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i miss old su so much. i associate it with meeting loved ones for the first time and falling in love with the characters for the first time back in 2014.... now that same person i met bc of su?? i complain about su with them. it makes me so sad that i can't enjoy the show like that again. it sounds weird but it was kind of like a summer love?? the whole aesthetic like the scenery style and town by the sea seems like a fond memory even though i can go watch those early episodes whenever :^ (

i feel like a lot of us feel the same way. there’s a reason why there’s an entire su criticism community. because we DID love the show. it started off with so much promise. it really did bring a lot of people together and was downright INSPIRING! if su was just another bad animated show from the start, it wouldn’t be getting nearly this much backlash. but now it has disappointed so many people. and when people try to voice their legitimate issues with the show, both writers and die hard fans can react in very hostile ways. which reflects horribly on the show more than anything else. that’s why there’s an entire group of people finally voicing their frustrations.

we all miss old su, anon. :c

- mod b

seasonal citrus 🍊🍋 so fresh and juicy, perfect way to start the day 💦 this is pomelo, v similar to grapefruit! I feel like it gets a bad rep for its bitter taste, but let me teach you a trick! It’s the pith that is bitter! If you peel off the pith and that outer skin, and eat only the juicy flesh, it’s so delish! And it’s actually really easy because each segment is SO BIG compared even to a grapefruit 💫 full of soluble fibre, vit C, antioxidants + bioflavonoids! X


{ can you please just leave }
   → for lylakoi to balance out your angst #ProtectHaizaki2k15

AU: Summer, College
Pairing: Haizaki x Reader
Genre: Fluff, Humor
Words: 1670
A/N: Went way overboard with husbando but this was hella fun. THIS IS ALSO TO ALL HAIZAKI HELL DWELLERS OUT THERE ;)

It all started off with the first day of college when the dorm head decided to shake things up a bit by rooming you with the infamous bad boy of the school. He was filthy mouthed, very touchy, and incredibly… annoying.

He was none other than Haizaki Shougo.

Things went sort of downhill from there. You had caught him multiple times screwing girls (yes, plural) on his bed, ruining your sleeping and studying schedule. Then there was also his habit of leaving everything on the floor. Not to mention this time, you somehow ended up stranded for summer classes with him. Yep, he was sticking around in the dorms for the summer too.

Great. Just fantastic.

You huffed after another grueling session of math and unlocked your room, ready to just drop dead on your bed. That was until you heard the grunting noises. And moreover, it wasn’t even coming from his side of the room. You felt the dreadful feeling settle in your stomach. Please, please, please don’t let him be there.

But of course, life always seemed to work against you. There you were standing with your jaw dropped open, as Haizaki screwed some random girl on your bed. That’s right. It wasn’t as if he didn’t have his own goddamn bed in the same goddamn room! “Haizaki!” You snarled.

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fake productions series [1/?] quirky rom com twelfth night

setting: cape cod

 it all started at olivia’s. 

actually, it probably started with that storm and the two preppy kids who got washed overboard, one of whom got rescued by a hunky crab fisherman with a bad reputation and the other who washed up on the cape and chopped all her hair off. and then orsino’s poetry got even more pretentious as the summer went on, feste did a lot of knowing snickering, me and fabian drank too many margaritas and crashed the golf cart– but that’s not important. 

somewhere along the line there was mail fraud, an ambiguously gay pirate, and way inappropriate employer-employee relations; also we locked whatshisface in the cellar and kind of got arrested a little. 

and then there was a knife fight. and then it got interesting. 

Neighbor boy. Bad Boy!Luke

You had moved into a college town. One that was small, but the college was best known for your nursing major. It was your second year and half way into the first semester. The air outside was just starting to chill and most of the leaves had fallen off of the trees. Causing the streets and lawns to be painted in beautiful hues of oranges and yellows for even the littlest of time.

The houses in the town were small. Two , maybe three, bedrooms each. None of them were really family homes. No families didn’t want to live near the college. They found it was too much disruption during the night from the loud wild parties and drunk college kids stumbling through the streets at 3am.

