Part 1 & 2

That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles by Iggycat 

grapefruit, rosemary, and rain by aphbirdie

Deceptive Suits and Misleading Jackets by Yura-chan 

Red Sky at Morning by natcat5

Transgenesis by OutToGarden

Emerald Orbs by LovelyToMeetYou

Casablanca, Cowboys, and Cards by A Vampires Butterfly

Tell Me More by Tamer Lorika 

What Friends Are For by OutToGarden

Consideration by DarthAnimus

My Skin by Skadiyoko 

Now You’re Dancin’ With a Swing by binnibeans

Homecoming Confessions by Half Demon Alchemist

Promises, Promises by Mooncatcher

Observation by chibitalex  

does he cry through broken sentences by scabsthekid

Small Stuck Sorries by Meadowlark 9 

The Chocolate Dilemma by Shatterdoll

Definitions  by Mistflyer1102

Synchronization by varetyr

The Rebel & The Redcoat by Formidonis

Disturbing the dead by zubateatscakes

How Not to Seduce an Englishman by Busby’s Teapot

With You by Skadiyoko

Don’t Like Parties by Semebay

Aeronauts are a Danger to Gardens by Whymsical

Victory March by pineapple desu  

Butterflies by danceonthebrink

Stitch by Stitch by USxArthurxKirklandxUK

Exchanging Pleasantries by Gosangoku

Whatever It Takes by TheShatteredRose

Emotions Never Lie by the-literalist

Good and British by Deactivated Nostalgian

I’ll Be Seeing You by Hannaadi88

Purely Educational by Melpomene-the-Tragic-Parody

When Love Walks In by DnKS-giRLs

England’s Eyes by purplenerd777 

As Long As We’re Here by Lifeisforlivingoutloud

When a Heart Must Go Where It Belongs by savory pie

Where the Wild Things Are by DestinyShiva

Somnium by Haro

A Change of Habit by Muragaragah

As American as Apple Pie by icearrows1200

War by axisofadorable

You by Reminscees

Rejection Hurts by Hakusamia 

Jar of Hearts by CuttleMeFish

The First Time by TsundereRose

The Red Road by Lost Duck Inc

The Gentleman’s Story of Utopian Love by Smart-chan 

Short stories and drabbles:

USUK writings by arthuhr

The Hero and The Gentleman by Crimson Zephyr

100 Themes of Love by USxArthurxKirklandxUK

Collected Ficlets and Drabbles by spiralingdown

anonymous asked:

Helloo!! What are your favorite UKUS fics? :D They're so rare, wow. Thanks, okay!

Would you like some plot with your porn?

  • Nothing I Don’t Want (by jedishampoo) – Businessman Arthur hires a handsome male escort in Las Vegas. Yes, it’s pretty much Pretty Woman, but with more drinking and gay sex ;)
  • Smoker’s Lounge (by Zo One) – Alfred and Arthur started flirting in the Smoking Lounge and never stopped. Office romance!
  • In Spades (by ArixaBell) – “Poor peasant Alfred, struggling to care for ailing Matthew, attracts the eye of Queen of Spades Arthur.”
  • Blueprints (by Nostalgian) – England is reluctant to top for very complicated reasons. Note: the underage / dubcon warnings in this story are for England’s brief discussion of past relationships. There is no underage / dubcon in the story itself.

Straight to the porn!


Part 1 & 3

By the Might of Your Skin by vinnie2757

Oddities of Mister Kirkland by Hellie Ace      

The Art of Kissing and Telling by Gosangoku

The Other Half by advembry

Kryptonite by vinnie2757

The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name by Cheese-kun 

Until You Smile by RubyBelle

Nine Things I Hate About You by Mist Over Water

A Hero’s Jacket by ProfessorDumbleBrows

The Dits and Dahs of Love! by OKFan

Highlight My Heart by SodaWizard

You Belong To Me by Ellarose C

Stolen by bubbleteadesu

But The Greatest of Them All is Love by Cheese-kun

Try It You’ll Like It by Diane Long

Get Yourself Back Home by SharkbaitSekki

Vapor Rub by Gecko Osco

Can’t Wait by Giggle-Pie

Work Your Magic by dhbPATHWAY1997

Only Inside by Katrara

tapestry of unity-Torn Hearts, Worn Smiles(3/8) by Gosangoku

You Don’t Know Me by arjelle

The Atonement Of A Hero by Shotgunsinlace

Gesture by Deactivated Nostalgian  

The Warlock’s Psychotic Familiar by Inkblooded Witch

Slepping Cutie -And Libertea for all(8/11) by Zeplerfer

Wintereign by Hetaliyx

Le Morte d'Arthur by RobinRocks

Vampires of Fantasia -And Libertea for all(7/11) by Zeplerfer

Trapped by rexlover180  

They Stopped the Moving Sands by White Mizerable

Discreet and, or, Discrete by Deactivated Nostalgian

For Every Star by Shotgunsinlace

This Charming Man by Nightfall Daybreak

Datum Point by escapingeveline

Paint Me Music by mayazero

Jump Into the Fog by imagination junkie

The Wings of an Angel by Sora Resi

Arthurella by rexlover180

Our Blueprints by Deactivated Nostalgian

The Guitarist Who Stole His Heart by TheDoctorWatchesHetalia

The Same Sky by Last Haven 

Home for Christmas by worldaccordingtofangirls

Time After Time by PitFTW

Consorting With the Enemy by merakily

Eleven by PitFTW

Collection of short drabbles:

In the Music by theamericanandhisbrit


Heartbreak High