“Death of centuries! Moonchaser! Blasphemer! Monkey! Vase of prehistory. Finally to Earth, and finally born…Albin, collect the wooden stake and return it to its rightful place; it is necessary for the final frame, to remind us of the inadequacies of our plans, our contingencies, every missed train and failed picnic, every lie to a child…Time will no longer be a dark spot on our lungs. They will no longer say ‘you had to have been there’, because the fact is, Albin, we were.”

-F. W. Murnau, “Shadow of the Vampire”

so I was about to go to bed

when out of the corner of my eye I spotted

meaning this is my 10000th post


party time?

OK, so this may have just been an excuse to post my favourite gifs all in one post

also I would just like to thank my lovely followers, for just being awesome
and I’ve had a couple of you over the last couple of weeks sending me lovely messages and it just warms my heart you have no idea, so thank you very much.

I should probably go get a job now or something

Fresh off ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’

the SteepWays Collective

will be performing a live original soundtrack to



Castell Coch, Wales, on Saturday 1st Febuary

and then

Caerphilly Castle, Wales, on sunday 9th Febuary

Tickets are £12/£10 available from Chapter in Cardiff