not a bad way to start off the summer

Mmmm…..if you were to ask me which novels were my favourite series, I’d tell you without hesitation that it’s Farseer and Stormlight Archive.  But.  But if you lean in a little, you’d probably also hear me quietly whisper, “Dresden Files.” I was baited in with promises of a wizard riding a t-rex to battle, and I was not disappointed.  One of the things I’m overly biased in favour of with Dresden Files is how much metaphoric and comparison/simile language is used in it.  As someone who memorizes things and records knowledge in exactly that way, it’s a comfortable read :P.

Things to hurdle over just in case you’re contemplating trying the series:

- The first three books are generally considered serviceable, good, decent, not bad.  Personally, Summer Knight (Book 4) was probably the book where it really started to pick up for me, but the scene that got me was the one in Grave Peril where he basically has to be picked up off his shower floor because he’s too messed up and sobbing his heart out over possibly having accidentally-on-purpose murdered a bunch of innocent people.  To be honest, Grave Peril still gives me a sick feeling to the stomach because Ugh.  Red Court Vampires.  eugh ick.  Harry won’t even talk about what they did to him years later :/

- Your Mileage May Vary:  Dresden is sexist.  To me, Dresden is what I’d consider an acceptable and understandable amount of sexist, but going into the why would take an incredibly long, rambly post.  Let’s see if I can summarize:  Has past traumas that probably factor into why he tries to save every other woman out there to make up for someone he couldn’t save, didn’t really grow up learning how to interact with anyone properly, let alone women – the guy has all of what..five friends at the beginning of the series, two of which are a talking skull and a cat – has a saviour complex – the list goes on.  For me, this flaw of Harry’s just makes him that much more human, and the thing is, he can’t help his thoughts, but his actions are always reined in by an extremely disciplined morality.  Plus, whatever he thinks, he knows Murphy’s always got his back, and being female doesn’t even factor into that.  Also, the guy changes.  He grows up and perspectives change.   In any event, Dresden remains one of my favourite fictional characters due to <way too many reasons that may be expounded on in some other post>, despite any notable flaws in him, so make of that what you will.

- Dresden Files is dark.  It’s not dreary or depressing or dystopic, but in some ways it’s horrifying.  I mean, it’s hilarious, but it’s also dark.  Be warned.  :D     

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i miss old su so much. i associate it with meeting loved ones for the first time and falling in love with the characters for the first time back in 2014.... now that same person i met bc of su?? i complain about su with them. it makes me so sad that i can't enjoy the show like that again. it sounds weird but it was kind of like a summer love?? the whole aesthetic like the scenery style and town by the sea seems like a fond memory even though i can go watch those early episodes whenever :^ (

i feel like a lot of us feel the same way. there’s a reason why there’s an entire su criticism community. because we DID love the show. it started off with so much promise. it really did bring a lot of people together and was downright INSPIRING! if su was just another bad animated show from the start, it wouldn’t be getting nearly this much backlash. but now it has disappointed so many people. and when people try to voice their legitimate issues with the show, both writers and die hard fans can react in very hostile ways. which reflects horribly on the show more than anything else. that’s why there’s an entire group of people finally voicing their frustrations.

we all miss old su, anon. :c

- mod b

Heart to Heart-A Freshman Fanfic

Hey! So, this is the second part to a fic I wrote recently called First Goodbye. I strongly suggest reading that one first before reading this one if you haven’t already. The link to that fic is here

This is also my submission for #choicescreates this week. The prompt is ‘Mother’ and the carnival is being hosted by @punexpectedly. Thanks!

I’m not good at summaries so I’m not going to be doing one here. But basically, MC ends up talking with her mom about her relationship and some bonding between them takes place. There is a little Zig x MC but mostly things take place between MC and her mom. 

There is no explicit material in this fic. I”ll give it a T rating, I suppose.

She saw her mom’s car pull up in the parking lot and sighed. Normally she’d be excited to see her family again and, though she missed and loved her parents, this time leaving campus was bittersweet.

Last night relaxing and spending time with Zig had been wonderful but also laced with sadness. She felt excited knowing they’d made plans for him to visit but it was still killing her to leave without him. Her mind began to wander to their farewell only hours before.

He woke her up early that morning to tell her he was leaving for work. She immediately became alert and jumped up to walk him to the door even though he wanted her to stay in bed and rest. When they reached the front door, he suddenly wrapped his arms tightly around her, drawing her to him. She clutched him back just as firmly, her hands fisting his shirt. They held one another for several moments but to her it felt like only a second. He eventually shifted to rest his forehead against hers and she gently traced her fingertips along the nape of his neck. Neither one spoke in that moment and they didn’t need to. He then leaned in to kiss her softly, his lips lingering as if he didn’t want to stop. She certainly didn’t want him to. When he finally pulled away, he searched her eyes and reassured her that everything would be fine and that he’d be thinking of her non-stop. Then, with one more parting kiss and a gentle squeeze to her waist, he disappeared on the other side of her closed door.  She stood against it for a moment trying to reign in her emotions. Eventually she dragged herself back to her room and collapsed into bed. She instinctively pulled his pillow toward her, inhaling the scent and feeling more alone than she could ever remember. Her mind kept racing, coming up with numerous thoughts and scenarios that resulted in them breaking up because of this distance. She kept feeling his phantom touches against her skin, making it impossible to focus on anything else. After an hour of tossing and turning, she finally drifted off into fitful sleep.

