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I'm so happy to see you're moving on to bigger and better things. Though, there's so much to say abt this blog during it's time up and I'm simply not sure how to explain it. It just made me really happy. I loved the art style, the characters, etc. Maybe it just feels a bit nostalgic bc it's one of the first ask blogs I've come across. It's something that just stuck with me personally. Hnai, thank you so much for maintaining such a great blog. I'm happy for you, sincerely. Seeya around, maybe?

AAAH dont make me cry TTvTT

This blog feels nostalgic for me too kjshakl it was the beginning of so many things for me

See you around for sure, dude

That episode was too much for my heart to handle.

Octavia telling Bellamy she loves him.

Bellamy and Clarke’s hug and goodbye.

Bellamy feeling so much guilt at leaving Clarke behind (parallel to the S1 finale where Clarke closes the Dropship door leaving Bellamy behind).

Clarke almost dying a few times (I actually thought she might die for a moment).

Murphy going back for Monty (I was worried he wouldn’t but I’m so glad he did!).

The Delinquents (well some of them) back in space.

Raven and Bellamy looking down on Earth (that made me really nostalgic).

Clarke trying to radio Bellamy every single day for 6 years.

Clarke has a little Nightblood who looks so much like Lexa (the feels!).

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You give me good nostalgic feelings. Miss you updating all the time!

thank you anon. I miss updating too. I don’t get nearly as motivated to draw as I used to; even though I get inspiration all the time I’m just too tired to do much about it. I guess working full time can do that to you

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What kind of item would you most likely buy from an antique store?

Oh, that’s a good question. I love antique stores; probably because my mother dragged me into every one she could find during my formative years. The very smell of old wood and dusty books and musty linens makes me nostalgic for my childhood. I’ve bought many things from antique stores–old records that you can’t find any more, books where the corners are starting to crumble, hats from the 1940s that look smashing on me.

But my favourite things to find in antique stores are bits of jewelry. I once found a sliver bangle that was part of an estate collection. I bought a gorgeous old cameo from an old man in a shop on a side street in Rome who could tell me who he bought it from. I have a vintage marcasite ring that I found in a dusty velvet box in the back corner of an overcrowded shop. None of my stuff is expensive–I don’t have the dosh for the good stuff, dammit. Not until I write that best-selling novel, lol! But it’s all greatly loved.

I love old jewelry. Partially because it suits my aesthetic, both in vintage form and reproduction (my favourite piece I keep going back to right now is a garnet-and-gold reproduction of Josephine Bonaparte’s coronation ring), and partially because there’s something about wearing a piece of jewelry that someone else treasured, that they cared for, that someone gave them perhaps to celebrate a special moment, or to tell them they were loved, or to comfort them when they were grieving. Jewelry is beautiful, it’s art, it’s decoration, and it’s oh-so-human. When I go to museums, it’s the jewelry collections that often speak to me most, more so than the art. A ring on display makes me wonder who wore it, how many generations it was passed down, what stories it might be able to tell. I see a necklace and I wonder who clasped it around their neck, what occasion they wore it for, what happened to them. Jewelry holds our stories, secrets, hopes, dreams, tragedies, and I think that’s just amazing.

I’m going to Paris again in two weeks and it makes me very nostalgic…
Last time (two years ago), this blog wasn’t even a week old, SNK was a completely new thing for me and I knew every URL that followed me by heart… I also saluted every time someone followed me…

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Could you do a prompt on an island oasis? Preferably about a modern beach house on the ocean?

Out the picture windows they watched children flock to the shore break, pail and shovel clutched tightly in little hands. Waves gently lapped around the children’s waists, as if the ocean wanted to get in on the fun as well.


A beach town always has a certain energy about it. It’s as if the residents know that a restless and powerful force of nature is right on their doorstep, marking the shoreline with glass and scenting the air with salt.


“What kind of a place is this?” he asked incredulously.

“Paradise,” she whispered.


Oooh I like this one. It’s making me quite nostalgic since I lived on Oahu for a couple years. More on this later!

“Bet you ten galleons I can curse the snitch so that it hovers above Sirius all day long?“ 
“Make it sing ‘The Puppy Song’ and I can make it twenty.“ 
“I like your thinking, Evans. Deal.”

slavic mythology asks
  • Perun: the sky tears open with thunder - are you scared or are you one with the storm?
  • Veles: someone breaks a promise that meant everything to you - what do you do?
  • Jarilo: the spring came and with it the memories - which spring do you remember best and why?
  • Morana: the time of your death has come but you are given a choice - how do you want to go?
  • Mokosh: a plant grows on your grave after you die, carrying a piece of your soul - what plant would it be?
  • Svarog: summer's sun burns your skin and breaks your heart - which summer do you regret the most?
  • Zorja Utrennjaja: you open your eyes to the delicate light of dawn - what is the first thing you think about?
  • Zorja Vechernjaja: the sky is dark and the air sweet - what pleasure do you long for?
  • Leshy: you walk through a forest filled with whispers and hungry eyes - do you stray from the path?
  • Baba Yaga: the night is heavy and bitter - what is the worst nightmare you ever had?
  • Topielec: you wade in water on a quiet evening - is it a lake, a river, or maybe sea?
  • Żmij: you see before you a creature of hundred eyes and sly smiles - do you banish it or befriend it?