Leaving Cert Gothic
  • ‘Blank Page’ is written on the blank page. The white page is pink.
  • “Léigh anois go cúramach, ar do scrúdpháipéar, na treoracha agus na ceisteanna a ghabhann le Cuid A”. The beep never stops. There has never been a time before the beep.
  • The rustle in the quiet oh the rustle will drive you mad the rustle of pages turning always turning you are still on page one.
  • The boy behind you has stopped coughing. Your hands are slippery with blood. You can’t hold the pen.
  • You scramble wildly through your page your calculator must be here some where there’s still time-CRACK- you stare numbly at the shards of broken protractor in your hands.
  • You run for the door, you can see light you can almost feel the warmth of the sun, you step out the door into- darkness. A dark and sunless world. you shiver.
  • Years pass. You are happy, content. It is all behind you. You wake up in a sweat. Your family, your car, your job, it was all a dream. You’re late for English paper one. You wake up in a sweat. You don’t know what is a dream and what is reality. You will never escape.
Cubix: I just want the robot list.

You know what show was cool? Cubix. I mean, looking back, the show wasn’t great, but I kind of miss all those cool robots. There was a robot list somewhere, think I’ll look at it.

Oh, the website is down. Eh, not surprised. I’ll check on wikipedia.

Aww, the wikipedia page doesn’t even have Hela’s robots. What about Mr. Fixit, and Diagnostix, and… that other guy? Aw. Hey, an archive link!

…uhoh, that’s right, the Cubix website had a lot of wonky code. That’s not working at all. To Google!

…this is the saddest wikia wiki I have ever seen.

Gah, come on, the robot list has to have been immortalized SOMEWHERE. Bah, ask TVTropes. This seems like the kind of things TVTropes would have.


I don’t want to watch the show… I just want the robot liiist…