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Yuuri introduces Phichit to the magical girl genre. Starts off with Sailor Moon. Card Captor and works their way through Precure franchise. Including the Magical Boy parodies. So Phichit is loving the Power of Love and Friendship and as far as he is concerned, in the Magical Girl World even if things look bad they always work out. Till one day Yuuri oh so casually recommends Madoka Magica with poor sweet summer child Phichit completely unsuspecting of the suffering to come.

Yuuri why

fake productions series [1/?] quirky rom com twelfth night

setting: cape cod

 it all started at olivia’s. 

actually, it probably started with that storm and the two preppy kids who got washed overboard, one of whom got rescued by a hunky crab fisherman with a bad reputation and the other who washed up on the cape and chopped all her hair off. and then orsino’s poetry got even more pretentious as the summer went on, feste did a lot of knowing snickering, me and fabian drank too many margaritas and crashed the golf cart– but that’s not important. 

somewhere along the line there was mail fraud, an ambiguously gay pirate, and way inappropriate employer-employee relations; also we locked whatshisface in the cellar and kind of got arrested a little. 

and then there was a knife fight. and then it got interesting. 


A New Change

Y/N: Your Name 

Requested by: phan—anime 

Being in the Slytherin house wasn’t all that bad. My father Remus Lupin wasn’t thrilled but he was happy that I was where I truly belonged. My father was a Gryffindor. My family is worried I might be evil but that’s the least of my father’s worries. Father told me that I know where I belong and that my life is what I make of it. Thankfully he didn’t shut me out. He knows that I wasn’t an evil person. I could’t hurt anyone like everyone thinks I could. 

“Are you coming love?” Draco stood in front of me. I was reading a book when he showed up. 

“Is it dinner time already?” I asked putting my book down. Draco and I have been dating for a few. I haven’t told my father because I’m scared on how he’ll react. 

“Yes.” Draco wrapped his arm around my waste as we walked to the great hall.

“Draco. If my dad finds out, what should I say? I mean I couldn’t be to bad. Right? Your parents didn’t react to bad.” I started thinking of all the possible scenarios.

“Slow down. When the time is right, we’ll tell him. My parents didn’t like it at first but they love you and to be quite honest, Your father loves you. It can’t be too bad. I’m sure he’ll be upset but learn to except it.” Draco assured me.

We made our way to our table. I forgot to mention that this is the beginning of the school year. So me and Draco started dating when school let out. (In America we have three months off for summer break. don’t know how long it is in other countries) I’ve kept this a secrete from my father for to long. It was the first day so there was a big sorting ceremony. Dumbledore made a big announcement about there being a new DADA professor.

“As we welcome Professor Remus Lupin to be the new DADA professor.”

I spit out my drink. Practically choking on it. I looked at Draco as he sat there frozen. he met my eyes as he looked terrified.

“I take back what I said. He might kill me” 

I didn’t say anything. I didn’t know what to say. It was different. Knowing about him being a werewolf was bad enough. He can’t control himself when he changes. What if he can’t control himself when he finds out? I prayed that that won’t happen.

—A week later—-

“Y/N you have an owl.” A Slytherin girl announced as my owl flew through the Great Hall. 

I grabbed my letter and my owl flew away. I recognized the writing on the envelope. ‘Y/N Lupin’ was written on it. I slowly opened it.

‘Y/N I want to have a word with you. Come to my office and have a cup of tea during your free time, Lupin’

I showed Draco the letter and we both knew what it was about. So after lunch was my study hour and I headed to his office.

“Father?” I called out as I entered the office.

“Sit.” He instructed. I sat down.

“Dad, I can explain” 

“I don’t need you to explain.” He stood over me. “What I’m trying to understand is why my daughter didn’t tell me she was dating Draco Malfoy.”

I looked down. I wanted to say so much but I knew better. He wouldn’t listen.

“I mean, Draco, of all boys. You chose Draco. He’s not a good guy. His family aren’t good people. I accept you being a Slytherin and this is taking a step towards the dark side.” Father lectured on.

“Father, can I say something?” I interrupted him.

“Go ahead.”

“Draco and I started dating at the end of last year. Not once has he tried to force anything that was evil or wrong upon me. He’s treated me well. I have yet to meet his family and so far they’re pretty accepting of it already. He makes me happy. He is a good guy.”

“His father was a death eater!” He shouted. “He was raised to be evil! It’s in his blood!” 

“You know what’s in your blood dad?” I spat standing up. “Werewolf blood. That’s evil to many people. The last time I checked you aren’t an evil person. You cope with what’s wrong with you and you get through it. You have something evil forced upon you but you aren’t turning into an evil person! Neither is he! Like you, He cares. He is to stubborn to show it around others. He’s scared to do so. Everyone thinks he’s evil when he’s not. Like you, he’s not evil. People have different ways to show it. I’m sorry father for the sudden outburst. But, he’s a good guy. You just need to take the chance to get to know him.” I sat back down. Knowing that I just yelled at him for the first time in my life, he wasn’t going to be happy. 

“Y/N, you’re right. I’m sorry.” I looked up shocked. “I just don’t want you to become evil. I’m scared that this is what it’s going to do to you.”

“It won’t, I haven’t changed one bit and you know that. Just try to get to know him before you judge him. please?”

“Well in that case, When can I meet him?” He smiled pulling me in for a hug.

“Really?” I looked up at him.

“Well yeah, if you’re going to keep on dating him, I minus well meet him right?”

I hugged him tightly.

“Just don’t make me get along with his father. we don’t exactly like each other.”

there’s something better to come (it’s on the horizon)

<< iii. things you said too quietly >>

[did no one ever tell you about the boy? (who fell in love and told it to the world)] ao3

Summer cannot come quick enough.

