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The Signs as the “The Great Gatsby” quartet

Nick Carraway - Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus 
observant, high standards, judgmental, honest, self-deprecating, loyal, determined

Jordan Baker - Scorpio, Aries, Leo 
cynical, dishonest, glamorous, sexual, insolent, hard to fool, direct, caring

Daisy Buchanan- Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius
careless, indecisive, delicate, nostalgic, charming, socialite, frivolous, loving

Jay Gatsby - Pisces, Cancer, Aquarius
dreamer, charming, gracious, myterious, delusional, restless, lives in the past

All the times Steve nearly kissed Tony

More Avengers Assemble fluff, because AA really is the good verse <3
This can be read as a continuation to Touch if you like.

The first time Steve nearly kissed Tony was during a team movie night. Tony had, as usual, curled up on the sofa next to Steve and promptly fallen asleep on his shoulder. Any attempts to move or readjust him where met with the sort of whining growls one usually heard from a particularly grumpy cat, so Steve decided against antagonizing him further.

They and the rest of the team had been watching Some Like It Hot. The 20s setting had made Steve nostalgic, but the charming comedy of errors had made him laugh out loud. And that Marilyn Monroe - she really was something, he’d said to Clint, who had enthusiastically agreed.

After the movie had ended and the team had departed to go to bed, Steve gently nudged Tony. “Hey, sleepy,” he’d said softly. “You missed the movie.”

Tony looked up from Steve’s shoulder and opened one eye. “Worth it,” he said with a dozy smile. “You’re very comfy.”

For a moment, their eyes met, and Steve realized that he could lean forward a few inches, turn his head, and brush their lips together.

Just as Steve was wondering where that thought came from and what he should do about it, Tony snuggled his face back into Steve’s shoulder and promptly fell asleep.

Huh, thought Steve. That was odd.

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I finished 13 Reasons Why and I’m emotionally exhausted, but also really happy that this kind of media exists in the world.

I’ve seen some bad reviews for it–calling it drawn out, unrealistic, and filled with teen angst and melodrama. But I think those reviews are being unfair, and also that they’re out of touch with how actual teenagers are.

Teens are melodramatic, yes. I think about this, though, the way I think about small children experiencing “bad” things: a baby getting a vaccine, or cutting a first tooth, or having a tummy ache. These are all mild inconveniences to an adult who has experienced them before, but for the baby, it’s their first time (or one of the firsts) and, ergo, it is possibly “the worst thing that ever happened.”

And like I like to tell my friends who try to downplay their histories and traumas because “someone else has it worse,” the fact is that the worst thing that ever happened to you is still *the worst thing that ever happened to you.*

Teenagers are dramatic. This is nothing new.

But the pain these kids went through, and their desperation to keep their secrets–it was so real. This show was raw, and held nothing back in its portrayal of Hannah Baker and how she met her fate.

One review I saw called her selfish for drawing all of her former friends into her posthumous adventure with the cassettes. I’d like to tell that reviewer that he missed the entire point of the novel/series.

This show was never going to be a fluffy memorial piece about Hannah Baker. Even when they had to create relationships where they didn’t exist before (Hannah is much closer to Clay than she was before, but that was obvious from the trailers), they clearly crafted this with care and close attention. And while they did bring some very trigger-y scenes to the forefront (and Netflix provided trigger warnings on those episodes even though they probably didn’t need to, given the context of the show, so kudos to Netflix), I thought they were handled well and were integral to the plot rather than being intended for shock value.

It was a really great adaptation. They modernized this 10-year-old novel without losing its original nostalgic charm. If I remember the novel right, there weren’t many characters with defined races–and this series gave us an exceptionally diverse cast. And where sexualities of most of the supporting characters weren’t important in the book, the series gave us several queer teens whose sexuality wasn’t the focus of their entire lives (though for one, the secret is part of the reason they end up on one of Hannah’s tapes). AND! Most of the background teenagers actually looked like actual teenagers.

Aside from a few spots where I think they could’ve improved the pacing, I’m thrilled with it, and I hope it gets a lot of positive attention. I hope it leads to a lot of important conversations about mental health, and the way we as individuals impact those around us.


