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i. Eros — is a lover with a burning passion that outshines and burns the all others with a fiery flame that in return burns them. It is a fire with raw intensity that could melt pure steel and harden the softest of hearts into the purest of diamonds. Eros is not always that of a true lover.

ii. Ludus — is a lover like that of milk and honey and innocence. Its whispers fainter than flower petals against soft skin. It is a soulmate that burns brighter than the sun whose heart is purer than the whitest of sands. Though Ludus’ love is not raw and passionate and burning. It is a love built on secrecy and promises and trust and toothy grins and nostalgic scents. 

iii. Philia — is a lover built on blood and dirt and gritted teeth. Philia is the iron in the blood and plasma from which the deepest stars in the galaxy are made of. They are passionate and forgiving and most of all undeniably understanding. A lover that is not easily found, nor a lover that is easily forgotten.

iv. Pragma — is a lover that understands with a maturity like no other. Pragma knows nothing of revenge or deep rooted hatred. It isn’t a first kiss or childish crushes. Pragma is a lover with selfless desires and a heart full of gold and warmth and an understanding touch. The bands between two hearts and the long journey to the stars. A lover who is everlasting even when their other half is no longer apart of them.

v. Agape — is a lover whose heart fell for strangers on empty buses and midnight train station platforms. The color yellow. A lover of naivety and hope and carefree. One who could only see others as if they had done no wrong. A lover built of wanderlust and fairy tales and stardust. One who extends galaxies to the ones they love, for nothing in return.

vi. Philautia — is a lover of themselves. A lover often mistaken for vanity and selfishness. A lover who need not to be desired, to appreciate their self-worth. Though they often are desired by many. Philautia is one who only needs the love they give off. They are a lover made of silver stones and a heart guarded by rusted chains.

—  Six Kinds of Lovers by Nicole Moon
↬ nap - yoongi drabble

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post break up au #1 “i literally can’t sleep alone anymore so i’ve shown up at your door in my pyjamas, can we have one more nap together, please?”

[with yoongi]

genre: fluff
words: 610

No day passed by without Yoongi thinking of you. You would always somehow sneak into his thoughts, and usually at the most ungodly hours. Three in the morning? He’d think about your smile and how your face lit up when the two of you were together. He loved when you’d poke and prod at him for attention. He loved the moments shared between hot coffee and lazy mornings the most; with your legs hanging lazily over his on the sofa and his nose lost in the crook of your neck. Yoongi would lie alone with these thoughts on his seemingly empty bed, sheets messed in all directions from his constant midnight restlessness. He was lost in you, completely and utterly lost.

And you were lost in him too.


A cold breeze seeped through your window and played with your curtains to a deafened melody. The night was reticent and cool while you were covered comfortably under your fluffed duvet. As much comfort and tranquility you received, you just couldn’t seem to sleep. You tossed and turned, sticking a leg in or out every few minutes to comply with your body’s need for a gratifying balance between warm and cold. You let out a long ragged sigh sat up, reaching to the side of your bed over to your nightstand to retrieve your earphones and phone respectively. Through a quick few taps you shuffled a soft playlist with slow melodies to soothe you (save for the few upbeat ones but shh you just really liked to scare the shit out of yourself sometimes at three in the morning).

You remembered this playlist and all of the songs it contained. You glanced at the sweet title  “For You, Courtesy of Yoongs.” You knew you shouldn’t have tapped that one, but you couldn’t help it. It was the only list of beautifully crafted songs you’d let yourself listen to during a restless time like tonight—or rather, today, since it’s three in the fucking morning.

Along with this choice, though, came the consequences; one of which you knew was remembering everything from your recent beloved, Min Yoongi. You loved him so much; you loved him without words, you loved him with words, and you loved him now, with tears smeared across your bare face. But to your surprise you needn’t cry alone any longer. Your phone vibrated with an incoming text from a number stained in your memories, deleted not long ago.

“I miss you,” it read. “Unlock your door, it’s cold.”