With the exams over, the professors had given up trying to control the fifth years and so, almost every lesson is spent lazing on the grass. Lily and her friends used to spend their time outside underneath the Beech Tree, but given recent events they’ve taken to sitting on the lake’s shore, paddling when it gets unbearably hot and making bets on how many pieces of toast the squid will eat when they’re bored.

Lily reckons her friends miss the company of the Marauders, who shared the spot beneath the Beech Tree, and though she won’t admit to it, she misses their company too. They never say anything though, so Lily keeps quiet about it, grateful none of them have pressed the matter. It’s embarrassing enough to even admit to herself she misses them.

She and Mary are the only ones out at the moment, Marlene and Tegan have both gone to the owlery to send letters home and Gemma is in the library, finishing a History of Magic essay for Binns, the only teacher still giving homework. The grounds are scattered with groups of fifth tears, but they’re in a secluded enough position that it’s quiet.

“I spy with my little eye -” Mary groans and rolls onto her back, flinging her arm over her eyes dramatically.

“No more. I’m shit. Also, you’re a cheat. How am I meant to know what specific type of cloud formation that is?” She says.

“Should have paid attention in Astronomy then.” Lily retorts, smug.

“Whatever.” Mary flips over again and props herself up on her elbows. “I can’t wait to never have to spend another midnight freezing my tits off on top of that bloody tower.”

“I can’t believe you’re dropping it.”

“Not all of us can be good at everything, Evans.” Mary grins. “I wasn’t blessed with clever genes -”

“Just big boobs ones.” They laugh, Lily looking forlornly down at her chest, remarkably flat next to Mary’s. She looks up when Mary’s laugh cuts off abruptly. “What?”

“Um…” Lily snaps her head around to see what Mary is staring at. The sun is behind him, but Lily would know that hurricane hair anywhere.

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I have always had a bad relationship with my body. To the people who have met me just recently, the picture on the left is what I looked like not too long ago. The picture itself is 3 years old, but up to 1,5 years ago I still looked like that. I don’t think that I’ve ever felt as miserable about my body than I did back then. I binged on food, and I blamed my weight on other things. “It’s my birth control” “I have always been heavy” “My metabolism is just slow” but looking back on it, I can’t believe how in denial I was. At some point I even started believing that I was never meant to have a fit body. So I decided to just accept being “fat”. So I decided to read into all that fat acceptance crap, that it’s okay to be gluttonous and unhealthy. But in reality, it’s not okay to have such a bad relationship with food, binging whenever you can, and hating what you see in the mirror. I know many people won’t consider my “before” picture to be fat at all, but I was. I was out of breath after walking up the stairs, I dislocated both my knees at least once and twisted my ankles so many times I’ve lost count.

Then around April 2014 I decided to change. I went out running, and ate better and less, and the weight came off. Gained it all back around the summer that same year, and didn’t really keep track of it anymore. In September 2014 I decided to change for good. I quit all of my bad binging habits, I just hated what I was doing to my body. The weightloss process went fairly quick, I lost a lot of fat and as soon as I hit 85 kg I started doing home workouts and picked up running again. Peter helped me all along the way, he helped me make healthy choices and made sure I didn’t miss a workout. I’ve never believed in dieting, I don’t believe in starving yourself just to get that perfect body. I found out that those home workouts weren’t really my thing. And then I found yoga and veganism. A whole new world opened up. Yoga taught me to love my body, because even though it might not be perfect, it can do so many amazing things. A year ago I would never have dreamt that I could balance my entire body weight on just my arms, or that I could just slide into a split. Due to an ankle injury I got back in May I had to give up running for a good while, and funnily enough because of my breathing practices and vinyasa I am in better shape now than I was before my ankle injury. The veganism slipped in around the same time I discovered yoga. I’ve always had a huge love for animals and nature, so that is the ethical part of why I stopped buying and consuming animal products. But it’s also because of my health. Around the spring of this year I noticed I got very bad stomach aches after consuming meat. So slowly I started cutting that out from my diet and went vegetarian for a little while. Then I started watching documentaries such as Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives and Earthlings, and realized what impact it has on our bodies, the people and the environment. I’ve not consumed anything but plantbased products ever since. And that too has had a huge impact on my journey to a healthy body. My skin cleared up, I’m never bloated and I feel so energized.

Looking back to my old pictures, I noticed how unhappy I looked and how I always wore loose fitting clothes just to cover myself up, because I didn’t like myself. That’s not self love. Fat acceptance isn’t going to help, but body positivity is. That’s what we should all aim for. To have a healthy body and a happy mind. And I still have a long way to go as well. I occasionally look at myself in the mirror and absolutely loathe my loose skin, but you can’t all of a sudden love yourself 100% after having hated your body for as long as you can remember. As long as you keep on trying, then you’re on the right track. 💪🏾👍🏾

based on this | closed starter for @indiigo !

adeline was technically a legitimate college student now & she was starting it off by not doing anything particularly interesting. so maybe spending her summer working at a waterpark wasn’t so bad. even if all of her friends seemed to have gone off in their different directions, having gone on actual vacations before college started. the strap of her bag strung over her shoulder, adeline made her way out of the small office where she had just met her manager & gone through the rules & regulations of the place. now sporting the employee uniform to be a lifeguard, she made her way over to the pool, only to see her shift wouldn’t be starting for another half hour or so. it was then she noticed a familiar face — shit. he had graduated years before her; what the hell was he doing here now ? her nerves began going out of control, because god, she remembered having the biggest crush on him. & maybe it never really even went away. she decided to be bold for once in her life & head over.  hey, adeline said with a smile, as she made her way up to him, hoping he wouldn’t think she was some sort of creep or something.  you used to go to high school here, didn’t you ? ” of course he did, she knew that.

