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Childhood Glee

Kim Taehyung 
Word Count: 3,074 (oh my god?)
Genre: Fluff? 

A childhood love that started innocently at the age of 6, filled with dirt-ridden fingernails, shiny round rocks, dirty creeks, sticky playgrounds, and hot summers that bloomed into an ever-lasting friendship. And your friendship with Tae was… indescribable, it was undeniably perfect, almost like a synchronized routine between the two of you. The way you leaned on each other while laughing over Tae’s bad joke, the way the two of you glanced at each other and just knew when the other was feeling bad, or the way he filled your days with light with just a flash of his cute little smile. 

The synchronized dance hadn’t started off smoothly, the two of you had stumbled quite often while growing up. Tae had an abusive father who was a notorious alcoholic while you had the self-confidence of a rat due to an emotionally abusive mother who only expected the best out of you, so it was no surprise when the two of you got together  and immediately became best friends. You’d run out to play together the minute the sun would come up, and sadly part ways as the sun went down before starting yet another day together the next day. Everyday was filled with new-found adventures, whether that was imagining there was only the two of you in the whole entire world, or scourging the ground for the prettiest rocks, or leaping into creeks with unbound fear and joy. There was never a boring day for the two of you, it was always filled with laughter especially when Tae was by your side, it made the day pass easier when your parents gave you a hard time. 

The days were fine for the both of you, it wasn’t until the sun disappeared for the night and the both of you had to part ways, every evening as the sun waved goodbye from the horizon the two of you tightly clasped your hands together and whispered, you’ll be okay, into each others ears before facing the big bad monsters that weren’t just under your bed. 

Every afternoon you were greeted with screams of how disappointing you were as a daughter. You would come home from a day of running around in the hot sun sweaty, covered in dust and dirt with disheveled hair and this managed to piss off your mom everyday. She never was okay with the fact that her daughter was being a child she hated the fact that you were best friends with Tae, she thought he would take advantage of you. Every night was a battle between the two of you, she’d scream at you for not being able to sit still and do nothing but then hate the fact you sat there quietly as she yelled at you. Her veins would bulge out of her neck, face flushing red like the sun setting outside, while you calmly stood in the hallway as the harsh words went in through one ear and out the other. Every night was the same, filled with: you’re worth nothing, you’re absolutely disgusting, no one is going to love a girl like you. I should have gotten rid of you when I had the chance. You had become numb to the words she spat at you, because after a while, you started to believe them. Tae was faced with his father, the big bad wolf that threatened to eat him alive as alcohol fueled his father’s rage. The both of you had mastered the art of silence and quiet acceptance as your parents spat, kicked, and beat the two of you into submission. Neither of you had it easy, but from the outside it looked like two childhood best friends with no cares in the world. 

As the two of you went through the struggles of middle school, high school, break-ups and graduation the friendship never withered. The dance between the two of you became more intricate and complicated as you moved through the motions of life. The parents never let up and the only escape available for the two of you was college. 

“God Y/N, I am counting down the days till we can move away from this hell hole…” Tae sighed as he leaned back on the rocks near the creek the two of you escaped to when the parents were becoming a pain. 

“Tell me about it… We don’t have much left, I’m glad we’re going to the same school though.. Don’t know what I’d do without you,” you softly nudged your best friend with your shoulder and smiled, “It wouldn’t be the same without you there to bring me comfort food and hug me when I have a bad day.” 

Tae hummed quietly before examine the creek before you guys, “you remember those days when we’d come here? Just knowing without having to even text each other? We’re going to need one of those spots once we get to school…” 

All you could think was, Tae that spot for me is in your arms… But you chose to stay quiet as the two of you took in the serenity of the flowing creek before you. There had been so many afternoons where the two of you would race over and pick at the ground peering at the dusty ground in hopes to find some kind of treasure or leaping into the creek without a second thought and spending hours splashing each other and squealing with joy as the water sparkled in the sunlight. Every afternoon at the creek ended with sun-bathing on your favorite rock as the two of you talked about everything and anything. Nothing was ever was boring with Tae, he knew you and you knew him better than anyone. _______________________________________________________________________
The two of you were inseparable in college , taking classes together, studying together, eating together, falling asleep in each others arms, people started to mistake your relationship, and so did you. The boy you had met 13 years ago was still there, the way his eyes lit up when he saw you, the glimmer in his eye when he was studying for a test, and the soft boyish pout that would appear when he fell asleep after a long day. You were falling in love with your best friend, and you were fearful of what would happen if the kid who had been there for everything vanished in front of your eyes one day. 

“Hey Y/N, where’d ya go there…” 

Tae had finally awoken from his daily three hour nap after classes and found you blankly staring off into space at your desk. 

“Oh, oh nothing, just trying to make a mental to-do list on what I have to do for the upcoming week, finals are starting soon and the stress is starting to pile up..” you twirled your pen around in your hand as you tried to feign normalcy before you felt Tae come up behind you and wrap his arms tightly around you, “Come on, I know you better than that, what were you thinking about…” 

“It’s nothing! I’m just.. worried about going home for Thanksgiving break, I had just managed to get a normal sleeping schedule going and relaxing but … you know what happens when I go back home, the nightmares start, which means being up late, but I’ll be fine.” 

Tae knew what happened every time you had to go home, unlike other kids who slept better when they were home, the monsters came back to haunt you every time you stepped foot in that god-awful house of yours resulting in late caffeine driven nights filled with Netflix binge watching under the covers. He lightly stroked your head while humming softly in your ear, consoling you silently in the best way he knew how. 

“It’ll be okay Y/N, I promise. I’ll be there for you okay?” Tae mumbled this as he lightly kissed you on top of your head before jumping back onto your bed and playing with his phone. He didn’t seem to realize how much that small kiss affected the heat blooming across your face as you scrambled to distract yourself. The two of you spent the majority of the afternoon silently working on homework, the two of you never felt the necessity to always talk, you knew how to comfortably share silence together and greatly appreciated them. Little did both of you know, the two of you were once again, thinking along the same lines. 

Tae couldn’t get you out of his head, he’d occasionally glance up at you as he was reading his textbook trying to get himself to focus for his upcoming exam in two days, but he couldn’t stop looking at you as you tried to brush away that stubborn strand of hair that refused to stay behind your ear, remnants from a mistake you had made last winter in getting bangs. He looked at the way your eyebrows scrunched together as you stumbled across a difficult concept in your law textbook, the little nervous tic you had as you chewed on your lips forcing yourself to understand the concepts in front of you, he cherished every little antic about you. He knew them better than anyone else, and with just one glance up you sent him reeling as you flashed your sweet smile of encouragement, “Tae, you need to studdyyy.. why are you blankly staring off in space!” You didn’t seem to realize how much that little whine of yours made him melt before returning back to his textbook, forcing himself to retain any sort of information regarding the human brain. He occasionally would peer up at you and watched as you picked at your hangnails before chucking his eraser at your head, “Hey, stop it. I know you’re stressed but if you don’t want to bleed all over your notes stop picking at it!” You pouted sticking out your tongue before turning back to your textbook sitting on top of your hand, he loved that he knew everything about you so easily and cherished every little quirk of yours, but Tae was scared to push any further. 

You could tell Tae was watching you as he attempted to study for his exam and glanced at him through the corner of your eye, as the night went on you could see him slowly  rubbing his face against his sweatshirt and occasionally your shoulder, “Taetae, you’re sleepy.. go nap for an hour or two, I’ll wake you up. You got a long night of studying anyway,” you saw Tae slowly get into your bed and smiled sleepily, “Thanks Y/N, don’t know what I’d do without you… just… gimme two hours and then I’ll study..” You saw him slowly close his eyes and succumb to exhaustion before smiling softly at Tae’s boyish charms once again appearing as he fell deeper and deeper into sleep. You couldn’t help yourself, you rested your chin in the palm of your hand as you watched Tae’s breathing get deeper and slower before reaching over and brushing away his hair away from his forehead softly. You loved the fact that the two of you could comfortably spend time together like this without much of a second thought, it started to become a norm for the two of you. You’d come over to each other’s apartments after classes and spend a couple hours goofing off watching tv or catching up on each other’s day, then Tae would take his nap while you did housework or started your assignments, then he’d join you after his nap and the two you of you would make dinner together, washing the dishes together and then getting started on homework before falling asleep in the same bed wrapped in each other’s arms before repeating the same cycle everyday. The two of you never felt the need to go out of your way to spend time with each other because it naturally happened, you guys were drawn to one another. But it had shifted from a friendship to yearning for more, but neither of you were willing to take the leap to something more. 

