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I started this journey when a friend invited me to join a clean eating group on January 11, 2016. That day everything changed.

A little back story - I have always, ALWAYS, been a big guy! And at some point,I started to believe that I was just destined to be that way. People picked on me in high school…and although I appeared pretty positive and confident on the outside, the reality was that I was incredibly self conscious! In university I withdrew into my apartment. I only left to go to class. At other times, I ate - and watched TV - and napped - and lived a very inactive, unhealthy lifestyle. McDonalds was only a short drive away. If the diet (or lack there of) wasn’t enough, I hated to walk…even the three blocks from campus to my apartment. (Before I had a car…I would call a taxi! The trip cost $2.70)

On March 3, 2015 my world changed. My son, Nathaniel, was born. And as I sat with him and with his amazing mom, i realized that I likely wouldn’t be around to see him graduate. I likely would never get to know what he would grow up to become…a firefighter, an astronaut, an architect, the Prime Minister. I was used to the mockery - even in my workplace (one guy said, “I would hate to eat another cookie…I might end up looking like you!” But when i looked into my sons eyes…when I couldn’t guarantee that I would be there to help him buy groceries when he moved into his first apartment, or pat him on the back when he was getting married, or cry with him when his own child was brought into the world - i decided that something had to change.

And so, I started to work out. And I started to focus on my nutrition. I studied - about food sources, and nutritional needs, and physical training. To date I have completed the following programs: Turbo Jam, 21 Day Fix, T25, Insanity Asylum, Insanity Max 30, Core de Force and Shaun Week.

And slowly…my body started to change. I went from a 6XL shirt - to a XL. I went from a 54 pant - to a 40. I lost over 150lbs. And i found some muscle…which I never believed was actually under there somewhere.

But what’s more important - is what I’ve gained. I now BELIEVE, that I will be there for all those moments in my son’s life. I BELIEVE that I will be able to spend as much time with him and my wife as I have been allotted. And I BELIEVE that I am worth taking care of. I am more that the sideways glances. I am more than the whispered insults. I am more than the thoughts in my own head.

There have been lots of bumps along the way. I have experienced the loss of family members, a major injury to my foot this past year, sickness, etc. But though it all, even with setbacks, my focus on health and fitness has been there to help pull me through. I’ve given up on excuses!

Just this past week, I went on vacation. In that time I canoed, I hiked, I swam, I walked, I ran, I played soccer, I bought new clothes from a street vendor, I biked, I climbed, I camped and I enjoyed each and every day! NONE OF THAT…none of it…would have been possible 1.5 years ago!

Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your journey - and welcome to mine! Wherever this road leads - it’s going to be pretty awesome! (And thanks for allowing me to babble!)


Mo Vaughn’s MVP collections is finally catering to the underserved plus size man

  • Mo Vaughn, a former baseball player who played for the Boston Red Sox and the New York Mets, knows how hard it is to be a big guy shopping for clothes.
  • For years, he’d walk into big and tall sections and be faced with clothes that looked the opposite of modern, all oversized jeans and cheap-looking button downs.
  • After years of being faced with lackluster clothes in his size (he describes himself as a 2XL tall), Vaughn launched a fashion brand of his own called MVP Collections.
  • Rather than sticking to outdated silhouettes and fabrics, MVP, which launched in early August, specializes in trendy premium denim in sizes 38 to 50 in various different fits, as well as premium T-shirts in 1XL to 4XL and velour sweats up to 6XL. 
  • By doing that, they’re tapping into a market of larger men who want trendy, cutting-edge clothes, and maybe want to take risks with their clothes as well. Read more

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Star moonstone is a loyal soldier under white diamond and was designed to hunt and shatter gems without questioning or hesitating.

Thanks to being a new gem model with an specific task, star moonstone can’t shape shift or summon a weapon, but can become completely invisible ( at least if its not using the limb enhancers,. )for a short amount of time.  

As any other gem of its kind, Star moonstone R16.5 6XL has a small ship of its own and goes frequently on solo missions to shatter rebellious gems under white diamond’s orders. 

However, this one doesnt like following protocols and, insead of hunting down it’s targets, takes a preference of luring them into traps and forcing them to engage in battle.

The existence of this kind of specialized gem is really unheard of in the gems society. It might’ve be thanks to them being extremely efficient killers.

Forgive my room and dusty mirror. Am cleaning and doing laundry. Always chaotic.

