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We just got this gorgeous piece in from Le Roi Fine Jewelry, and it is really hard to not just stare at it all day! Solid Yellow Gold “Snowflake” threadless end featuring a 3mm synthetic Purple Opal and 1.5mm Clear cz’s. Such a vibrant piece!

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I’m missing you like shit today ///

Wowza! Absolutely gorgeous threadless end we picked up from the folks at Le Roi Fine Jewelry. This beauty is solid Yellow Gold and features 1.5mm Mint Green cz petals and a 3mm synthetic White Opal center. How opulent are you feeling today?

Picture This

Closed RP with Duzmachines95

Wendy Lee tugged her “Black Dragon Restaurant” baseball cap off her head and met Chief Vincent’s steely blue gaze squarely.  

She felt, oddly enough, like she had when she’d been sent to the principal’s office in high school: nervous, but determined.  After all, she hadn’t done anything wrong.

Even if the Chief was trying to stare holes in her.

She knew what the older woman saw: a very tall Asian girl, with elbow-length black hair clipped very close on the sides, and pulled back in a braid.  Her eyes were the color of black coffee, and her right nostril had a gold stud in it. She was dressed in a drab grey t-shirt, ancient jeans, and well-worn black Frye harness boots.

“Okay.  Explain to me where you got this.”  Vincent tapped the memory card Wendy had handed her twenty minutes ago: a record of four mutated turtles being offloaded from a police vehicle while officers with riot shields covered them from the gaze of the crowd.  The camera view was from above, and followed the turtles as they rode the pieces of the assembling spacecraft, and recorded their battle with Krang.

Wendy sighed.  “I put a drone together from spare parts, and decided to take it on a spin, with a camera with a telephoto lens.  I thought I would take some shots of the Chrysler building.”  The twenty-two-year-old pressed her lips together. “As you can see, I got a little more than I bargained for.”

The Bureau Chief got up from her desk, and paced around to stand in front of Wendy.  “And, what is it you want from me?”

Wendy blinked, taken aback.  “Want?  I don’t understand.”

Chief Vincent crossed her arms, leaning back against the edge of her desk. “Why did you bring this to me?  And, why all the cloak and dagger to get in here?”  Vincent gestured at the large bag of takeout sitting on her desk, obviously trying to ignore the savory aromas wafting from within.

Wendy suppressed a smile: her father’s cooking would soon be making another convert.

“I brought it to you, because you were obviously working with them.  And, because I don’t know enough about what’s going on to know what else to do with it.” The younger woman raised troubled eyes to the Chief’s blue ones.  “I have degrees in both Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, and what I saw on that ship was way more advanced than anything terrestrial.  And, unless I’m gravely mistaken, that was a dimensional rift it disappeared through.”

Wendy sighed.  “Those…turtles…saved the city.  Maybe more than just the city.  I’m assuming there’s a good reason they’re not taking credit for this, so outing them would be a lousy way to say thank you.

“Bottom line?  That’s the only copy.  I’ve watched it, and my parents have watched it, and they feel the same way I do: we are going to keep this secret.”

Chief Vincent blinked.  This was obviously not what she was expecting to hear.  

Wendy handed her a business card for the Black Dragon Restaurant.  “If you need to talk to me again, I can be reached at this address and number.  If you want to be discreet, just order take out, and I’ll bring it to you.”  She grinned. “And, speaking of which, I’d advise you to eat the dumplings before they cool off any further.”  

 Vincent questioned her a little further, and didn’t seem entirely satisfied with the answers, but eventually let her go after her assistant, Jade, confirmed Wendy’s identity.

After the girl left, Vincent rubbed a tired hand over her hair.  “Jade, get April O’Neill in here…”  The Bureau Chief lifted one of the dumplings to her mouth and took a cautious bite, raising an impressed eyebrow as she chewed.  “We may have a problem.”


Now all I can do is lay in my room, fall asleep, dream of you, then wake up and do nothing about it /// 

Title: Cigarette Daydreams
Fandom: Marvel
Word Count: 635
Characters: John Allerdyce x Reader, Bobby Drake
Reader Gender: Female
Warnings: None
Notes: Request from anon which I accidentally deleted before I could copy and paste it here. Something about a John fic in which he meets a girl with tattoos and piercings, and is super attracted to her. (Yes, the title is from the Cage the Elephant song. Yes, I often get my titles from songs.)

       John Allerdyce wasn’t the type to seek out nostalgia, but he found himself returning to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. His old friend, Bobby Drake, was a teacher there, and had insisted that he come for a visit. So, he parked the car and found Bobby. They began walking the grounds, discussing how the school had changed and what their old classmates were up to.
       “There’s a student here with the same powers as you,” Bobby said, then shot a grin to his friend. “You got a kid I don’t know about?”
       John scoffed. “Not a chance, man.”
       “Still haven’t met the right girl, huh?”
       “Yeah, I guess,” John replied, leaning against a nearby tree and pulling a cigarette from the pack in his pocket.
      “Well…” Bobby began, standing in front of him. “There’s a new teacher here. I think she’s your type.”
      “You’ve never been a good match-maker,” John stated incredulously. “Remember when you tried to set me up with that girl you met in college, and she cried over her ex the entire date? Or the blonde you met at Starbucks and gave my number to, and she stole my fucking car after we had sex? Or –”
      “Yeah, yeah, I get it,” Bobby interrupted, laughing. John pulled his lighter from his pocket, and moved the flame it produced to the tip of his cigarette. “I’ve hung out with her a few times, at teachers’ meetings and stuff like that. I really think you’d like her.”
      John opened his mouth to reply, exhaling smoke, but his response was cut off by ice suddenly coating his cigarette and part of his fingers. He shot a death glare to Bobby, who held up his hands to say that he hadn’t done it.
      “Did you miss the multiple ‘No Smoking’ signs, or are you just rude?”
      Bobby turned, and they saw that a woman had come to stand behind him, her arms crossed and one eyebrow quirked. John lost the ability to speak, as she was the most gorgeous woman he’d ever seen. She had a small ring in her nostril, and a stud above her cupid’s bow. Her hair was tucked behind her ear, making the several piercings there visible: three silver hoops on each lobe, a few in her cartilage, and a small diamond on her tragus. Her short sleeves showed the numerous tattoos adorning her arms, and she undoubtedly had more that were hidden from view.
      John quickly determined that the list of things he wouldn’t do to see the rest was very short.
      “Hey, Y/N,” Bobby greeted. “This is my friend John. And yeah, he’s just rude.”
      “Not rude,” John protested, flicking the frozen cigarette away. “Used to do it when I went here; figured it didn’t matter if I did it now.”
      The cigarette abruptly caught fire, and quickly turned to ash, which was absorbed into the ground. John looked to Y/N, whose outstretched hand gave away that she was the culprit.
      “Well, if the kids see you do it, they’ll think they can, too,” Y/N explained, then shrugged. “Not that they don’t already, but they damn sure don’t need any encouragement.”
      She turned when a few students called for her.
      “I’ve got to go. I’ll see you later, Bobby,” she said, then slowly looked John up and down with a smirk on her lips. “And hopefully you, too, John.”
      Despite the fact that he was normally very good with women, John could only manage to choke out “Y-Yeah, me too” as he watched her walk off. There was a moment of silence, and John could hear the smile in Bobby’s voice when he spoke – but John was too preoccupied with staring at Y/N’s ass.
      “So… you gonna let me set you up this time?”
      “Yeah, I’d be alright with that.”

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