not a bad pairing *w*

when ur a Certified Gay but u prefer an f/m ship to the popular f/f or m/m ships

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what do u think about naru//hina and sasu//saku ?


starting w sa/susaku:

its bad its just… bad. back in 2014 when i wasnt even into naruto i just read ch 700 to see how it ended and i was genuinely fucking shocked they ended up together because its just… bad

from sasukes end, he never showed any interest in her! sure, he cared about her - in part 1, and even then as a clearly platonic teammate that he finds annoying and tends to be misunderstood by. in part 2 naruto is the only person from konoha he showed any attachment to whatsoever. i wouldve even believed a sas/ukarin ending before sakura - that wouldve still been like, awful, considering, you know, the murder attempt. but it wouldve imo made more sense lol because at least shes separate from konoha. 

and theres ofc the fact that because of sasukes lack of interest in sakura, he treats her cruelly. i dont know if hes ever really as out of line as people say (the genjutsu was weird bu hes a ninja w/e. the only other time he tried to kill her she tried to kill him, etc etc) but it definitely isnt the basis for a fuckin. romantic relationship

not to mention the fact that sasuke is RIDICULOUSLY gaycoded - like obv theres baiting w sns, but sasuke specifically is portrayed as devoid of interest in women and significantly more ‘feminine’ than naruto at various points. this is a part of the general naruto trend of femininity = villainy, but u know. so like, pairing him w a woman in general is… well.. bad. 

for sakuras part, she is always reduced to less than she is in the presence of sasuke, often by her own choice. she seems intimidated by him, right down to the very end, where she goes from a vocal aggressive girl to sad and begging to go with him. being around sasuke for sakura means not growing, and thats awful! i would argue this extends to men in general, and is why i prefer a lesbian reading of her, but tbh i wouldve been quite happy w a na/rusaku end

additionally i think she treats sasuke fairly poorly as well, at least thru most of their interactions which are in pt 1. the way she idolizes him is dehumanizing, and contributes to the way sasuke is so often treated as a desirable object which continues to traumatize him. its worth it to mention she is THIRTEEN at this time, so ofc her feelings are shallow and immature, but i dont think holding them up as… good and romantic, is a good thing. right down to when she tries to keep sasuke in konoha, she goes at it from a selfish angle. its not good!

ideal sas/usaku dynamic is platonic friends who work through their differences and the ways theyve harmed each other to reach a level of understanding, tho never romantic bc thats weird now.

and now na/RUHINA

tbh this ship makes me so sad bc like. i rly liked it as a kid! it was my favorite! and as an adult reading naruto i expected to get to the end and hate sa/susaku but at least be happy w NH. but it sooooo disappointed me

mostly theres… no development for it? theres brief scenes here and there but theyre all based on hinatas childhood crush. her feelings arent allowed to mature to a real and genuine love because shes not given any actual time spent with naruto. she hardly knows him! he hardly knows her! for a believable romance, i want more missions where they go together, where they WORK together!

thats a big part of it too. hinatas feelings were based in naruto encouraging her to be a ninja, to break past her weakness and that she could succeed too! and yet, once shes with him, shes relegated to being his housewife and seems to not be an active ninja anymore. which is? such bullshit? 

and like… naruto loves so fully and honestly in everything he does, the way they try to paint him being confused about caring for hinata is deeply upsetting to me. hes shown the realest and truest heart in the whole series! thats! the point!

and this applies to both ships: i dont like them because im not convinced that theyre happy, and i dont think kishimoto is even TRYING to convince us that theyre happy. naruto is exhausted and never spends time with his wife. sasuke hasnt seen his wife in a decade and doesnt seem to care, even though hes in active correspondence with naruto. sakura and hinata love their children, yes, but seem to be allowed little else despite their childhood ambitions of more. and its! sad! let them get divorces!!!!!!!! thx for coming to my ted talk

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Today I was on twitter, and I saw one thing about how liking Draco is tasteless/bad, and that pairing him w Harry is bad bc they have no chemistry anyway. And I know it's all been talked about before, there's lots of opinions, its just silly pairing stuff, but for some reason it made me feel so.. upset. I like the pair, it makes me happy, for a bunch of reasons, some even personal. Idk. Just needed to share this with someone it felt weird in my chest.