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Here's some summer-type mpreg frank for you. Frank would be really starting to show in the spring but by the time July came around, he'd feel ready to pop. He'd just be miserable and huge and hormonal and just a mess due to his body changing, and he'd want to go to the beach so bad but he didn't want to show his tummy off. Eventually Gerard would convince frank his tummy was adorable, and frank would end up going to the beach without a shirt on to cover his bump

he’d be in his swimtrunks/bikini and his round belly showing and gee would always be rubbing his tummy and tracing his tattoos and stretch marks, giving him little kisses and giggling when would the babies would kick when the water touched frank’s tummy, frank would also be so comfortable in himself and he would be so smiley

The Misunderstandings of Love

Anonymous said: One shot where the reader and dean like each other but don’t admit it sam and the reader are best friends so when there one room and two beds only she has to choose between the two and she picks sam cause she doesn’t want it to be awkward and deans all jealous btw I love your one shots and imagines

A/N: Hope you like it, darling! :)

Word count: 2,383

Pairing: Jealous!Dean x Reader

Warnings: swearing.

Your name: submit What is this?


“I’ve gotta admit it, Y/N, you did one hell of a job back there,” Dean smiled, shutting the door of the Impala and walking toward the back of the car. “Five vamps’ by yourself – not bad.”

“‘Not bad’? I was incredible!” you grinned, trying to brush off the blush that was threatening its way to your cheeks thanks to Dean’s compliment.

The summer heat reigned upon the small town of Lockhart, Texas, one of the few cities Dean actually seemed to enjoy because of its many barbeque places. The sun had started to set down on the horizon, ready to shine its light upon the other side of the world, but the wild Texan heat still radiated off the ground without a care. And though the mixture of pinks, yellows, and forget-me-not oranges created a beautiful rural painting of color, you wouldn’t have minded seeing this in another part of the country.

Sticky sweat covered almost every single inch of your body, and grime and dirt were stuck under your fingernails and at all the visible parts of your skin. There were a few red stains on your shirt and jacket that were drying up quickly with the burning warmth around you, so, needless to say, all you wanted to do was take a shower and take a day-long nap to forget about the vampire case you had just finished wrapping up.

“Okay, shorty, you were the best novice I have ever seen in action,” Dean chuckled, rolling his eyes playfully as he pulled the trunk open.

The blush finally beat you, although not because of what Dean had said as much as what he’d done. You tried to ignore the way the dark fabric of the older Winchester’s t-shirt had stuck to his body, allowing you to easily watch the way his muscles contracted and relaxed as he leaned over to grab the duffel bags from the back of Baby. This is normal, you tried to reason, just because I think he’s hot, it doesn’t mean anything. Anybody with eyes would think Dean Winchester is hot.

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seasonal citrus 🍊🍋 so fresh and juicy, perfect way to start the day 💦 this is pomelo, v similar to grapefruit! I feel like it gets a bad rep for its bitter taste, but let me teach you a trick! It’s the pith that is bitter! If you peel off the pith and that outer skin, and eat only the juicy flesh, it’s so delish! And it’s actually really easy because each segment is SO BIG compared even to a grapefruit 💫 full of soluble fibre, vit C, antioxidants + bioflavonoids! X

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Hi! Do you know any Stucky fics with top Bucky and bottom Steve that involves them liking bdsm? Thank you! :)

I’m not sure if you meant bottom/top or sub/dom, so I stuck with dom/sub:

The Pugilists (undertones of dom/sub, but still very good)

There’s only one way Steve wants it when he gets like this, and nice ain’t the word for it, that’s for damn sure.

Some days last longer than others (see above parenthesis)

 Bucky moves onto Pastor Rogers’ farm on a Sunday.

 “Can’t offer you much right now,” Rogers had said with a sad twist to his mouth, “but there’s an old cabin needs fixing up, you’re welcome to camp out there and do whatever you want with it.” He laughed. “Maybe you can even teach my boy to use a hammer.”

The pastor’s seventeen year old son Steve is the last thing Bucky expects. He’s got a smart mouth, a nose for trouble, and a habit of seducing members of the football team. Bucky didn’t think he was looking for anything, but Steve ’s got his own ideas about what Bucky needs.

Take Me to Wyoming

 Steve comes home in a bad mood. It’s not the first time, won’t be the last, but it’s a pretty monumental bad mood, even for him. He blows in like a summer storm, slamming the door behind him and knocking a picture off the wall. He scowls at Bucky next, like he’s somehow responsible for the picture. Bucky opens his mouth to say something, but Steve doesn’t even let him get that far.

 “I ain’t in the mood, Buck,” he snaps, holding his hand up. “Don’t even start.”

Bucky’s got years of practise dealing with Steve’s bad moods, and he’s got his own way of handling it.

Higher Ground

 “S’okay,” Bucky murmurs quietly, and Steve sucks in a sharp breath at the brush of Bucky’s lips against his ear, his breath hot against the side of Steve’s neck. There’s a hint of a grin in Bucky’s voice; amused affection and confidence and something heated beneath it all, a familiar tone from so long ago that makes Steve’s heart clench and his cock twitch helplessly in his jeans.

“S’okay, Stevie,” he says again, and Steve can feel the curl of Bucky’s lips against his throat when he smiles. His metal thumb is rubbing circles on Steve’s shoulder. “M’gonna take care of you.”

