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My uncle is alike a B list celebrity, he has a social media manager, he literally send her things he wants to post and she does it for him... He never ever ever uses his own social media he doesn't have time and he isn't nearly as famous as 1D

Yep, social media is a big part of public relations. It’s a business.

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I have a non-1d related question. I happen to have the same theme as you and I saw your button to get to the next page is in the sidebar, whereas mine is at the bottom of the page. Do you know how I could put mine in the sidebar the way your's is? Some sort of code? I find it really annoying having the arrow all the way at the bottom. It's a pain really.

If you’re savvy with HTML coding, if you go in your theme code and find the pagination coding toward the bottom, I just copied it and moved it up to the the sidebar coding and edited it a bit. I can help you easier off anon if you have trouble ;)

FRIENDLY REMINDER THAT the other side is being lied to and manipulated as well! So anything you see on twitter from someone claiming they “saw/spoke to X person related to 1d” …. think pics or it didn’t happen! Use your brains!! There are a lot of people that are plants but there are also a lot of people who just purely want attention and saying “I saw Louis and Briana and they want Freddie’s first word to be adidas” is clearly …….. you know, not true. 

i think possibly the worst thing in the world is when your parents have friends over for dinner and then that fateful moment comes when dinner is ready and you have to leave the comfort of your bedroom to awkwardly reach around everyone to grab the food and then make the walk of shame back to your bedroom

friend: *sends link to something related to 1D*
me: *opens link*
me internally: i hope you don’t think you’re doing me some kind of justice sending me this link - like it’s cute of you to think i’m unaware but what i’m reading i knew about days ago and it’s 100% fabricated and i’d explain why you shouldn’t read into this at all but i just cannot be bothered cause it’s literally 4 years of nonsense that’ll make me sound crazy and too emotional and you are certainly not ready for that so i’m gonna just
me: *replies* lol i know right?

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Jay is friends on facebook with a guy called Noel Gallagher. He's Amy Twist (Robin's daughter) partner and Archie's dad (Harry's nephew). They became friends in September 2014. The band was almost all that month in the US, Harry only came back to the UK for his grandma's funeral for a day. So no meeting through a band thing. You can check this, her facebook friends are public and so are his. He's not friends with anyone related to 1D other than Gemma, Anne, Mike and Robin. Why Jay, huh?


hello ! i hav hit 1k ! i just wanna say thank to all the people who follow me and put up with the hot mess that is my blog ! so here’s a lil celebration/thank you follow forever :)))

so first of all some special shoutouts;

@louispdf ; st barts i miss u so v much ! i know we only became mutuals recently but i lov u u r the gr8st nasty friend i hav ever had ! i miss u sm i hope we get to talk more often soon

@subobama ; mayo gayo ,,i should expose you for your hatred of mitam and junk food and all good things ! u hav stolen nart from me thats v uncool :/// actually why r u on my specials wtf !! im kiddign i kno we go way back when u were flowerpotlouis and i was hrytmlnsn and u messaged me about the japanese house, never expected u 2 b a hoe but !! lov u and i miss u

@kingsoflarry ; nelly ,,,,, we do not talk at all but u r literally the raddest mutual i !! we’ve been mutuals since i was hrytmlnsn and youre one of those blogs where im ?????? bc ur super cool why r u reblobbing from me,,, anyw i lov u i hope we become cool friends soon :)) also i just remembered we’re bday twins which !! super cool we both latina ,,, both louies ,,, both larries ,,,,,,we r one ,,, also ,,, jade,,,bye

@since-he-was-eighteen ; kimmy !! i !! i lov u alot !! ur super super rad and super cute and everythign i lov that we share a lov for tiny little satans/kittens !! you’re srsly the nicest person ever and its shit that people spread nasty bullshit about you just bc they dont like your comics (which ,,,,, why) :(( but anyway i and a couple more people know the truth and frankly we dont rlly care we just lov u ! so ,,, ya as said bfor, lov u sm !!

@daggerslouis ; k sabi ,,, literally i owuld die for u ????? li k ,,, ? thats all literally

@ladtommo / @lazyroad ; rylie ,,,,, i miss u??? i kno i hav u on imessage and i dont talk 2 u much but its bc im lame and idk how to start conversations rip  !!!!! im iss u tho !! lots ! esp ur butterfly tat :((((( ur 6ft tall and lanky w a butterfly tat ur literallt *13 year old voice* the harry to my louis :((((((

@laerries ; ,,,,, hoeslty,,,,,, we share a lov ,,, of long haired louis ,,, what else can i ask for ? fu

@arsetattoo ; star wars au ??? bye

everyone is v special 2 me but tbhhtbtbthh im too lazy to ? i msorr , anyway i lov u all v much :)))))

okay here we go the real deal lets do this !

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okie dokie that it !! i lov my dash so v much so i lov u guys a lot :))))