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2006!ME vs 2016!ME

Oh hey gais, I found the bandwagon!  

I’m really not a huge fan of comparing myself ten years ago and today me, because 2006!ME would shrivel up and die of despair at being compared to the 2016!ME.  It’s really not fair to her, she’s a teenager with horomones who’s view of the world is colored by depression and being ostracized by her peers and even teachers.  And her biggest dream is to move back to Japan and be a mangaka.  2006!ME’s first best friend (who introduced her to anime) had also dropped her like a hot potato the year before because “it wasn’t fair that [20016!ME] got better grades AND drew better than [Best friend at the time]”.  I was a dour, depressing, and utterly moody young thing (not without good reason, but the fact remains that I was very unhappy with life).

Meanwhile, 2016!ME has since gone to college, learned to be objective about her work, spent the majority of those years learning and almost constantly practicing to use digital tools, Developed a taste, the skill, and lots of appreciation for a wide range of art styles, filled many many sketchbooks (which were not available to 2006!Me due to being too expensive, so she used printer paper and manila folders) of things like hands, noses, and other artistic foils until she dun git gud at that stuff, did 300+ art commissions in three years, got published in a tabletop RPG module book, became a comic colorist for one of her art heroes (that would be @bludragongal), became the art director of a volunteer game studio and then developed the common sense to leave and realize that she can say no to every “job” offer that comes her way if she doesn’t feel that she’s being treated professionally, and to top it all off, gained very important and good friends that she had only just met in 2006 but have since become irreplaceable fixtures in her life.  A bunch of other things happened too, but that’s the gist of it.

tl;dr 2006 was the first year I started doing digital art, so understandably, I sucked. Here in 2016 I have 12+ years of drawing and painting experience SO OF COURSE I DO IT LIKE A BOSS.

mclennon1869  asked:

Hey! I think you know about the twitter accounts that are supposed to be "Sherlock and John"... are they real??? Is it controlled by someone at BBC?? Or just someone who likes them a lot?? Thank you sooo much!!

Literally I don’t know… I personally think contact_JM may perhaps be real and the others red herrings/just fans jumping on the bandwagon and having fun with an rp. I mean I think there’s also credibility to the idea that they WANT us on twitter but we’re just not having that* and now they’re changing the ARG to accommodate. Technically the whole question of right now is “Is it controlled by someone at the BBC??” and that’s the theory, and whether or not you believe it is up to you. Everything is suspect, everything is potentially credible.

*because I’m the REAL–I’m not on twitter, Never was, never have been!

**truly I just do not fuck around with twitter… there are barely enough degrees of separation between us already… you know what happened last time…

-flings self onto the Test Subject 18 bandwagon- I’m here.

I had a ton of free time at school today, so why not draw some 18? I didn’t have a reference, so that’s why the paint gun looks off. And I did the gouache later when I got home. Was fun! Decided that my 18 has a blue streak in her hair. I see her as the more adventurous, fun-loving type, so that seemed to match her.

Larries as Mean Girls

This is the fault of an Anon from earlier,  but it’s so true.  Some Larries are Mean Girls.  This is not even meant to be disrespectful in any way, I even hope that some Larries will enjoy it.  

Here we go…

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*Jumps the bandwagon*

I like robins. My Miraculous persona would be a birb. Heh.

Please do not distribute, repost, modify, or use my art in any way with out my permission. Thank you very much!