After pulling an all-nighter you felt Tae groan as he jumped into bed after his exam before wrapping his arms around you tightly and mumbled something about wanting to sleep for the rest of his life before falling asleep. You smiled at your sleeping best friends figure before lightly kissing him on the cheek, you felt him pull a soft smile before you got up and started to get ready for your classes. Quickly washing away the sleep from your eyes you put in contacts then started putting on makeup, you heard Tae move around, “Y/N, why do you put on makeup… I think you’re pretty without it too, it doesn’t look very different when you do or don’t have it on…” You shrugged and went to your closet and pulled together an outfit and started stuffing your laptop in your backpack and smiled faintly at Tae before lightly tossing over your shoulder, “go to sleep Tae, I gotta go to class.” 

Tae never understood why you woke up every morning to later on makeup that covered those beautiful freckles of yours that scattered across your nose and cheeks almost like sprinkles on a cupcake. He loved to stare at them every morning as your eyelashes gently perched on top of your cheeks before fluttering awake at the piercing sound of your alarm. He loved your flushed cheeks after walking from your classes back to your apartment in the harsh winter weather, the way you’d wiggle your cold toes under his legs seeking any kind of warmth, he had started falling in love with the mundane days he spent with you. 

The two of you continued this dance, lightly avoiding the desire the two of you had for each other until one late night of binge-watching. 

Stranger Things Season 2 was just starting to get good when you felt Tae remove his arm that had naturally fallen around your shoulder and reach over to turn pause the show, “Y/N, can I ask you something?” He lightly scratched the back of his head, a nervous tick he had when he wasn’t sure of something, before looking up at you with his piercing eyes. You looked at him, studying his face, trying to get a read on what this conversation could possibly be about.
“Do you like me?” you felt yourself stop breathing and your heart beating, racing at the possible answers to this question that you had managed to avoid. You didn’t know how to respond, Tae could start seeing the panic rise in your eyes as you tried to process what could possibly unfold within these next following moments, “Y/N, I just need a yes or a no..” 

“Are.. are you seriously asking me?” The question caught the two of you off guard, who woulda thought that this day would come. He lightly nodded his head before peering down at his lap, bracing for the worst but yearning for the best. You carefully cradled his cheek in your hand before forcing him to look up at you before nodding shyly. 

Tae broke out his signature boxy smile before squishing your cheeks in his hands, “Is this seriously happening? Do you really want to be with me? You won’t throw me away if we fight too often or once you get bored?” You felt a silence settle in as the two of you tried to wrap your minds around this situation, this was the kind of silence the two of you weren’t used to, it was stifling, uncomfortable. The only sounds you could hear were the honks of the busy street outside your window and the low hum of your heater. You opened your mouth, and uttered the three words Tae had yearned for after all these years, “I love you.” 

You woke up the next morning to Tae whispering lightly in your ear, “Morning, love.” his breath fans against your face, making you smile softly and pressed your lips to his. 

Your thumb starts to light trail against his sharp jawline down to his chin then up his high nose, before finally opening your eyes to see Tae smiling down at you. He brought his hand up to your face, before you let out a sigh and leaned your cheek into his welcoming palm. Tae couldn’t help himself from smiling brightly, eyes scrunching together as he squeezed your hip lightly. The two of you left kisses anywhere your lips could reach; hands, foreheads, fingertips, noses, neither of you could stop the happiness from overflowing and didn’t care to hide the love you two had for one another anymore. 

The two of you spent a majority of the morning resting your foreheads against each other, nose-to-nose and even though your eyes aren’t completely closed you know he’s looking at you with those big puppy dog eyes of his. You flinch when you remember that he could probably see every little freckle and pimple scar littering your face,  but you relax in his embrace because you know that with ever glance he’s soaking in every part of you that he loves. That he’s smiling softly as he tries to count the freckles sprinkled across your face, struggling to memorize every detail, so that he can think back to this exact moment when he misses you. With Tae’s long beautiful fingers and legs tangled in yours, you’ve forgotten where your heartbeat begins and his end, completely synchronized, 100% in love, and you know that you’re comfortable here in his embrace, it’s a familiar place, a home you’ve come to build together after 13 years. Once in a while Tae would break away to gently kiss you, molding your smile into his as you giggle his name playfully. He’d forgotten how much he loved to hear you call his name, from the minute you two had met at that creek 13 years ago to this moment now, the way it rolled off your tongue and strengthened his never-ending desire to hear you call his name every night as you kissed his nightmares away, or every afternoon as the two of you struggled through life together. Ever syllable sounded like music, especially orchestrated for him, something soft and quiet but so undeniably loving.

hey guys this is my submission to the choices giveaway thing! i remember a while back seeing a post about drawing the endless summer crew in a more realistic style and i was like hmmmm! so i decided to start off with quinn. sry it looks bland af, i plan on giving it a background eventually! (of the hartfeld art studio prob)

headcanon that the white shirt is a men’s shirt and the shoulder seams go way past her shoulders and she has to roll the sleeves like 6 times

(sry for deleting and reposting, the first time the photo was really bad)

Open Your Eyes - Stiles (part 4)

-(Y/N) is the new student at Beacon Hills High School and she has a secret. Being born blind, she was never able to see a thing, until she was attacked by a wild animal. To this day she has never told anyone about it. So will she do it now? 

word count: 2768

other parts: part 1 - -part 2 - part 3 - part 5

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“Are you like Daredevil or something?”



“No, no. Tell me.”

“Oh, you’re Daredevil, he’s Batman. You’re both Ben Affleck.”  Lydia walked up to us. I hadn’t even noticed it, until she had said that and sat down next to me. Stiles looked extremely confused.

“How do you know Daredevil?”

“I’m not an idiot, Stiles. I know about things.” As soon as she said it, she looked a bit nervous at me. “That’s not what I meant. I meant that…”

“It’s okay,” I smiled, “It’s not your fault that my parents raised me like some kind of amish.” Lydia let herself  laugh a bit. I realised how awkward it was for them.

Obviously I had to tell them my secret. It would make everything so much easier for me,but for them too. And then I could at least act like a normal person around them.

But what if they would be angry at me for not telling them immediately. What if they could think I was just using them all this time. They would probably hate me for the rest of my life.

“(Y/N)!” Stiles got me out of my deep and dark thoughts.

“Huh? What?”

“You kind a zoned out there for a second?” Lydia looked concerned.

“Did you have a vision?” Stiles looked at me?

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Oh yeah. Eh, nevermind. It was kind of a stupid joke anyway.” he rubbed the back of his neck. I couldn’t help, but feel extremely sad. I wanted to say something but got interrupted by Lydia:”I think we should get you home. Remember, I promised your dad to bring you home after school.”

“I completely forgot. I guess you’ll have to teach me about Lacrosse some other time.” I said to Stiles. He just smiled weakly/

I said a quick bye to everybody and followed Lydia to her car. I ticked my cane on the ground, aimlessly, but still in the same direction.

“Wait!” a shrill voice stopped us in our footsteps. “You two, get over here!” Coach Finstock waved around. Hesitantly I walked to him, trying to stay a few steps behind Lydia the whole time. To be honest, he did scare me a bit. Not as much as he scared Stiles, but enough not to want to be close to him. Did anyone actually want to stand next to him? From the short time I’ve been here, I don’t think anyone was really eager to have a conversation with the coach.

“Why were you leaving?” He looked at me. I had no idea what to answer.

“We were going to my car. I have to bring her home, coach,” Lydia told the crazy man.

“Aren’t you trying out?”

“Trying out for what?” I asked him puzzled.

“For the team of course! We need someone that can actually shoot and aim.” I couldn’t help but notice that he glanced over to Stiles as he said that.

“I don’t think I-”  

“What? Because you’re a girl? Kira is a girl.”

“It’s not that. I just don’t-”

“Is it you’re grades?  I can give you a better one for the next Econ quiz.”

“No, I just -”

“You’re parents?”

“NO!” I was fed up. I understand that he was trying to be nice and was doing his best to get me on the team. But the coach could at least listen to me for a second. So, I did what had to be done. What was probably the only way to get him quiet. I took of my glasses and tried to hit him with my cane. Obviously I swung a few inches above his head. (As much as I would love to hit him, he is still a teacher and I do not need any of that on my record.)  