@guti got me a Chelsea shirt in 6XL because it was on sale and I wanted to try and make a dress out of it. We were worried it might not be long enough. Hah.


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You can put the Super Serum in the Soldier, but you can’t take the Brooklyn out of the Boy! Our first summer tanktop is inspired by the intrepid 1940’s era duo Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers, with lots of color varieties to choose from! I’m really pleased with how this design came out, and I think that it’s going to look great in all of the color combination options- And we’re buying from the same tanktop brand as before, so if you have a  Super Soldier Fitness tanktop, it’s the same buttery soft fabric! Thanks guys!

This design is available today until 5/8, in the following sizes and styles;

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thedeadgodlives  asked:

In the Max-Oliver fics, Dipper says that Mabel made sweaters for her reincarnations. What would other Mizar's sweaters look like?

They come in all sizes, from xxs to 6xl. Dipper points out that he can change the sizes with magic, but Mabel purses her lips at him and shakes her head, that’s not the point Dipper, the point is that this is a sweater for that person. Special for them.

(he thinks about altering the size once or twice for a certain Mizar or five. Then he remembers the look on Mabel’s face, and brings out another sweater instead.)

There’s so many of them. A pittance compared to infinity, perhaps, but this is his twin his sister, Mabel Pines, Queen of Crafts, Empress of Yarn, and she finishes a sweater every other day. She makes three or four sweaters a week, and one of them is always for the Stash.

(Dipper calls it the Stash. Mabel calls it the “Future Me Fun Clothes Time Bundle.”)

There’s the plain ones, albeit in every color of the rainbow and shades only art students and his sister can see. Sweaters with only a single letter on it, for names. She makes three sets of the alphabet, so that everyone has a choice of color and size. 

She does animals. She does flowers and fruit and abstract designs. She does waffle dogs riding rainbows and candle headed women jumping rope and illustrated fart joke sweaters. Puns and unicorns and neon sparkle light up sweaters. Things that even Dipper can’t parse and jokes that will be out of style in a month, let alone a millennium or five. 

Hundreds upon hundreds of sweaters, all knitted from the Flock’s wool to last, all made with love, love and hope for the future.

(There’s never a Mizar who doesn’t love the sweater Dipper gives them. Never.)


Throwback 2003 J. Cole Victory Freestyle 17 years old. Look at that T-Shirt tho! haha bout 6XL he was taking it way back! I like to post stuff people ain’t gonna post but please don’t thank me thank the person who uploaded the video.

I just found a 6XL shirt from when I was 270 pounds heavier. I’ll never get over how surreal it is to see where I’ve been.

Each of us has a journey- a path that we walk in our own time. Each of us goes through a transformation, some of them are just more visible than others.

Through this journey, the biggest lesson I learned was one I’d never expected. That no matter what my size was, I still had value. Progress is great, but the number on that scale doesn’t define you.

Doodle compilation 1.

First one was actually from this weekend. It was for a friend of mine and he was Shen and I was Ashe. Then we made a shitload of cuddle jokes. And then “carrying the carry” happened.

Then Vriska happened.

Then since my net was out, I ended up drawing applications that I had saved on my computer since I had fuckall else to do.

Ashe and Shen belong to League of Legends (Riot games)

Lyra belongs to Mirzers

Aiker and Talkhit belong to Runal

Punch your way out of danger and pirouette through your top secret missions in our new design for Black Widow!

I’m very excited to give a little recognition to an absolutely awesome character and tie together her comic book history with what we’ve seen and loved in all the Avengers films. I cannot wait to see more of her in Age of Ultron! (Or better yet, her own movie- here’s to hoping!) The text says Black Widow in Russian.

This design is available HERE until January 28, on classic cut shirts small - 6XL and women’s fitted shirts small - 3XL. 

Ok so this is a nothing really, just a giggle......

Harry was seen shopping yesterday…….

At Daniel’s Bagel Bakery, 12-14 Hallswelle Road, London, NW11 0DL


Marks and Spencer, Finchley Road, London NW11 6XL

External image

And theres a carpark round the back which is probably where the picture was taken.

Anyway, now the silliness.

Louis’ scooby doo house is only 13 mins away by car…..

External image

And here is a crude map so you can see the shops and Louis’ house…..

Now I have done posts about Louis and Harry living together and decided they didn’t live in Louis’ house but may be they do……

Harry and Louis live together?

But basically Harry went shopping, near where he lives because you don’t travel far from your home to shop and that’s that.

Thanks for your time.