A year and a half after the events of The Winter Soldier, Steve’s been acting recklessly. Bucky deals with it as best he can. [This fic presents a self-contained story that can easily be read separately from the rest of the series.]

All the Difference

Steve’s beautiful on his knees, always has been.  Bucky leans back in the little room’s one chair and gets his cigarettes out, looking this new Steve up and down.

PWP, Steve and Bucky immediately after the pub scene in TFA.


Bucky finds Steve’s old collar and Steve gladly goes to his knees again.

Around the World

Steve’s halfway around the world on a mission and Bucky video calls him for some long distance loving.

eclecticxdetour in general has good bottom Steve (those are just some favs)

Lights, Camera, Action (Kellyscams is another good author to look at)

Bucky Barnes, aka the Soldier is one of Stark Naked’s most popular models. Having worked in the adult film industry for a few years, he’s gotten used to the daily flow of things. Not to mention also earning himself Stark Naked’s “Naked Boy” of the Year, and something of a reputation for being a powertop.

So when his favorite director, Sam, calls him in for an unscheduled shoot, Bucky figures it’ll be more of the same. What he’s most definitely not prepared for is meeting their newest model, Steve Rogers–who personally requested Bucky for his first scene. Not only is Steve the hottest guy Bucky’s ever seen, he’s sweet and adorable and cuddly and… Bucky’s never hit it off so well with another model before.

This shoot might very well changed everything.

ohcaptainmycaptain will have good works and I would recommend looking into their bookmarks; you might find some gems

ipoiledi as well will have some A+ work (should be both bottom and top Steve) and be sure to check out their tumblr as well.


{ can you please just leave }
   → for lylakoi to balance out your angst #ProtectHaizaki2k15

AU: Summer, College
Pairing: Haizaki x Reader
Genre: Fluff, Humor
Words: 1670
A/N: Went way overboard with husbando but this was hella fun. THIS IS ALSO TO ALL HAIZAKI HELL DWELLERS OUT THERE ;)

It all started off with the first day of college when the dorm head decided to shake things up a bit by rooming you with the infamous bad boy of the school. He was filthy mouthed, very touchy, and incredibly… annoying.

He was none other than Haizaki Shougo.

Things went sort of downhill from there. You had caught him multiple times screwing girls (yes, plural) on his bed, ruining your sleeping and studying schedule. Then there was also his habit of leaving everything on the floor. Not to mention this time, you somehow ended up stranded for summer classes with him. Yep, he was sticking around in the dorms for the summer too.

Great. Just fantastic.

You huffed after another grueling session of math and unlocked your room, ready to just drop dead on your bed. That was until you heard the grunting noises. And moreover, it wasn’t even coming from his side of the room. You felt the dreadful feeling settle in your stomach. Please, please, please don’t let him be there.

But of course, life always seemed to work against you. There you were standing with your jaw dropped open, as Haizaki screwed some random girl on your bed. That’s right. It wasn’t as if he didn’t have his own goddamn bed in the same goddamn room! “Haizaki!” You snarled.

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@howelllesters amazing fic ‘cloud watch’ inspired me. go read it because it’s one of my faves!

summary: pastel!dan writes down every wish he has in a ‘wish diary’. punk!phil and pastel!dan au.

word count: 2.5K

genre: au, fluff and angst

warnings: mild sexual abuse/non-con, homophobia, smoking, mild swearing, mild verbal abuse, small mentions of sexy things

“It was amazing. His lips weren’t chapped like his, and weren’t glossy and sticky like hers. It was intoxicating.

They were soft and he tasted like strawberries and smelled like warm vanilla and it was all too too perfect.”

a/n: i had this idea before sleeping

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It’s been a strange week. And I feel like I need to say this to clear my head.

I do realize that my platform is very small. And I am fully aware that what I experience is on a much, much smaller scale compared to what other people in the industry deal with. And I’m not sure what it is about that one hurtful comment out of so many nice ones that really sticks with you. Why that feeling is carried around for weeks, months, years afterwards. That may sound dramatic, but I am a person that feels a lot. I do have a lot of insecurities. I grew up getting made fun of. In elementary school I was happy. I was friends with everyone. It was very free. In second grade each person in my class was asked who their best friend was. Almost every person named me. My mom loves that story. But something changed for me from fifth grade to sixth grade. Elementary school to middle school. Suddenly none of my friends would sit with me at lunch. Just like that. First day of school, none of them spoke to me. Had something happened over the summer? Had I changed? I felt the same. It was only a few months. It became very obvious very quickly. I was uncool. I didn’t brush my hair. I had glasses. I wore all over sized t shirts with dragons on them. I didn’t wear makeup. My skin was bad.

I was frequently asked if I was in the wrong restroom. “Get out, this is the girls’ room.” “I am a girl…” I would say. I didn’t understand. How was I suddenly so different from my peers?

I felt like something was wrong with me. I became very uncomfortable in my own skin. I began to always let my hair hang in front of my face. So I could hide at all times. I hated walking through the halls. I hated gym glass where no one wanted to be my teammate. I hated group projects where no one wanted me in their group. I hated looking for a table that would accept me at lunch. I hated walking on to the bus wondering what sort of rude comment was going to be said to me that day. I looked forward to being home alone with my dog.

Partway through seventh grade, I started to get attention from a popular guy in my grade. I felt like my luck had finally changed. I felt like maybe I was becoming less of an outcast. One day after science class he and his friends handed me a note saying he liked me. He was theatrically going “Don’t show her!!! Oh my gosh!!! Don’t give her that!” They all laughed when I took the note. It was a joke. They were making fun of me. I could not get out of the room fast enough.