The houses also left no privacy for the one beside it. The houses were built close so they could fit as many a they could to accommodate the growing student body at the once small college. They were only about 3 - 4 inches apart. Meaning if you didn’t close your blinds the people living in the room next to yours could literally see what kind of homework you were doing if you looked close enough.

Unlikely for you you lived between two houses with a set of boys in each. They had tried to rent your house but you beat them to the punch and they had to settle with living a house over instead of right next to each other. Of course they weren’t too happy at first. Shooting snide remarks whenever they saw you or your best friend/roommate leaving the house. You put up with them for about a week until you lost it. After that they learned to leave the quite neighbor girl alone.

Of course you felt bad after and offered peace. Not wanting to live the next two years in a constant battle with the rugged and bad looking boys you lived between. They agreed wholeheartedly and apologized. All but one, but according to the other three he never really said sorry or gave a fuck about anything. You didn’t care though. He wasn’t worth your time if he wanted to be an asshole.

That was until you found out he was the person sharing the room across from your window. You tried at first not to look. You really did. It was harder than you thought though. The first time you found yourself watching him was when he was painting. In a way it was mesmerizing to watching his long arms slightly ripple with each tiny stroke of his brush across the canvas. Calming in fact. You watched him for about ten minutes before going back to your own thing. You didn’t want to get caught watching the mysterious blond next door.

The second time you watched him was few weeks later. You had some how resisted the urge to do so since the last time. This time he was perched at his desk in front of the window. His laptop was open and the light from it was causing his skin to glow in a way. That was when you realized the lip piercing. The smooth black metal that rested against his pale pink lips. You observed that when he was deep in thought he would tug the black metal into his mouth and run his teeth over it. As if it would help him concentrate more or give him an idea. You didn’t get to watch him too long this time, because a frustrated look flashed across his face and he slammed his laptop shut. You looked away quickly, sure you were caught, but apparently you weren’t.

The third time you watched him was the night after the second. They had gone out to party, the lot of boys, and you were fast sleep. That was until your overly drunk neighbors decided to come home and blast music at 3am. You sat up in your bed and rubbed the sleep from your tired eyes. You were almost angry that they had woken you and walked over to your window. Ready to give them a piece of your mind. That was until you realized that mystery boy had brought home a girl. You squeaked and ducked down hoping he didn’t see you. Of course he was too busy pinning the girl against a wall and attacking her neck. You noticed that upon peeking your head back up just enough to see him over the windowsill.

You didn’t know if it was on purpose or what, but the light switched on in his room and you caught the glimpse of a silver object running over the girls neck. It took you a moment to realize it was a silver tongue ring causing the girl to shiver and tug on his hair. For a moment you almost wished it was you that got to feel the cool metal running over your hot skin. That thought was soon demolished and you made your way back to your bed to sleep.

The fourth and most recent time was last week. You had just come home from class and were sitting on your bed. You had a bowl of ice cream in your hand and a scary movie playing. The rev of an engine caused you to jump and drop the bowl, splattering ice cream all over your shirt. You had moved into the bathroom to clean yourself up when something caught your eye out of the bathroom mirror. It was blondie on an all black motorcycle. Except he wasn’t blonde anymore. His hair was now various hues of purples and blues. Your head tilted a bit and noticed how the colors wound together to create almost a galaxy look like the poster on your wall above your bed. You couldn’t help but wonder if that was the look he was going for.

As much as you hated to admit it you enjoyed watching the boy next door. It had become a bit of a hobby for you. A guilty pleasure if you will. While you found it completely creepy of yourself to do it was haut something that happened. Not something you set on a schedule to do. Regardless you did your best not to watch him too much, but did so when you were sure he wouldn’t see. Because of this you had a nasty habit of leaving your curtains open.

It was a normal Thursday afternoon for you. You had just walked in from your last class of the day and faced with a stack of homework and essays due by next week. You had showered, and changed into more comfortable attire to work in. The off the shoulder sweater felt right against your skin, and the simple pair of yoga shorts were the right kind of thing to let the chilly air from your slightly open window dance across your warm skin.

