It is time for those who view it as socially appropriate to make comments or jokes about a woman’s plans for child-bearing to understand that it’s not okay. It is also not okay to ask when she’s going to have kids or her reasons why she’s choosing not to. I don’t care who you are — unless you are my husband, doctor, or my best friend of fourteen years, do not ask me or make jokes about my pregnancy status. Or lack thereof. It’s not funny, cute, or kind. In fact, it’s the exact opposite, and depending on whatever my circumstances might be that you likely don’t know about it could be absolutely devastating.
People like this irritate me.

I seriously hate it when people assume they know everything about a situation 'cause I assure you, there’s plenty, PLENTY more to the story that you don’t know of. So before you start accusing, judging and making your own conclusions, you should stop and remember that firstly it’s none of your business and that secondly, you know close to nothing of what’s going on. 

frequently asked queriesisisisis

hey ! i made an FAQ page because i was getting a lot of repeat questions.  it is here.  here is the text if you are 2 lazy 2 click:

1) where can i find (bras/bathing suits/cute dresses/random stuff)?

 i… don’t really know. i don’t mind helping if i have the time and will make a post to signal boost if i get lots of requests for the same thing, but i honestly just google stuff.  this blog is about how hard it is to find plus size clothes ! it’s hard !

2) how does (random clothing item) fit?

same as above- if i get lots of requests or a cool new thing comes out, i’ll definitely post asking people about their experiences, but i don’t have lots of money so i don’t buy lots of stuff.

3) where can i find cute plus size clothes?

not that many places ! here is a list of stores that i shop at and here’s a pinterest i made where i periodically post stuff i find that i like.

4) why didn’t you post my submission/when will you post my submission??

there’s two reasons here ! i either did not think the thing was ugly, or i haven’t gotten to it yet because i try to mete out submissions judiciously. sometimes i will get something that is too great not to post IMMEDIATELY.  a third reason could be that i looked at my inbox on my phone and forgot about it when i got to a computer D: OH. a fourth reason (a big one) is that i have already posted the item you submitted and you just missed that entry. this happens a lot.

5) hey, i LIKE that thing you called ugly !!!!!!!!!!!

External image


everybody likes different things.  you are not your clothes. it is okay.

6) will you post fit pictures of stuff you buy from (eshakti, sockdreams, etc.)?

maybe? my bf and i just moved in together so now i have a photographer, but i kind of like people not hassling me on tumblr. also i just saw a woman get reblogged and called a ‘chubby princess’ and the idea of someone ever reblogging me and calling me a princess made my soul barf.

7) do you have a personal blog?

not.. really.  i once had a tumblr where my friends and i posted about history (since i am a historian), which morphed into a blog where i reblog things and make rude comments or repost my own instagrams.  you can follow it here if you really want to.  you’ll also notice my responses to asks come from this tumblr !

8) why did you edit my submission?

i only edit the text of submissions if they include something fucked up- it takes zenlike patience and restraint not to edit out unfunny drama clubby jokes, but the only thing i edit or remove is fucked up comments about weight/gender/orientation/bodies/women/etc. now, no one has ever submitted something like SUPER FUCKED UP, but people do submit things with comments about stuff being ‘unflattering’ (you know i hate that word !) or about models being ugly or something and i don’t like that/don’t want that in our fun blog.

9) shouldn’t fat people lose weight if they want nicer clothes?

shouldn’t unempathetic bigots lose their typing fingers for ever saying shit like this?

10) why don’t you allow anonymous submissions?

because anonymity on the internet is the fucking devil 9 times out of 10.

11) hey, a bunch of personal questions about you !

i have an ‘about’ page here with about as much information as i want to share on this blog- since jezebel wrote about it, i got a million followers and don’t want to share anything super personal.

12) i live near you and want to hang out with you !

that is cool ! i am generally afraid of internet people but i tend to make exceptions for fellow fatties. however, i am super busy and don’t have a ton of free time, and i also get a lot of asks and stuff on here, so you might have to be persistent.

13) why didn’t you follow me back?

are you twelve