • declan mckenna: what cause are you most passionate about?
  • walk the moon: party person or stay-at-home person?
  • bastille: saddest memory?
  • st. lucia: what song makes you happiest?
  • AJR: talk about your favorite family member/friend?