Coach duck his head quickly and almost fell on the ground. It was very clear that he was trying his best not to say every curse word he could.

Once he was back on his feet, he looked at me. But that was also only very quick. As soon as he looked at my face, he cringed and turned away from me. I couldn’t help but laugh. When Lydia noticed that I wasn’t mad, she laughed too.

“It’s you.” Coach simply said, “What are you doing here if you can’t see?”

“The fact that I can’t see, does not mean I can not support my friends.” I had put on my glasses back and I couldn’t help, but glance at Stiles as I said that.  

“That was definitely something,” Lydia said as she started her car. I was sitting next to her in the passenger’s seat.  We hadn’t said a word to each other until we had reached the vehicle in the parking lot.

“Yeah,” I said. It was silent for a few seconds and then we both burst out in laughter. I haven’t had a laugh like that in a long time. Once we calmed down a bit, Lydia took off. She drove out of the parking lot of the school and we made our way to my house.

“Is Stiles really that bad at Lacrosse as everyone makes it sound like,” I asked as Lydia took a sharp turn to the left.

“He is actually really good,” Lydia sighed, “He’s just really insecure. But once he has the confidence, he can be amazing. Last year he scored the winning points in the finale. But then…” Lydia suddenly stopped talking. As if it wasn’t her place to talk about it. “Then, that summer, he started to train like crazy. He thought he would be co-captain, together with Scott. But then, Liam showed up.”

“Liam?” I laughed, thinking about the little boy I met yesterday at lunch.

“He may look like a shrimp, but that guy is an absolute beast on the field,” she had to pause for a second as there was someone in front of us who didn’t know how to drive, “Anyway, it completely devastated Stiles.”


“Yeah. but please don’t tell him that you know. It would kill him.”  

“I understand.” but I actually didn’t. Lydia made it sound like it was the worst thing in the world for Stiles to know that I knew about that. What was so special about me? I barely knew him… or anyone in Beacon Hills. And probably I won’t get too know anyone as long as my mother won’t let me make actual friends. When I started to think about my mom, and everything that happened last night and this morning, I suddenly didn’t feel like going home. Not that I ever want to go home.

“This is probably a bit on short notice,” I said to Lydia as we were only a few streets away from my house. “But could I eat at your place tonight? If my parents let me, that is.”

“Of course,” Lydia said happily, “I’m home alone tonight anyway.”


Only seconds later, Lydia drove up to my house.

“Here we are.” Lydia unbuckled her seatbelt. I did the same and opened my door. The cold wind suddenly hit me in the face, giving me goosebumps.

“Is it me, or did it get really cold suddenly.”

“Yeah, it did.” I agreed with her. We walked together to my front door and she rang the doorbell. After a few seconds we heard footsteps and my mom opened the door for us. She looked a bit angry, but faked a smile as soon as she saw Lydia.

“Uhm, hello.” she mumbled. Lydia smiled at my mother: “Nice to meet you mrs. (Y/L/N). My name is Lydia Martin.”  she held out her hand and my mom, to my surprise, actually shook it.

“Nice to meet you Lydia. Thank you for bringing (Y/N) home. C’mon inside.”

“Actually…” I stopped my mom, “I was wondering if I could eat at Lydia’s tonight.” my mom stared at me for a few good seconds. She then laughed in relief. “Oh thank god. I thought that Lydia would stay and I would have to cook. I’m so tired from cleaning this place. Of course you can go.”


“Yeah, just make sure you make your homework.”

“Thank you. I’ll just go get my books then.”

“I’ll come with you.” Lydia suggested. I stopped in my footsteps. There was no way that Lydia will see my depressive excuse for a room. “No, that’s okay, I will be back in a minute.”

Once in my room, I walked to the book case. I took the two books that I would need to make my homework and walked back to the living room. My cane ticked on the floor.

“I’m ready.”

“Good.” Lydia put down the glass of water on the counter. “It was nice to meet you mrs. (Y/L/N).” Lydia waved to my mom as we walked out of the house. My mom shouted a quick goodbye too from the couch, before I closed the door.

“You know what, your mom is actually really nice.”

“Believe me, that’s only because you were there. She literally has a split personality when it comes to talking to guests or to me.” We got into the car and drove off.

The drive to Lydia’s house was surprisingly short. Once we had arrived there, I had to take a second to look at the big building.

“Home, sweet home.” she stepped out, so I did the same. The cold air hit us again, and this time the sun had also hidden behind dark clouds, making it almost look like it was night time. It also started to smell like it was about to rain.

“We should get inside quickly,” Lydia suggested. I agreed as she took my arm and guided me to the stairs that lead to the door. Lydia opened the door and it revealed a big corridor that lead to the living room and open kitchen.

“Welcome to my humble home.”


Lydia lead me to the couch where we sat down.

“Okay, as much as I want to tell you that I am a 5 star - chef, I am terrible in the kitchen,

so let’s just order something. How about pizza?”

“Yes please.”

“Anything in particular.”


“Okay, let me order it quickly.” She took her phone out of her bag and left the room quickly. I took that time to look around. The room was big and filled with, probably, very expensive things. But at the same time it looked very cozy.  

“Alright. The pizza is on it’s way.”

The next hour or so, we spend doing our homework and then later on also eating pizza with it. Meanwhile we were enjoying our greasy dinner inside, it had started to rain cats and dogs. The wind had also started to even harder than before.

Lydia and I talked a lot about ourselves. We were actually much more alike than I thought.

“I think we are going to be great friends.” she said and it made me blush a bit. This was the first thing that I actually had made a friend. But it did made me wonder a bit….

“I’m curious,” I said as I finished my last piece of pizza. “How is it possible that you are all so cool with me looking like… this?”  

“Were we supposed to ignore such a cool girl as you?”

“No, that’s not what I mean.” I laughed. “It’s just that, normally when I show my face to people, it normally ends up like with coach. They just scream or try to run away,” we both giggled at the thought of that, “but not you guys. You all act so casual about it. As if this is normal.” I had pointed to my face.

“I suppose we just saw much more worse things than a few scars,” she said casually.

“You want to tell me, that you sw worse things than this.” I pulled of my glasses. Lydia didn’t even flinch. She just smiled sheepishly.

“Okay, you want to know what it is.” I just nodded. “We met you before you had showed us those scars. Stiles had a whole walk to a classroom before he saw them. I didn’t seem them until this afternoon and I don’t even think that the rest had seen them. If you know a person, it shouldn’t matter how they look like, right? You should know that.”

“Can I hug you?” I felt my eyes sting again. However, I knew very well that these would have been happy tears.

“Of course.” she hugged me tightly and I hugged her back. When she let me go, Lydia looked behind me and her eyes widened.

“O wow, it got late. I should probably get you home.”

“I guess so.” We got up and headed to the door. Lydia opened it and it only took me one step outside to almost fall down on the ground. Fortunately, Lydia had caught me just in time.

“I don’t think it’s the best thing to drive in this weather. We would sooner slip and die than get to your house.”

“You should call my dad.” She did as I suggested and my dad picked up after a couple of seconds.

“Hello. Mr (Y/L/N)? Yes this is Lydia Martin. As you know, (Y/N) was at my home and just wanted to bring her back home, but with this weather, I don’t think it’s possible to drive. Could she maybe… Oh, OK. Thank you. Goodbye,” and she hung up.

“You can stay.” she said a bit confused.

We decided to get back inside. Lydia had given me something to wear as a pyjama and our conversation continued. It was almost midnight, when I decided to do something that I had never done and never thought I would do.

“I have to tell you something.”

“Sure.” she put down her drink.  “What’s wrong?”

“I’m saying this, because I trust you and please don’t be mad.”

“You’re scaring me. Just tell me already.” Lydia started to look a bit worried.

“And swear that you won’t tell anyone else. This has to stay a secret. At some point, I will tell the rest, but I think that you are the best person to start with.”

Lydia didn’t say anything for some time. Then, her eyes almost lit up from excitement. She squealed: “Oh my God. Are you in love with Stiles?!”


“C’mon, you are totally falling for him.”

“No,” I shook my head, “that wasn’t even what I wanted to say.”

“So you do like him?”

“Can we please not talk about this now,” I begged her, “I actually wanted to tell you something really important.”

“Yeah, being in love is a pretty big deal. Hahaha, I’m joking. What is it?”

I had to take a deep breath. I was going to do it. There was no going back now. Not anymore.