Without a single thought you ripped the earphones from your ears and sprang up from the soft and welcoming sheets to run to your front door. You slowed your pace the quicker you arrived to the door and slowed your breathing while carefully undoing the locks. With quick click you flung the door open and jumped into the arms of the boy that stood before you with puffy red eyes akin to yours and tear streaks not yet wiped. You pulled your head from his shoulder and looked up at his face—one you so desperately needed to see. You raised your right arm from his back and lifted it to his ever so present eyebags and wiped the tears from his soft cheeks.

He uttered only one sentence, “I know we broke up, but I literally can’t sleep without you… can we… can we have one more nap together?”

And with a quick nod, you returned to the safety of Yoongi’s arms, your face hidden in his neck, nostalgic from his scent. You knew this wouldn’t be the last time you napped together. But it would be the last time you ever broke up.

a li’l short yoongi drabble. thanks for reaching down here lmao i just needed a quick prompt to spark my interest,,, sigh. i wanna work on a p long fic soon but i need more motivation :’’))

Apart (Yugyeom)

Request: I would like to request a Yugyeom scenario. he was dating u but his company forces him to break up. u moved after the break up & found out u were pregnant. u didn’t tell him. after 3 years ur son wants to meet his dad. u travel to korea for holidays, while there u go to his parents shop & so his mom immediately knows that it was her grandchild and makes Yugyeom come!!
Length: 1,903 words
Genre: Fluff/Angst

*A/N: It is set pretty far into the future, just fyi :)

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I was tagged by both @knighting-vale and @genderbinaryisforlosers so thanks both of you!

Name: Briana
Nickname: Bri
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Height: 5′4″
Orientation: Straight
Favorite fruit: Berries. Any kind.
Favorite season: Either spring or fall.
Favorite book series: Oooh, um, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is the first thing that came to mind, but I’m also slowly working my way through Discworld which is threatening to pass it.
Favorite flower: All of them?? Um, if I had to pick one it would probably be fruit blossoms. I love the way the petals fall when it’s windy, and I grew up near orchard country so they make me nostalgic.
Favorite scent: Petrichor. I don’t care if it’s stereotypical, it’s amazing.
Favorite colour: Blue.
Favorite animals: I’m sorry I’m so bad at picking favorite things. lol. Um, let’s go with tardigrades. Tardigrades are awesome.
Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: Tea mostly. Though cocoa is also lovely.
Average sleep hours: Around 6 on weekdays, like 9 on weekends.
Cat or dog person: Dogs. Cats are nice, but definitely dogs.
Favorite fictional character: Y-you want me to pick just one?Between all of my darling fictional children?? How?! I could probably list faves from every show/book, but that would take a while. lol. I will say that Peter Nureyev was the first one to pop into my head. I would kill for that overdramatic, gangly dork.
Number of blankets you sleep with: 3-4. I get cold.
Dream trip: Just travelling all over europe with one or two good friends.
Blog created: 10/20/2015 so, not all that long ago.
Number of followers: 395

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The Mukami bro's with a self conscious, blind s/o? (I honestly have no idea where I'm going with this but this would be so cute to see! >///////< )

マリ: Just realised I have a shit ton of work to do this weekend, so I might as well take on this short lil request I received a couple of days ago! It might not be… cute, but I think I made it work with the aid of some casual NSFW(˶′◡‵˶)Hope you like it! 

