Blueberry Muffin - Style Meme~ and fun facts you never knew you needed.

Berry ♥ Vanilla ♥ Shannified  ♥ Mirror Mirror

  1. Blueberry is the very first Sim to carry the title of Berry Sweet. She was created in September of ‘09 and is the matriarch of the Muffin Collaborative legacy.
  2. She is also the star of my very first Berry Sweet Machinima and was the second step into the Dreamwalker arena. My first was a Sims 2 machinima and it was in a sense… extremely rough.
  3. Blueberry was, at one point in her life, married to Goji Puff, who just so happens to be Merlot’s father. The only one privy to this information however, was Niabell, Merlot’s mother.
  4. If the Mirror Mirror version looks familiar, that’s because Blackberry Muffin is one of the default avatars available on the Sims official site.
  5. Originally created with the evil trait Blueberry received an attitude adjustment to make her fit in with the requirements I set for the Berry Sweet Competition.
  6. Her divorce from Goji was not something I planned for, but when their friendship bar deteriorated I could not get it back, no matter how I tried so I did the only thing I could think of, I wrote him out of the story.

i just want to run fast and be able to train without worrying about my knees and run far and run on trails and run free and run 12 miles on a sunday morning and do a track workout on a cool wednesday evening and i never really got much of this opportunity and i’m nostaligic and desperate and longing for something that i never really got the chance to have and i think that’s the worst part

one day, steve is feeling nostaligic in a way he hasn’t in a long time. he has bucky back, sam and nat and the rest of the avengers are making his life worth living again, and he thinks he can finally move on from the forties. he misses it, but he knows his friends had long, fulfilling lives, and he wants to know what they did. he decides to pull out the files of the commandos and look deeper into them.

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