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Hey, I've been meaning to ask you this since yesterday but yeah. I've been stalking the rinharu tag and there's a lot of ship war/ship hate going around after the last episode. I think all of it is a bit unecessary to be honest - specially as it seems a bit hypocritical when some people (cough makoharu shippers cough) say that we're rubbing it in their faces when it's all they've been doing for the past few episodes. idk just wanted to hear your opinions on it really

An excuse to give my opinons, oh goody! But no, really, here’s the thing: do not hate Makoharu because you ship Rinharu. Like I don’t think I can stress it enough. Makoharu shippers have every right to ship it and so do we. I mean, I am a hardcore Rinharu shipper and even I can’t deny the bedroom eyes Makoto gives Haru. Does this mean I ship Makoharu? Not in the slightest, but I respect the ship and the people who ship it as should everyone. We can be excited about our character interaction and so can they. In fact, people can say why they don’t like the ship (notice, not blind hate jfc) as long as they don’t tag the ship they are criticing. Just don’t do it. 


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HOLY SHIT ARE YOU PART BRAZILIAN? or did they come to brazil after moving to the us or something? (idk why brazilians get so excited at the thought of people being part brazilian but we do so yeah)

Nope! Brazil just has a shit ton of Japanese people. I’m not sure at what point my family immigrated to Brazil though, but it was awhile ago. Most of my Japanese family has never lived in the US and I’ve never met them.

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nossa, vietnamita parece super difícil de falar! mas é legal ver várias línguas diferentes no seu dashboard


(Ugggh, sorry to cheat, but Vietnamese is a complicated language. BASICALLY you have six tones - one at a flat level and the other five that adjusts the pitch of the vowel, as all vowels have one tone applied in the word. If you do not pronounce the tones well, then it’s harder to comprehend, and can mean a completely different word.)