Midnight. As you made your way through the gardens, your senses were invigorated by an overwhelming amount of stimuli – the prominent yet calming sound of crickets filled the air, a soft breeze played with strands of your hair, your fingers trailed along the petals of soft roses that diffused a pleasant and nostalgic flowery scent, the fairy lights that illuminated the garden cast white specks on your vision. Even though you were severely visually impaired, you could still distinguish between light and dark and your other senses were heightened, which helped you find your way back into the mansion with little effort. As soon as you had closed the door and stepped inside, the air was eerily quiet and there were no light sources in your vicinity, not even the faint glow of a tea light – you knew right away that something was off. You started feeling uneasy, and wrapped your arms around your upper body in an attempt to curb the shivers that ran along your spine.
     “Guys, please,” you called out in vain, “don’t play around, this isn’t funny…”
     You felt someone’s lips press against your ear, hands roaming your body from behind you. “N-no, wait,” you whimpered, your voice wobbling when he began to undo the buttons of your blouse, and heard the vampire inhale sharply as his slender fingers made their way underneath your bra, pinching your sensitive buds between his middle and ring finger. You writhed against him in protest, trying to push him off, but soon gave yourself over to his hands. The way his body tensed against yours made it obvious how pleased he was to elicit such shameless moans from you so quickly. 

Ruki ←
“Blatantly assuming that I’m fooling around? I couldn’t have anticipated for you to be that ignorant, Livestock. Say, do I ever joke around? Do I ever dare make fun of you? Come on, then. Open your pretty mouth and answer…” – you shake your head in response and mutter an expression of your gratitude – “You’re… grateful, even? Good girl. I felt like enjoying myself with you tonight, and, let’s be honest – you – ah – give away control too easily, Livestock…” – you hear the vampire chuckle lightly as one of his hands slides underneath your skirt, swiftly moving aside your panties before sliding two fingers inside of you, making you gasp and shiver – “Your lack of eyesight simply makes you an easy prey… Hah. You have your own pleasure as your top priority, don’t you? Such a lewd little girl, shamelessly writhing about in my arms like this… You may not be able to see me, but you will feel me, inside and out, and you will know my body as thoroughly as I know yours…”

“Evenin’, Sow” – the vampire hovers over you and grinds his body against yours from behind as he touches your sensitive areas – “I hear ya wanted to see me; well, that’s too bad in your case, heh. Luckily I can see you, though, because I wouldn’t have wanted to miss that erotic face of yours for a million bucks. Every single move I make right now resonates through your body and, honestly…” – suddenly, he forcefully thrusts two fingers into you – “Ah, yeah, Sow, so pretty. Exclusively for me… You’re practically drooling, such wet lips ya have. I know what I’d do to that mouth. Lemme show you, feel you…” – you hear Yuma undo his belt and he grabs your shoulders to violently get you on your knees, bruising you significantly as he forces himself into your mouth – “Mm, yeah, look… look up, Sow… I needa… see those empty, begging eyes…”

Kou ←
“But you’re so much fun to play with, M-Nekochan! You’re always so clueless. I could fool around with you all day long…” – you suddenly feel exposed and cold; the vampire has ripped off your blouse and you heard the soft thump of the fabric hitting the floor – “And maybe I will! I call the shots here anyway, right? You just have to abide by my rules if you want to stay alive.. But why do you even want to stay alive? Not being able to see my face must be very hard on you…Hey, M-Nekochan, I know what game we’re going to play tonight. Let’s play hide and seek!” – you feel him move his hands to cover your eyes, but removes them again almost instantly – “Oh, my bad! Blindfolding isn’t necessary! Then you’re going to have to rely on your hearing and… touch, heh” – the vampire guides your hand slowly towards his crotch, and straight into his jeans, making him moan obscenely -- “Here, have a little feel… so that you’ll remember properly…”

→ Azusa ←
“I was feeling… lonely… and wanted to… feed, and spend some time with you… So, Eve, please… lend me your neck first” – you push your hair aside and tilt your head, allowing the vampire easy access to your vessels, and you feel him placing your hands on his body as he feeds – “Oh, the way you just… moved… against me, does me draining you.. excite you? Please, do it more… it feels… nice… Your warm body against mine, that’s how it’s meant to be” – you spread your legs suggestively as he continues, and guide one of his hands to your wetness as to encourage him to finger you – “So naughty, Eve… I wish I could… give you back your eyesight… just so you can see… the scars I’ll be leaving on you from your head to your toes… bleeding all over. You are… mm… my prized… possession…”


make me fall in love with magic / Bucky Barnes

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People say that feeling pain, happiness, sorrow, love, just feeling is what makes us human. Sure, he hadn’t lost his ability to feel (yet) but if you asked him to write a list of words that described him, a human wouldn’t be one of them. But, somehow, while walking along the dark and narrow streets of Bucharest on this cold winter night, he couldn’t help but feel. People were walking by, faces lost in the depths of their scarfs, empty eyes, reddened noses, and no one seemed no mind or even notice his shadowy presence, and that made him feel safe, unnoticed and lonely, but safe. That made him feel.