I fell for it again later that year with a different guy. I even went home and told my mom that someone liked me and that I couldn’t believe it. Later that week he called me over to his table at lunch. Where he and all of his friends laughed at me. I never told my mom that it was a trick. I was too embarrassed.

This same behavior from my classmates continued throughout all of middle school. I felt so isolated. In eighth grade in art class I was sitting at my assigned table. A kid walked over to me from another table and said “You smell weird.” And walked away. He went out of his way, left his table, to walk over to my table and tell me that. It’s almost impressive the lengths that people will go to to make you feel bad about yourself.

The summer before ninth grade I decided to make a change. I started to wear makeup. I wore fitted shirts and tighter jeans. I looked forward for school to start to show off my new look. I wasn’t afraid of the bus that first day of school. The bus pulled up. I walked on. I was greeted with “You look weird..” and “what’s on your face?” Nothing had changed. I could not escape my reputation of being uncool. I still had no one to sit with at lunch. Still picked last in gym class. Still laughed at in the halls. If anything, me trying just made it worse. My classmates felt even more inclined to put me in my place and keep me there. I cannot put into words the dread I felt stepping on to the bus every day after school. Knowing there was going to be an incident no matter how quietly I sat trying to disappear in my seat.

One day I decided that the kids on the bus were no longer going to get to me. No matter what they said, I would show no reaction. The usual remarks began. I looked straight ahead. They got louder. I looked straight ahead. I was upset, but not showing it. And I found power in that. All of a sudden I felt something land in my hair. It was gum. I didn’t see who threw the first piece, but it ended with everyone on the bus throwing their gum at me. I still sat there silently, staring ahead. Waiting for the bus to reach my stop. I had to walk past everyone who had just thrown their gum at me. I think they knew they had gone too far because one of them mumbled “sorry” to me as I walked past. My eyes were tearing up, but I didn’t want to give them the satisfaction. I walked straight off the bus, into my house, into the bathroom, and straight into the shower. My younger sister (7 or 8 at the time) was already home and knew something was wrong. She came to the bathroom door. “Are you okay?” I respond with “I know this is a strange request, but please don’t make me explain. Will you bring me the peanut butter from the kitchen and hand it to me?” She was kind and didn’t ask.

My clothes, my shoes, my backpack, my hair. All had these kids’ gum stuck to it. Did you ever get gum in your hair as a child? Do you know how hard it is to get out? I had six pieces of gum in my hair alone.

This followed me through multiple schools. It didn’t matter where I was. In tenth grade my family moved. I started a new school. I cried for weeks. Luckily, I met Brad and some other kids from the music department. I had someone to share a locker with. I was relieved for that. But I still got made fun of in the halls. Still picked last in gym class. Still no one wanted to be my partner for class projects. I was still laughed at in public. Still had people yell “faggot” out of their car windows at me. Still barked at by groups of high school guys at the grocery store.

These events have happened to me less and less over the past couple of years. I decided I was going to try and have a less friendly outer exterior. To try hard to not try. To appear as if I didn’t feel like crawling out of my skin. I chose a career where I have to be a little more visible. I can’t always hide. I have to put myself out there more than I usually would. But please realize that just because I am a little more visible, doesn’t mean I feel the hurtful words any less. You have no idea what someone has been through. And I will never understand why it’s so easy for people to say things they would never say to someone if they were sitting next to you. What is so dehumanizing about this tiny screen?

I’m not sure what it is about the internet where people no longer become people. And you just have to accept that you’re going to get the rude comments. And we are able to justify those comments by saying “well, it’s the internet. What did you expect?” How is that what we’ve come to expect? People feel comfortable commenting on photos of me writing all day saying “Damn, you used to be pretty. What the hell happened?” What compels someone to say that? Why is it that this is somehow appropriate? I am truly not trying to be overly sensitive (which I know I am prone to doing) it’s just something I will never come to terms with. Why would anyone feel the need to say something like that to anyone? Especially someone they’ve never met. You have no idea what someone has been through. You have no idea what they struggle with.

I’ve been dealing with my depression and my insecurities for most of my life. And I do realize that these are issues that I need to work on for myself and the people close to me. I’m in a really good place right now. I have people who love me. I’m in a really good, healthy relationship. A new group of friends who make me feel like I’m worth something and not afraid to be myself. (Who I know would have sat with me at lunch.) But as with anything, I have my ups and downs. It’s easy for me to be catapulted back to those days. To feel the gum in my hair. To feel the stinging embarrassment of someone pretending to like me for a laugh at my expense. One little comment, and I’m there. It still affects my friendships. It affects my self confidence. It affects my job. It affects my relationship. I still hate being shown in photos. I still hide behind my hair.

I’ve been accused of being “tissue paper” in the past, so I have no desire to perpetuate a fragile mentality. I’m not expecting anyone to feel pity for me or to feel bad for the experiences I’ve had. But maybe for people to understand that there is always more than the tiny window into someone’s life that you see on a screen. You don’t know me unless you know me. You don’t know anyone unless you know them. Everyone has dark corners of their mind. Every single person has their own set of issues and triggers. I’m not asking anyone to tiptoe, but to just be kind. To think before you speak. To realize the effect your words have on others.

There is this one incident I always think about from when I was growing up. In ninth grade. I was walking into my last class of the day. I was wearing a pair of jeans that were worn out and very ripped. I was the last one to walk into the room, everyone was already sitting. One of the guys in my class decided to call me out while everyone’s eyes were on me. “Wow, nice pants!” I sat down, defeated. A well liked girl in my grade got upset for me and said “Hey, I think they’re cool.” She gave the guy a dirty look and smiled at me. It was the only time anyone had ever stood up for me. I am still so grateful for her saying that. I will never forget it.

