nostalgic dreaming

Here’s to the ones who dream
Foolish, as they may seem
Here’s to the hearts that ache
Here’s to the mess we make
—  Audition( The Fools Who Dream), La La Land
✨🌟🌙 Dreams and Nightmares
  • Aries: Quick and brief dreams, exhilarating dreams of falling then suddenly waking up, explosive and fun dreams of innocence, pleasantly simple dreams, but nightmares of physcial pain
  • Taurus: Dreaming of possessions, dreaming of luxury, dreams of wanting more, consistent dreams, dreams with heightened senses, musical dreams, slow dreams of comfort, but nightmares of sudden and immense change, of losing self value
  • Gemini: All-over-the-place dreams, dreams that are too brief and quick to remember, thought provoking dreams, comical dreams, breathless dreams, dreams of whistling winds, child-like dreams, but nightmares of nothing making sense, of speaking but no sound coming out
  • Cancer: Nostalgic dreams, reoccurring dreams, dreaming of forgotten memories, soft and blurry dreams, dreams of moonlight waters and starry nights, but nightmares of being abandoned and never finding the way back home
  • Leo: Colorful dreams, dreams of being something memorable, dreams of performing talents, dreams of feeling passionately, dreams of loud laughter, dreams of pleasure, but nightmares of losing self-realization, becoming a fallen star and wondering "who am I? Why am I here?"
  • Virgo: Dreams of what could be, worrisome and frantic dreams, bittersweet dreams that are painful yet joyful, dreams of self-reflection, dreams of knowing and readiness, dreams of flowers rising then dying, nightmares of disorderly situations, of being unable to heal inner wounds
  • Libra: Dreams that swing between harmonious memories to nightmares of discordant experiences, dreams that suddenly switch from bright skies to sunset clouds and then to star speckled nights, dreaming of beauty but nightmares of ugliness, of loneliness eating away
  • Scorpio: persuasive dreams, prophetic dreams, empowering dreams of evolving and being reborn anew, dreaming of having deep connections with another, of finally trusting, dreaming of conquering fears, but nightmares of self-destruction, of surrendering
  • Sagittarius: Dreams of experiencing everything, dreaming of yearning to leave and never come back, dreams of following their own philosophies without judgment, dreams of joyfulness, but nightmares of feeling lost and inconsistent, feeling trapped and stuck, of running away in panic
  • Capricorn: Dreams of finding a place to belong, dreaming of finding security, dreams of casual and lighthearted humor, of enticing and memorable encounters, of reaching the epitome of experience, but nightmares of insecurities and losing control
  • Aquarius: Dreams of the future, dreams of reaching the heavens and further, dreams of being surrounded by various types of people, different and weird dreams, dreams of flying and suddenly falling, lightning quick dreams, dreams with flashes of inspiration, but nightmares of being alienated, uncertainty of identity
  • Pisces: Lucid dreams, mystical and fantasy-like dreams, dreams of being happily lost, spiritual dreams, dreams of naive youthfulness, prophetic and symbolic dreams, but nightmares of wandering in confusion and drowning in illusion
Electing Trump Has Put Nostalgic ‘American Dream’ Further Out Of Reach

“About 92 percent of 1940 babies had higher pretax household earnings at age 30 than their parents had at the same age…. For babies born in 1980 — today’s 36-year-olds — the index of the American dream has fallen to 50 percent: Only half of them make as much money as their parents did…. The American economy is far larger and more productive than in 1980…. Per-capita G.D.P. is almost twice as high now. 

By itself, that increase should allow most children to live better than their parents. They don’t, however, because the fruits of growth have gone disproportionately to the affluent…. 

The painful irony of 2016 is that nostalgia and anger over the fading American dream helped elect a president who may put the dream even further out of reach for many people — taking away their health insurance, supporting ineffective school vouchers and showering government largess on the rich.”

 - David Leonhardt of the New York Times

I have begun to realize that we remember the people that have hurt us in all the wrong ways. We remember them for the restless nights they’ve caused us, the hyperventilated breaths that we took in between our weeps, and the nostalgic dreams that sometimes still haunt us. We don’t remember them for the hours of laughter they caused us, or the way their eyes would smile at you and make your heart leap of your chest, or any loving gesture they ever displayed, and we don’t remember them for the pure elation that they made surge through your veins. But we should. We should remember that they were a part of us, and a part of us that contributed to the manifestation of the intense feeling of deep affection we know as love.
—  pen-to-paper-bm, What you made me realize, NBK

We are the city line,
the offbeat curtains
and the apartments
you cannot help
yourself from looking

We are the balmy air,
the stickiness that clings
to your skin all week and
washes down your drain
late on Friday night.

We are the old house
in the middle of nowhere,
the one you dream about
later that night with a big
chandelier and tacky

We are the lovers you
promised your parents
you wouldn’t fall for,
the ones you wish you
could wash out of your

We are the sloppy writing
in high school bathrooms, 
the old trees you wished 
you could climb, the 
neighborhood you grew
up in.

We are in every wrong
turn that turned into
just the right place,
in all the flowers you 
picked and let die, flying
with all the airplanes that
never wanted to come home.

—  We are the wild flowers growing in all the wrong places.

so is there a word for that feeling you get when you listen to something so beautiful and you get this really overwhelming feeling and a certain string of events rush to mind and you feel like crying but you see no tears? or when you remember something very nostalgic and you feel like crying but still you physically cant. @psych2go help? you guys have words for everything!!!!!