The numbing weather was cruel even to him, to someone who had survived countless Russian winters, someone who was carrying the cold of all the winters he had survived in his soul.

You worked in a local coffee shop and were closing up when you heard the door open. Looking up you saw a man, probably in his 30s, dressed in a red, long-sleeved shirt, a grey jacket and worn out gloves. He looked like he was cold which didn’t surprise you at all because the clothes that he was wearing were not even a close competition to the cruel weather outside. When the man saw that there were no other people in the shop, he turned around to leave, disappointment evident in his bluish green eyes.

“We’re not closed yet, do you want to order something?”

For a moment he was silent as if he was trying to understand if the question was directed to him or not. Then, remembering that he was the only costumer in the shop, he turned around and, after composing himself, took a few steps towards your desk. He was trying to come up with something to say when a familiar scent filled his senses. He looked down on the mug that was placed on your desk (which was also the source of that nostalgic scent) and, no louder than a whisper, asked what it was filled with.

“It’s hot chocolate. I can make you one, if you want to.”

He swiftly nodded, quietly thanked you and took the furthest seat from you, close to the window. You made his drink and served it to him with two freshly baked chocolate cookies. He was studying your movements as if you might do him harm, as if you could hurt him.

“but I-i didn’t order this…”

His voice was hoarse and croaky. It seemed like he hadn’t talked in a long time.

“It’s okay, it’s on the house. You look like you need a bit chocolate in your life.”

You were studying him from afar. There was something fascinating about his darkness. Every time, before taking a sip, he would bring the mug close to his nose, slowly breathe in the scent and close his eyes. Every step of this strange ritual would paint a ghost of a smile on his pale lips. To fill the awkward silence, you decided to put on some music. The sound seemed to bring him back from his daze, as he asked

“What-what song is this?”

“uhm it’s fortyfive by bootstraps. You know it?”

He chuckled quietly at your question, and with his newly found confidence, answered

“No, to be frank I’m more keen on older music.”

“If you want I can change the so-

“No, no it’s okay, it’s different, good different, I think I like it.”

And thus, you started a small talk about music, then changed the topic to art and books. Soon he was almost finished with his drink, but, not wanting to go to his “apartment” and be alone with his thoughts and himself, he was saving his last sip.

“Do you want more hot chocolate?”

“No, thank you, it’s just very nice in here.”

Nice …  he hadn’t used that word in years.

“You don’t want to go home, do you?”

You asked as if you read his mind. He shook his head without looking up.

“Do you want to go to somewhere magical?”

Magic … he remembered the same word coming out of different, much thinner lips, he remembered a honeyed voice talk about magic, and it felt good, it felt like home.

“I do.”

With his help you closed up the coffee shop, and the two of you headed to your magical place. Sure, he was keeping his distance, avoiding eye (and other kind of) contact with you.

“What’s your name? If you don’t mind me asking, of course.”

You saw him visibly tense at your question, and after a short debate with himself, he answered

“Bucky, I think.” And yet again, the same honeyed voice rang in his head, bringing back small puzzled memories.

“You think?”

“No, - he answered with more confidence, -I know it. What’s yours?”

You told him your name and chuckled at his strange answer

“Yeah, right, you look like a y/n.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing bad, doll, I promise.”

Trying to ignore the goosebumps that his pet name caused, you continued your “journey” in silence. Soon, your magical place made itself visible.