“You know that I was born blind, not because of the attack that got me these scars.”

“Yeah,” the redhead looked at me with full confusion showing on her face.

“Well, that’s not everything that happened. After the attack, I woke up in the hospital, days after, I could see.”

“What!” I flinched at the loud, high pitched sound she had just made. I slowly pulled of my glasses for what felt like the hundredth time that day. I looked up at Lydia as I folded the glasses up. She was staring at me with wide eyes.

“I don’t know how it is possible, but I can see. I am really sorry if you feel like I have been using you. You have to understand that I’m only doing this, because I don’t want to be a scientific experiment.”

Lydia still didn’t say a word. She brushed her hand through her hair, looking extremely confused.

If I could cry, I would have by that moment. What had I done? I just told her my biggest secret and now she probably hates me.

But I was wrong. Lydia suddenly made another shrieking noise and hugged me. I felt all the air being pressed out of my lungs. WHo would have thought that a petite girl like her had so much power in her.

“That is amazing! Now I can go shopping with you and watch cheesy chick-flicks and…”

“Calm down.” I got her of off me and she apologised for almost choking me.

“I have to call them!” Lydia stood up.

“Wait? Who are you going to call?”

“Stiles, Scott, the rest.”

“No, please don’t.”

“Don’t worry. We also have to tell you something.”

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alzac-saber  asked:

How does the family react to things like people commending them for "dealing with this burden". It's annoying to hear and very common in the disabled/autistic communities. Just curious?

(Yeah man it’s really annoying >:( My cousin and I are autistic so we get it a lot)
It really depends on who’s being spoken to when people say it!
When Rick is told that it must be a burden, he’ll full out start cussing the person’s mum, wave his hands about in anger, shout at the person, telling them that they’re a burden for saying that and for being so ableist. This sorta stuff really pisses him off!!
If it’s Beth, she’ll actually start explaining ways that it isn’t a burden, like how he’s fluent in two different languages due to his hearing. Y'know, motherly instinct and all.
Jerry will genuinely feel bad about it, since he’s pretty sure that it’s his side of the family that passed it down to Morty, since both of his parents wear hearing aids, so he’ll just sorta nod silently and maybe sigh.
Summer will literally walk away from the person, mid-sentence or not. She’s got no time to be wasting on assholes like that talking about her brother.

Mmmm…..if you were to ask me which novels were my favourite series, I’d tell you without hesitation that it’s Farseer and Stormlight Archive.  But.  But if you lean in a little, you’d probably also hear me quietly whisper, “Dresden Files.” I was baited in with promises of a wizard riding a t-rex to battle, and I was not disappointed.  One of the things I’m overly biased in favour of with Dresden Files is how much metaphoric and comparison/simile language is used in it.  As someone who memorizes things and records knowledge in exactly that way, it’s a comfortable read :P.

Things to hurdle over just in case you’re contemplating trying the series:

- The first three books are generally considered serviceable, good, decent, not bad.  Personally, Summer Knight (Book 4) was probably the book where it really started to pick up for me, but the scene that got me was the one in Grave Peril where he basically has to be picked up off his shower floor because he’s too messed up and sobbing his heart out over possibly having accidentally-on-purpose murdered a bunch of innocent people.  To be honest, Grave Peril still gives me a sick feeling to the stomach because Ugh.  Red Court Vampires.  eugh ick.  Harry won’t even talk about what they did to him years later :/

- Your Mileage May Vary:  Dresden is sexist.  To me, Dresden is what I’d consider an acceptable and understandable amount of sexist, but going into the why would take an incredibly long, rambly post.  Let’s see if I can summarize:  Has past traumas that probably factor into why he tries to save every other woman out there to make up for someone he couldn’t save, didn’t really grow up learning how to interact with anyone properly, let alone women – the guy has all of what..five friends at the beginning of the series, two of which are a talking skull and a cat – has a saviour complex – the list goes on.  For me, this flaw of Harry’s just makes him that much more human, and the thing is, he can’t help his thoughts, but his actions are always reined in by an extremely disciplined morality.  Plus, whatever he thinks, he knows Murphy’s always got his back, and being female doesn’t even factor into that.  Also, the guy changes.  He grows up and perspectives change.   In any event, Dresden remains one of my favourite fictional characters due to <way too many reasons that may be expounded on in some other post>, despite any notable flaws in him, so make of that what you will.

- Dresden Files is dark.  It’s not dreary or depressing or dystopic, but in some ways it’s horrifying.  I mean, it’s hilarious, but it’s also dark.  Be warned.  :D     

Castles and Balls

Shawn Mendes as a Bad Boy part 1

Hey guys! Just a beginner over here, please leave constructive criticism when you’re done reading! Also, please comment if I should turn this into a series??

Synopsis: you’re a princess at a ball and bad boy Shawn steals your heirloom necklace. Where he think he goin?

You stood in the middle of the ballroom. The classic Tchaikovsky music wafted through the air, the violins made your heart feel like it’s going to break out of your chest and soar high and far. It was going to be a great summer. This cotillion was the best way to start off the summer after high school. This ball, the traveling through Europe, and seeing your family were all you wanted after your stressful examination period. Now you were officially a member of the high court. What a time to be alive.

As the many couples twirled around you, you remembered what your grandma, the queen, repeated to you many times, over and over again.

“Lower your shoulders, y/n. Your poise and gentleness remind me of Grace Kelly. When I was growing up, every girl wanted to be like her. Stand straight, and lift your chin. Walk like you have three men walking behind you. My oh my do you make a wonderful sight. “

But tonight, you didn’t need her training when it lived in the back of your mind. You weren’t ten years old any more. You were a full figured young woman of 18, ready to begin the rest of your life, who knew how to handle herself.

Your black dress hung around your curves, gracefully pointing out the fullness of your figure, the beauty of your poise. The silk folds ran down to the floor, covering your classically black jimmy choos. Your diamond tiara and necklace shone brightly in the light that came down from the hanging candelabras of the marble hall. The sparkles on your bodice shimmered in the moonlight that filtered through the large windows, letting you see the large gardens surrounding the castle. Wait. What was that light coming through the tall trees?

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And in response to the lovely individual who just asked me for a description of all four I have in progress, here we go:

Politics AU–self-explanatory

Assassins au: first chapter posted here, second coming along quite well. Clarke and Lexa are rival assassins clashing constantly over trying to kill the same target. My attempt at a popcorn action flick fic, with shades of Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Rich Girl Lexa AU: WIP, not posted yet. Lexa Woods, heiress to a billion-dollar conglomerate and a massive family fortune, just has to make it through one pristine summer in the Hamptons with no scandals or bad press, before she can inherit everything. Normally it would be effortless–too bad this summer brought Clarke Griffin, rebellious daughter of new money tech entrepreneurs, to the shores of Long Island.

Canon Fix-it: Starting from 303, this is the story of Clarke and Lexa I wanted out of the show. No AI in her neck, no ALIE, no Farm station plotline. Instead, we’re looking at grounder politics, worldbuilding, Nia’s plotting, Arkadia’s torn allegiances, assassination attempts, and the start of civil war.

I also have a christmas story in the works, but that’s quite a ways off so nothing on that yet!

anonymous asked:

i miss old su so much. i associate it with meeting loved ones for the first time and falling in love with the characters for the first time back in 2014.... now that same person i met bc of su?? i complain about su with them. it makes me so sad that i can't enjoy the show like that again. it sounds weird but it was kind of like a summer love?? the whole aesthetic like the scenery style and town by the sea seems like a fond memory even though i can go watch those early episodes whenever :^ (

i feel like a lot of us feel the same way. there’s a reason why there’s an entire su criticism community. because we DID love the show. it started off with so much promise. it really did bring a lot of people together and was downright INSPIRING! if su was just another bad animated show from the start, it wouldn’t be getting nearly this much backlash. but now it has disappointed so many people. and when people try to voice their legitimate issues with the show, both writers and die hard fans can react in very hostile ways. which reflects horribly on the show more than anything else. that’s why there’s an entire group of people finally voicing their frustrations.

we all miss old su, anon. :c

- mod b

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was a fantastic way to start off the summer movie season. One thing I noticed though is how clean they made sure it is, and I couldn’t help but wonder “Is this a Disney influence?” because it seems like that was the case making sure it is squeaky clean (which is both good, and bad). Regardless, it was great fun, it was funny, and had a lot of cool psychedelic colors in it like Dr. Strange. Yes there were end credit scenes, 4 of which were just fun scenes, and one that pertains to the future/a cool character from the Marvel universe.
  • Tacos + Beer tonight? Absofuckinglutely.
  • I feel so calm, and relaxed today. This may be due to some relief I will finally be getting at work, it may also because of a new experience of recent, Anyway, all I know that it’s good.
  • I am totally that person that will put hundreds of dollars in an online shopping cart, but scoff at the $8 shipping fee.
  • Being a fatty, one of the things I would always sweat over would be sitting at a booth at a restaurant. Always fearing me and my gut would not fucking fit, and being absolutely uncomfortable. Something that I’ve experienced so many times over the years. This may seem inconsequential to many, but it is seriously one of the biggest victories for me. I don’t have to sweat that any more, and I don’t have to always ask for a table, and it feels great.