Um….rude?!? Like, first off, any movie or show you watch where the main female and main male character hate each other at the start, you just know they are going to get together at the end. Even if there’s no chemistry. It’s such a widely accepted trope for straight couples but clearly less believable when it’s same gender couples.

But despite the fact that the enemies to lovers trope can sometimes be harmful, especially if there is an unhealthy power dynamic followed by no redemption or apology or forgiveness element in between, I still much prefer it to the common - love at first sight bullshit, or let’s loop these two characters together because they’re both unattached and of the opposite gender.

With the enemies to lovers trope, at least in my mind, there has to be development on the part of both characters before you get to the romance part. They have to learn to understand each other first before they fall in love. And in my mind this is a deeper love than falling in love with the idea of someone or someone’s looks and then the rest falling into place later.

Anyway, I agree that the pairing could be distasteful if presented in the wrong way - if Draco never got over his prejudices, if he continued to bully Harry then of course that would be unhealthy. But the way I view Draco as a character, and the way I like to write him is always remorseful, maturing enough to grow out of his family’s prejudices and making up his own mind. And in the process understanding his own feelings better. And of course falling head over heels in love with Harry James Potter (or finally realising he already did long ago).

Sorry long answer.🥃 Tl;dr I love drarry and you shouldn’t feel bad for loving drarry. Sorry that it made you feel upset. 💜💛❤️

Nothing Normal | Sherlock Holmes x Military!Reader

Pairing: Sherlock x Military!Reader w/ John Watson
Warning: Fluff, Bad writing(bc i suck)
Request from @its-another-writing-account: Hey, I really liked your Natasha x Reader thing and was wondering if you could write one with Sherlock Holmes falling in love with a girl from the army?

A/N: The reader (You) is gonna be John’s younger sister :)
A/N #2: I could possibly make an part two to this? Lemme me know in my ask box!

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{Sherlock’s POV:}

John walked in the lab as I looked up as I saw a young beautiful lady walked in behind him. I looked back down, “Sherlock this is my sister (Y/N), and (Y/N) this is Sherlock.” John introduced us. (Y/N) stuck out her hand, which I shook. “Lovely meeting you Mr.Holmes. I’ve heard good things about you from my brother.” She spoke with a soft voice and a small smile. Looking over at John, “You talked about me?” “Uh yeah. I wrote letters to her as she was drafted.” John said. “Oh, then thank for you service (Y/N).” I smiled at her. She blushed. “Your welcome.”

{Few Weeks Later:}

“Sherlock? Are you even listening?” John snapped his fingers in front of my face. I looked away from (Y/N) talking to one of her old friends to John, “What?” I asked. “Do you like my sister?” He asked. “Yep. I may be in love with her too.” I told him as I looked back at (Y/N). 

i complain too much lately lmao sorry but oh i was in starbucks today and i told the barista my name was foster and when they called it out god damn that felt good

bad eggs and bruises (1/?)

pairing: dowoon x young k but not really

genre: humor, fluff

warnings: swearing

summary: what do you get when you put two boys and an egg together? a fuckin’ mess.

a/n: this idea has been stuck in my head since what can i do came out, and i’ve since rewritten it probably a bajillion times. but i think i’m happier about this round of rewrites, so i’ll be posting them as i write.

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yall i am so cold but i got So Much candy and i had as much fun as i could have by myself even tho i cried for the first 20 minutes bc i was lonely but anyways i accidentally scared ppl bc im quiet and i walk slow bc of my bad back and so that paired w my scary costume freaked out a lot of ppl n i feel bad bc i made one kid cry :(

also i went to this house w 2 old ladies and they recognized that i was the grim reaper and one said “not yet!” and it was rly rly funny

and also one lady gave me a rootbeer

and the little convenience store down the street gave me a free sprite

faux pas

summary: good job taehyung u fucked up real bad

warnings: none

rating: pg // w for what am i doing

pairing: none, taehyung-centric

word count: 560

a/n: alright i promised myself i wouldn’t do this but.. i continued that thing i wrote for nin and this is a bangtan wolf au and i hate myself for it but it’s happening and ohmygod i have no long term plan for this and im kind of freaking out but tell me if you guys like it. also this is the first one in case you missed it

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