“This used to be an ice skating rink, but it shut down 9 years ago. I used to come here a lot, as a child.”

Bucky was wondering why you took him to a place which held such sentimental meaning to you and then he remembered – magic. This place was magical. He followed you into the building, you both put on some skates.

“But i-I don’t really know how to skate.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll guide you, just hold my hand.”

He was hesitant about letting you touch him, or more like, letting himself touch you.

“Hey, Buck, I won’t hurt you, I promise.”

Somewhere between the tiny faded scars on the skin of your face, the hidden sparkles in your eyes and the your chapped lips, he found himself wanting to trust, willing to let himself go. He held your hand with his right one. It felt so oddly good to touch someone, to have someone touch him without bringing any pain. His first step on ice was a little wobbly and when he was about to lose his balance, you held his hand even tightly.

“It’s okay, I’ve got you.”

Soon, after ten minutes of going in circles (and giggling and smiling), he got a bit cocky and thought that he could do some tricks as well. His first try ended up with him falling not-so-gracefully on his oh so graceful butt.

“Oh my! You should’ve seen your face, Buck.”

He looked at you with wide eyes but then, a shy smile appeared on his chapped lips and he silently chuckled to himself and, honestly, he looked so pretty when he smiled. You offered him your hand to help him stand up but, instead, he took you down with him causing you to land right on top of him. You both looked into each other’s eyes and broke out in hysterical fits of laughter.

When you calmed down (it took you a long time to), you caressed his cheek with your fingers, nimbly and gently

“You’re different, Bucky, good different.”

And at that moment, he felt himself falling in love with magic, for the second time in his life.

Coney Island

Summary: A one-shot based on Bucky meeting you back in the 1940s. It was inspired by that scene in Civil War, where Bucky and Steve reminisce about that one time at Coney Island. 

Characters/Relationships: 1940s!Bucky x Reader; Steve; Dolores aka ‘Dot’

Warnings: None, except for my shitty ass writing lol

A/N: I am so blocked on Though She Be But Little, I needed a break! I needed a little drabble! I needed Bucky fluff! 

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grampa-lion  asked:

A scent trigger that makes me feel really nostalgic is the scent of new cardboard, like on trading cards fresh out of a booster pack! It brings me back to when I was 11 years old and had just discovered Magic the Gathering, my favorite card game.

aw, nice!! :-)

A Study in Supernatural (Part 3)

A/N: Ex-Hunter!ReaderxSherlock and a bit of ReaderxDean. A Sherlock-Supernatural Crossover fic. Requested by a dear friend of mine. Some background knowledge about Supernatural might be needed to appreciate the story. Enjoy!

Warning/s: Violence (not too graphic :) ). Mind the language. Bit of spoiler for SPN.

Word Count:1,400+

A Study in Supernatural Masterlist

“The lights aren’t working…” Sherlock said just as you started to walk in different directions.

Of course it’s not working. What the hell were you expecting?

“We should probably come back tomorrow morning.” You said.

“We can’t,” Sherlock denied. “The federal police will be coming by tomorrow. This is the only time we have to investigate with everything still intact. We have to make it work.” He reasoned. You nodded, implying that you understand.

“You have your flashlight on you?” You asked.

“Yep.” He said, popping the ‘p’.

“I’ll head to the kitchen then. Be careful.” You said.

“You too.” He replied.


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Winter Song - Chapter 10 - by proantagonist
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

55k+ Words. Victor/Yuuri. Explicit. Canon compliant. Slow build. Switching. Takes place during Episodes 7-12. (And beyond.)

The Barcelona sun glittered like a diamond between Victor’s outstretched fingers.

It was early morning, the hour just after sunrise, and the air was chilly and smelled of briny seawater. It was a comforting smell—refreshing and nostalgic—but another familiar scent radiated up from the blue peacoat Victor had borrowed from his fiancé. Yuuri’s scent. Clean and warm. Wearing his coat was like being wrapped up in his arms. However, Victor had chosen to walk alone that morning. His lover’s scent was all that accompanied him.