That is the kind of person I try to be. Someone who makes people feel their importance. Everyone is important. And everyone deserves to feel important. And everyone should be treated like they are important. You are all important. Your words are important and powerful. Please use that power wisely.

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Fics where Steve is a very bossy sub? Either pre or post, doesn't matter.


The Pugilists by ipoiledi

There’s only one way Steve wants it when he gets like this, and nice ain’t the word for it, that’s for damn sure.

Take Me to Wyoming by notallbees

 Steve comes home in a bad mood. It’s not the first time, won’t be the last, but it’s a pretty monumental bad mood, even for him. He blows in like a summer storm, slamming the door behind him and knocking a picture off the wall. He scowls at Bucky next, like he’s somehow responsible for the picture. Bucky opens his mouth to say something, but Steve doesn’t even let him get that far.

 “I ain’t in the mood, Buck,” he snaps, holding his hand up. “Don’t even start.”

Bucky’s got years of practise dealing with Steve’s bad moods, and he’s got his own way of handling it.

Takeout by vodkaanddebauchery

“Better be careful.”

Steve stills. “Why’s that?”

“Nice boy like you, neighborhood like this? There could be bad men about,” Bucky says, dropping his tone even lower. And just so Steve doesn’t totally miss the hint, he rolls his hips against the small of Steve’s back.

(Bucky comes home from a mission, Steve is oblivious but not really (and has remarkable self-control), and there is some eating out.
Pretty much exactly what it says on the tin.)

The Domestic Life: Happy Fourth of July by L1av

Bucky decides to throw a pool party in celebration of Steve’s birthday and Fourth of July. Cue the water gun fights, the grill out, the pool, one hell of a good lay, and Bucky thinks he’s got himself a pretty good day. The domestic life sometimes has its perks.

Especially when vibrators are involved.

The Points Don’t Matter by TaleWorthTelling

Their tastes run a little different, but they’re good together, filling in the gaps.

This has no plot whatsoever, not even an attempt. It’s pure porn, but by God they’re delighted by one another.

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It is so difficult to stay motivated and be on track after seeing all the TITP posts about how long term weight loss is not possible. I feel like "why bother?" And it is so upsetting. Please do you have any studies that support long term weight loss when counting calories and exercising regularly? I am 169cm. I used to weigh 95kg, now I am 69kg (Normal BMI). This is not my first attempt at weight loss. Is there hope for me? Will the weight stay off forever?

I know it gets discouraging but let me make this clear: It IS possible to lose weight and keep it off.

MG can go on all she wants about how weight loss is impossible and nothing works, but all you have to do to disprove this is look in the #weight loss tag.

You hear a lot of stories about how people have lost weight but gained it back, and then some. Yes, it happens. Those who gain their weight back fall into 1 of 2 categories.

1.) They achieved their weight loss by unhealthy means: Fad diets, extreme restriction, weight loss pills, gimmicks. The achieved the weight loss, but the means by which they achieved it wasn’t something they could sustain. The cliche that comes to mind is “getting a summer body.” Someone who wants to look good for their summer vacation or trip to the beach. Their goals are short term.  The moment summer is over and they stop the crazy fad diet or stop taking the weight loss pills, start eating normally or relapse into old bad habits, the weight comes back. Understand that if you want to lose weight it’s going to be FOR LIFE. Not just for your wedding or a summer vacation.

2.) They lost weight in a healthy way but fell off the wagon and picked up their bad habits again. Like I said, losing weight is a lifetime goal. Just like you have to brush your teeth everyday, shower everyday (or at least on a regular basis) and hydrate yourself everyday, you have to focus on making healthy food choices EVERY DAY. It’s tough and even I have gone through some rough patches. In today’s society with all these over sized portions and over processed food so easily accessible, it’s easy to slip back into old habits.

Take a look at funeralformyfat, she lost 121lbs and kept it off for 5 years. Some other great blogs to check out are:





Many of these people are in the process of losing weight/ have lost a significant amount of weight.

Here are some articles about how to be successful at long term weight loss [LINK] [LINK] [LINK]

For some people, like myself, it will be something I must always be conscious about or I’ll fall off the wagon and find myself gaining the weight back. I’ve lost my weight slowly over the course of 2 years and have never gained back more than 10lbs. I’ve fluctuated and plateaued but I’ve seen the scale go down from 220′s, 210′s, 200′s, 190′s, 180,s and 170′s and I haven’t seen those numbers since and I’m working on getting out of the 160′s.

True weight loss takes time, constant effort and vigilance. Weight loss is a lot of things; hard, painful, rewarding, and amazing, but impossible is NOT one of them

Summers in Sparklers

Request: hello love! do you think you could write something super fluffy and cute about the reader and Fred where she’s a year younger than the twins but really good friends with Ginny and she spends a summer at the burrow and they both take a liking to each other and then when they go back to hogwarts they spend even more time together and its fluffy and when Ginny finds out she tells George and basically they make it super awkward but still cute and super duper fluffy??? lol thanks darling :)

“Thanks so much for letting me stay here for the summer Mrs. Weasley!” You smile as you enter the Burrow. Ginny had offered you a spot in her home while your own parents were away. 

“Nonsense darling! Any friend of Ginny’s is always welcome here. Now, uh, let’s see…. Fred! George! Get down here!” Molly shouted upstairs. A few thundering footsteps down the stairs later, a pair of twins stood before you. 