Be careful out there tonight.

Summer Stationary (Klaroline Vacay Gift exhange 2017)

Written for @cruelbabydoll for the Klaroline Vacay Giftexchange 2017)
(Thank you for letting me write this for you dear)

Prompt: AU/AH Caroline works at the police station with her mom during summer break from college and Kol Mikaelson is always getting himself into trouble. Caroline calls Klaus to pick up his rowdy sibling at the station and they start a summer flirt.  .

Warning SMUT!!!

“Come on Henrik! I expect this behaviour from Kol but you know so much better than this.” Caroline sighed handing him a glass of water.

“I’m sorry Caroline.” The boy said staring at his feet, he really did feel bad about all this trouble he had caused her.

“You’re from the richest family in town…why on earth would you steal something as trivial as a Milky Way bar?” Caroline asked again gently, feeling really sorry for the boy.

“Kol dared me.” Henrik admitted with a grumble, hating to give his brother up but not wanting Caroline to be more disappointed in him than she already was.

Caroline sighed running her hand through her hair. Never was there a trouble, and frankly, more annoying one than the one named Kol Mikaelson. “Well, I persuaded the store not to press charges,” She watched his eyes light up before his face fell at her next words, “but I called your older brother…he’s coming to pick you up…you stay here.” Feeling sorry for him she added over her shoulder, “And eat the damn Milky Way cause I paid for it now.”

“Thanks Caroline!” Henrik smiled grabbing the bar from her desk, munching on it happily.

Next stop, Kol Mikaelson.

Caroline had put him in a cell because frankly he was getting on her last nerves. He seemed to always stir up trouble no matter where he went. This summer alone he had been caught drinking 9 times, graffiti 3 times and this was at least the 5th theft charge. The only reason that boy wasn’t in Juvie was because his father paid a great deal to keep him away from there. Caroline, along with the actually police force, would have loved to see him sent there for at least a month or two.

Little Henrik was a different story though. He had just turned 12 this summer, being the youngest of the Mikaelsons, he still held his innocence. When she left for College two years ago, he had been such a sweet little boy and, in a way he still was, but he had no positive influences left in his life anymore. His parents were always somewhere on business and aside from Kol now, all his older brothers were off to college or working around the world for the Mikaelson family business. And this summer they seemed to be getting into a lot of trouble. She felt bad for the little boy because she knew he meant well. He just wanted to be like his bigger brother.

Caroline made her way through the halls, ever since she started college she would come back home to Mystic Falls for the summer and work with her mom at the station. A lot of the other officers would go on holidays with their families, so her mom could use the help. And she could use the money for a new back to school wardrobe.

“Alright Kol, I have a question for you.” Caroline said leaning against the bar of his cell, her eye glaring at him from beneath her frowning brow.

“Anything for you Caroline…all you have to do is ask, and I mean really, just ask.” Kol winked at her suggestively.

“Yeah unless you want me to keep you overnight for sexual harassment you might want to rephrase that.” Caroline warned him.

“Caroline, Caroline. We’ve been through this game before.” He waved his hand nonchalantly,  “They lock me in here for a few hours, and then Elijah or Finn comes to pick me up. Then I’ll see you again here tomorrow same time, same place.” Kol laughed making Caroline scowl, he had obviously been drinking again.

“Yes well, keep pulling your little brother into your mess and I will make sure you’re not getting out for a while. Besides, neither Elijah nor Finn were home…Klaus is picking you up today.” Caroline explained opening the door to leave the holding area, “For the love of god, stay out of trouble Kol.” She sighed deeply.

Caroline had been taken aback a little when Klaus had picked up the home line. She hadn’t expected him to be home. Ever since Klaus Mikaelson left for art college 4 years ago he hadn’t been home once for the holidays. Caroline suspected he didn’t get along well with his father and that was what kept him away. She always tried to call one of the siblings to pick up the younger ones when they got in trouble. Mr. and Mrs. Mikaelson were never really home and from the one domestic violence charge in the computer history, she suspected Mr. Mikaelson had a temper problem.

When she was a freshmen in highschool Klaus Mikaelson had been a senior. He had been very different from the other Mikaelson siblings, almost polar opposites. All the ones before him had been great athletes or senior class president. Even his bitchy little sister had been co-captain of the cheer squad alongside Caroline. But Klaus seemed to be the forgotten Mikaelson. He spend most of him time in the art room and never really spoke to anybody aside from his siblings. The only person he was ever seen with was that crazy-ass, fake redhead Aurora, who was rumoured to have a thing with her brother on the side…all very creepy. Whenever he did talk to other people, Caroline found him to be rude and arrogant. It wasn’t that he didn’t have any friends. It just came off as if he just didn’t care about those things.

It had been a huge gossip when it had leaked he would not be joining in his brothers footsteps of going to Yale or Harvard or any other Ivy league school and would be attending art school instead. But he had left the small town of Mystic Falls Virginia without a care and never looked back.

Caroline had been playing a game of checkers with Henrik when he had walked in. At first she hadn’t recognized him, he had changed so much. And gotten ridiculously handsome. His skin tanned and his blond curls sunkissed by the Louisiana sun. She had heard he had gotten accepted to a prestigious art school in New Orleans and it had done him good. The way his body moved and his muscles bunched, Caroline could feel a stir in her loins as he casually pushed the glass doors open.

Klaus had been very annoyed when he had gotten the phone call from the police station. Apparently his younger brother Kol had gotten himself into trouble AGAIN and had found it amusing to drag their baby brother with him. He had been lucky father wasn’t around for any of this. Although he figured Mikael would find a way to blame him for it. As he walked into the police station he saw a beautiful blonde woman laughing with Henrik as they played a boardgame and Klaus couldn’t have been more pleased that the woman was taking such good care of him.

“Excuse me…” he coughed.

When she stood up from her chair Klaus’ breath was instantly taken away. She was an angel that had landed on this earth. Her eyes as blue as the sky in spring and a wave of blonde curls cascading down her back. She had been laughing and it was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. How could he not have seen her before in this dreary little town?

“Niklaus Mikaelson?” Caroline asked as she walked up to Klaus.

“The one and only love,” Klaus said instantly turning on his British charm. “And you are?”

Caroline felt a little stab in her ego when he didn’t recognize her. True, it had been a couple of years but she and his sister had been arch nemesis through all of high school, she had hoped he would recognize her at least a little, that she had at least made some form of impression on him.

“Caroline Forbes…We actually went to high school together.” Caroline tried to sound casual about it as she shook his hand.

“Impossible love, I think I would remember you.” Klaus chuckled looking at her from top to bottom.

“Maybe you were too busy being a lapdog to bitchy redheads from a bottle to notice anything else.” Caroline fired back a little too sassy.

Klaus had a laugh at that. She was very feisty. He liked a girl who defied him a bit.

“Are you guys flirting?” The voice of Henrik asked looking over at them.

Caroline could feel her face flushing bright red at the comment “No we are not!” she scolded him giving the little boy a death-glare.

“So what did the two knuckleheads do this time?” Klaus asked leaning over Caroline’s desk slightly.

The musky scent filled Caroline’s nostrils awakening something inside her. He smelled incredible. Her heart skipped a beat and she had to take in a shaky breath to calm her hormones.

“Kol apparently dared Henrik to steal something at the Mystic market.” Caroline said taking out a piece of paper from the printer. “I convinced the store not to press charges so both of them are free to go…but you need to sign here.”

Klaus took the pen that hung on off the desk by a metal chain and signed on the dotted line.

“Is there any fee to pay?” He asked Caroline as he almost got out his wallet.

“No, there’s no charges so no bail.” Caroline nodded.