Well. That and the feel of him.

Victor’s body ached all over, inside and out, as only the best kind of sex could do to a person. It was a pleasant ache that could be felt anew with every breath, step, and sigh. Last night’s lovemaking would not be easy to forget. He could feel the ghost of Yuuri’s mouth on his skin. See his sweet, bright-eyed smile in his mind. Hear the impassioned sounds he’d made echoed in the breeze.

A smile shone in Victor’s eyes for a moment but didn’t touch his lips.

His heart felt strange in his chest, like it wasn’t properly seated and was beating out of time. He had a lot on his mind that morning.

Read more on AO3.

Existence - Jakob/Joker x FKamui

I’ve rewritten this over & over and am super nervous about posting it but I hope you guys enjoy it anyways wwww

“Jakob…” Kamui whispered sweetly, his beloved master looking tenderly at him with her large ruby eyes. He felt his heart hammering out of his chest, not sure how he got himself into this situation as his master slowly brought up a soft hand to caress his cheek. “Jakob….I’ve always-“


Jakob almost jumped up from his bed, wildly looking around for his master before realizing he was in his own bed and the wonderful scene he had been a part of was just a sweet, sweet dream. He raised his bleary eyes to the lone window in his room, through which the aggravating sound of birds flitted through. He vaguely contemplated throwing a fruit knife at the irritating things before remembering that Kamui hated seeing animals hurt, especially birds. He sighed and flung an arm over his eyes, blocking out the sunlight.

He squashed down the tender feeling in his chest he would get when he thought about Kamui, especially after that dream. She was his master… and that’s all he’d ever be. It was a fool’s errand to wish for greater, more impossible things when he was already blessed with her presence as well as her trust. Cursing the dream and his own treacherous feelings, he lurched to his feet. He had no love for waking up early, but if it was for his lord Kamui… he’d power through it day by day.