“Yes mum?” They say simultaneously, which made you giggle. One of them caught your eye and gave you a mischievous smile, which peaked your interest.

“Help carry Y/N’s trunk upstairs into Ginny’s room,” Molly commanded. 

“Why can’t Ginny do it?” they groaned. 

“Because Y/N and I are going to hang out somewhere else. Y/N, this is Fred and George. They’re annoying so just ignore them. No need for the likes of you to set off your pranks in Y/N’s face. Come on!” Ginny tugged your arm and you followed her the the backyard. Looking past over your shoulder, you see Fred grinning at you. 

“Weren’t they the ones who repainted all the classrooms with magical paint last year?” You ask Ginny.

“Yeah. It was funny at first, but it was hard to properly make Potions without flashes of light blinding you every five seconds,” Ginny rolled her eyes.

You giggled again in response. “I thought it was pretty funny. Gave everyone a reason to legitimately stink at Potions. Even Professor Snape couldn’t make them right half the time!”

“Well I’m glad someone appreciates our fine arts!” A voice speaks up from behind the both of you. You swirl back to see the twins approaching you with a box of something in their hands. “Unlike our sister here." 

"I told you two to leave us alone!” Ginny frowned. 

“And miss out on showing Miss Y/N here the best display of fireworks and sparkles she’s ever seen? We wouldn’t dare deprive her of it!” George ruffles Ginny’s hair. 

“You boys better-” Ginny fumed.

“It’s alright, Ginny. I wouldn’t mind,” You put a calming hand on her shoulder. You look back at the twins. While George was unpacking the boxes, Fred took an extra second to shoot you a wink before following his twin. 

The summer flew by in a blur. Most of it involved hanging out with Ginny or the twins. They even named a trick after you when you accidentally shot too many sparklers into the ground, making the entire landscape glitter for a week. You found yourself drawn especially to Fred. You only told Ginny about your crush, which she took as a groan. 

“Great. Now we can’t even properly talk about boys without getting involved with my family,” She rolled her eyes as you laughed. On the last day of August, Ginny managed to catch George alone and decided to speak up about you. 

“Hey! George!” Ginny hissed at her brother. She looked behind her, making sure that neither you nor Fred were listening. In fact, she found the both of you talking and lightly flirting as you two sat in the kitchen. 

“What?” George looked up from getting food. 

“I hope Fred doesn’t like any other girl because Y/N definitely has a crush on him,” Ginny whispered. 

“No way!” George gasped. Ginny nodded while trying to hide a grin. “And you’ll never guess who Fred likes either!" 

"Tell me it’s Y/N,” Ginny went serious for a moment. 

“It is!” George snickered in secret. 

“No way! Okay we need to think of a way to get them together,” Ginny declared. 

“I know exactly what to do!” George cracked a sly smile. 

The train whistle blew on the iconic Platform 9 ¾. Summer was officially over, along with your stay at the Burrow. Mrs. Weasley squeezed all of you in a tight hug. As Ron left to sit with Harry and Hermione, you found an empty cabin with Ginny. Not a few seconds later did Fred and George pop in as well. You hid a smile as Fred sat directly across from you. 

“Too bad school has to start now. At least we get to pull off the Y/N! Hopefully in Snape’s room!” George pointed out. 

“Wow, you’re putting that into full force already, huh?” You chuckle. A few minutes into the train ride, the candy trolley rolled right next to your compartment. You didn’t feel like eating anything after Ginny dared you to an overwhelming amount of helpings during Mrs. Weasley’s last breakfast. 

“Want anything Y/N?” Ginny teased you. 

“You’re the worst,” You roll your eyes and focus on the window instead. 

George and Ginny went out, leaving you and Fred alone. A period of silence ensued as both of you daydreamed about one day being able to be together as a couple. A loud rickety noise distracted the both of you. 

“Hey! I think the door’s stuck!” Ginny shouted from outside. 

“What?” Fred frowned as he tried to pull open the door. To no avail would the door open. 

“We can use magic to-” You draw out your wand.

“Guess we’ll have to find another cabin. Good luck getting out! Oh well, bye!” George shrugs and says rapidly. The next thing you know, they both dash out down the hallways, snickering at their clever little plan. 

“That was…strange..” You take a moment to digest the situation and put your wand away. The train ride went in silence. Both you and Fred had no idea what to do next. The train gave a lurch some point in the train ride, which launched you into Fred. 

Both of you stared at each other in the eyes awkwardly. You blushed madly and stared down. The train rumbled again and you gripped Fred’s arm to keep your balance.


“Oh geez! S-sorry!" 

You completely forget when that strange little moment caused you to start snogging Fred in the middle of the train ride, but you did. You two were pressed up against the seats and holding each other tightly, not wanting to let go. 

It wasn’t until the rapping of a knock on the compartment window did you realize that the Prefects were going around doing a cabin check. You and Fred sprung apart with red faces. The Prefect stifled a laugh and gave an awkward cough. 

"We’ll be arriving in fifteen minutes,” was all she said as she scurried away with an embarrassed face.

“So…I guess we’ll be entering Hogwarts as a couple, huh?” Fred looked at you with a silly grin. 

“I suppose we are,” You blush and kiss his cheek. 

“You know. I’m starting to think we’ve been set up,” Fred informs you.
“I think I know exactly who your first prank victim will be Fred,” You give a cheeky grin. 

“You know…we’ve still got fifteen minutes left to kill,” Fred smirks. 

“Save it for Hogwarts, Fred. We’ve got the whole year.” You roll your eyes and playfully slap his arm.  

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