You plopped on to your bed and opened a textbook. “I’m so not ready for this.” You sighed as you shifted slightly and moved your laptop next to the book. For a while you worked on the same essay. Finding it was nearly impossible to come up with the conclusion paragraph bit of it. The rest was flawless but your brain just didn’t want to function right now.

With a heavy sigh you saved your work and closed your laptop. Maybe a break would help clear your head a bit ,and let your brain rest. You would do no good if you just over worked yourself. Slowly you shifted your books out of the way and picked up your phone. You needed some sort of distraction, so why not see what other people were doing on this lovely Thursday night.

Of course most of the people on your feed were getting ready to go out. A luxury you didn’t have if you wanted to complete and pass your biology essay you had to turn in by Monday. You wished you could go out this weekend and unwind a bit. That you could have a few drinks and forget why you were so stressed out if only for a night. Yet you couldn’t. You were too backed up on homework from doing just that last Thursday.

Your thumb mindlessly flicked up on your phone as your tired eyes read status after status about how you just had to be at this party and that one. You examined what girls were wearing and who was flirting with whom. It was enough to make you want to go out but you really didn’t want to put your grades on the line.

Suddenly Sex by the 1975 started flowing lightly into your room. Your eyes flickered up quickly and back down only to go wide. Slowly your eyes moved from your phone to the source of the music.

There he was, neighbor boy, and fuck did he look good. For whatever reason he had decided to sit on the windowsill shirtless. His left shoulder and leg were still in the house, while his long right leg hung down the side of the house. His legs were clad in a pair of faded black skinny jeans that were speckled with various colors of paint. Your eyes traveled over him slowly soaking in the scene he was creating. The hand outside held onto a half smoked cigarette while the other would come up and tousle his already messy galaxy hair. He would occasionally bring the cigarette up to his lips, inhaling and exhaling the smoke deeply. His broad shoulders heaving up and down as he did so.

Your eyes traveled down a bit more and you swear to god you stopped breathing. The setting sun was washing over him giving him an angelic like glow over his long torso. Glistening over his smooth creamy skin as if it was it job to do so. He shifted a bit and a small flicker of silver caught your eye. His nipples were pierced? How hadn’t you noticed this before? Then again this was the first time you had seen him shirtless. Your tongue flicked over your lips as you thought about getting those little metallic bars between your teeth and tugging on them. Trying to picture what kind of noise he would make as you did so.

“Can I help you?” A husky voice called causing you to freeze. You blinked and let your eyes shift to the face of the boy you were staring at. “I said can I help you?”
He repeated taking the last drag of his cigarette before flicking it down to the ground.

“I - uh - zoned out.” You called back face flushing a deep pink color. You never thought he would catch you. Especially not while you were having dirty thoughts about him.

“I can’t fucking hear you. Come to the window!” He called again causing you to gulp down the nervous lump in your throat. Your legs dropped off of the side of your bed and you slowly shuffled over to your window. You slid it open all of the way before bringing your hands down to your waist and fiddling with the sleeves of your sweater. “Now I’m going to ask one more time. Can I help you?”

You shifted a bit looked down to the floor before looking back up at him. “I - uh said I zoned out.” You lied as you brought a hand up to nervously tuck some hair behind your ear. How was it you decided it was a good idea to watch him? Oh yeah, because he was fucking sexy. That’s why.

A light chuckle emitted from the boy across from you and you snapped back into reality. “Sure you did princess.” He muttered as he crossed his arms over his chest and pulled his dangling foot up to rest on the windowsill. It was quite for a moment or two and you didn’t know if you should go sit back down or stand there. “You know I catch you watching me a lot.” His voice finally spoke causing panic to surge the through you.

He had seen? Fuck. Why hadn’t he confronted you before? “No you haven’t.” You spoke up trying to sound even the slightest bit confident. He only laughed again and tugged his tongue ring between his teeth. You felt creepy for even know why he was doing that. “Can I go back to my work now?” You sighed already tired of the embarrassment you were feeling.

