Top 10 Request: DSM. This one means a little more to me than some of the other Top 10 list’s i’ve done. As a few people i know have cars that are on my top 10 list. Little side note, one of my best friends from grade school all the way up to High School had a 99 Eclipse and he was a big person to help me get into the “DSM” world. He died the year after we got out of high school, so anytime i see a DSM i remember my friend. Some of the notable cars on my Top 10 list include John Shepherd’s CRAZY FAST 7 second 1G. Adam Gomez’s 2G Eclipse “Elly” Brent Rau’s 6 Second RWD DSM. Kyle Topczewski’s gorgeous silver GSX. And Tim Zimmer from TMZ Performance.  

As always these are in no particular order, Feel free to message me for suggestions as what to use for my next Top 10. I have 20,000 + Car pics on my Computer so i might as well use them for something.