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the signs as nice things
  • aries: cute tipsy girls giggling as they help each other walk home; relaxing on a sofa after a long day; when a friend remembers a favorite thing of yours
  • taurus: discovering a new band or artist that you quickly come to love; a thoughtful thank-you note; finding just what you wanted at the mall for half-off
  • gemini: taking the perfect selfie; the excitement of waiting for your favorite band's album to be released; a friend texting you silly puns to make you laugh
  • cancer: the crunch of leaves under your feet; your friend's dog remembering who you are and being delighted to see you; forehead kisses
  • leo: a nostalgic scent that takes you back to old soft memories; slowly waking up from a restful nap; smiling at a baby and them smiling back
  • virgo: seeing a rare animal in person and holding your breath, hoping it won't run away; meeting someone who has the same embarrassing fannish interest; finding a $5 bill on the floor
  • libra: sharing candy with friends; the sound of your mother's laugh; curling under blankets on a cold night
  • scorpio: the sound of wind chimes; perfect hair days; videos of tiny baby animals
  • sagittarius: finding something you thought you'd lost; praise from a teacher you admire; the smell of cookies baking
  • capricorn: warm soup on cold days; the quiet hour before dawn, feeling peace seep into your bones; the glow of accomplishment after doing well
  • aquarius: a friend falling asleep on your shoulder; the excited buzz after watching an amazing movie; watching your favorite flower bloom
  • pisces: a content cat purring in your lap; laughing so hard your abs hurt; a perfectly-brewed cup of coffee; a smell that reminds you of home; when your panties and bra match perfectly; winning an argument and watching the other person sulk about it; inside jokes that make you smile even years later
the signs as candles
  • aries: those apple scented candles that remind you of going out to the countryside and bobbing for apples at carnivals and fairs as a kid
  • taurus: forest/pine tree scented candles that give you that earthy, stress-relieving smells that remind you of camping with your family
  • gemini: marshmallow/campfire candles that are sweet yet have a slight edge to them. reminds you of sitting with your crush at a campfire.
  • cancer: the fresh, linen kind of candles that are soft and pure. reminds you of hanging up laundry outside on a warm day even though those don't really exist anymore
  • leo: beach scented candles that are warm and inviting. probably reminds you of feeling the sand getting stuck in between your toes
  • virgo: petrichor (smell after rain) scented candles that are soothing and refreshing. reminds you of starting over on a new page
  • libra: floral scented candles that are sweet and lovely, and have a spring edge to them. reminds you of falling in love with someone
  • scorpio: citrus scented candles that are slightly sour yet very pleasing and classic. reminds you of feeling in control of yourself and powerful
  • sagittarius: vanilla scented candles that are strong and eye-opening. reminds you of traveling the world and finding connections or feeling like a child again
  • capricorn: holiday scented candles that are super classic and yummy. definitely reminds you and gives you a very nostalgic feeling
  • aquarius: dark scented candles that are based off of midnight, partying, neon signs. reminds you of having the best time of your life
  • pisces: ocean scented candles that make you feel like you're in california swimming in the sea. reminds you that you're beautiful the way you are
B.A.P as Nostalgic Scents
  • Yongguk: The first smell of winter. The dryness that soaks your skin and the coldness that shivers your spine. The crispness of the air that clears your nostrils and wakes you up. The mint you feel when you exhale. The brisk adrenaline of warm running. The heart thumping rush to keep going and the churning of your body. A feel of independence, of autonomy, and of continued effort.
  • Himchan: The smell of baked goods. The warmth of the oven brushing your cheeks when the whiff of bread or cake comes out from the opened, oven door. The feeling of your mouthwatering from the accent chocolate or fruit and your stomach becoming full from sugar. The sweetness that reminds you of family gatherings and togetherness.
  • Daehyun: The smell of smoke from a bonfire or campfire. The smell so faint that all you know is that you hear the slight crackling of the fire. The feeling of warm intimacy and watching the flickering flames with a selective few at closeness to the highest degree. Safe and content.
  • Youngjae: The smell of air after the sun sets. In the darkness, the air smells clearer with the faint whiff of what smells like summer bbq that pokes your nostrils. It's a feeling of independence yet the memory of togetherness. It offers the opportunity of identity, blended with motivating selflessness. It's eye-opening and relaxing.
  • Jongup: The smell of asphalt after it rains. The moisture and humidity of natural cleansing and hardworking sweat. The vast openness of self against the sky and the clarity of sunlight glistening through the clouds. The feeling of warm happiness and the washing waves of accomplishment.
  • Zelo: The smell of a new box of crayons. The grittiness of what smells similar to rubber, it's like a new change in every box. The subtle yet rough smell with the blending mesh of vibrant colors brings back to the childhood of imagination and endless possibilities. It brings the smell of the dreamer, the one with relentless opportunities.

anonymous asked:

Some Yume said in the ship tag Yuuki never desired Zeros blood and when she did she thought he was kaname and after drinking it she was still thirsty. wtf its like not anything i read, all the lines are different, where is this coming from?

[Quick shout out to knightandprincess and shizza for posting about blood here and here recently.]

Hopefully the Vampire Knight fandom as a whole knows this by now, but I’ll lead in with the line so I don’t have to repeat it later: “Only the blood of the one you love can sate you.”

Now that I have that out of the way, thanks for giving me an opportunity to clear your confusion. I’m more than happy to.

The quick TL;DR answer to why there might’ve been differences in what you read is that some Yumes continue to use biased translations, ignoring OFFICIAL TRANSLATIONS [read: all scans in this post — so be forewarned that this is pretty image heavy] as well as ignoring key character developments. It’s pretty telling in how they reconcile their ship, honestly.