“How much to keep Kol in here?” Klaus joked, giving her a boyish grin.

“Even your family doesn’t have that kind of money.” Caroline joked back with a flirty giggle. “I’ll go get him.”

Klaus watched her as she left to go get Kol, her body swaying hypnotically with every step she took.

“She’s pretty huh!” Henrik smirked at his older brother.

“Did you put in a good word for me at least? Or are you keeping her all to yourself.” Klaus joked back at his little brother.

“Nope sorry, you’re on your own and may the best man win!” Henrik shook Klaus’ hand dramatically.

“Niklaus! Always good to see you!” Kol smiled happily as Caroline brought him out to the front desk. “Caroline as always it’s been a pleasure.” he curtseyed and kissed Caroline’s hand before walking towards the door.

Caroline could see Klaus smacking Kol over the head and giving him a proper scolding, causing her to giggle. She couldn’t quite make out what it was he was saying but understood the word dumbass which was all she needed to know.

In the weeks that followed Klaus would be over at the police station every couple of days to pick up Kol or Rebekah for whatever mishap that had gotten into that time. And every time he would put on that British sexy charm and flirt with the beautiful blonde behind the desk. And every time the sexual tension between them would grow making Klaus realised he was almost looking forward to his siblings getting into trouble.

Every time he passed by Caroline would feel the flush in her face and the stirring in her loins. She would try to keep herself together by sassing him off or scolding him for not looking after his siblings better while trying not to let his good looks and flirting get to her.

As summer came to an end, Caroline found herself looking forward to the new fall semester. She would be sharing a dorm with her friend Bonnie this year and was really excited to go back. It was her last day at the office and she was just about to close off when the door opened and she saw Klaus walking in again. It had been the second time that day he had walked through the doors as Kol had gotten himself into trouble again earlier when he had gotten drunk and on a wager had run around the square naked.

“If you’re looking for Kol he’s not here.” Caroline said as she turned off the computer. “This time”

“I know. He believes he forgot his phone in his drunken haze.” Klaus chuckled at her annoyance.

“Oh, right. I didn’t give it back to him sorry.” Caroline remembered as she opened the vault where they put the stuff they would take from people brought in.

She bent over slightly trying to reach it and Klaus took the opportunity to stare at that perfectly shaped ass and the way those tight jeans fell over them. He could feel his erection growing. This girl was driving him insane and giving him cause to think she was doing this on purpose.

As she got back up he pretended to be looking in another direction but Caroline suspected he was staring at her ass and debated if she should call him out on it or just let it slide.

“Here you go” she said giving it to him.”You need to sign a paper that you received it though.” Caroline explained bummed that she had to turn on the computer again.

There was an awkward silence as they waited for it to start listening to the start up sound it made.

“I’m sorry for the trouble they gave you these last months.” He sighed, struggling to explain without giving too much away, “They’re good kids, father just keeps them on a tight leash.” Klaus said giving her a sympathetic smile.

Caroline nodded, surprised by the sudden sense of honesty and vulnerability he had shown all of a sudden. “It’s ok, I know what it’s like to grow up with a parent who expects perfection.” She brushed off his comment. “Besides, after today it’s not my problem anymore.” she went on.

“Are you leaving?” Klaus asked feeling strangely panicked, taking a step closer to her.

“Yeah, I’m going back to college tomorrow to get my dorm ready for the new semester.” Caroline breathed casually trying not to let his scent overwhelm her.

Klaus realised that this would probably be his last chance if he ever wanted to make a move on her. She had show interest in, him he was sure of it. The way she got uncomfortable around him, the way her face would flush and the way he could almost smell her arousal on her.

“That’s too bad, I really enjoyed our special moments together.” he chuckled taking another step closer.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Caroline said in a hushed whisper, her legs trembling as she held onto the edge of the desk.

“Don’t you Caroline? You’ve been teasing me all summer love…” he breathed against her skin.

Caroline let out a shaky breath as his body came all but a few inches from hers. All thoughts of sanity and what his purpose for being there leaving her with every step he took towards her. Had she really been teasing him? Had she really been wearing extra tights outfits since the first time he came. Had she really been spraying a hint of perfume on her body every time she had called him to pick his brother or sister up. Had she really spent nights touching herself to the idea of him?

She could feel his hand over her thigh, grazing softly through the fabric sending goosebumps and shivers down her body. Those dimples…that accent. If she was honest with herself she wanted him from the moment he had walked through those doors weeks ago.

“But hey, if I misread the situation…” Klaus whispered before pulling back from her and turning around to walk out the door.

Caroline moaned in agony when he pulled away from her; her body already acting before she could think. She pulled him back on by his sleeve making his body crash into hers as she smashed her lips onto his. He tasted even better than she could imagine, she thought with a moan. Those thick luscious lips moving against hers so passionately, his muscled chest pressing against hers as she opened her mouth, letting her tongue meet his in the process. His hands explored her waist, tugging at the hem of her shirt as she pulled his leather jacket off of him. The office was empty and she couldn’t be bothered to wait until the got to a more private place. She wanted him now!

Klaus’ hands ran under her shirt, massaging her breasts through the cups of her bra before pulling the shirt over her head and throwing it in some corner of the room. His lips went down her neck, kissing every inch of skin he could reach down to her chest, drawing hot puffy moans from her lips. He grinned against her skin as she jumped up the desk taking a seat upon it and opening her legs to draw him closer. She could feel his erection through his pants grinding against her eagerly, awaiting freedom. She pulled his shirt over his head breaking the contact from his lips on her skin only for a second. Her hands lingering in his soft blond curls as he pulled down her bra taking an aroused and swollen nipple in his mouth. She panted his name upon the contact feeling herself grow wetter with every second. Her hands scratching the bare skin on his back before lowering to grab his ass. She had been longing to do that.

“I am going to make you scream Caroline.” Klaus whispered hotly in her ear as he released her nipple from his mouth, letting his fingertips rub over them.

“Don’t talk about it…do it” She replied with a gasp as her hand went from his ass to his front, fidgeting with the buckle of his belt.

As soon as his pants dropped her hand slid into his boxers, caressing the rock hard erection hidden inside of them. His body shivered upon her touch as he thrusted into her hand, kissing her neck, biting into the sensitive spot just below her ear before grazing his teeth over it.

Needing to feel more of her, Klaus undid the button of her jeans lifting her up for only a second to pull them down along with her panties. His hand slithered down her stomach, reaching for her warm wet slit as a single finger teased its way over her core. Caroline arched her back trying to create a harder friction between them as he rubbed her softly. Her hand closing in a tighter grasp on his cock as if to push him to touch her just as roughly. Caroline pulled down his boxers releasing him from his confines her hand still rubbing up and down his tip.

Catching onto her game, Klaus batted her hand away as he lowered himself upon his knees a wicked gleam twinkling in his eyes as he took place before her dripping core. His hands placed firmly on her upper legs as he took in her sweet scent, his warm breath caressing her insides as he very slowly removed his fingers and came in for a taste. His tongue dwelling over her lips teasing every piece of swollen skin. Caroline grabbed his head guiding him closer in as she let out a moan.

“Don’t tease.” she begged as her fingers ravished his hair tugging at it.

Hearing her pleading cries for him, Klaus chuckled softly against her thighs before letting his tongue flick against her clit, twirling circles around it and sucking softly. Tasting her arousal on his lips. Hearing her whimper as she pushed her abdomen closer to him. He focused the attention of his tongue on her clit while a finger pressed against her opening, twirling around in slow circles before dipping inside, making a loud gasp escape her beautiful rose lips.

Caroline could feel her body tremble under his touch. This was why girls her age experimented with slightly older men. He was so much more experienced than those silly college frat boys. The way his fingers moved inside of her and his tongue twirling around her clit she could feel her insides nearly exploding with the pleasure he brought. Her body tensed as she grabbed one of her breasts squeezing it lightly. She didn’t know how much longer she could take this.

“Klaus please!” She asked him in a soft hoarse whisper.

Klaus looked up from between her legs licking his lips and enjoying the sound she made under him.

“Please what love?” He grinned his fingers still moving slowly inside of her.

“I need you inside of me…” She moaned pulling him up roughly by his shoulders.

“With pleasure.” Klaus growled breathlessly, grabbing his cock by the shaft and aiming it at her core.

He waited only for a split second, just long enough to hear the pleading cry escaping her lips again, begging for him to be inside her, before thrusting inside her hard.