“I’m not holding you against your will.” He shrugged eyes flickering over you. You went to turn around but his voice stopped you. “You’re not going out tonight? You usually go out on Thursdays.”

“No who’s watching who?” You stated turning around causing a smirk to form over his face. “And if you must know I have a paper due Monday that needs to be completed and revised.”

“Fuck the paper.” He said flatly as he shifted to look at you better. “Go out.” He shrugged a grin replacing the smirk. “Better yet come party with me tonight.” He wagered letting a single brow raise as he waited for a response.

You paused. Was this even something you wanted to do? Sure and incredibly beautiful guy was asking to take you out to party. Yet something in you said to say no. Maybe it was the responsible part? The part that was telling you to say no was doing so you would finish that paper and be a good girl. Cause you knew exactly now the night would end. In his bed at 3am in a drunken haze. Sweaty limbs tangled in each other as you moaned out his name and he muttered how good it felt. Maybe he knew that too and that’s why he asked.

“I don’t know…” You trailed off clearly apprehensive about going. You watched as he face faltered a bit and his other joined the other in raising.

“Oh come on, y/n.” He stated rolling his eyes as he shifted so both of his legs were dangling out of the window, and both of his large hands grasped it to keep balance. “You can put off trying to be a nurse one more night and come have fun.” His voice was serious but his eyes sparked with a knowing mischief.

You knitted your brows and put your hands on your hips. “How the hell did you know my major? Better yet how the fuck do you know my name? How long have you been watching me?” You quipped as you watched his bottom lip tug between his teeth again.

“That’s besides the point.” He waved off pulling a hand up and flicking it before putting it back down. You rolled your eyes before he was able to speak again. “The point is I’m offering you a fun night and you’re declining. Come on have a little fun.” He urged giving you a cheshire like grin and hunching over a bit.

You sighed lightly and tilted your head back a bit. He wasn’t going to give up and you knew that. Then again his aggressiveness made you think about his good he would be in bed and you bit your own lip. You let your head fall back into its normal position before sighing. “Okay. Okay. You convinced me.” You exasperated tossing your hands up. “Give me an hour and I’ll meet you out front.”

He smirked again before fumbling to get back into the window and disappearing into his room. You smiled to yourself and shook your head. You paused and leaned out of the window slightly. “Hey wait!” You called back over to his still open window.

He shifted back in front of the window now only in black boxers and a towel draped over his shoulder. You bit your lip and looked down to the ground before back at him. “I don’t even know your name.”

He chuckled a bit and leaned out of the window. “Luke.” He said simply before pulling himself back in. His hands gripped the window as a devilish grin took over his already perfect features. “And remember it cause you’ll most likely be screaming it later.”


Quick Drabble I just did inspired by veinmichael .

Feed back is welcome!

People speculate about their superpowers, like, what power they would most likely have, not just the one they would want.

I already know mine. I already have mine. Unfortunately, it’s kind of lame.

I have SuperSmell.

It came to my attention today that other people cannot, in fact, smell most foods through the packaging. And that reminded me of the time that I broke our summer camp team-building exercise by sniffing our way back to camp after the leaders dropped us off in the woods, because I could smell the horse paddock…..from a mile away. Also, I smelled an onion going bad in our apartment 4 days before anyone else smelled it. I just couldn’t find it because everyone insisted their produce was still good–the nastiness of the onion had started on the inside and they only discovered it when it got through the skin. I can smell who is up and about in the morning based on the combinations of shampoos, soaps, toothpastes, and hairsprays. I can also smell what is in any food before tasting it, though tasting helps; I can recreate any food based on how it smells (and tastes), because I can smell my way into remaking it. I can smell what people around me in class have eaten.

It’s kinda freaky now that I think about it, but also kind of proud and kind of upset. Because hey, I have a superpower! But as far as superpowers go, super smelling isn’t necessarily super helpful. I don’t even know what my super hero name would be.

The Mighty Nose. Sniffer Supreme. SniffSnuffler.

No, there’s no way to make it sound good.