Hello hello!! I hope you’re all doing well 💖💖💖💖I recently made some new charms for my tictail store >////<!!I don’t know if the quote is legible but I found it a while back and thought it was absolutely lovely and nostalgic 🍂✨!! I doodled these charms with that in mind so I hope the atmosphere came across!!

@pilferingapples yeah, I was being nostalgically charmed but then the word “orbs” was used to describe eyes three times in two chapters
….and then of course there was that unmistakable flavor of internalized misogyny w/r/t background female characters, which is the most unfortunate thing about old-school slash fic. :/


I have driven by the Charlesmead Pharmacy on Bellona Avenue 100′s of times and my mind always wandered about its potential to contain an authentic lunch counter and soda fountain… it’s one of those buildings that has been there since the 20′s, when a quarter block over the Baltimore City line was considered the suburbs and today on my lunch break I decided to satisfy my curiosity.  I was blown away!  Sure it’s not a perfectly “period-correct” soda fountain but it has an authenticity and nostalgic charm that brought a tear to my eye.  With a wide assortment of milkshakes, floats, sodas and malts available for the sipping and a hand-written lunch menu which featured a $3.00 egg salad sandwich, chips and a drink on Wednesday, I think I found my new lunch spot!  I am constantly on the lookout for soda fountains and to think this one has been sitting under my nose for the last 19 years is amazing!  I drove back to work sipping my root beer float and delighting in the fact that I finally had uncovered a hidden gem.

theguineapig3  asked:

I've been trying to put into words the precise emotion I got watching that clip compilation of Neo Yokio you reblogged, because it's oddly specific and I can't place it. I honestly think it feels like a Bad English Dub™, but in a charming nostalgic kinda way, like "ah, yes, i remember when dubs were like this. It was a simpler time."

Yes!! Definitely. The awkward pausing, the weird stilted dialogue? It’s like those early to mid-2000s dubs that just leave you going ‘what did I just watch?’ yet you’re oddly charmed by them. 

While I’m quite enjoying The Orville (the humor is, thankfully, not quite what I was expecting from Seth MacFarlane), I have to admit that I’m a bit perplexed by some of the reactions that are praising it as “finally something that feels like Trek.”

Well, maybe not perplexed, as I can clearly see that The Orville’s tone and aesthetic and plotting is clearly tapping into old Trek (it is SO reminiscent of TNG), and this is clearly part of The Orville’s nostalgic charm…

But is that what we really want from Trek? Just tired rehashes of the same type of stuff we have already seen over and over again?

Nostalgia has its place (so far it’s working for The Orville because of the tension between TNG aesthetics/values and people behaving and talking like “real” people), but I’d rather Trek celebrate its history and values and continuity while striving to be fresh and contemporary and daring.

Though that’s a tough balancing act, to be sure.

And who knows, maybe when I finally see Discovery the comments about how The Orville is superior Trek will make more sense.

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Top 3 shows: Burn Notice, and the last 2 childhood nostalgic ones Charmed and an old cartoon I was obsessed with as a kid lol 

Top 3 ships: Michael and Fiona, Piper and Leo, and the last from childhood cartoon cause I can’t help it <3 

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Moneymaker by dicta_contrion

Word Count: 16.5k

Pairing: Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter

Characters: Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Draco’s Secretary Kate

Warnings/Enticements: Suits, Martinis, Leather Jackets, Muggle Life, Muggle/Wizard Relations, Draco Malfoy in the Muggle World (not in a down-and-out capacity), Auror Harry Potter, Negotiations, Mildly Dubious Consent, Kink Negotiation, Blow Jobs, Face-Fucking, Anal Sex, Office Sex, Suit Kink, Praise Kink, Dom/sub Undertones, Tension, Banter

Summary: As a top trader, Draco has power and money, suits and cars, houses and good champagne - everything a person could want. So when Auror Potter comes looking for help, Draco can’t think of anything that might persuade him to lend a hand.

Well…maybe one thing.

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Wingmanville: When you see a hottie you like, your phone automatically sends a text from your best friend’s phone to the hottie’s best friend’s phone asking if they like you back. All the ease of technology, with the nostalgic charm of a 6th grade dance.

MatchBot: First, you rank your preference for every other app user in order. The app mathematically pairs everyone up with their mutually optimal match, and then you are contractually obligated to marry that person and spend the rest of your life with them. You can’t get turned down, because it’s illegal!

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