Caroline cried out in pleasure as he entered her. His hardness filling her insides, stretching her walls in the most delicious way. The desk under her squeaked loudly, nearly caving under the force of their movements. She crashed her lip on his again eagerly, her lips still puffy and swollen from his kisses. Sweat trickling in tiny drops from their bodies. Finally giving in to the build up and the sexual tension between them surpassing even her wildest dreams and fantasies.

Klaus enjoyed her warmth around his cock, groaning at the feel of her surrounding him, thrusting into her slick core harder and harder with each one. His hand slowly made its way to her clit, rubbing it vicariously as he felt her body tensing more and more around him. She was close to her orgasm now and, just like he had promised, she screamed his name in pure lust. Her body was shaking as she reached her peak moaning loudly and panting hard. He released her sensitive clit from his touch giving her time to catch her breath only for a second as he removed himself almost fully from her before slamming back in, the table giving another groan from the power behind his thrust. His jaw clenched, his body beginning to tremble as he could feel his own high growing closer. A couple more long thrusts and another whimper of his name as her lips caressed the skin around his jawline made him shiver before spilling his release inside of her with a roar. The pair kissed again, clutched together in a lovers embrace as they both panted out of breath, their bodies still sensitive from the rigorous lovemaking. Klaus watched the blonde goddess succumb to the exhaustion as their lips met for the final time.

A few days later Caroline was at her dorm, trying hard to forget about her one night stand with Klaus Mikaelson. After they had gotten dressed they had said their goodbye’s, Caroline had figured it would be the last she saw of him. It had been epic, and by far the best sex she had ever had. But it was over now. And she didn’t know why she had been so bummed out about it. After all, it had just been lust right? She hadn’t developed actual feelings for the guy. Tired from her initiation day she dropped her backpack on the bed falling next to it.

“Hey Care!” The voice of Bonnie alerted her she was not alone in the room.

“Hi Bon.” Caroline smiled recognizing the presence of her best friend. “How was your first day?”

“Not bad? Yours? “The dark haired girl asked.

“It was ok.” Caroline nodded, secretly she had been thinking about her encounter with Klaus Mikaelson all day, as she had done every day since and it had left her all hot and bothered. But for some reason after him these silly college boys didn’t interest her anymore.

“By the way Care a package came for you today.” Bonnie said pointing to her desk.

Caroline got up again walking over to the desk to find a pure white silk paper envelope. She wondered if her mother had already scent her something, but she usually didn’t use this expensive paper. She carefully opened it to find a brochure of the New Orleans Academy of fine arts. Circled with a thick marker line was their drama and stage department, and inside there was a tiny note.

Perhaps one day you’ll let me show you what the world has to offer…

Fondly K

Caroline smiled as she pressed the brochure to her chest a blush coloring her cheeks. He hadn’t forgotten about her either.

“What was it?” Bonnie asked noticing the sudden change in Caroline’s behavior.

“Oh nothing” Caroline lied trying to suppress the ever growing smile on her face. “Just this brochure I ordered…I’ve been thinking about transferring lately.”

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A New Change

Y/N: Your Name 

Requested by: phan—anime 

Being in the Slytherin house wasn’t all that bad. My father Remus Lupin wasn’t thrilled but he was happy that I was where I truly belonged. My father was a Gryffindor. My family is worried I might be evil but that’s the least of my father’s worries. Father told me that I know where I belong and that my life is what I make of it. Thankfully he didn’t shut me out. He knows that I wasn’t an evil person. I could’t hurt anyone like everyone thinks I could. 

“Are you coming love?” Draco stood in front of me. I was reading a book when he showed up. 

“Is it dinner time already?” I asked putting my book down. Draco and I have been dating for a few. I haven’t told my father because I’m scared on how he’ll react. 

“Yes.” Draco wrapped his arm around my waste as we walked to the great hall.

“Draco. If my dad finds out, what should I say? I mean I couldn’t be to bad. Right? Your parents didn’t react to bad.” I started thinking of all the possible scenarios.

“Slow down. When the time is right, we’ll tell him. My parents didn’t like it at first but they love you and to be quite honest, Your father loves you. It can’t be too bad. I’m sure he’ll be upset but learn to except it.” Draco assured me.

We made our way to our table. I forgot to mention that this is the beginning of the school year. So me and Draco started dating when school let out. (In America we have three months off for summer break. don’t know how long it is in other countries) I’ve kept this a secrete from my father for to long. It was the first day so there was a big sorting ceremony. Dumbledore made a big announcement about there being a new DADA professor.

“As we welcome Professor Remus Lupin to be the new DADA professor.”

I spit out my drink. Practically choking on it. I looked at Draco as he sat there frozen. he met my eyes as he looked terrified.

“I take back what I said. He might kill me” 

I didn’t say anything. I didn’t know what to say. It was different. Knowing about him being a werewolf was bad enough. He can’t control himself when he changes. What if he can’t control himself when he finds out? I prayed that that won’t happen.

—A week later—-

“Y/N you have an owl.” A Slytherin girl announced as my owl flew through the Great Hall. 

I grabbed my letter and my owl flew away. I recognized the writing on the envelope. ‘Y/N Lupin’ was written on it. I slowly opened it.

‘Y/N I want to have a word with you. Come to my office and have a cup of tea during your free time, Lupin’

I showed Draco the letter and we both knew what it was about. So after lunch was my study hour and I headed to his office.

“Father?” I called out as I entered the office.

“Sit.” He instructed. I sat down.

“Dad, I can explain” 

“I don’t need you to explain.” He stood over me. “What I’m trying to understand is why my daughter didn’t tell me she was dating Draco Malfoy.”

I looked down. I wanted to say so much but I knew better. He wouldn’t listen.

“I mean, Draco, of all boys. You chose Draco. He’s not a good guy. His family aren’t good people. I accept you being a Slytherin and this is taking a step towards the dark side.” Father lectured on.

“Father, can I say something?” I interrupted him.

“Go ahead.”

“Draco and I started dating at the end of last year. Not once has he tried to force anything that was evil or wrong upon me. He’s treated me well. I have yet to meet his family and so far they’re pretty accepting of it already. He makes me happy. He is a good guy.”

“His father was a death eater!” He shouted. “He was raised to be evil! It’s in his blood!” 

“You know what’s in your blood dad?” I spat standing up. “Werewolf blood. That’s evil to many people. The last time I checked you aren’t an evil person. You cope with what’s wrong with you and you get through it. You have something evil forced upon you but you aren’t turning into an evil person! Neither is he! Like you, He cares. He is to stubborn to show it around others. He’s scared to do so. Everyone thinks he’s evil when he’s not. Like you, he’s not evil. People have different ways to show it. I’m sorry father for the sudden outburst. But, he’s a good guy. You just need to take the chance to get to know him.” I sat back down. Knowing that I just yelled at him for the first time in my life, he wasn’t going to be happy. 

“Y/N, you’re right. I’m sorry.” I looked up shocked. “I just don’t want you to become evil. I’m scared that this is what it’s going to do to you.”

“It won’t, I haven’t changed one bit and you know that. Just try to get to know him before you judge him. please?”

“Well in that case, When can I meet him?” He smiled pulling me in for a hug.

“Really?” I looked up at him.

“Well yeah, if you’re going to keep on dating him, I minus well meet him right?”

I hugged him tightly.

“Just don’t make me get along with his father. we don’t exactly like each other.”

Heart to Heart-A Freshman Fanfic

Hey! So, this is the second part to a fic I wrote recently called First Goodbye. I strongly suggest reading that one first before reading this one if you haven’t already. The link to that fic is here

This is also my submission for #choicescreates this week. The prompt is ‘Mother’ and the carnival is being hosted by @punexpectedly. Thanks!

I’m not good at summaries so I’m not going to be doing one here. But basically, MC ends up talking with her mom about her relationship and some bonding between them takes place. There is a little Zig x MC but mostly things take place between MC and her mom. 

There is no explicit material in this fic. I”ll give it a T rating, I suppose.

She saw her mom’s car pull up in the parking lot and sighed. Normally she’d be excited to see her family again and, though she missed and loved her parents, this time leaving campus was bittersweet.

Last night relaxing and spending time with Zig had been wonderful but also laced with sadness. She felt excited knowing they’d made plans for him to visit but it was still killing her to leave without him. Her mind began to wander to their farewell only hours before.

