not ''the shepard'' just commander shepard

  • Shepard:I don't care who you claim to be. The role of Commander Shepard's already filled.
  • C!Shepard:By the wrong woman. It's time the understudy had her day.
  • Shepard:Did the Illusive Man send you?
  • C!Shepard:No, he abandoned me when he had what ha wanted, you.
  • Liara:Then why are you trying to kill us?
  • C!Shepard:Because I don't have her memories. I would never fool my supposed friends. The ones who abandoned their duty to join the cult of Shepard. Like you, Doctor T'Soni. You're nothing more than a college cheerleader pretending to be a soldier.
  • Liara:And you're just a pale imitation of the real thing!
  • C!Shepard:I'm the real thing perfected! I'm you without the wear and tear, Shepard. The doubts, the failures, I'm the lone wolf you were always meant to be... without the emotional baggage holding me back.
  • Wrex:No one will ever believe you're Shepard.
pancakes for shepard

Mornings that Charlie had to go to school, it was usually Kaidan who had to wake her up, knowing that Shepard would just grunt and roll over, pulling another pillow over her head. And he didn’t mind. Shepard would make her way out of bed eventually to get ready for work and send their little one off to school. On weekends, it was usually Charlie that came bounding into their room, demanding to climb onto their bed and snuggle with them until they were ready to wake up.

But today, however, Kaidan was woken up by tiny fingers poking his side, and a soft bounce next to his bed. He popped open an eye and looked at the clock. It was seven, still a little early for any normal Sunday morning. She was a tiny ball of dark curly hair - just like his - with the faintest freckles across her nose, and her mom’s bright green eyes. 

“What’s up?” he asked.

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Garrus Romance in Mass Effect 2

So I was a little bored and watched through all the romance scenes for each character for Shepard in Mass Effect 2.  Most of the characters show up during the final romance scene when Shepard is working on something like looking at a datapad or at the CIC.  Except for Garrus.  He shows up a bit too early while Shepard is still in the shower.  

So just think, Garrus is probably standing there going “Crap, crap, she’s still getting ready.  Should I leave and come back?” So now he’s already getting a little nervous.  

Then by the time Shepard is out, we get the whole “best I can do on a vigilantes salary”  which I thought was funny. Do you think he practiced that line? I’d like to think so.    

He’s also the only one who get’s dress up in casuals and bring wine (can they even both drink it?).  It’s really nice and cute to see one of the romance characters actually trying to woo Shepard.  

This scene is awkward (in a good way) and adorable and is one of the many reasons why the Garrus romance is one my favorite out of the series.  

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She wasn't sure if it was the season or just the general climate, but this planet was the most disgustingly hot place Shepard had ever been.

“I’m pretty sure the CO is supposed to have the wherewithal to say something other than ‘fuck off, someone get the coolers running,’” Ashley said, leaning against the Mako in the dubious shade of an alien tree.

“Fuck off,” Shepard said, “Someone get the–”

“Done,” Garrus said, and then, to Ashley: “Are all humans this touchy about high temperatures?”

“Only the spacers who grew up on climate-controlled ships,” Ashley said.

Shepard figured that her middle finger was a perfectly cromulent response to that comment.

First Impressions of ME3

- my ass looks SO GOOD

- will I every be that ripped? no

- it’s dadnerson! *jazz hands*


- (but where is Garrus)

- hey I just got here don’t blow me up

- naw actually blow me up plz


The Wedding/ The Delivery Pt 4/4

“Shepard, your hands?” Kasumi hissed as they stood outside the cherry tree garden below the council chambers.

“Right, right. Thanks.” Shepard repositioned her hands around her bouquet such that her left lay under her right, obscuring the ring that now sat there. As she traced the ring with the tips of her fingers, she felt an impossible smile bloom on her face. She was a married woman.

The garden was absolutely packed with an array of finely dressed people. Shepard wasn’t really able to distinguish any individuals before the various cameras and holoimagers started going off in her face.

Kaidan, when her eyes finally adjusted enough that she could actually see him, was standing at a cool parade rest up by the Asari priestess. As she got closer, she noticed that unusually his right hand was closed over his left, presumably in order to hide his own ring. He smiled at her once she’d reached him but otherwise didn’t move.

“Hi,” she said in a parody of their earlier greeting under similar circumstances.

“Hey,” he replied in turn. “And still wow.”

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soulmates have matching birthmarks

Liara stared at the little brown mark on Shepard’s hip, her mouth having gone dry. She had spent countless hours drawing the exact same little blotch in indigo on her notebooks as a student, staring at it during long, lonely digs, and tracing it with her fingertips. Her grip on the commander’s feet slackened, and the toes of Shepard’s tennis shoes bumped her palm with every sit up. She knew helping an Alliance marine work out would be interesting, but this was on an entirely different plane. She pointed.

“Sh-Shepard, how long have you had that scar? I don’t think—I haven’t seen it before.”

My religious family on fb thought I found jesus because of all the discussions I had on fb about ‘the Shepherd”. 
My uncle even wrote me a long PM because I wrote Shepard instead of Shepherd but he was proud an happy for me that I found peace.

“Normally it was Shepard who pulled the stupid life threatening stunts that left everyone shouting and fussing over him once he returned to them. He could never help the small smirk that would cross his lips as they did, reassuring them over and over again that he was alright. They warned him to never do it again, but honestly, they knew that was an unrealistic expectation.
There were also the threats of ‘death’ if he were to die, only those came from Kaidan, and Shepard always laughed at how silly and nonsensical the threat actually was. The biotic huffed and pouted and normally kept an irritated attitude towards the commander for a while after that, even going so far to tell him to leave him alone for a bit. The worry and the panic that Kaidan felt every time Shepard pulled a stunt like that was going to kill him one day.
Shepard would like to believe just how that felt, but no matter how hard he tried, he never could fully understand the feeling of blind panic when you don’t know if the love of your life was dead or alive.
Until right at this moment.
It wasn’t Shepard that went in to the small Cerberus settlement to set off a bomb that had shorted out this time around. It was Kaidan.
The commander could feel his heart threatening to beat right out of his chest as he howled the major’s name in desperate want of answer. Ashes from the explosion fell from the sky as if they were snowflakes and fire burned fiercely into the night as it illuminated the fear on Shepard’s face.
Time and squadmates stood still, shuddering breath slightly visible in the cold of the planet they occupied and there was a lump in Shepard’s throat.
Finally emerging from the flame shone a familiar cobalt armor, the glowing blue eyes of a helmet piercing the darkness around them. Before Shepard could think his feet moved him quickly to the figure with the charred armor, trembling hands forcing off the blue helmet. Before the major could finish his inquiry of what was happening, the commander kissed him, and he kissed him hard. It was a kiss that sucked the air out of both of their lungs, parting only because they couldn’t breathe anymore. Once they were apart they just looked at each other as they slightly panted, a smile twitching at the corner of Kaidan’s lips.
“Wow,” he said breathlessly, the commander smiling as well in response. “I should do that more often if this is gonna be the outcome.”
“Or you know, you could not and I won’t have to kick your ass.” Shepard threatened.
“Pff, hypocrite.” Kaidan snorted and pulled the man in for another, more gentle, kiss.”