i had an idea last year that if the show wasn’t renewed for a third season, my friend and i would take up the challenge of bringing it to you via a series of scripts. and since the brandon james storyline and the characters are being booted for a fresh story, i thought it would be a good time to get to work on the idea.

but instead of a number of scripts, i’ve decided to start working on a feature-length screenplay, that will hopefully tie up loose ends and give the lakewood five (is it six if i include gina?) a satisfying end. or not so satisfying end. 🔪

i’ve got so many ideas and i’m already a little bit into the writing process. it’s such a passion project for me because i want to see this story concluded, and in my own way. while it’s a given that not all of you will enjoy my ideas, i think it would be fun for you guys to read my take.

i’m sure there are fans out there doing similar things, but i thought i’d notify any of you who have stuck around my blog since my original announcement last year.