He woke her up early that morning to tell her he was leaving for work. She immediately became alert and jumped up to walk him to the door even though he wanted her to stay in bed and rest. When they reached the front door, he suddenly wrapped his arms tightly around her, drawing her to him. She clutched him back just as firmly, her hands fisting his shirt. They held one another for several moments but to her it felt like only a second. He eventually shifted to rest his forehead against hers and she gently traced her fingertips along the nape of his neck. Neither one spoke in that moment and they didn’t need to. He then leaned in to kiss her softly, his lips lingering as if he didn’t want to stop. She certainly didn’t want him to. When he finally pulled away, he searched her eyes and reassured her that everything would be fine and that he’d be thinking of her non-stop. Then, with one more parting kiss and a gentle squeeze to her waist, he disappeared on the other side of her closed door.  She stood against it for a moment trying to reign in her emotions. Eventually she dragged herself back to her room and collapsed into bed. She instinctively pulled his pillow toward her, inhaling the scent and feeling more alone than she could ever remember. Her mind kept racing, coming up with numerous thoughts and scenarios that resulted in them breaking up because of this distance. She kept feeling his phantom touches against her skin, making it impossible to focus on anything else. After an hour of tossing and turning, she finally drifted off into fitful sleep.

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Namjoon is 4am stargazing and gentle conversations. He is cracking leaves in autumn or snowy winter nights. Namjoon is bittersweet, but not in a bad way. Namjoon is espresso shots that you have at 6 in the morning before starting a new day and 4pm sugar free americanos accompanied by a slice of sweet cake. He is the feeling of taking your heels off after a long walk or coming back home to your parents after a semester in uni. Namjoon is sour lemonade on a summer day and chocolate that melts through the cracks of your hands before you could’ve finished, the first bite of a cheat meal after a long diet. He is the last summer day and the first ray of sunshine after a long winter. Namjoon is that something that won’t let you get out of your warm bed in the morning air, won’t let you get out of the hot bath in the cold room. He is that darkness that makes you realize how beautiful the stars are or that little happiness after you had a horrible day. Namjoon is white and black. He is ups and downs. He is  deep pink hues that the dawn breaks through the darkest night. He is contradictions at their best. He is giving up things in order to move forward, the one to make you want to question everything yet not wanting to find the answers. Namjoon is like taking science and philosophy and deciding which of them is the vital one. Namjoon is kindness, innocence and wander, butterflies in your stomach and pinky promises that will never be broken.

my mum broke off the top of my succulent the other day, so I took the opportunity to start propagating it! any tips?

That is too bad it got taken out but no better way to turn the situation around, especially right before the summer starts. This looks like a great set up. Im not sure if this is in direct light but if it is I would suggest covering them with something that filters some of the light. Other than that I would just stay patient and look forward to all your future plants! Thanks for sharing ✌🏻🌿

fake productions series [1/?] quirky rom com twelfth night

setting: cape cod

 it all started at olivia’s. 

actually, it probably started with that storm and the two preppy kids who got washed overboard, one of whom got rescued by a hunky crab fisherman with a bad reputation and the other who washed up on the cape and chopped all her hair off. and then orsino’s poetry got even more pretentious as the summer went on, feste did a lot of knowing snickering, me and fabian drank too many margaritas and crashed the golf cart– but that’s not important. 

somewhere along the line there was mail fraud, an ambiguously gay pirate, and way inappropriate employer-employee relations; also we locked whatshisface in the cellar and kind of got arrested a little. 

and then there was a knife fight. and then it got interesting. 

The Misunderstandings of Love

Anonymous said: One shot where the reader and dean like each other but don’t admit it sam and the reader are best friends so when there one room and two beds only she has to choose between the two and she picks sam cause she doesn’t want it to be awkward and deans all jealous btw I love your one shots and imagines

A/N: Hope you like it, darling! :)

Word count: 2,383

Pairing: Jealous!Dean x Reader

Warnings: swearing.

Your name: submit What is this?


“I’ve gotta admit it, Y/N, you did one hell of a job back there,” Dean smiled, shutting the door of the Impala and walking toward the back of the car. “Five vamps’ by yourself – not bad.”

“‘Not bad’? I was incredible!” you grinned, trying to brush off the blush that was threatening its way to your cheeks thanks to Dean’s compliment.

The summer heat reigned upon the small town of Lockhart, Texas, one of the few cities Dean actually seemed to enjoy because of its many barbeque places. The sun had started to set down on the horizon, ready to shine its light upon the other side of the world, but the wild Texan heat still radiated off the ground without a care. And though the mixture of pinks, yellows, and forget-me-not oranges created a beautiful rural painting of color, you wouldn’t have minded seeing this in another part of the country.

Sticky sweat covered almost every single inch of your body, and grime and dirt were stuck under your fingernails and at all the visible parts of your skin. There were a few red stains on your shirt and jacket that were drying up quickly with the burning warmth around you, so, needless to say, all you wanted to do was take a shower and take a day-long nap to forget about the vampire case you had just finished wrapping up.

“Okay, shorty, you were the best novice I have ever seen in action,” Dean chuckled, rolling his eyes playfully as he pulled the trunk open.

The blush finally beat you, although not because of what Dean had said as much as what he’d done. You tried to ignore the way the dark fabric of the older Winchester’s t-shirt had stuck to his body, allowing you to easily watch the way his muscles contracted and relaxed as he leaned over to grab the duffel bags from the back of Baby. This is normal, you tried to reason, just because I think he’s hot, it doesn’t mean anything. Anybody with eyes would think Dean Winchester is hot.

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I have always had a bad relationship with my body. To the people who have met me just recently, the picture on the left is what I looked like not too long ago. The picture itself is 3 years old, but up to 1,5 years ago I still looked like that. I don’t think that I’ve ever felt as miserable about my body than I did back then. I binged on food, and I blamed my weight on other things. “It’s my birth control” “I have always been heavy” “My metabolism is just slow” but looking back on it, I can’t believe how in denial I was. At some point I even started believing that I was never meant to have a fit body. So I decided to just accept being “fat”. So I decided to read into all that fat acceptance crap, that it’s okay to be gluttonous and unhealthy. But in reality, it’s not okay to have such a bad relationship with food, binging whenever you can, and hating what you see in the mirror. I know many people won’t consider my “before” picture to be fat at all, but I was. I was out of breath after walking up the stairs, I dislocated both my knees at least once and twisted my ankles so many times I’ve lost count.

Then around April 2014 I decided to change. I went out running, and ate better and less, and the weight came off. Gained it all back around the summer that same year, and didn’t really keep track of it anymore. In September 2014 I decided to change for good. I quit all of my bad binging habits, I just hated what I was doing to my body. The weightloss process went fairly quick, I lost a lot of fat and as soon as I hit 85 kg I started doing home workouts and picked up running again. Peter helped me all along the way, he helped me make healthy choices and made sure I didn’t miss a workout. I’ve never believed in dieting, I don’t believe in starving yourself just to get that perfect body. I found out that those home workouts weren’t really my thing. And then I found yoga and veganism. A whole new world opened up. Yoga taught me to love my body, because even though it might not be perfect, it can do so many amazing things. A year ago I would never have dreamt that I could balance my entire body weight on just my arms, or that I could just slide into a split. Due to an ankle injury I got back in May I had to give up running for a good while, and funnily enough because of my breathing practices and vinyasa I am in better shape now than I was before my ankle injury. The veganism slipped in around the same time I discovered yoga. I’ve always had a huge love for animals and nature, so that is the ethical part of why I stopped buying and consuming animal products. But it’s also because of my health. Around the spring of this year I noticed I got very bad stomach aches after consuming meat. So slowly I started cutting that out from my diet and went vegetarian for a little while. Then I started watching documentaries such as Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives and Earthlings, and realized what impact it has on our bodies, the people and the environment. I’ve not consumed anything but plantbased products ever since. And that too has had a huge impact on my journey to a healthy body. My skin cleared up, I’m never bloated and I feel so energized.

Looking back to my old pictures, I noticed how unhappy I looked and how I always wore loose fitting clothes just to cover myself up, because I didn’t like myself. That’s not self love. Fat acceptance isn’t going to help, but body positivity is. That’s what we should all aim for. To have a healthy body and a happy mind. And I still have a long way to go as well. I occasionally look at myself in the mirror and absolutely loathe my loose skin, but you can’t all of a sudden love yourself 100% after having hated your body for as long as you can remember. As long as you keep on trying, then you’re on the right track. 💪🏾👍🏾