not ''the shepard'' just commander shepard


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after months of military arrest, sassy femshep has no fucks left to give when those dang reapers show up

I will most likely never finish this so take it takeittakeittakeit

“You think a girl would fall for that?”

Oh hell yes.”

The Mass Effect LI's and where they'd want to marry Shepard
  • Ashley:Nice church wedding, dress blues instead of tux and dress. There's rifles involved somewhere.
  • Kaiden:Somewhere on Earth (coughCanadaprobablycough)
  • Liara:Somewhere on Thessia. In one of the pretty garden pavilions, probably. That or a library...
  • Tali:"Rannoch, obviously, let's get on this shit so we're the first!"
  • Jack:"Is Vegas stil standing, because that's where we're fucking going".
  • Miranda:Somewhere classy, like maybe on Illium or some ish like that.
  • Traynor:Also a classy kind of girl. Maybe somewhere in London (if its rebuilt, of course).
  • Cortez:Doesn't matter. Something small and nice is fine.
  • ...
  • Garrus:"Let's get married on the fucking Normandy."