Anyway, about this claim that Yuuki thought Zero was Kaname during 60th Night [oh god]. On the Night of  “A Scent That Recalls Memories,” or even as the biased translation entitled, “Nostalgic Scent,” Yuuki, after being rescued by Zero, is carried to safety, and when she wakes, she goes to drink his blood. She thinks to herself, “Ahh… I KNOW this scent. It’s SO CLOSE. A scent that… recalls memories…

Having read the chapter previous, we can conclude that Yuuki was with Kaname earlier that DAY, but she hadn’t been CLOSE with Zero in MONTHS! She smiles radiantly because Zero’s scent “recalls memories” of when she was with him, he makes her “nostalgic” for the past, of happier times when she wasn’t locked away, suffering, and feeling LONELY under Kaname’s thumb.

Nothing to be confused with so far…

She scoots down to brush her nose through his hair, lick his neck, and let her fangs protrude to bite—-

—but she stops short of biting to LOOK at him.

Her smile doesn’t waver, even as she takes in his pale hair and eyes — features that are COMPLETE CONTRASTS to Kaname’s, not to be mistaken.

Then it hits her; but it’s not even an immediate shock she experiences. Yuuki STARED at Zero, KNOWING his scent [as if he could be mistaken for a pureblood], looking completely dreamy as she awoke happily with him so near to her.

It is when reality catches up to her, that she was relishing in her childhood friend, that she was ENGAGED and should be faithful to someone else, only then does she back away.

Yuuki knew she was in Zero’s arms and we should know she knew simply by reading her choice in words. I mean, all vampire logic aside, that’s just plain common sense.

But if that’s not enough to convince the severely deluded, then I’ll jump ahead fourteen chapters to point out a parallel.

Yuuki stopped herself from biting into the person who made her smile lovingly with his scent alone so that she could make eye contact with him… not once, but twice. Once when her inhibitions were lowered, and a second time when she was fully cognizant.

“I just want to take a good look at the person whose blood I’m going to drink… Mr. Future Hunter Society President.”

Yuuki truly sought to place Zero’s presence in front of herself, to leave no room for doubt that she was existing with him in those moments. Each time she found him willingly within her reach, she wanted to meet eyes with him because — the boy she always wanted to cherish, the boy she grew to love and yearn for — being with him, having his attention placed upon her was a limited and precious time to her, and she wanted all that he would give to her and more.

So even if she felt powerless to speak her feelings for him out loud due to her obligations as a Kuran Pureblood, she still desired to convey her affections to him somehow.

And after all their heartache, being kept apart and suffering as a result, once she FINALLY received his blood, she didn’t remain thirsty:

Detaching herself from Zero and standing, she makes a snide remark at his expense to lighten the mood, but she quickly realizes the extent of what she had brought up, and what she was bringing up was when Zero used to drink her blood [remember when she accused him of looking inside of her], hence Zero’s uncomfortable response and her floundering to apologize. But remembering their past forbidden acts, she is then prompted to ask, “Zero, how do you…” she leaves her sentence hanging, instead finishing it in her thoughts,…control… your thirst…?[funny how the official translation actually makes sense huh]

The point being made with Yuuki’s unfinished question is how Zero maintains control over himself when Yuuki can’t even keep herself composed with blood tablets [or, again, with the pureblood king]. Really, it’s just her trying to gauge whether Zero has any feelings left for her as she obviously found herself alone with an ever-growing love and need for him.

[That question is also revisited on 87th NIght when Yuuki tries to tempt Zero with her blood. She really doesn’t like being the only one lusting after the other lol *shot shot*]

If that’s not enough to showcase Yuuki’s desire and satisfaction with Zero, just turn one page over and read:

“The moment” she sank her fangs into Zero’s neck, her “head suddenly cooled.” Stop to think and realize that Yuuki never said Kaname’s blood did anything for her after drinking it. She made declarations about it, but never said or thought that it did her any good. Actually, Yuuki acted as if she were being starved while living with Kaname [all while practically being force fed his blood].

So take heart, anon. Zero’s blood was what Yuuki needed most because Zero was the one Yuuki loved most, and Yumes will never be able to change this canon fact no matter how many shitty, hateful, logic twisting posts they make in the Zeki tag.

That’s that.~